Hosting the Party

As a large faculty with a huge number of students, the School of Economics applied for the largest theatre in the school to host the opening ceremony party.

At six o’clock in the evening, Wen Le arrived backstage.

The xuejie in charge of the stage glanced at Wen Le’s makeup, shook her head and said, “Wen Le, this makeup is not good. With so many stage lights shining on you, it will look very dull. The makeup must be bold and thick. Look at the male host.”

Wen Le glanced at the male host, and the thick layer of makeup on his face seemed to be a bit scary. The male host smiled with a good temper and said, “Don’t look at how scary it looks right now, just wait until you are on the stage and it will look okay.”

Wen Le nodded and said, “Alright.”

Wen Le carried a big bag with her dress in her hands and a school bag on her back. She found the door of the dressing room, knocked on it, and pushed the door in.

Inside the door was a group of girls who were helping each other with makeup and clothes. When Wen Le came in, they all looked in the direction of Wen Le, said hello then continued to lower their heads to do the work on their hands.

There were three dressing tables in total but they were all occupied already. Wen Le waited for a while and decided to get dressed first.

Wen Le was embarrassed to change her clothes in front of others, so she found a temporary changing room made with a cloth curtain in a small space, and changed into her dress. The pink dress was very long that it draped over her feet. The fluffy skirt gathered tightly at the waist to accentuate her thin waist and the chest was designed with a tube top, but all the skin exposed was covered by a layer of tulle of the same colour, which was still in accordance with Wen Le’s conservative yet timeless classic style.

The style of the dress was very simple, but having a simple style also meant that it would not be too tacky.  

Wen Le was wearing a pink dress, her face still had the light makeup she had painted when she first came, and parts of her long black hair were braided into two braids and fixed up into a bun, while the rest of her hair was left down in its charming and elegant curls.

Wen Le opened the curtain and walked out, and the lively dressing room went quiet for a while.

So beautiful.

Sweet yet charming at the same time.

Wen Le seemed to be unaware of other people’s movements. Her eyes gazed down a little and her long eyelashes fluttered slightly. Wen Le looked down at her feet, picked up the big skirt with both hands, and carefully passed through the school bags and boxes placed randomly on the ground. At this time, a dressing table happened to be empty, and Wen Le sat down with her backpack.

Recalling the appearance of the male host, Wen Le began to apply a thick layer of foundation to her face. Because she had to do heavy makeup, she touched up her eyebrows, eyeshadow, and eyeliner, but Wen Le felt that such heavy makeup was really not good-looking, so she simply added long false eyelashes. Although this was still exaggerated, it would make the make-up more harmonious as a whole.

Her lips were originally painted light pink, which was very suitable for this pink dress. However, to match this face of heavy makeup, Wen Le simply removed the pink lipstick and applied a bold red lipstick instead.

Number 400 of brand A was also a shade explodingly pretty.

Wen Le got up and looked at herself in the dressing mirror, and still felt that something was missing. The dress was in a very simple style, with the same shade of pink throughout. Only two inconspicuous roses of the same colour were embroidered in a place covered by tulle, and there were no accessories on her hair. Overall, the look seemed a little too plain.

Indeed, she still needed the gift from her father.

Wen Le took out two boxes no bigger than the size of her palms from her schoolbag and opened them. The pure pink morganite earrings and ring shone brightly in the light.

Wen Le put on the jewellery and looked at herself in the mirror again.


Wen Le packed up her things, stored them in the place where the class monitor was taking care of the bags and went out to find the male host to review the event process and host script.

It was almost half past six at this time, and the audience had already begun to enter one after another.

The male host was talking to the xuejie, and Wen Le went over to greet them.

The male host hadn’t reacted yet, but the xuejie exclaimed “the f*ck” and pulled Wen Le closer to check out, “You’re so beautiful even with such heavy makeup, it’s really too much!”

Wen Le smiled and said, “Xuejie is also super beautiful today.”

The xuejie laughed and scolded, “You’re just trying to flatter me, aren’t you!”

As she was talking, she noticed the ring on Wen Le’s hand, and her eyes widened in shock, “Wen Le, you are too good at this. This pink crystal, my god, it’ll get a young girl’s heart bursting.”

“From which website did you buy this necklace and ring set? It’s so beautiful,”

Which website could Wen Le have bought it from? She nonsensically replied, “There’s no website link. I saw it at a roadside stall when I was shopping, only two hundred yuan.”

The xuejie didn’t think that what Wen Le had would be genuine. She also knew Wen Le’s family background, because she helped the student counsellor handle the intake of freshman students. At that time, she also knew that Wen Le was a child from a poor village in a southwestern province.

The event process started after having a few small chats.

Around 6:45 pm, her roommate also arrived. Wen Le said hello to the male host and went out to have a chat with her.

The two of them were talking in a corner backstage. This corner was actually not remote. They could still see the audience in the grand theatre through the side door.

Wen Le glanced around and saw that the seats on the two floors were full. Wen Le said, “Why are there so many people?”

Cheng Hui replied, “Because other than our faculty alone, many people from other faculties have also come.”

After chatting for only a while, she was called away.

At 7 o’clock in the evening, the event officially started. Wen Le took a deep breath, put on a smile, and walked on the stage with the male host.

Before she could find her position, there was a burst of applause and whistles from the audience.

Wen Le was tidying up her skirt and couldn’t help but look up. At this glance, the cheers and shouts were even louder, and several boys put their hands to their mouths and shouted slightly exaggeratedly, “Goddess!”

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