Phone Call

After taking her phone, Su Shen saw that it was an unknown number at a glance, and even their location was unknown. These types of calls were clearly advertisements, so she hung up the phone without any thought.

In passing, she handed the phone to Xiao Zhou and said, “Don’t answer these types of unknown calls henceforth.”

Hearing this, Xiao Zhou naturally nodded, while Su Shen proceeded to go up to the rooftop.

Before filming, she sat on the edge of the rooftop while wearing a wire stunt harness. Looking at the people coming and going down below, their figures instantly shrank several sizes in her sight. If she fell, the lightest aftermath would be breaking at least one of her legs, and the most severe would be losing her life.

This kind of high-risk wire stunt was now controlled by machinery to avoid the accident of people accidentally loosening their grip. There was a lot of filthiness in this industry. Sometimes, if people thought that you were blocking their way, they would do anything to you. It was hard to guarantee that they wouldn’t do anything. At that time, if you were to break an arm or leg, your entire career would be completely ruined.

She contemplated at the edge of the rooftop for a while. It wasn’t until the Director shouted into the loudspeaker that she made an OK sign.

The Movement Director made a cameo as the fugitive, so he was naturally not afraid. When the Director shouted action, the fugitive flusteredly ran toward the rooftop. Seeing that he came to a deadend, he jumped down from the edge of the rooftop to the floor below without hesitation.

Su Shen followed closely behind. When she saw the huge difference in height, she didn’t hesitate and jumped down from the edge of the rooftop in half a second. The cold wind painfully blew against her face. Her waist tightened, and it was not until she was about to land that she quickly rolled onto the floor. She took out the gun from her waist and aimed it at the person running away in front of her, “Stop!”


Immediately, Su Shen kneaded her shoulders as she walked down the stairs. Although it didn’t seem as if she had fallen super hard, rolling on the floor back and forth would put pressure on her arms nonetheless. She had thought that these action scenes wouldn’t be too dangerous, but she hadn’t expected that it would hurt so much. If she had to repeat this scene a few more times, she might not even be able to lift her arms. She didn’t understand why Xie Yan and the others liked to film these kinds of productions. In any case, she would never accept this kind of production ever again. Her arms and legs could not withstand it.

When she came down, the Director saw her coming over and smiled while smoking, “Not bad, this take passed. However, your expression needs to be more cold for the action scene later. You can be expressionless, but your eyes must be fixed on the fugitive. Got it?”

Su Shen nodded. Later, she would fight the fugitive, so she had to go back up to the rooftop, but her arms were still sore.

The action scene was already configured in advance. Normally, it was just fake fighting, but the Movement Director had told her to attack for real, with him restraining his strength. Su Shen knew that he must’ve thought that she didn’t have much strength, so even if she did hit him for real, it would just be a tickle to him. Thus, Su Shen listened to him and attacked him for real.

The whole action scene had to be filmed several times due to NGs. The following scenes were all pretty normal. When she returned to the hotel at night, Su Shen felt as if her whole body was about to fall apart. Sure enough, these kinds of action scenes were not as simple as she had thought. 

After taking a shower, she rubbed her shoulders with some medicinal wine. Just at this moment, her phone suddenly rang.

As soon as she saw that it was a call from Xie Yan, she immediately turned on the speaker, while she was sitting on the edge of the bed and rubbing her shoulders.

“Why did you hang up on me?”

There was a buzzing sound coming from the other end of the phone, seemingly the signal being bad.

Su Shen was taken aback and somewhat confused. But on second thought, she suddenly thought of that marketing number she saw at first. It wasn’t her fault. Who would use that kind of number unless it was a marketer?

“Your number was too strange, so I didn’t pick it up. Why didn’t you call using your own phone?” Su Shen rubbed her shoulders hard and frowned, sucking her breath in pain with a ssh.

Hearing her voice, the person on the other end asked solemnly, “What’s wrong?”

“I accidentally cut my finger while peeling an apple,” said Su Shen indifferently, putting away the medicinal wine.

If Xie Yan knew that she had filmed such a dangerous action scene, he would definitely force her to use a body double again.

After saying that, there was silence from the other end of the phone. From time to time, there was a buzzing sound transmitted, as if there was about to be no signal at any moment. Xie Yan’s voice was intermittent, and Su Shen couldn’t hear what he said for the longest time, so she went over to the balcony with her phone. 

“Say it again. I didn’t hear it clearly.” She said.

It was so cold outside, and Su Shen momentarily forgot to put on a jacket before coming out. Just at this moment, there were no more buzzing sounds from the other end, and Xie Yan’s voice was particularly clear, “Li Hao sent me a video of you jumping off a building.”

Su Shen: “……”

“What? Say it again, I didn’t hear it clearly.” She raised her voice on purpose.

The person on the other end of the phone was silent for a while before he said solemnly with his deep voice, “You can do low scale action scenes by yourself, but you must use a body double for such a dangerous action scene like today.”

Hearing the words from the phone, Su Shen was about to say something before the other party uttered, “If you give me lip service again, I’ll go find Director Zhou. We just so happen to know each other.” 

Su Shen: “……”

She sighed and leaned against the railing of the balcony. Looking at the still swimming pool below, she uttered a light “hmph”.

“Isn’t it also dangerous for you? Why don’t you use a body double?” Su Shen looked up and said in a light voice.

At this, the person on the other end said insipidly, “We’re different.”

“What’s the difference? I heard that He Hua’s going to visit you in a few days. If he tells me what dangerous action scene you’re doing again, I’ll…” After a pause, Su Shen said with all seriousness, “I’ll never cook for you again!”

After saying that, a buzzing sound came from the other end again. Su Shen realized that it might’ve been because his phone had no signal, so he used another phone to call her. However, when she thought of the fact that one of his arms had been broken before, she was a little worried that he would continue to risk his life.

It was not until there were not as many buzzing sounds that Su Shen said with utmost seriousness, “You can’t say one thing and do another, else…”

“Are you worried about me?”

The voice from the other end of the phone contained a hint of a chuckle. As a gust of cold wind blew, Su Shen immediately went inside to put on a jacket while snorting blushingly, “You can worry about me. Why can’t I worry about you?”

After saying that, Su Shen threw her phone onto the bed as if she got an electric shock. She covered her flushing face with her hands while telling herself not to be so shy. It was normal for a couple to care about each other.

“Then with reciprocity, I miss you a lot. Do you miss me too?”

The phone was on speaker. Although it was far away, the words transmitted were still very clear. Su Shen hugged her knees at the edge of the bed. Looking at the phone without saying anything, she felt that her face was burning hot. 

Both of them kept silent for a while. It was not until there was a buzzing sound, which indicated that the signal was bad, that Su Shen crawled to the side of the bed that her phone was on. Wrapped in a blanket and hearing the buzzing sound, she suddenly whispered into the phone, “I miss you a teeny tiny bit.”

After saying that, she immediately hung up regardless of whether the other party heard it or not. She then went to the bathroom and washed her face with cold water before getting into bed.

She didn’t know whether Xie Yan had heard her or not. She rolled back and forth in bed for more than half an hour before gradually falling asleep.

There were still a lot of action scenes the following day. However, Su Shen went to find the Director and decided to use a body double for some of the more dangerous scenes. The Director wasn’t surprised and just thought that she couldn’t withstand these types of high intensity scenes, so he had the Assistant Director go and have the body double that was prepared to come over. 

Xie Yan didn’t call her today. Su Shen just asked He Hua when he was going to go to Africa. When she knew that he would go the day after tomorrow, she asked him to look after Xie Yan and definitely not allow him to do any dangerous action scenes.

He Hua was going to visit because he was worried that something would happen to Xie Yan. He didn’t have any objections when he heard her words, as if he wished that Xie Yan would stop filming this movie already. The living conditions in the forest were poor, so he didn’t know why Xie Yan had to accept this movie.

Su Shen was also very busy. She went to record the second episode of the variety show on Friday. It seemed to be too cold in China that the production team set the filming location this time to be on a touristy island abroad. The island was very warm, and you could just wear short sleeves. 

Afraid that others would steal her limelight, Liu jie brought a stylist with her. It seemed that she didn’t trust the stylist from the production team.

The guests invited this time were Jiang Yin, Mu Yao, Yang Zhi, Ma Li, and Ma Zhiqun. Ma Li went the sexy route; her figure was splendid and was the subject of talk. Ma Zhiqun was a host of a variety show and had a strong ability to control the stage. The production team was also afraid that all these people together would cause chaos, so they invited him as a guest and to control the stage in passing.

Although the appearance fee for Jiang Yin and them were very high, the production team definitely wouldn’t fork out so much money. As a first tier TV station, many celebrities wanted to have a good relationship with them. For example, Mu Yao and Yang Zhi would have dramas broadcasted on Hunan TV in the future, so it was an exchange of resources. No one would be so stupid as to demand an exorbitant fee. Offending this kind of TV station was definitely not a good thing.

The island was very warm, so Su Shen only wore a long white dress. That afternoon, she arrived at the hotel. She saw Yang Zhi’s female assistant, who seemed to be going out to buy something. After checking in, Su Shen went upstairs with Liu jie.

There was no one else in the elevator, so Liu jie said, “This episode of the variety show would most likely be broadcasted after New Year’s. At that time, that movie should already have been aired, so if your performance in this episode is great, then it’s another topic of conversation. With the hype of your movie, it’s most suitable to improve your popularity.”

It was killing two birds with one stone. This would greatly increase her exposure. Moreover, a lot of high traffic celebrities appeared in this episode, so topics of talk were definitely not a worry.

“I know.” As Su Shen’s words fell, the elevator door just so happened to open.

They arrived at her room, with Liu jie staying next door. Wang Cheng was finishing his engagements, so he didn’t arrive at the hotel until dawn, else he would’ve definitely dragged her out to dinner.

The recording was at 9:00 am, but Su Shen got up at 7:00 am to get her makeup done. Liu jie said that with actresses being in the same frame, even if you didn’t do your best, as long as your appearance was good, you’ll steal half of the limelight.

Liu jie said that she needed to go the fresh and innocent route, and couldn’t act like a femme fatale. So, she asked her to change into a simple blue dress, put her hair into a bun and had some light makeup applied.

When she arrived at the beach where the recording was going to take place, everyone else had already arrived. Ma Li was wearing a low cut tank top with her chest bursting out and a pair of shorts, causing her figure to appear glamorous. Mu Yao was also wearing shorts with a white T-shirt, seemingly wanting to make her legs long and fair. However, her figure was not as good as that of Ma Li’s, and her chest was not as big as of her’s. Her legs weren’t as long as the other party and wasn’t as charismatic as Ma Li. Standing together, she appeared to be still an immature girl.

Yang Zhi wore a top that bared her midriff and a long maxi skirt. Before the recording started, everyone leaned against the beach chairs and sunbathed as if they were all on vacation.

Seeing her coming, Wang Cheng walked towards her with a ball in his arms. When he approached her, he said in a very serious quiet voice, “Why didn’t I know that you had been with Xie Yan for so long?”

Su Shen: “……”

She leaned against the beach chair, wearing sunglasses, and said insipidly, “It’s so obvious, yet you couldn’t see it. What can I do?”

From time to time, there were staff passing by. Wang Cheng, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, sat in the sand with a ball in his arms. He looked around and said with dissatisfaction, “No wonder I don’t have Xie Yan’s number, whereas you’re so close to him. He even went to film a drama for you. Not bad!”

Su Shen took off her sunglasses and glanced at him, “I heard that the production team wants you and Yang Zhi to be a CP?”

At this, Wang Cheng’s complexion immediately changed. He threw the ball onto the ground angrily and said with contempt, “Don’t mention her to me. She likes Jiang Yin and had specifically asked her manager to tell the production team to place her and Jiang Yin to be in the same team. I didn’t even want to be in the same team as her in the beginning. It was her who asked me to hype before, but now she dumped me. Isn’t this slapping me in the face!”

The hype between idols was very ordinary. Everyone has had a few CPs, but it was rare to see someone like Yang Zhi, who threw away someone after using them and then immediately ran to Wang Cheng’s rival to hype. No wonder Wang Cheng would be unhappy.

The Director over there was calling for everyone to gather around. Su Shen sat up and patted him on the shoulder to comfort him. With a smile, she said, “You can also slap her in the face.”

“What do you mean?” Wang Cheng leaned over and asked.

Su Shen stood up with a smile and stretched. “Let’s go. Your teammate, Mu Yao, is waiting for you.”

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