Liu jie had heard from Su Shen that Xie Yan was going to Africa today. But, she didn’t expect for her to see Xie Yan off. Did she think that this was an idol drama, to see someone off at the airport?

Her expression immediately changed and said solemnly, “Do you know how many paparazzi are waiting outside? You still want to see him off? Even if there’s no paparazzi, there’s no need to see him off at the airport. He’s not a child.”

Knowing that the two of them were still clingy, Liu jie held her arm and softened her tone of voice, “I know you guys’ relationship is great right now, but it’s not like you can’t see him again. When you have the time, you can go to Africa to see him. Why delay other things just for a little time?”

Hearing this, Su Shen frowned again, “I know, but I still want to have a few words with Xie Yan.”

If Xie Yan asked her to see him off, then naturally she would do so. Compared with an exclusive interview, he was definitely more important.

“Up to you.” Seeing that she couldn’t persuade her, Liu jie just let her go, “I’ll wait for you for ten minutes. If you don’t come back in ten minutes, I’ll cancel the interview for you.”

“Got it.” Su Shen nodded and then grabbed her phone from Liu jie’s hand and sent a message to Xie Yan.

When she found that he was still in the lounge, she immediately turned around and walked toward it.

When she arrived at the lounge, Li Hao was talking to Xie Yan, and He Hua had gone to who knows where. Seeing Su Shen come, Li Hao got up at once and thumped Xie Yan’s shoulder with a snicker, “This 2000 watt lightbulb won’t disturb you guys.” 

Hearing his teasing, Su Shen couldn’t help but blush. When Li Hao walked out, he closed the door on the way.

When they were the only two left in the lounge, Su Shen took out her phone from her coat and looked at the time, “You’re still not leaving yet?”

The airport was quite far from here. If there was a traffic jam on the road, there wouldn’t be enough time.

Taking a few steps forward to meet her, Xie Yan looked down and caressed her soft hair, saying, “Why are you urging me to leave?”

Su Shen: “……”

With her eyes wide open, a hint of helplessness flashed past her ivory face, “Stop joking now. Let’s go, I’ll send you.”

Just as she said that, the door was suddenly pushed open, and He Hua suddenly walked in. When he saw the two of them inside, he was also taken aback. Then, he rolled up his sleeves and pointed at his watch, motioning to Xie Yan that there was not much time left.

“You send me, I still have to send you back.” Xie Yan caressed her soft face with fervent eyes, “I’m leaving, remember to eat well.”

Seeing him leave with He Hua as soon as he finished speaking, Su Shen wanted to say something but ultimately kept it in her mouth. She could only follow him out and watch as his and He Hua’s figure gradually disappeared at the corner of the corridor.

Standing there for a while, Su Shen had a somewhat perplexed expression on her face. It was said that when you liked someone, you would miss him all the time. But why did she already start missing Xie Yan as soon as he left…

“Su jie, you’re still here?”

Just at this moment, Xiao Zhou rushed over. Seeing her standing there alone, she peered into the lounge, “Where’s Xie laoshi?”

“He left.” Coming back from a daze, Su Shen looked at her, “Let’s go. Liu jie asked you to call me, right?”

Nodding, Xiao Zhou just said that the time for the exclusive interview was soon and told her to go over as soon as possible. Hearing this, Su Shen asked her to lead the way.

Seeing that she hadn’t gone to see off Xie Yan, Liu jie didn’t ask further. She said a few words to the reporter, and the latter immediately asked the cameraman to adjust the angle.

This was a room that had just been tidied up. Su Shen sat on the chair wearing her thick coat, and after the cameraman finished adjusting the angle, she introduced herself to the camera, and the female reporter began the interview.

“After watching the whole movie just now, what do you think of your performance?”

Facing the camera that was aimed straight at her, Su Shen smiled and answered conscientiously while holding the microphone, “I don’t know what others think, but I can only give myself six points of ten. I still feel that I didn’t have enough time to prepare, and there were many places where I didn’t act so well. I’m not satisfied with my performance in this role.”

When she awoke in this body, there were only two days left before going on set. At that time, she was still adapting to her new identity and didn’t have much time to familiarize with the script, so she felt that her performance wasn’t that good.

“Are you very strict with yourself?” The female reporter asked with a smile.

At this, Su Shen just smiled, “Not really, I just want to do my best, so that I won’t have regrets in the future.”

As her words fell, the female reporter looked down and wrote something before asking, “Do you think this role is hateful?”

Speaking of this, Su Shen pondered for a bit again, “As the saying goes, those who are pitiful must have a hateful cause for having sunk to their lows. Likewise, those who are hateful must have a pitiful cause for having sunk to their lows. No one is born evil, and so is this role, a villainess. She had the same enemy as the male lead, so she helped him kill his enemy. Perhaps the audience will not hate on this person, but feel that she has helped the male lead. However, if this villainess interfered with the interests of the male lead, then everyone would naturally feel that she was very evil.” 

“The most hateful part of this role was that she jeopardized the relationship between the male and female leads. But from another perspective, what she had done was all just to protect her little brother and the male lead, but the movie did not portray these things. Instead, it guides people to ponder and unearth the truth. In my opinion, she was too selfish. She didn’t consider other people’s feelings and did not learn how to let go. But often in the eyes of the audience, this was already very evil.”

At that, the female reporter nodded and said with a smile, “It seems that you have thoroughly analyzed this role. Do you feel unhappy when some say that your acting is poor then?”  

Hearing this, Su Shen just chuckled, “Everyone has different opinions on acting. If someone says it’s poor, it means that I still have room for improvement. I also feel that my performance wasn’t as good, but I will continue to work hard to improve and enrich myself.”

It was a very strategic response. The female reporter nodded and continued to ask, “There’s a rumor online that you will collaborate with Director Li and have beat Tang Xuan for a role. What do you think of this rumor?”

The female reporter’s words were already very euphemistic. In the end, the question she wanted to really ask was whether she had snatched a role from Tang Xuan or not. However, Su Shen did not give a strategic response this time, rather, she looked straight at the camera in all seriousness, “I don’t think I have beat anyone. Tang Xuan laoshi has always been a senior that I really like. Actually, not only my friends, but Director Li and the scriptwriters all thought that I may not be suitable for this role. During the audition, Tang Xuan laoshi had even encouraged me. I think everyone should give everything a try. I’m really grateful to Director Li for giving me a chance to try. I dare not say that I will perform better than Tang Xuan laoshi, but I will try my best to give the audience a different portrayal.” 

At that, the reporter stopped before going too far, and instead, changed the topic, “Everyone says that you are the Mr. Handsome reaper. Among all the male artists that you’ve worked with, who is more of your ideal type?”

Hearing this, Su Shen chuckled again and pondered for a moment before holding up the microphone and saying, “I think each of them have their own good. If we combine all of their strong points together, then it’ll be perfect.”

“What do you think are Xie Yan’s weak points then?” The reporter asked.

Su Shen chuckled again and pondered before saying, “He’s rather slow to warm up to, like me, but he’s usually very courteous, so that’s why I was afraid to go over the script with him in the beginning, but it was better as we got closer.”

Su Shen didn’t say anything wrong. At the beginning, Xie Yan indeed didn’t like to talk much and was quite introverted, seemingly difficult to get close to. But after they got closer, she found that he was actually very considerate, and it was hard to resist him when he took the initiative sometimes. 

“It could be seen that he’s slow to warm up to.” The reporter said with a laugh.

The following questions were about the movie and were answered accordingly. Ten minutes later, when the exclusive interview was over, Liu jie was there speaking with the reporter seemingly about the article.

The promotional drafts of articles about celebrities needed to be reviewed first to avoid any content that was disadvantageous to the artist. If a news site wanted to publish the promotional article, they needed to discuss it with the artist’s team first. Naturally, the premise was that both parties had a good relationship. Otherwise, if the other party did anything to the contents of the interview, it would also have an impact on the image of the artist.

After Liu jie was finished talking with her, Su Shen then followed her out. The paparazzi outside had mostly dispersed. She had to go on set again tomorrow, so Su Shen had to go back to pack today.

Inside the car, she was scrolling through the comments online. There were indeed a lot of people commenting that her acting was great, and naturally, there were some who said that she bought a water army. However, there was a well-known film critic who had discussed the movie, and it was obvious that they had just watched it. The reputation of this film critic was pretty good, and they had listed the pros and cons of the movie. They had also mentioned her acting and had even praised her highly.

Su Shen understood that it was because her performance had been so lackluster before that even a little improvement now was good in the eyes of others.

Yet, what was trending on Hot Search was her kiss scene with Xie Yan.

Netizen A: After watching today’s movie premiere, I noticed that Yan ge’s kissing skill is so bad, to not even include a French kiss. Thumbs down!

Netizen B: AHAHAHA! He didn’t even extend his tongue. [ROFL]

Netizen C: Su Shen’s acting is super good. If I hadn’t seen the movie, I wouldn’t have believed that the person in it was Su Shen. [joy]

Netizen D: I also think that Su Shen’s acting is better than that of Fan Meng’s. I’m not crazy, I’m just stating the facts. [joy]

Netizen E: Miss Su must’ve spent a lot of money buying a water army, no? To actually say that your acting is better than Fan Meng’s, why don’t you just say that the next Oscars’ Best Actress is you? [smiley face]

Netizen F: Why don’t the antis just accept the truth? Looking forward to seeing the public screening slapping the antis in the face. [smiley face]

Netizen G: Not mentioning anything else, at least Su Shen hadn’t had plastic surgery. But look at the stiffness of Fan Meng’s face, she could be Wang Cheng’s mom if they stood next to each other. [joy]

This was only the effect of a small scale screening, and when the public screening of the movie aired, Xie Yan’s fans would definitely go crazy. After scrolling through the comments, Su Shen couldn’t differentiate which comments were real and which were bought by the company. Fortunately, the public screening was only some ten days away. At that time, she would definitely be attacked by Xie Yan’s fans again.

“Remember that you have to shoot the second episode of the variety show this Friday. I heard that the production team of the show had invited several guests this time, among them were Jiang Yin, Mu Yao, and Yang Zhi. They must’ve spent a lot of money. It’s inevitable that being in the same frame would draw comparison, so you can’t let them steal your limelight.” Liu jie suddenly said as she sat in the passenger seat.

Hearing that, Su Shen, who was playing on her phone, was also taken aback. She looked out the window at the incessantly flashing scenery and said, “You just need to ensure that the production team does not hype a cp.”

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