A Set of Jewellery

Wen Le picked up the phone with some doubt, “Hey Dad…”

Seeing Wen Le hang up the phone, Cheng Hui said, “What’s the matter?”

Wen Le said, “My dad actually came to the capital and said he wanted to take the opportunity to see me and bring me to dinner.”

Cheng Hui glanced at the time, it was not yet 5 pm, “Don’t you have a rehearsal at 7 pm? You should be able to make it if you hurry back after dinner. Don’t forget. I’ll take the dress back for you, you can go meet your dad directly. We can set another meet-up next time.”

According to the address given by her father, it was a high-end Western restaurant in the great commerce building. Wen Le was a little puzzled, why would her father choose such a place, but she didn’t think much about it. She looked down at what she was wearing, a black dress and white high heels. Although she came out in a hurry today, it was not shabby-looking.

Wen Le walked into the room booked by her father and saw Wen Tianqi sitting at the dining table in a suit and shoes. A person who was nearly 50 years old looked only 30 or 40 years old because of good care. The meticulously combed hair and the gold wire glasses on the bridge of his nose made him look like a business elite.

Therefore, appearance is always deceptive, Wen Le sighed in her heart.


Wen Tianqi looked up at his daughter, “Le Le, come in.”

During the meal, Wen Tianqi asked Wen Le about her daily life. He was always busy with his career and handed his only daughter to her grandparents. He always felt a little guilty for not being able to accompany this daughter enough.

Wen Le shared some things related to school, which were all trivial things, but Wen Tianqi listened very seriously.

After the dessert was served, the waiter retreated, and the room door was closed again. Wen Le asked again  “Dad, why did you come to the capital?”

Wen Tianqi said, “I have been in the capital on a business trip these few days, and I happened to be near here, so I wanted to come to see you.”

“How many days will Dad stay in the capital?”

Wen Tianqi said, “About three days. I will be a little busy after that, I’m afraid I won’t be able to spend your birthday with you.”

After this mention, Wen Le then remembered that her birthday was coming soon. She smiled and said, “If dad hadn’t said, I would’ve forgotten about it.”

Wen Tianqi said, “Although I can’t spend your birthday with you, I brought you a birthday gift.”

Wen Tianqi picked up a paper bag by his hand and handed it to Wen Le, “Your Aunt Yu told me a few days ago that you will be the host of your college’s freshman opening ceremony tomorrow, right?”

Wen Le took the bag and nodded.

Wen Tianqi said, “Have you gotten your dress for the party ready?”

Wen Le said: “I just went to rent it, it’s a pink dress.”

Wen Tianqi said, “Just nice, you should be able to use this gift.”

Wen Le was a little curious when she heard the words, and took out the black box from the paper bag, “What is this?”

Wen Le opened the box and looked at what was in it, her pretty eyes widened, “It’s so beautiful.”

A set of jewellery lay quietly in the box, twinkling with a fascinating glow under the light of the room.

This was a set of jewellery made mainly of pink morganite. The necklace was decorated with a full 30-carat drop-shaped pink morganite, while the pair of earrings and ring each had a 10-carat pink morganite. The crystal clear pink morganite was designed in the shape of flowers on the ring and earrings, which were surrounded by countless small diamonds, and looked simply beautiful.

No woman would not be moved by such beauty, and Wen Le was enamoured almost instantly.

Wen Le had seen a lot of jewellery since she was a child, having been brought up by her grandmother. Grandma was a very particular and elegant old lady. She had three large cases of jewellery and looked like it’d been around for several years. Wen Le thought it was probably the most valuable thing in their family.

But no matter how valuable it was, it had not been able to change the lives of their family. Their family still couldn’t afford colour TVs or a car.

Wen Le thought that her grandmother should love these jewels very much. Even if her family was in decline, she still refused to pawn these jewels. Every time she saw those beautiful jewels, Wen Le would always feel the sorrow of the fallen nobles while being enamoured by the jewels.

Now, she would also have her own jewellery?

Wen Tianqi saw that his daughter liked the gift he gave very much and was in a pretty good mood. 

He said, “Your grandmother called me the other day and complained to me, saying that when a girl enters adulthood, she should have some of her own assets. How can she not have a decent set of jewellery? 

Dad then realised that it was Dad who has been negligent. Your grandmother has been accumulating jewellery for you since you were born, but those are not suitable for daily wear. So Dad went to find someone to order you something that can be worn daily. This set was designed by your aunt Yu for you. Do you like it?”

Wen Le’s gaze was still on the jewellery, and she nodded in a daze. But she was calculating the price of the jewellery in her heart. If the jewels on the jewellery were real, Wen Le calculated the price, took a gulp of air, and couldn’t hold back from blurting out, “Dad, did you pawn off Grandma’s jewellery? Where did our family get the money to buy this jewellery?”

Wen Tianqi heard her, and his expression turned complicated with a loss of words.

His daughter had always been very exemplary since she was a child, which also made him very proud. Others always praised Wen Le for being smart, but Wen Tianqi sometimes felt that his daughter was actually not that smart, and even a little stupid in his opinion.

TN: Papa Wen, I totally agree with you~

He didn’t know why his daughter had felt that their family was poor since she was young, and thought she was a left-behind child from the mountains.

Perhaps this was more or less related to her grandfather’s education method.

But after discovering that such a false perception would stimulate Wen Le’s unruliness and fighting spirit, he did not try to deliberately stop it. Under such a false perception, Wen Le was indeed very motivated and hardworking, and even without the supervision and guidance of her family, was admitted to the top A university in the country.

Wen Tianqi didn’t plan to tell her daughter the truth now. We’ll just let this idiot discover the truth by herself then.

 So Wen Tianqi smiled and said, “No, that’s all your grandma’s lifeline, how can it be pawned off? These are all artificial crystals, which are worthless. They’re not as expensive as you think.”

Wen Le breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the words, and said, “That’s great, thank you, Dad. I like it very much.”

Wen Tianqi said in his heart, when will my stupid daughter wake up and realise the truth?

TN: Again Papa Wen, I wonder when too~ ^^;;

Wen Tianqi suddenly remembered something and asked, “Le Le, you didn’t lose the two keys that your granddad and dad gave you when you just started college, did you?”

“Keys?”, Wen Le was taken aback for a moment, then took out the keys from her bag and said, “They’re here, haven’t lost it.”

Wen Tianqi said, “That’s good, please don’t ever lose it.”

Wen Le put the key away, “Don’t worry, I won’t lose them.”

Wen Tianqi sighed in his heart, the stupid daughter doesn’t even know why she was given these keys.

Wen Tianqi felt helpless, and led the topic back to the birthday gift, saying, “This set of jewellery matches your dress just nice. Tomorrow you can wear this set of jewellery on stage. You will definitely be the most beautiful princess in the audience.”

Wen Le hesitated and said, “But, Dad, although this gift is beautiful, it’s a bit too over the top. I’m just a host, not the protagonist of the event.”

She looked at her father and couldn’t bear to refuse, and this set of jewellery really was beautiful. She said, “How about, I’ll just wear the earrings and ring.”

Wen Tianqi nodded, “Yes, Le Le’s way of thinking is right.”

 His daughter was really beautiful and kind.

Even if it was a set of artificial crystals, it was definitely not cheap. Such a valuable gift was not suitable to be kept at the dormitory. In the end, Wen Le only took away the earrings and the ring. She planned to return it to her father after having another dinner with him once the event was done to let him keep them away safely.

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