“I… I was dragged here by He Hua. He said that you insisted on doing those dangerous stunts, so he asked me to come over and watch you.” After saying that, Su Shen looked at him gravely and said, “Didn’t you promise me to use a body double? But what happened?”

Xie Yan: “…….”

He picked up some noodles into his bowl and said earnestly, “These noodles are delicious.”

Seeing him pretending to be deaf and dumb, Su Shen snorted coldly and placed her chopsticks down, gravely saying, “I’m serious. I don’t want you to do those dangerous stunts anymore.”  

There was always a possibility in everything. What if something really did happen?

Xie Yan paused and saw that she was staring at him fixedly. There was a seriousness that he had never seen before from her. From avoidance at the beginning to taking the initiative to care about his safety now, this feeling of being restricted was as sweet as syrup. 

“Okay.” He continued to eat the noodles with his head down.

Su Shen didn’t believe him, so she decided to ask He Hua to find a spy to watch over him, in case he would turn around and forget what he had just said.

Thinking of this, she kept staring at him. But when she saw him finish the pot of noodles in a matter of minutes, she immediately put another piece of noodles into the pot. At this moment, she suddenly had the urge to have him quit the film.

When they finished eating, it was already dark outside. Xie Yan took the pot outside to wash.

The people outside teased him one after another when they saw him coming out with the pot. 

“Yan ge, you’re glowing with health! Are you full?”

Zhong Quan and the rest gathered around playing cards. When they saw Xie Yan’s quick steps, they all burst into laughter.

“If you have the ability, go find a wife yourself too. What’s the use of being jealous of others!” Fang Kong said teasingly with a cigarette in his mouth. Abruptly, he slapped his cards down, “Three fives and a pair!”

“No, no, we can’t be compared to him. He went so far as to shoot an idol drama, risking everything for a wife.” Zhong Quan said as he threw down three eights and a pair. 

Hearing this, Ding Yi at the side couldn’t help laughing, “I also thought that Yan ge was going the idol route, but I didn’t expect there was something behind it.”

It was dark outside and hot in the tent. Someone had moved a small table outside with a big lamp on. Everyone gathered around there and played cards. Dozens of people gathered around chatting and laughing. The smell of smoke permeated the air and mosquitoes were flying around.

When Xie Yan walked over, Zhong Quan was laughing the most ferociously. He turned around slowly when he felt that everyone was looking behind him in silence. His complexion instantly changed.

“Yan ge… I… I’m complimenting you for chasing a girlfriend. There’s absolutely no other meaning!” As an actor, he naturally had a firm expression on, allowing for no doubts.

Xie Yan glanced at him, “That’s why you’re single.”

Zhong Quan: “…….”

After saying that, he took the pot and left, leaving dozens of people who wanted to laugh but dared not to.

Returning to the tent, he saw Su Shen sitting on the chair scrolling through her phone. However, there was still not much of a signal. Seeing that Xie Yan was back, she thought of something and blushed, stammering as she spoke.

“I… where am I going to sleep tonight?” 

At that, Xie Yan, who was fixing the light bulb, looked down and said with all seriousness, “Of course, with me.”

Hearing this, Su Shen was even more at a loss. She was actually quite afraid as she wasn’t ready at all.

Xie Yan couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw her blushing face, “I won’t eat you.”

Facing his teasing gaze, Su Shen blushed and turned her head aside.

Although there was a shortage of water here, the production crew was considered quite rich and wouldn’t skimp when needed usually. When Su Shen wanted to take a shower, Xie Yan boiled hot water and especially spared a tent for her to take a shower. He even stayed on guard outside the tent, not afraid of the mosquitoes outside.

It was an eye-opener for those who were playing cards. They didn’t expect that the man, who wouldn’t spare a glance at a woman, would be so passionate deep down. As expected, you couldn’t judge a book by its cover.

When Su Shen came out, she felt much better, holding a pile of clothes that she just changed out of and needed to be washed. Seeing Xie Yan sitting outside being food for the mosquitoes, her heart softened. She walked over and gently patted him on the shoulder, “Go take a shower. I’ll help you wash your clothes later.”

When he turned around, he found Su Shen wearing a T-shirt and casual shorts; her arms slender. Under the faint moonlight, her fair skin seemed to glow. He wanted to hold her hands, but he ultimately controlled himself. It wouldn’t be too late to hold her hands after he took a shower.


He went back to get his clothes without demur. Following behind him, Su Shen could feel the mosquitoes circling around her.

When she returned to the tent and waited for Xie Yan to take a shower, Su Shen sat down and scrolled through her phone. It just so happened there was finally a signal. There were many people who had messaged her, and Liu jie even called her several times and sent her some messages, telling her to return earlier. The production crew was in a rush to proceed further, and there were still some scripts waiting for her to accept.

The signal was bad. It took her the longest time to send the message that she would be returning tomorrow.

When she looked at the comments online, it was basically a catfight, especially after the recent episode of the variety show broadcasted. It was a simmer of chaos, where fans of several artists tore each other up. In just a few days, her followers on Weibo increased by three million and finally exceeded ten million. More importantly, her impression on passersby was better, but it could also be due to the company manipulating things behind the scenes. Nonetheless, it was not always good to be in the limelight.

Just looking at Hot Search, it was filled with #Su Shen & Jiang Yin#, #Su Shen’s Acting#, #Su Shen, Yang Zhi, & Mu Yao#, and #Su Shen’s Long Legs#.

Netizen A: Miss Su, you’re indeed a Hot Search professional, taking over year-round? [smiley face] 

Netizen B: Is there any meaning to hyping your acting every day? If you continue to hype, it’ll be beyond the sky. [vomit]

Netizen C: No matter how hard Yao’s dogs bite, it’s useless. Our Su Su’s acting KOs Mu Yao’s in a second. [smiley face]

Netizen D: After watching this episode with the three of them in the same frame, gotta admit that Su Shen, whether in appearance or aura, KOs the other two. [joy]

Netizen E: AHHHHH! Su Shen actually knows calligraphy. How could there be such a perfect person in the world? I don’t care! The goddess is mine! [kiss]

Netizen F: Miss Su’s water army is too superb, stepping on Fan Meng and KO-ing Yang Zhi and Mu Yao. Will the next step be ascending to be a goddess? [smiley face] 

Netizen G: Is it just me who noticed the chemistry between Su Shen and Jiang Yin? The way he looked at her was so tender. This CP’s so sweet!

Netizen H: I don’t know if anyone has noticed that there was not any interaction between Wang Cheng and Jiang Yin. Are they really at odds?

The signal was bad, so Su Shen didn’t continue to scroll through the comments. It was basically a few fans who were making a fuss, and it seemed that the catfight would continue for a few more days. Currently, at the box office, the movie had exceeded 600 million and was practically the highest-selling movie of the period. However, two other movies were also following closely behind, seemingly able to surpass their movie at any given time.

The competition in the movie market was fierce. As a commercial movie, Su Shen felt it could only be given 60 points because the romance plot was too rough and abrupt. Moreover, other movies had a large-scale bed scene as a gimmick, but there had only been a short kiss scene in theirs. However, it couldn’t be helped since Xie Yan refused to shoot it at that time. But thinking about it now, it was fortunate that they hadn’t filmed it.

Feeling that Xie Yan might be done with showering soon, Su Shen placed her phone down and walked out of the tent. It just so happened that Xie Yan walked out of the shower tent. Su Shen took his clothes and went to wash them at the side, while Xie Yan sat down next to her and used a fan to drive away the mosquitoes.   

While she was washing, Su Shen suddenly found that Xie Yan seemed to have given her one less garment. Blushing, she didn’t ask and continued to twist his camouflage clothing.

Someone, who was playing cards over there, couldn’t help but yell, “Hey, Yan ge, you’re not gonna come play today?”

At that, the group of people burst into laughter again. It was truly an eye-opener for them. They didn’t expect that Xie Yan in love would be like this. His image collapsed to the point of not being able to look at him in the face.

Xie Yan ignored them and continued to fan Su Shen quietly. Her figure could only be seen in his obsidian eyes.

After washing the clothes, Su Shen hung them in the drying area over there. When she turned around and went back to the tent, the group of people was still playing cards, with the smell of smoke permeating the air. Meanwhile, He Hua was sitting in a place where no one was, typing, seemingly making a form.

Returning to the tent, Su Shen felt a little sleepy. The wooden bed was not big or small, and there was a bamboo mat on it. But she felt nervous at the thought of sleeping with Xie Yan. 

Noticing her sleepiness, Xie Yan went to make the bed for her and said, “It’s cold at night. Remember to cover yourself with a blanket.”

Looking at his muscular back, Su Shen pursed her lips and asked softly, “You’re… not going to sleep with me?”

Xie Yan turned on the fan, adjusted the angle for her, turned around, and held her in his arms. He touched her head and whispered, “You sleep here, I’ll go to He Hua.”

It was indeed a little cold at night. Su Shen looked up and looked into his eyes.

There was the scent of body wash on her. Her fair collarbone seemed to glow in the dim yellow light; her whole body tender. Xie Yan’s eyes darkened and he quickly looked away, coughing, “I’ll leave first, come find me if you need anything.”

He then picked up the cup on the table and was about to leave.

Blinking, Su Shen suddenly stepped forward and gently grabbed the corner of his shirt, successfully stopping a certain someone’s steps and causing him to turn around in confusion.

Blushing, she looked down and said quietly, “You… can sleep here. I… I trust you.”

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