Queen of Conversation Topics 

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“Why did you come back dressed like that? Aren’t you tired of holding up the big skirt?”

Wen Le replied, “I’m wearing flats and I’m not tired.”

Cheng Hui asked, “Did that Yao Yao stir up trouble for you again?”

Wen Le said, “It’s just some child’s tricks, it’s nothing.”

Man Qingxuan was curious, “What’s the matter? What happened?”

Thus Cheng Hui shared how Yao Yao deliberately threw away the microphone to step on Wen Le.

“Actually, many people saw what happened at that time. She didn’t know that the student union teacher was watching from below, her face had turned pale.”

Man Qingxuan was shocked, “She’s crazy, f*ck, trying to make a scene on the stage.”

Cheng Hui said, “What’s so surprising? If Wen Le hurt her hand and couldn’t go on stage, someone would definitely need to replace Wen Le. Then, wouldn’t this have created another opportunity? And she could say that she didn’t mean to. When the time came, she would just pay for the medical expenses. Her family has money and doesn’t care about that small sum of money.”

Bao Xiaofan lay on the bed and while playing with her mobile phone, remarked, “I used to be in the same middle school as her. Although we were not in the same class, I have also heard of her using this trick to manipulate a lot of people. She has probably also mastered the situation. The key point is that there were people in their family in the district hospital at that time. Using their connections, they messed with the medical records so they didn’t have to compensate much.”

Man Qingxuan was shocked, “What the f*ck, isn’t this woman simply psychopathic?”

Bao Xiaofan agreed “I too think, a little bit. Her parents are high-level intellectuals and had very high expectations of her since she was a child. During a parent-teacher meeting, they pointed at her forehead and yelled in front of so many people in the corridor just because she lost a point or two.”

“I also heard at the time that the atmosphere in their house was very weird. She was a day student in high school. When she returned home from school to do her homework, her mother kept an eye on her and scolded her at every turn. At that time, she had been unable to rank higher than another classmate in the class. Her mother called her trash and scolded her for being useless. Basically it’s like she was under a lot of pressure.”

“I think that although everyone was under a lot of pressure and nervous during senior year of high school, their family has been like this since she was young. I think it’s very depressing. Her parents are also the kind where you have to follow their every rule on top of controlling her studies.”

Cheng Hui said  “This kind of parent is also a bit extreme, causing the child’s psychology to indeed be a bit…So, it’s better not to have anything to do with such people.”

While Cheng Hui was talking, Man Qingxuan suddenly yelled, “Ah ah ah! Wen Le! You’re screwed.”

Cheng Hui said, “What’s the matter, what’s the matter?”

“I just said not to have anything to do with her, now look at BBS! Oh my god!”

“The campus goddess is suspected of coming out in public? The real reason you can’t chase the goddess is actually…”

 “The suspected romance of the faculty belle of the School of Economics was exposed, and her lover is actually…”

“Shocked! She actually did this on the stage of the graduation party!”

Bao Xiaofan was speechless: “Don’t read these messy titles already, what’s exactly the matter?”

Man Qingxuan raised her head, her eyes widened, and she couldn’t believe it, “Wen Le is being labelled as lesbian on BBS!”

Wen Le, “What?”

Cheng Hui hurriedly opened BBS in shock. When she saw the red rows in the entertainment section, she didn’t even know what to say.

Bao Xiaofan looked at Wen Le with an expression of being struck by lightning, and said, “They said you are lesbian.”

Wen Le, “?”

Cheng Hui added: “They also said that you kabedoned* Yao Yao in public.”

*Kabedon or kabe-don refers to the action of slapping a wall fiercely, which produces the sound “don”. Kabedon has a specific meaning that mainly has a romantic connotation. The word is used to describe a man who traps a woman between a wall by hitting the wall with his hand.

Wen Le, “?”

Man Qingxuan continued, “They say you are in an underground relationship with Yao Yao.”

Wen Le, “?” 

Wen Le couldn’t decide if she wanted to laugh or cry, “I really admire their fanciful imagination.”

Cheng Hui said, “What should we do?”

Instead, Wen Le smiled, not appearing anxious at all.

The three of them in the dormitory looked at Wen Le’s expression and were very curious, they looked at each other simultaneously and said, “There’s a trick up her sleeve!”

“Hurry up and say it, quickly say it!”

Wen Le pretended to be charming and whipped her hair, and then smiled wickedly, “Because I have a shield.”

The three of them in the dormitory looked at each other again, “Zhou Kao?”

Wen Le nodded, carried her skirt and walked sideways into the dormitory, “Just wait for it, there will be a big reversal tomorrow, and this big sister  will still be the queen of the most jealous topic tomorrow.”

The three of them in the dormitory vomited as if they couldn’t stand it.

But in their heart, they were so curious till death.

But Wen Le just didn’t want to say it.

After Wen Le washed up, she then put a mask on her face and sat at her desk to check her emails.

The editor of Wenxing Magazine sent her a document, saying that the manuscript was approved this time, and notified her of the specific publication time and the payment date of the manuscript fee.

Wen Le wrote back to the editorial department.

After replying, she looked up and found a face beside her. She was taken aback, and after looking intently at it, she realised it was Cheng Hui.

Wen Le clutched her chest, “You scared me! What are you doing?”

Cheng Hui also clutched her chest, “I was more scared by your big white face, please.”

Wen Le’s face was still covered with a mask, which was a white cream base. 

Cheng Hui sniffed at the mask and said, “Your mask smells pretty good, was it your aunt that sent it to you?”

Wen Le nodded and took a palm-sized glass jar from the drawer of her study desk. The jar as a whole was a frosted cube with no other extra designs, but the smooth lines were very unique, making this ordinary small jar seem like a luxury product.

Wen Le opened the small jar, which contained a white paste, “Would you like some?”

 Cheng Hui found a headband to lift her bangs up, and closed her eyes, “Come on, put a little.”

Wen Le laughed slightly, “Okay.”

Cheng Hui said, “Your aunt always sends you so many bottles and jars, and they are all in the same packaging. It can’t be that she customizes them all by herself?”

Wen Le said, “Maybe it’s her hobby. I always thought my aunt’s job was selling clothes.”

Cheng Hui said  “That’s so good, I also want to have such an aunt.”

Wen Le finished applying the mask on Cheng Hui’s face and giggled  “You can become such an aunt.”

Cheng Hui glared at her, “Who wants to be an aunt, I am a little sister.”

The two of them were talking and laughing, when the dormitory door was suddenly pushed open. The four of them thought it was the top student Ai Fei who had come back. They glanced at the door, but it turned out to be Sun Youmei.

Sun Youmei was carrying a bag of sweets, with a smile on her small round face, and her voice was deliberately cheerful, “Hello, I’m back. I brought you guys delicious food.”

As she talked, she carried the bag and put it on the desk.

She carefully peeped at their faces and said pitifully: “I seem to have lost my temper again…You won’t be still angry with me, will you?”

“You know me, I just have this temper, please don’t be angry, okay~”

She held up three fingers pitifully and said, “I promise, I will never do it again next time!”

None of them spoke. Bao Xiaofan rolled her eyes in anger. She really didn’t want to care about her, but after a short stalemate, Wen Le was the first to break the silence, “Your tone is really like those scumbags~”

Sun Youmei giggled with a puff, “Hahaha, it really does sound like it.”

The atmosphere of the entire dormitory then mellowed down, and dormitory 307 seemed to have returned to the harmony of the past.

Wen Le and Cheng Hui glanced at each other and sighed lightly.

Sun Youmei was always like this. When her temper rose, whether she was right or wrong, she would lose her temper first. Afterwards, she would regret it when she thought back on it. She would then buy her favourite macarons as an apology gift for others, and apologize in a soft gentle voice.

Who knew the number of times this had already happened, but they would still always choose to accept her apology.

Although everyone didn’t like to eat her favourite macarons that were just too sweet and greasy.

Sun Youmei was forgiven and smiled happily while giving everyone a hug.

Though Bao Xiaofan looked disgusted on the surface, she did not refuse her hug.

After Sun Youmei hugged all of them, she was satisfied, but suddenly saw the expressions of the dorm leader and her roommates. As if she had realised something, she suddenly covered her ears, “Ah! I know you guys are going to nag at me again. I say, why do I always have the feeling that I can’t get rid of my parents even when I’m at university? It turns out that it’s you guys!”

Cheng Hui pulled her hand down and said, “I don’t care. Even if you don’t like to listen to us, we still have to talk about it. Just think of it as maintaining what’s left of our little conscience.”

Sun Youmei put down her hand, lowered her head, and said like a child being reprimanded, “Okay, you guys can go ahead.”

Cheng Hui said, “If you skip class again this semester, I’m afraid you will delay graduation. The guidance counsellor may also notify your parents.”

Sun Youmei didn’t seem to want her parents to be notified by the instructor either.

“Distance produces beauty,” Man Qingxuan said with a sneer: “You have to be busy with your own affairs while falling in love. When you are busy with your own affairs, you can keep him fresh by feeling like you are about to leave, right?”

When she said this, Sun Youmei suddenly deflated her mouth and her eyes went a bit red, “I also know that I can’t pester him every day, but I’m afraid that if I’m not by his side, he will go to another woman.”

Cheng Hui said, “I haven’t been in a relationship either, but I think you have to give him some space and trust in this thing, or he might feel…”

Sun Youmei added, “He would feel suffocated, right?…”

Cheng Hui didn’t speak. In fact, they all could tell that Sun Youmei understood it herself.

Sun Youmei suddenly cried and said, “But he has committed it many times before.”

The few of them looked at each other. They didn’t expect things to develop to such a point, yet they were also not very surprised by such a situation.

Sun Youmei cried and said, “We have been together for four years, but he actually took other little bitches to dinner behind my back, and he gave the bag I like to other girls too, woohoo…”

Everyone didn’t know how to comfort Sun Youmei. None of them had ever been in a relationship. In their eyes, why would she keep such a boy who cheats frequently? But they were not them, and the words “just break up” were too easy for them to say.

Sun Youmei was an adult, and she knew in her own heart whether she should break up or not. This matter seems to have been hidden in her heart for a long time, and her attitude can be seen from her gritting her teeth to conceal it.

Just when they didn’t know how to comfort Sun Youmei, she suddenly wiped away her tears and declared resolutely, “I can’t let those little bitches take him away. I can’t give him to those little bitches.”

Look, this was her attitude.

The rest of them did not know whether they should oppose or support her, and maybe their attitudes were also not important to her…

Cheng Hui glanced at Wen Le, not knowing what to say.

Wen Le said, “Before I do things, I usually keep a Plan B for myself so as not to let myself reach a dead end.”

Sun Youmei only wiped tears from her eyes in a daze, and they weren’t sure if she had heard it.

When the time was up, Wen Le patted Cheng Hui and signalled to her that the mask should be removed, and the two went to the bathroom.

After they came out of the toilet, Sun Youmei seemed to be in a good mood and was looking down at her mobile phone.

Wen Le did her skincare and climbed onto her bed.

Just as she lay down, she heard a shout.

“Wen Le, you’re together with Zhou Kao??”

“BBS has all blown up!”

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