Chapter 10: Take off your clothes

Take off his clothes?

A dangerous glint shone in the man’s eyes. It was obvious that he was displeased and even in the dark, Han Yunxi could feel him staring at her. 

“What are you looking at? If you don’t take them off, how am I supposed to examine the injury? You’re a man and I’m a woman, so it’s me at a disadvantage, not you.” Han Yunxi finished speaking before moving in to take action herself. President Lin of Soaring Cloud Hospital had the right words in mind. Before a doctor, there was no difference between men or woman. At the very least, Han Yunxi had long grown used to such things. When her hands drew closer, the man slapped them away as if he loathed the thought of a woman touching him.

“I’ll do it myself.” Even now, his icy tone lacked all traces of warmth. Though the poison was by no means shallow, this man still possessed a good amount of strength. He quickly took off his outer robes. Truthfully speaking, Han Yunxi hadn’t seen much at all in the dark. Since the human body didn’t vary much, she could find its major acupuncture points with her eyes closed, and inserted two needles in acupoints by his heart to stop the progress of the poison. Afterwards, she collected samples of blood near the injury itself. The man instantly felt the needles relieve some of the pressure around his chest and gradually relaxed his guard.

“Hold on a minute, I’ll go get a light.” She rose to enter the bedroom, using the chance to put the blood samples into the detox system of her pocket dimension for analysis. The results were somewhat unexpected.

This poison was a blend of different snake toxins. There were differences between snake venom of modern versus ancient times–for example, many snakes of the past had become extinct in the present, so she had no stockpiles of antivenom in her stores. Even the ingredients needed to make one herself were missing.

After realizing her current state of affairs, Han Yunxi touched the sword wound on her neck and felt unusually calm. Fine, there was no helping it if she lacked the medicine. That despicable assassin, willingly slaughtering the innocent on a whim–it wasn’t as if she was really going to save him! So she retrieved some ingredients that could delay the onset of poison, as well as a few tools of her trade, and went back with her lamp in tow.

Under the guidance of lamplight, Han Yunxi could better make out the man’s features as she drew closer. Although he was sitting down, she could tell from his limbs that this man had an excellent figure–at least, he was very tall. Gradually, the light drew nearer. When it finally illuminated his features, Han Yunxi was stunned.


This man…

Despite being an assassin, his face wasn’t covered. The cold, stern contours of his features framed a face that looked as if it had been carved by the gods themselves. Even though he had been injured, he didn’t look like someone who had been forced into a difficult position. Instead, his entire body emanated the respectable, dignified air of a monarch, domineering and regal. Anyone standing before him would feel a bit inferior. Though the light illuminated his face, it gave no light into his eyes. Those deep, dark pupils seemed capable of taking in everything and everyone in this world. It was these eyes that stared coldly towards Han Yunxi as if trying to suck her inside.

She looked at him in a daze, hand shaking so much the lamp tumbled to the ground. She’d seen many outstanding men before, but today she had to admit that this one had the most advantages.

“What are you still dawdling for?” the unhappy man didn’t take well to Han Yunxi’s reaction. Only then did she quickly look away, regaining her cool once again.

“I haven’t eaten anything all day, so my grip was weak.”

So speaking, she picked up the lamp and walked closer, refusing to look at his face any further. Putting the light to the side, she kneeled next to him and took out the medicine, cotton swabs, gauze and plants, spreading them before her. The man spotted the delicate cotton swabs and gauze in bewilderment. “What are these?”

Han Yunxi pretended not to hear as she raised her head towards the wound. As soon as she set eyes on his chest, she couldn’t turn away. 

This man had an excellent physique!

It was a healthy chest, with firm abs and skin that shone almost bronze in the lamplight. It had a certain attractive wildness that made it hard to look away. This was proof that the saying of  ‘no difference between men and women in the eyes of a doctor’ only held true in certain situations! Han Yunxi forgot about the injury in light of studying this body, the tips of her ears growing redder and redder…

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