Personal Space


Su Shen’s complexion changed slightly. Meanwhile, He Hua was in a bad mood. Without saying anything, he walked forward with his suitcase.

Su Shen followed him into a green tent. It was equipped with everything, clean and tidy, but it was too stuffy and had no air circulation. 

He Hua placed his suitcase there and then said casually, “This is Xie Yan’s tent. You can rest here first.”

Su Shen raised her phone up high into the air at all angles, but there was no signal at all. Seeing her like this, He Hua chuckled, “There’s no signal here. You have to go to town, or you have to wait until 10:00 pm. At that time, the signal will be better than now.”

Su Shen: “…….”

“Got it.”

She placed her purse on the wooden table and then opened her suitcase to look for her sunscreen. She didn’t want to get so tanned like them. 

“I’m going to go look for Xie Yan. Don’t walk around, there’re many poisonous snakes around here.” He Hua said gravely.

After a pause, Su Shen naturally nodded. After He Hua left, she wanted to put on sunscreen, but she also wanted to take a shower, but there was no water in sight inside the tent.

This place was indeed tough. Su Shen felt that she was not as professional as Xie Yan, but it was not an excuse for him to ignore the risk. He had promised her to use a body double, but it was all lip service.  

Leaning against the wooden bed, she scrolled through her phone again. After ten minutes, there was still no signal at all. Today was the day that her variety show would be broadcasted. It should be midnight in China right now, and the show should’ve been aired already. Moreover, she didn’t know how the movie’s box office was. After all, the sales of the other movies inched very close.


Although it was getting dark, the lingering heat still made people sweat profusely. Some of the staff still had to pack up the props, and the busy day seemed to have passed like this.

He Hua followed Xie Yan with a cigarette in his mouth while greeting the staff calmly.

“He ge’s here again. May you have a prosperous year!” A staff who was carrying a stand grinned, revealing their pearl white teeth.

With a laugh, He Hua took out a big red envelope from his pocket and threw it at him, “May everyone be prosperous, and may you find a wife soon.”

“With your blessing, I definitely will!” The staff smiled and walked past the two of them with the stand on his shoulder.

Walking in front, with a camouflage jacket on his shoulder, Xie Yan rubbed his wrist that he had twisted before. When he heard He Hua wishing fortune from all ends, he couldn’t help but look back at him, “Why don’t you go home to find your wife during the new year?”

He Hua: “……”

He took another smoke of his cigarette and slowly exhaled a smoke ring. In a very calm voice, he said, “I thought you would be lonely abroad, so I’m here to give you a surprise.”

Xie Yan glanced at him and said unperturbedly, “I much prefer you to go home and find your wife.” 

He Hua resisted the urge to swear at him and watched as he opened the flap of the tent.

When a beam of light shone into the tent, Su Shen looked back subconsciously and saw two people coming in. Perhaps they saw her as they suddenly stopped and seemed to be a little shocked.

Not seeing him for half a month, Su Shen thought that Xie Yan would be super tanned, but unexpectedly, he didn’t tan too much and was only a shade tanner than before. However, there was gauze on his forehead, seemingly injured.

“Xie Yan.” She sat up slowly from the bed.

Her gentle voice was all so familiar. When the familiar figure appeared in his sight, Xie Yan was stunned and his eyes were tightly locked on her.

“What do you think? I gave you a surprise, yeah?” He Hua sneered and walked out of the tent tactfully. He wouldn’t lower himself to the same level as Xie Yan, this heartless man.

Seeing that he was staring at her, Su Shen felt a little embarrassed and slowly walked over. Their eyes met, and she suddenly reached out to gently touch the gauze on his forehead, “You’re injured?”

The person in front of him blinked her big eyes and looked at him with concern. When he came to his senses, Xie Yan suddenly reached out and held her in his arms. He buried his head into her neck and took a deep breath, “It doesn’t hurt. Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming here?”

As soon as he mentioned this, Su Shen was a little angry. She pushed him away with effort and said discontentedly, “You promised me not to do those dangerous action scenes, but in the end?”

“Liar!” She snorted.

Xie Yan: “…….”

He coughed slightly, with a trace of embarrassment on his face. He could only reach out and hold her tightly in his arms. He kissed her on the forehead, “I’ll definitely use a body double in the future.”

“You… You think I’ll believe you again?” Blushing, Su Shen tried to push him away as she feebly said that.

But his grip was so strong that Su Shen couldn’t push him away after half a day, so she could only glare at him with discontent.

She was too lovable, her big watery eyes seemingly seducing him. Xie Yan kissed her bright red lips, crazily sucking them just like when people found water in the desert. 

“Mhmm…” Su Shen blushed, she clearly hadn’t finished speaking yet. 

It was not until she had liked someone that she knew how it felt to miss someone.

He wrapped his arms around her slender waist and pressed her down onto the bed unbeknownst as to when. Hot kisses fell onto her fair and tender neck. His hot hands grasped her fair shank, seemingly wandering upwards. 

“Xie… Xie Yan…” She panted slightly, her face flushed, eyes watery, and voice feeble, “I… I sweated a lot today…”

Smelling the sweet scent from her body, he knew that she was shy, so he didn’t continue. Instead, he buried his head in her neck and muttered, “I miss you lots.”

His hot breath puffed onto her neck. Blushing and heart rapidly beating, Su Shen’s mind was blank at this moment.

Even if she didn’t come, Xie Yan had planned to go back to see her after a few days. But he didn’t expect her to come here without saying a word.

The atmosphere between the two was full of ambiguity. Feeling that he was too heavy, Su Shen could only pluck up the courage to poke his shoulder. “Can you let me up?”

Xie Yan: “Kiss me, and I’ll get up.”

Su Shen: “……”

She felt her cheeks burning. Blinking her eyes, she kissed him on the cheek shyly. Then, she turned to the side as her heart beat rapidly, “Get up quickly.”

The warm touch seemed to linger on his cheek. Looking at her being shy, Xie Yan smiled helplessly and whispered in her ear, “Remember to kiss here next time.”

All of a sudden, a warm touch appeared on her lips before she came to her senses. Blushing, she patted him on the shoulder and said, “I… I got it… Get up quickly…”

He had never seen someone as shy as her before. With a smile, Xie Yan got up and sat to the side.

Su Shen immediately sat up from the bed and walked to the entrance of the tent blushingly. She opened a flap and saw that it was getting dark outside. He Hua was sitting there with several members of the crew chatting happily. 

“Are all of you guys’ meals takeout?” She turned around and asked.

Xie Yan was fiddling with an electricity generator and insipidly answered, “Someone will go to town to buy food at 5:00 pm; not good.”

Su Shen: “……”

She came to her suitcase and took out a few bags of dehydrated veggies, “If you have time, go buy a small electrical cooker. It can be eaten after a few minutes. I also bought you seasoning packets, and you can just put them in directly.”

When he saw the things she took out, Xie Yan was taken aback. Suddenly, he thought of something and stood up, asking her to wait here for a moment, and then walked out of the tent.

Su Shen had no clue what he was doing, so she just took all the things she had brought for him out. Not long after, Xie Yan came back with a small electric cooker in his hand.

“They used this for hotpot last time, “ said Xie Yan, giving the cooker to her.

Su Shen: “…….”

It was getting late, and it was time for dinner. Su Shen asked Xie Yan to fetch some water, and she then added the veggies to the pot after the water boiled. In passing, she also added two portions of noodles. After a while, the whole tent smelled aromatic.   

Su Shen wasn’t very hungry and felt a little distressed at the thought of Xie Yan eating zhacai all this while. He had high physical activity every day, so what nutrients could those provide?

“AH! It turns out that Yan ge’s secretly cooking!”

Just at this moment, the tent suddenly peered open and several figures in black tank tops suddenly broke in. Su Shen was taken aback and looked back, only to find that they were all super tanned. 

However, it was still clear who’s who. The leader was Zhong Quan and like Li Hao, he went the man of steel route. However, he acted only in movies. Although he was not very famous, he had great opportunities in the film industry.

As for the other two, Su Shen didn’t know them very well, but they looked familiar. It was just that she couldn’t name them.

When they saw the pot of fresh vegetable noodles, they immediately came to the table and their eyes lit up. “Vegetables! There’re actually vegetables!”

Seeing how excited they were, Xie Yan immediately covered the pot with the lid and said, “This is mine.”

They were stupefied. In their impression, Yan ge was not such a stingy person.

As they noticed Su Shen at the side and heard of the rumors, they immediately nodded with a smile and said, “Happy New Year, saozi.”

Su Shen was too fair and was so beautiful, everyone envied Xie Yan in their hearts. No wonder he didn’t come out the whole afternoon. It turned out that there was a lover in his abode. They had been curious why Xie Yan had gone to shoot an idol drama before, but when they saw Su Shen, they finally understood.

The hanging lamp in the tent shook. Looking at the people being so courteous in front of her, Su Shen said with a smile, “Do you all want some? I brought a few bags here, you guys can go back and cook it yourself.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Hearing that, Zhong Quan and the rest were overjoyed. They hadn’t eaten any vegetables for the longest time.

Xie Yan frowned. Just at this moment, two more people came in from outside the tent. It turned out to be the director and He Hua. Seeing that the two of them had already eaten, He Hua was a little unhappy. Fancy that he brought Su Shen here from afar, but the two of them didn’t even call him for dinner.

“Oh, you guys are cooking noodles.” There was a takeout box in Fang Kong’s hand. When he saw vegetables, he immediately came over and said, “I was wondering why Xie Yan didn’t come out for dinner. It turns out that his girlfriend is cooking for him.”

“That’s right, that’s right. How could you just eat it all when there’s good food!”

“Exactly! I was wondering why Yan ge took my electric cooker. It turns out he’s eating good food!”

The tent was full of people all of a sudden. Everyone bickered noisily with each other. Xie Yan frowned and tapped his chopsticks onto the table, “Do you know what’s personal space?”

As his words fell, the others glanced at him and Su Shen meaningfully. Fang Kong waved his hand and said, “We understand. Get out quickly! Don’t disturb others’ personal space!”

As he said that, the others couldn’t help from laughing as they walked out of the tent, stealing the bag of dehydrated vegetables on the table in passing.

Only He Hua sat down with all politeness, took a disposable rice bowl, and picked up more than half of the noodles into his bowl before he was willing to get up and go. 

Xie Yan was a little upset, so Su Shen silently placed another portion of noodles into the pot. Fortunately, she had brought over a large bag of it.

“I’m leaving tomorrow. You can cook noodles in the future, don’t always just eat those unhealthy things,” she sat at the table and scattered the noodles in the water with chopsticks.

The hanging lamp shook, but the person in front of him was as calm and beautiful as a painting. Her fair face looked unreal in the dim light. After staring at her for a while, he asked softly, “Did you miss me?”

“Of course not!” Su Shen glared at him and pursed her lips, not looking at him.

Looking at her slightly red ears, Xie Yan leaned in and smiled, “Else, why did you suddenly come to visit me?”

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