First-Hand Experience

Zhou Kao looked at Wen Le in disbelief, but Wen Le had already turned and walked away. However, Zhou Kao clearly saw Wen Le’s earlobes, which were as red as agate beads.

Zhou Kao was momentarily stunned, then squinted his eyes slightly. “Wen Le!”

Wen Le’s figure paused, then quickened her pace. Zhou Kao hurriedly caught up, grabbing Wen Le’s wrist and turning her around.

Wen Le’s face remained calm. “What’s wrong?”

Zhou Kao said, “I’m still jealous. You’re leaving just like that?”

Wen Le replied, “You’re jealous? Others even know to hand me a bottle of water, but my official boyfriend is empty-handed. You’re still jealous? I’m still angry.”

Wen Le pretended to be angry and said, “If you continue to make trouble, I won’t kiss you till you cry but I can beat you till you cry!”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Kao suddenly remembered the swift backkick he had seen from Wen Le three years ago in the alley. For some reason, he said, “Why not try it?”

Wen Le: ???

Zhou Kao continued, “Come and hit me.”

Wen Le looked at Zhou Kao, saying, “Are you crazy?”

Zhou Kao’s expression was serious. “Three years ago, I left without saying goodbye. Were you angry?”

“Let’s have a fight, whether it’s a competition or a real fight. I don’t want this resentment to continue lingering.”

Wen Le’s heart stirred. She didn’t understand why Zhou Kao brought up this topic, but if she had to say she was not angry, it would be a lie.

However, it was not just anger.

When Zhou Kao left without a word, she was both angry and sad. In the first few days after Zhou Kao left, Wen Le felt lost. She hoped Zhou Kao would come back. However, after waiting for a long time, Wen Le finally understood that Zhou Kao probably wouldn’t return.

Sometimes, Wen Le would think that Zhou Kao left without saying goodbye because he saw her true self and didn’t like her anymore.

In fact, it wasn’t just Zhou Kao. From childhood to adulthood, many people liked her appearance, but once they got to know her true self, they would leave. So, Wen Le, with astonishing beauty, rarely had suitors.

Because she was too competitive, too wild, not gentle or demure, proud, fierce, and did not attract much people’s affection.

She would always wonder if Zhou Kao left her because of these reasons.

Her personality was too proud, too strong-willed; she was nothing like her grandmother, gentle and mild. Her grandmother had put in a great effort but failed to mould her into a refined and gentle lady like herself. Even though she learned all the skills expected of a refined lady, she still didn’t look like one.

The night she realized Zhou Kao would never return, Wen Le cried in front of the dressing table for a long time. She looked at her nearly perfect face in the mirror, but her heart harbored enormous doubts.

She remembered the most popular girl in high school, with delicate looks and a personality as gentle as water, loved by everyone. Unlike her, who seemed like a dazzling blade, and few dared to approach her.

So, after graduating from high school, Wen Le, shedding her school uniform, growing her hair, discarding jeans, donning a long dress, giving up comfortable sneakers, and wearing elegant heels, drew a charming makeup to highlight her gentleness. The tight dress was like a rope, binding her wildness, restraining her fierceness. She packaged herself into a refined lady like her grandmother.

As a result, Wen Le had more pursuers in university, but the more they came, the more desperate and cold-hearted she felt. She realized that even if she pretended to be like this, she still couldn’t accept others’ affections, because what they liked was just the surface she put out—gentle and demure.

Even though she knew that the façade she had created would gradually merge with her true self over time, an assimilation from the outside in, a compromise to the environment, and also a form of growth. 

However, Wen Le couldn’t forget her true self from the past because that was her original and authentic self. The original, authentic her, after grieving, had once been so angry that she wanted to beat Zhou Kao, the scoundrel who left without saying a word.

This was the hidden Wen Le, wrapped beneath the genteel and demure exterior. Proud, strong-willed, with a wild and stubborn temperament, she was someone who could get into a fight with a guy because she wasn’t happy.

Wen Le had always known that this wild side of her still existed in her heart. So, when Zhou Kao suggested that she let out her frustration by fighting, the incredible idea that had once crossed Wen Le’s mind rapidly resurfaced.

She shivered, felt ruthless, and became somewhat excited, wanting to throw a punch.

Seeing that Wen Le was not resisting anymore,  Zhou Kao knew what Wen Le had in mind. “Bring it on,” he said.

Wen Le lowered her gaze. “Are you serious? I won’t go easy on you.”

Zhou Kao said, “Serious…” but before he could finish the sentence, Wen Le threw a punch.

Zhou Kao tilted his head, blocking with his hand. Wen Le retracted the fist, and her other hand came straight at him. Zhou Kao responded swiftly. Wen Le followed with a sidekick, her long, white leg sweeping through, striking a handsome and imposing figure, clean and ruthless.

Zhou Kao had the advantage in strength, while Wen Le was agile. They exchanged blows, each attacking and defending, the fight heating up.

In Wen Le’s eyes, flames seemed to be burning. With each move, she showed no mercy.

She seemed to want to vent all the grievances and anger from the past. She was competitive, had a strong personality, and was not gentle or demure. She was proud and fierce, and she was just not likable. So what?

These two attractive individuals, tall and with long legs, engaged in a fierce and spirited fight. Wen Le, wearing shorts that exposed her long legs, frequently struck powerful blows. The intense and handsome confrontation, with its stunning and shocking scenes, gave the impression that these two were enemies. No one could imagine that this passionate fight was between a couple.

It seemed that someone noticed and alerted the teacher. As the two fought intensely, forgetting everything around them, a loud shout came from behind, “Hey, you two students! What’s going on?” 

Startled, they quickly stopped.

After exchanging a glance, Zhou Kao grabbed Wen Le’s hand, and they ran off. After a while, they found a side road leading to the school playground. There was an iron gate, closed year-round and covered with grass. It was an abandoned entrance.

Zhou Kao lifted Wen Le, helping her climb the gate, and then he jumped over into the playground. After sneaking into the playground, they ran away from the teacher and security guards who couldn’t catch them and eventually dispersed.

Glancing at each other, they couldn’t help but burst into laughter. After laughing for a while, Wen Le patted Zhou Kao, “Why do you keep dodging and not make any attacks?”

Zhou Kao sighed, “If you make a mistake, you have to accept the consequences.”

Wen Le asked, “Am I fierce?”

Zhou Kao smiled and lightly scratched Wen Le’s nose, “Fierce.”

Wen Le questioned, “Did you leave me back then because I was too fierce?”

Zhou Kao shook his head with a smile, “How could that be? Aren’t you still fierce now, and I haven’t left? The sight of you fighting back then did catch me by surprise, but it wasn’t something that was unexplainable. When I first saw you, I could already predict that you were someone not to be messed with.”

Wen Le still wanted to ask, “Then why?”

After some thought, Zhou Kao lowered his head and whispered something into Wen Le’s ear. 

Wen Le stared at him, and after a while, didn’t know what to say. “Well, it did seem like it, but you weren’t very clever back then.”

Zhou Kao sighed, “If I was smart, then I wouldn’t have missed you for so long.”

Zhou Kao hugged Wen Le and rubbed her head, “Are you feeling better now? If not, I’ll let you beat me up again. I won’t even dodge this time.”

Wen Le chuckled, “Then that wouldn’t be fun! I’m feeling better now. Save the rest for later. If you make me angry again, we’ll continue.”

Zhou Kao innocently said, “Wow, you won’t randomly abuse me in the future, will you?”

Wen Le chuckled at Zhou Kao’s words and affectionately touched his handsome face. Unable to resist, she leaned in and kissed the corner of Zhou Kao’s mouth, saying, “Then you should be cuter in the future, behave well.”

The two of them glanced at the parking lot and saw that people had already dispersed. They stealthily returned through another side door to the parking lot.

Zhou Kao opened the car door and let Wen Le in. In the car, he had placed the desserts that Wen Le liked.

Wen Le’s eyes lit up, “When did you buy these?”

Zhou Kao sat in the driver’s seat, “Remember when you asked why I didn’t go refuel? It was because I was buying desserts for someone and ran out of time.”

Wen Le fed Zhou Kao a chocolate bean and said, “My boyfriend is amazing. Their water and wet wipes can’t even compare to my boyfriend’s little finger.”

Zhou Kao looked at Wen Le with a smile, “Is this boot-licking after enjoying the benefits of being my girlfriend?”

Wen Le said, “This is me showering you with over-the-top praises of love.”

Zhou Kao gently scraped Wen Le’s cheek, “Is there another race before lunch?”

Wen Le shook her head, “No, there’s one at three in the afternoon and another at four.”

Zhou Kao checked the time; it was only 9:53 am. “How about I take you out for lunch?”

“Where are we going?”

“Near the office.”

Wen Le blinked, “Do you have work at the office today?”

Zhou Kao said, “A little, not much.”

Wen Le asked, “Are you trying to lure me to your office to keep you company again?”

Zhou Kao said, “Why not? Hmm?”

“I have a lounge in my office; you can rest there.”

Wen Le nodded. Zhou Kao, in a good mood, leaned in and kissed Wen Le. He started the car and drove to the office.

Since Xun Fei found out that the handsome guy on the seventeenth floor was their big boss, she hadn’t been able to encounter him again. Today, after going out with a colleague to run an errand, she was dropped back at the company around 10:30 am. While chatting, she and her colleague noticed a bright black sports car parked not far away.

Xun Fei was so shocked that she stopped her movements, quickly grabbed her colleague, and pointed to the car.

Her colleague also looked over and saw a bright and cool matte black sports car parked nearby. Although there were some nice cars in this spacious parking lot, most belonged to business people with stable and mature tastes. This kind of flashy sports car was rarely seen.

Both of them were curious. Could this be a client from some company?

They stared at the sports car, wanting to see who would come out of it. They believed it would probably be a stranger.

However, when the driver’s door of the sports car opened, and that familiar and superior figure stepped out, both of them widened their eyes. It was the handsome guy from the seventeenth floor, the boss of the company.

Xun Fei had already taken out her phone and recorded a video of the handsome guy and the car.

Instead of leaving immediately, the boss opened the passenger door and pulled out a long-legged beauty. The two of them held hands and entered the elevator.

Handsome man, beautiful woman, sports car date—Xun Fei blushed and her heart raced. It felt like she was watching an idol drama.

Trembling, she sent the video she had just taken to Qian Sijia.

Xun Fei: You were right. Although the little handsome guy looks like he’s driving a Passat, there’s actually a bunch of sports cars covered in dust in the garage…

Xun Fei: … I just got a first-hand experience.

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