Hosting the Party

Wen Le was tidying up her skirt and couldn’t help but look up. At this glance, the cheers and shouts were even louder, and several boys put their hands to their mouths and shouted slightly exaggeratedly, “Goddess!”

“Wen Le!”

“We love you!”

The audience gave a burst of laughter upon hearing them.

Wen Le also laughed, glanced at the male host, and recited out the familiar lines that she had already memorized smoothly from her script.

Wen Le found that in fact, after facing such fanfare, she had lost her nervousness.

The event had been going well and nothing went wrong.

As a member of the student union of the faculty, Cheng Hui was called to the backstage to do logistics and was responsible for the grand lucky draw.

The lucky draw hadn’t started yet, so Cheng Hui was idling about. She grabbed a handful of melon seeds and stood by the trash can while watching the show and nibbling on the melon seeds.

After Wen Le announced the next act of the event and came down from the stage, she was called over by Cheng Hui.

“Wanna have some?”

Wen Le waved her hand and drank a sip of water, “My throat will become dry when I’m up on stage later.”

Cheng Hui said, “When we went to rent this dress, it looked inconspicuous. I didn’t expect the lighting to work so well on the dress.”

Wen Le hadn’t seen the effect of wearing this dress under the lights. She was a little curious, and twirled around in front of Cheng Hui and smiled, “It’s a pity that I can’t see it myself. Does it look good?”

Cheng Hui pulled Wen Le and said, “Don’t turn around, someone is filming you from the back.”

“What are you afraid of,” Wen Le looked back. She really saw a guy she didn’t know holding up his mobile phone and filming her. It seemed that he was a little flustered being caught red-handed, but Wen Le was not angry. Instead, she faced the camera and gave a wink.

The guy didn’t seem to expect Wen Le’s reaction, and he was a little shocked.

Wen Le turned her head and stopped looking at him, and continued to chat with Cheng Hui.

Cheng Hui exclaimed, “Just having fun are you, nothing better to do in your spare time than to disturb others?”

“This is mainly because the level of straight men taking pictures is really irritating, so I can only try my best to be captured with style,” Wen Le replied with a disgusted “Tsk tsk”.

Cheng Hui snorted softly, “Do you think you can improve this situation?”

“Tomorrow, no, not even tomorrow, as long as you go to your school APP to take a look tonight, you can make yourself go mad.”

Wen Le spread her hands, “That’s why I didn’t download that app.”


The show on the stage ended, and Cheng Hui said, “Won’t you go up?”

Wen Le said, “This curtain call is hosted by the male host.”

Cheng Hui asked, “Are you nervous on stage?”

Wen Le replied, “It’s alright, not nervous.”

Cheng Hui, “I think you are also doing quite well.”

At the end of the male host’s curtain call, he saw a girl wearing a white tube top evening dress, a princess tiara, and a ten-centimetre stiletto walking on stage.

Cheng Hui poked Wen Le and said, “This is the first one among the girls who went to the student counsellor looking for trouble. She is also a class flower and looks rather pretty too. It seems that she learned to host when she was a child. The conditions at home are also quite good, so she is very proud. Be careful when you go on stage later. I’m not afraid of her, just more afraid of her making trouble.”

Wen Le glanced at the girl and nodded, “OK, don’t worry.”

The girl in the white dress played the piano on stage and took the microphone from the mike stand when she stepped down after her performance. The microphone should then be handed over to the host who would be going up the stage.

Wen Le walked over to her, and the girl in the white dress handed the microphone over. Wen Le reached out to pick up the microphone, but the girl suddenly let go of her hand. The microphone fell to the ground, and the whole theatre could hear the mike drop clearly because she did not turn off the microphone.

It turns out someone was trying to create a scene here.

The girl in the white dress put a hand to her chest and whispered, “I’m sorry, my skirt is a bit short, can you pick it up for me?”

Wen Le rolled her eyes in her heart, that’s all you’ve got?

Isn’t this a too low-level trick?

Wen Le pulled out a fake smile and said softly, “Sure.”

So Wen Le bent over and picked up the microphone.

The staff on the stage were moving the piano from the stage, and the sound of footsteps and whispered conversations could be heard clearly in their ears.

As soon as Wen Le’s hand touched the microphone, the girl in her pair of “bling bling” little high heels walked to Wen Le’s hand and looked down at Wen Le condescendingly.

Wen Le noticed but remained silent, holding the microphone and was about to get up.

But instead, she saw the girl swaying, as if she was about to fall, and the thin high heels on her feet were about to step on Wen Le’s hands.

Wen Le chuckled in her heart, fished her arm up, and hooked one of the girl’s legs against the wall fiercely.

Wen Le could hear a “boom”, and the girl’s back and head were mounted against the wall, which seemed to have hit the wall quite heavily.

The girl was in a daze for a while and didn’t seem to react in time.

The girl’s hair had been knocked loose during the accident because she was carried on one leg by Wen Le, but the short skirt flew up, revealing flesh-coloured undergarments, and she looked so embarrassed.

The step down from the stage was actually on the far right side of the auditorium. Although the position was a bit skewed, the audience sitting in the auditorium on the far right still had a panoramic view of the scene. 

At this time, the two of them moved very delicately.

Wen Le held one of the girl’s legs in her arm and raised it high against the wall, and the girl’s undergarments were exposed.

But at this moment, Wen Le leaned into the girl’s ear and said, “Tricks of a little kid.”

At this moment, there was already a commotion in the audience.

But Wen Le had already schooled her expression and walked on stage with composed manners to announce the next segment of the show.

The girl stared at Wen Le with a pair of red-rimmed eyes. She directed a deadly glare at Wen Le, with so much hatred that she wished to eat Wen Le alive.

The girl went down the stage bitterly and walked to the auditorium. Her friend hesitated for a moment and poked her, and whispered, “Yao Yao, what are you doing? Your under…undergarments are all exposed.”

When the girl known as Yao Yao heard the words, she saw that her little white dress had been rolled up by her, so she had stepped down the stage with a section of undergarments exposed.

Yao Yao was so embarrassed that she couldn’t wait to find a hole to hide in, she clenched her hands tightly together, and re-organized her clothes vigorously.

When the girl saw that she was in a bad mood, her voice was a little low, “Al-also, hai-hair.”

Yao Yao hammered her seat even more angrily when she heard the words, “Wen Le!”

TN: LOL hate to say this but you asked for it lady hehe. Our Wen Le was just minding her own business but you had to try some tricks on her…..

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