These kinds of variety shows liked to make gimmicks the most, even if there was nothing going on between two people, they would edit the footage to make you guys into a cp. Moreover, there was a scandal between her and Jiang Yin before, so the production team would definitely try their best to make them appear in the same frame. No matter whether there was chemistry or not, they would edit it to make it appear as so.

In the past, she didn’t have to worry about anything since she was single, but now that she was dating Xie Yan, even if it was done during post-production, if she still permitted this kind of hype at this time, it was disrespectful to Xie Yan.

“I know what to do. After all, you will go public with Xie Yan in the future. If we do this kind of thing now, it will be more difficult for Xie Yan’s fans to accept you in the future.” Liu jie said seriously, “Don’t worry, I’ll talk to the production team. But, there must be some kind of gimmick for these kinds of variety shows. Without a breaking point, you have to dip your hands into something else.”

Liu jie’s tone was flat and calm, but Su Shen knew that she was digging for her talents and wanted to see if she had anything else to attract fans.

“I know calligraphy.” She said insipidly.

Hearing this, Liu jie, at the front, smiled, “Okay.”

The outstanding talents of guests were also a highlight of the show. The production team had heard that she and Wang Qingzhou were both good at cooking, so they set up a game segment like before. If Liu jie was to go tell the show that she could do calligraphy, they would definitely set up a segment for her to present her skills.

It was all scripted. Su Shen, however, didn’t mention that she could paint because it couldn’t be said nor kept hidden. However, calligraphy was easy to hide. The original Su Shen had lived with her maternal grandfather when she was little, and he had been obsessed with mastering calligraphy. Thus, the original Su Shen had learned a little bit when she was a child, but it was really only a little. Her grandfather had passed away, and since the original Su Shen hadn’t shown this in front of her parents often, no one knew how well her calligraphy was. 

When she got home, Su Shen went to pack up her clothes since she was going on set tomorrow. It was an action filled drama, so scrapes would be inevitable. She could only bring more disinfectant, gauze, and bandaids.

Thinking of Xie Yan’s long flight, Su Shen didn’t send him a message. The next morning, the chauffeur picked her up and drove her to the filming site. As there were no popular artists in this drama, there were few paparazzi waiting outside, and the opening ceremony was over very quickly.

The first scene was to pursue a fugitive. Originally, Su Shen was very excited, but when she saw the elevation from where she was standing, her back broke into a cold sweat. 

“Su Shen, you have to jump from that floor to the second one later. Remember to roll on the ground before standing up.” With a cigarette in his mouth, the Director pointed at the floor which was more than ten meters high in front of him and said, “Don’t be afraid. There’s a stunt harness. But if you can’t, we’ll prepare a body double for you.”

The Director had thought that such a delicate girl would definitely not be able to do such a dangerous stunt, so he had prepared a body double in advance. But this was not surprising. Filming this kind of action filled drama, everyone would use a body double for some dangerous stunts. Not using any body double in this industry, only a few retired veteran stuntman actors had done so.

Su Shen looked up at the towering floor. If she were to fall, at least one of her arms would be broken. After staring at it for a while, she took a deep breath and suddenly turned to the Director, “I don’t need a body double.”

At that, the Director looked at her in surprise and then nodded, “Okay, go to the Movement Director and practice the stunt for a bit.”

Hearing this, Su Shen took her script and walked back. It was a residential building, and the surroundings were reserved for filming. The staff were busy arranging the props, including the vehicles and prop guns.

This was a crime drama, where the female lead was an interpol and the male lead was a police officer. Moreover, he was also the female lead’s superior. However, because he offended the underworld due to a case, the other party set a trap to frame him as a killer. Because of some matters, the male lead had no choice but to escape. Furthermore, he knew an important witness to the case. The whole plot of the drama was based on this case. The scene today was the beginning of the female lead’s chase of the fugitive. Along the way, she obtained an important trunk. However, no one knew what was the use of the things in the trunk. The male lead, however, hid it. This trunk was super important to the villain of the drama; so the plot began.

The Movement Director of this drama had won an award before. He specifically taught Su Shen some particulars of rolling on the ground and holding a gun, including how to fight. But in the middle of teaching, Li Hao came over. 

“Su Shen, I heard that you don’t want a body double?” He looked a little solemn. Remembering Xie Yan’s imploration, if anything happened to Su Shen, he wouldn’t know how to explain it to him. 

The Movement Director glanced at the two of them and left, perhaps because he had other matters to tend to.

With a prop gun in her hand, Su Shen practiced loading the gun, “Yep, what’s wrong?”

There were people coming and going around, and they were all very busy. There were some supporting actors also practicing their fighting movements, and there were also a lot of extras. Li Hao looked around and grabbed her arm, pulling her all the way to a place where residents parked their bikes in the residential building.

He was wearing the costume police uniform and pointed at the building exaggeratedly, “You want to die? If you break an arm or leg, Xie Yan’s gonna ask me to compensate!”

Su Shen: “…….”

She smiled dismissively and shoved the prop gun into her pocket, “It’s not that serious. Isn’t there also a stunt harness? You didn’t use a body double as well, no?”

There were so many layers of protective measures, so there would definitely be no mishaps. Moreover, she couldn’t possibly always use a body double since there were so many action scenes in this drama. Her reputation of poor collaboration would certainly spread in the industry. 

“Our skin’s rough and thick, so it’s not a worry. If you were to break something, how can I explain it to Xie Yan?” Li Hao’s expression gradually became more and more solemn, as if he was talking about something important.

Su Shen: “…….”

She blinked and smiled in surprise, “Hao ge, you’re exaggerating. It’s normal to knock or bump into something when filming. Sometimes you’ll also cut your hand when cooking. Don’t worry, as long as you don’t tell Xie Yan, he definitely won’t know.”

After saying that, Su Shen immediately went over after hearing the Director call roll-call.

Li Hao felt a headache and didn’t know what to say. He could only call Xie Yan and tell him, but there seemed to be no signal over there, as the call didn’t get accepted after calling for what seemed to be the longest time ever.

He had no choice but to send a message to Xie Yan, telling him that his girlfriend insisted on jumping off a building and couldn’t be stopped.

Just at this time, Su Shen had already gone up to the rooftop and was in a stunt harness. Later, she would need to jump to another rooftop. The distance between the two rooftops was five or six meters, but since she was tied up in a wire stunt harness, there shouldn’t be a mishap.

“Su Shen, are you ready?” The Director shouted into a loudspeaker down below.

Hearing this, Su Shen immediately made an OK gesture. When the Director called action, a drone flew towards her. Just in time, Su Shen stepped onto the edge of the rooftop and jumped down after taking a deep breath!

It was not until her waist tightened and the wire slowed her down that she rolled onto the floor. She took out her gun and aimed it straight at the fugitive that was running away in front of her, “Stop!”

Suddenly, a camera panned over and gave her side profile a close-up. The Director immediately shouted, “Cut!”

Instantly, Su Shen rubbed her aching arm, but she didn’t dare to look down. She was actually really afraid, but it was alright after taking the first step forward.

When she went downstairs, the Director sat in front of the monitor and motioned for her. Su Shen immediately walked over, and Li Hao was also staring at the monitor, seemingly watching her performance just now.

Seeing her coming, the Director frowned and said conscientiously, “Su Shen, you were still a little hesitant when you jumped down, and the rolling movement was too slow. Can you see if you can do it again?”

Although he knew that Director Zhou liked to constantly improve, Li Hao couldn’t help interjecting, “It’s better to use a body double. Su Shen doesn’t seem to be quite skilled yet, let her get used to it first. Such a hard action scene, it’d be hard for us men to get it right on the first try, let alone a girl.”

Li Hao was very professional. He would never use a body double unless it was a very dangerous action scene. The Director hadn’t expected him to say such words, so he turned to look at him, but understood when he remembered that these two knew each other.

“No, I’ll do it again.” Su Shen massaged her wrist and stretched her neck twice in opposite directions.

Seeing this, Li Hao was about to say something when the Director quickly asked Su Shen to go up and prepare.

But just when Su Shen was about to go up to the rooftop again, Xiao Zhou trotted towards her with her phone in hand, “Su jie, you have a call!”

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