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Are you bothered by it? 

“Wen Le, didn’t you say you weren’t dating Zhou Kao?” Sun Youmei asked incredulously. “You are a liar!”

Her tone growing increasingly agitated, she followed on explosively: “Didn’t I warn you before? Zhou Kao is out of your league!!”

“Do you really want to be a third party for a few dollars? Do you even know what shame is?”

The entire dormitory fell silent after Sun Youmei’s outburst.

Wen Le said nothing. She just stared coldly at the incensed Sun Youmei.

Wen Le thought that what was left of her conscience was not worth spending on Sun Youmei. She simply wasn’t worth forgiving.

“Sun Youmei, you better reflect on your words, were the words you just said humane?” Bao Xiaofan interjected calmly.

Sun Youmei returned to her senses after hearing Bao Xiaofan’s words, and her face turned pale.

She gnawed on her lip, silent for a moment, then with her voice barely above a whisper she said, “I’m sorry, I got a little agitated. But …”

Suddenly, Sun Youmei raised her head and looked straight into Wen Le’s eyes. “But Wen Le you did something wrong! Zhou Kao is Zhenzhen’s fiancée! How can you…”

TN: Plot twist~

Wen Le stared back at Sun Youmei with a cold look in her eyes. “Before accusing me of having bad morals, don’t you need to ask me if I’m with Zhou Kao?”

Sun Youmei’s gaze briefly evaded hers, as if she realized her impulse.

“However, there are photos of Zhou Kao escorting you back on BBS, and he has never escorted other girls back before.”

“So, no one else knows he’s not single, right?” Wen Le asked. “So how would I know?”

“If he really had a fiancée, I would apologize for my previous contact with him beyond normal etiquette and choose to stay away from him,” Wen Le said icily. ” I would even expose his heinous actions. But, in the situation where I was unaware, I believe the primary responsibility for this error lies with Zhou Kao, who obviously has a fiancée but conceals that fact, doesn’t it? Strangely, instead of blaming the scumbag, everyone will accuse the girl of being a third party.”

“Just like when your boyfriend cheated, you didn’t figure out who was to blame, so you accused those girls of being little bitches. However, you did not accuse your boyfriend of being a scumbag. What kind of mentality do you have, Sun Youmei?”

TN: Yes, you go girl! Society is always putting the blame on the women but they always forget it takes two to tango LOL

Sun Youmei took a step back, as if unsure of what to do.

“As for whether Zhou Kao is a scumbag, I will ask him for confirmation,” Wen Le said with a lazy voice, laying back on the bed. “Face-to-face confrontation is, in fact, the most effective and genuine way of checking these things, but I’m not sure which side is lying.”

“You!” Sun Youmei exclaimed anxiously. “I didn’t lie!”

Wen Le ignored her.

“Okay, don’t worry about eating salty radishes*. It’s already eleven o’clock, you still don’t want to wash up?” said Cheng Hui, yawning. “It’s time to turn the lights out.”

*don’t worry about eating salty radishes = it is a Chinese idiom meant to express one being meddlesome; to poke one’s nose into others’ business

There was no class the next morning, and she wasn’t required to be on duty. Wen Le slept soundly.

Wen Le awoke at half past eight. Man Qingxuan and Bao Xiaofan were still sleeping in their beds.

Wen Le and Cheng Hui went to the library together.

On the way to the library, Cheng Hui recalled what had happened the night before and cursed angrily, “She doesn’t have a conscience, I’m so angry with her.”

“What did she mean to be a third party just for that paltry amount of money?” Wen Le, who rarely let down her demure girl front, asked Cheng Hui. “Isn’t it true that every penny I earn is my own? Who exactly is the one reliant on men?”

Wen Le didn’t finish her sentence and took a deep breath, saying, “Okay, let’s not become angry, I can’t let her ruin my entire day.”

“But what the hell is going on between you and Zhou Kao?” Cheng Hui asked.

“Sure enough, there is no free lunch in the world,” Wen Le said, frowning. There is no shield that does not come at a cost.”

“Are you really just using him as a shield?” Cheng Hui asked.

“Would you believe this kind of gossip?” sneered Wen Le.

“Sure enough,” Cheng Hui replied.

“We are all adults, none of us are stupid,” Wen Le said. “To say they are innocent is to say they are pretending to be innocent. We aren’t children ignorant of the world anymore. There will be no meaning to this act once the cover of the shield and male best friend is blown.”

“So you actually like him?” Cheng Hui asked, looking at Wen Le.

Wen Le shrugged her shoulders. Her long hair was blown up by the breeze, lending a gentle tenderness to her cold and realistic words. “It’s just a passing fancy. The feelings I’ve had for three years have long since faded.”

“So the two of you really have a history together.” Cheng Hui asked, surprised.

“There would have been no infatuation even if there had been history,” Wen Le shook her head. “The best things are always out of reach.”

“In fact, as long as you exchange a glance, both parties would know that there is only one unbroken window of opportunity left in this relationship.”

It’s a pity that it didn’t break through.

This poor window paper for this relationship was covered with a soft light filter, just like a puzzle pieced together like a photo, with a touch of false hope and regret.

*TN: I think Wen Le is trying to say that deep in her heart, she had hoped that through their recent encounters, she and Zhou Kao could have a possibility together and that this was their last chance of making it work. But with Sun Youmei’s rude revelation, she doesn’t think it will happen. There’s still more backstory about our main couple to uncover~

“Does he think so, too?” Cheng Hui asked.

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Wen Le replied.

“What do you mean?” Cheng Hui inquired.

“I didn’t care about my heart’s infatuation,” Wen Le clarified, “but it was so strange. I was confessed to three times late at night, and he was always there when I needed someone the most. You’ll think it was fate that replanted the seeds of infatuation that I’d left behind in the past, but…”

Wen Le shook her head and did not continue.

There were only a few people in the library early in the morning. Amidst the sound of the ruffling of pages, the two of them found a quiet corner to sit down and read.

Time passed, and the sun gradually moved westward.

The morning sun reflected Wen Le’s thick long hair, long and straight eyelashes, the high bridge of her nose, and ruddy lips. Wen Le’s snow-white skin was almost transparent under the sun, and her long and straight eyelashes shone brightly.

Wen Le under the sun has an almost sacred beauty.

A real beauty shines regardless of the environment or thousands of other factors.

Wen Le, who was looking down at the book, frowned abruptly, then rose gently, pointed to the bookshelf, and motioned to Cheng Hui that she was going to find a book on her own.

Cheng Hui nodded.

Her gaze swept across the rows of bookshelves, it should be in this row, Wen Le thought to herself…

Ah, found it!

Only…It was placed on the highest shelf.

The bookshelf was quite high. Wen Le tried to reach on her tiptoes, but her fingers only touched the bottom of the book’s spine.

Wen Le raised her heels and pulled the book out by a bit as she joked in her heart, it seems that I need to wear those dreadful sky-high shoes next time.

While she was lost in her thoughts, the book she wanted to take out produced a thin card, and it was about to hit Wen Le in the face.

Wen Le noticed something approaching her face and subconsciously reached out her hand to block it, but she reached out with the wrong hand and forgot the book in her other hand.

Wen Le saw the book about to hit her when she reacted, but her feet chose to stumble over themselves at this time. She closed her eyes almost subconsciously, anticipating the unfortunate moment of her collision with the floor.

Her face, however, was not in pain, and she did not fall.

A powerful arm wrapped around Wen Le’s thin waist, and she was drawn into a familiar embrace tinged with the scent of a familiar cologne. 

Wen Le slowly opened her eyes to reveal Zhou Kao’s stunning and fearless face.

Wen Le thought, look, it’s like this again.

Once, twice and now for the third time, it really was a wonderful twist of fate.

It was such a wonderful fate that catalyzed Wen Le’s long-buried seed called infatuation.

Wen Le’s delicate little face could be seen as her long hair fell behind her back.

Wen Le, who always exuded a strong demeanour, suddenly appeared frail and helpless as panic and surprise flashed through those overly beautiful eyes.

Nothing can stimulate a man’s desire to protect a girl more than this.

The tips of Wen Le’s waist-length long hair fell gently on Zhou Kao’s arm, and it was as if something about this moment had touched Zhou Kao’s heart.

Zhou Kao let go of Wen Le, took a step back, and handed the book to her.

So polite and gentlemanly.

So much so that some people might find it unsettling.

It was difficult to explain the uncomfortable sensation.

Wen Le accepted the book and thanked him softly.

Also speaking softly, Zhou Kao said, “You should thank me well.”

Wen Le did not reply.

Wen Le had another thought about what Sun Youmei had said the other day

She felt irritation creep up on her.

She wanted to clarify things.

But she also didn’t want to be the one asking.

The moment she asked him the question, she would tumble from the pedestal and he would have the upper hand.

In fact, why ask if she didn’t care about him?

And it occurred to her that if she asked him and then kept her distance from him, she would be a coward.

That would not be possible.

She would never be a cowardly and timid escapee.

But she had to keep her distance from him.

Wen Le wanted to curse badly.

Sun Youmei, that ungrateful wretch.

Wen Le took a step back and smiled gracefully. “I heard you have a fiancée?”

Zhou Kao was taken aback when he heard the words. Then, with a mocking expression on his lips he asked, “when did that happen, why don’t I know about it?”

His reaction did not surprise Wen Le.

She pursed her lips and smiled; it wasn’t clear if she believed it or not, “It seems that her name is something-Zhenzhen.”

“Does that bother you?” Zhou Kao asked without even batting an eyelid.

TN: Our male lead is so quick-witted and vicious!! Straight-forward i like it~

“Oh, no.”

“Do you still remember?” Wen Le asked.

 “You asked how I should thank you.”

Zhou Kao raised his eyebrows, “so this is your sincerity?”

 Wen Le pursed her lips and chuckled, gracefully and formally, “Timely informing you that you have such a fiancée can help you recover unnecessary reputation losses.”

“Isn’t it sincere enough?”

Zhou Kao suddenly approached and whispered, “I thought I had no reputation since I met you.”

“Rather than saying it is to help me recover the loss of my reputation, it’s more like you ‘wiping out those who disagree’?”

“This is obviously defending your reputation, isn’t it?”

Wen Le pushed Zhou Kao’s face away, disgusted. “Please, I think you’ve been watching too many palace fight dramas.”

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