Met with Another Confession

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The party was a huge success.

After the audience dispersed, the actors, logistics staff and teachers took pictures together.

In the end, the huge grand theatre was left to be sorted out by the members of the Student Union, some of the faculty and some of the class monitors.

Wen Le was pulled by the head of the department to talk for a while and then pulled by the juniors who had not yet left to take photos together.

By the end of the event, the logistics team had already mostly cleaned up the place.

All the garbage in the theatre was taken away by the audience, leaving only some of the stage layout/props. There were not many things to be cleared, but there were many people from logistics who had stayed behind.

 At this time, there were not many people left in the grand theatre, and it was not convenient for Wen Le to keep wearing her formal dress, so she simply carried her bag to the dressing room to change out of it.

But she found that the door of the dressing room was locked.

Wen Le frowned and went to find the senior sister.

“You haven’t changed yet?” 

The senior sister frowned and said, “Yao Yao just said that all of them had cleaned up the dressing room, so she took away the key, and said that she would return the key directly tomorrow.”

 The name didn’t sound familiar. Wen Le said, “Who is Yao Yao?”

The senior sister replied “Ah, she’s the one who was wearing the white dress today. I thought you knew each other.”

Wen Le realised who this Yao Yao was, and probably understood that this was another child’s play.

The senior sister also probably understood what was going on, and said, “Anyway, it’s so late into the night, no one will see. In fact, you can also change in the women’s toilet, but you know, once it’s dark, this women’s toilet…It’s hard to say.”

Wen Le smiled, “That’s okay, I’ll just keep wearing it first.”

The senior sister looked at the stage and said, “You can go back first. It’s almost cleaned up, and your clothes are not suitable for cleaning up. Do you need me to find someone to take you back?”

Wen Le refused.

The senior sister took down a balloon from the side of the stage and gave it to Wen Le. The balloon was inserted into a pink plastic tube. It was the simplest toy that she used to go to the park with when she was a child. “Beauty, take one, don’t let those scumbags ruin it all. Take this as a memento of today’s event.”

Wen Le glanced at it, and at the boys behind her who were playing a game of stepping on the balloons.

Wen Le took it with a smile and replied, “Thank you, senior sister.”

Wen Le was carrying a bag in her left hand, a pink balloon in her right hand, and a school bag on her back. It was funny to see, no matter which angle you looked from.

She herself couldn’t help laughing when she thought about it.

Not long after Wen Le walked out of the Grand Theater, she heard a boy behind her shouting and calling her.

Wen Le thought it was a member of the student union of the faculty who still had some arrangements, but when she looked back, she saw a boy running towards her with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

The smile on Wen Le’s face stiffened, please don’t let it be what she thought was going to happen?

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The boy ran to Wen Le and stood still, “Wen Le! You are really beautiful today! Your stage performance today was super great!”

Wen Le smiled very politely, “Thank you.”

The boy gushed about how glamorous Wen Le was tonight, to the point where even Wen Le felt goosebumps all over when she heard it.

Wen Le actually rejected so many boys before, but she still didn’t know whether it was better to listen patiently and then refuse seriously when encountering this situation, or if it was better to just shake her head and leave.

The former method seemed to give hope to the other party, while the latter seemed to be too merciless.

Wen Le stood still. Her thoughts had long drifted away, and the words of the boy in her ear seemed to have become muffled.

 Wen Le couldn’t help but wonder, how did she use to refuse the others before?

In high school, Wen Le had been young and vigorous. With a temper worse than her current, she would turn away haughtily and leave, and her face looked even colder than it was now too.

After going to University, she had a much better temper, and she would refuse more tactfully, even directly intercepting the other party’s words, telling the other party not to say his confession. Later on, she also found a shield for such confessions.

A shield…

Zhou Kao…

Wen Le almost thought that she was hallucinating.

The Grand Theater was very close to the entrance of the school, and a long asphalt road led directly to the gate. From time to time, vehicles would pass by here.

At 9:30 in the evening, the street lights were a little dim, and an off-road SUV was slowly approaching.

Its lights gradually illuminated both sides of the slightly curved asphalt road that was not wide.

On the other side of the asphalt road, a tall and upright figure with long sleeves became clearer and clearer under the low beam of the car.

Wen Le gradually saw the excessively good-looking face clearly.

It was Zhou Kao.

Wen Le just looked in that direction while the off-road SUV slowly drove away, blocking Wen Le’s sight, but in the end, the figure of that pedestrian was eventually exposed.

It was Zhou Kao.

TN: kyaaa i’m sure this is where Wen Le’s heart skipped a beat~

The light obviously also allowed Zhou Kao to see the two people standing on the opposite side of the road clearly.

Zhou Kao stood still, facing Wen Le.

Above Zhou Kao’s head was a street lamp whose light was rather dim.

The soft light hit Zhou Kao’s body, portraying his outline more deeply and beautifully, just like a prince from a fairy tale – elegant, mysterious and beautiful.

It was just that Zhou Kao’s eyes were not as gentle as the prince’s.

He seemed to be drunk, the corners of his eyes were a little red, and his eyes were a little blurred, but there was a cold chill in addition to this blur.

He didn’t seem very happy.

Wen Le completely forgot about the boy who was praising her with all his strength at that moment, and her eyes carefully traced the overly charming outline of  Zhou Kao under the light.

Wen Le was a Libra.

And she had the necessary attributes of a Libra.

The two stood on opposite sides of the road, with a street lamp above their heads, shining a soft light upon them.

Wen Le sometimes felt that there was really an unexplainable fate in this world, that it was too much…

It was fascinating.

The corner of Wen Le’s mouth curled as if she finally remembered where she was at this time.

And the boy holding the flowers who was trying to attract Wen Le’s attention also seemed to realise that something was wrong. He stopped and stared at the excessively excellent male on the opposite side, his eyes full of warnings and vigilance.

Wen Le didn’t care about the sight of the boy holding the flowers, and mouthed five words silently to Zhou Kao, “Help people to the end.”

Wen Le didn’t know if the other party could see her mouth shape clearly at such a distance, and whether he understood her lips, but Wen Le had an intuition that he understood what she meant.

Sure enough, Zhou Kao frowned slightly, stretched out his hand and pressed it on the centre of his eyebrows, then he began to ask a little impatiently, “Why are you again…”

…being confessed to at night.

*TN: flashback to the previous chapters when Wen Le said there wouldn’t be a third time haha~

But Zhou Kao didn’t say the following words.

Zhou Kao stopped talking, strode forward and grabbed Wen Le’s wrist, “I’ll send you back to the dormitory.”

The corners of Wen Le’s mouth curved a little deeper.

The boy holding the flowers was like a beast who had his territory violated. He cursed and went to grab Wen Le’s other hand, “Are you sick!”

Zhou Kao’s nimble hands quickly blocked the boy from grabbing Wen Le’s hand and pulled Wen Le behind him. 

Wen Le was guarded by Zhou Kao, and she didn’t seem to care about the current situation at all.

At such a close distance, she could smell the faint smell of alcohol on Zhou Kao’s body, mixed with the low-key smell of men’s perfume, which seemed unexpectedly mesmerising.

Zhou Kao looked at the boy coldly, and said lightly: “Things like that, do I really need to say it out loud? I thought you would understand.”

As Zhou Kao spoke, he glanced at Wen Le.

Wen Le understood his meaning, and with the free hand, she latched on to Zhou Kao’s arm while smiling softly, “Just send me till here, thank you for your thoughtfulness. It’s getting late, rest early, good night.”

The boy’s face was a little embarrassed, but he was a little fortunate that he didn’t say those three words in the end. He was also relieved that Wen Le had saved face for him.

Wen Le held on to Zhou Kao’s arm and left. Wen Le then sighed and said, “Seems that pulling the green tea trick* is sometimes quite useful.”

*green tea = An internet slang used to describe a young woman that likes to dress and act in a certain fashion in order to portray herself as pure and innocent i.e. like green tea.

 Zhou Kao glanced at Wen Le, and Wen Le pretended not to notice. She started a conversation: “You’ve been drinking?”

TN: LOL not Zhou Kao totally judging Wen Le…

 Zhou Kao gave a soft sigh and said, “A little bit.”

“It doesn’t look like a little bit, you seem to be drunk.”

“Enough to send you back to the dormitory.”

Zhou Kao looked at the things in Wen Le’s hands, then noticed Wen Le’s outfit and frowned, “Are you just hanging out like this in the middle of the night?”

Wen Le snorted disdainfully, “Please, what do you mean by in the middle of the night? The nightlife has just begun, okay?”

Zhou Kao chuckled lightly, “Yes, your nightlife is indeed later than others.”

Wen Le said, “Oh, because ultraviolet rays are not so strong at night, nocturnal activities are more conducive to protecting my skin.”

Zhou Kao sneered lightly, looked at the pink balloon in Wen Le’s hand, and said, “So the essential activity you have to do at night is to reject confessions. Tonight’s special event is a flashback to kindergarten?”

*TN: LOL I’m loving how savage drunk Zhou Kao is haha – okay last TN I swear!

Not for the first, not second, and not even the third or fourth time, Wen Le was unable to refute him. Wen Le looked up at Zhou Kao, and gazed at him for a moment before saying, “Do you know that your mouth will become mean when you are drunk?”

Zhou Kao pursed his lower lip and his voice became slightly weaker, “I’m not drunk, and this is just a statement of facts.”

Wen Le pointed to the bag she was carrying in her hands, and said, “If you weren’t drunk, how could you not help me carry the bag? Where did your gentlemanly demeanour go?”

Zhou Kao was taken aback for a moment and stretched out to get the bag Wen Le was holding on her wrist.

Wen Le chuckled, bastard, still insisting that he was not drunk.

Would you be so obedient if you weren’t drunk?

But the two people who left didn’t know, the moment they had turned around to leave, the logistics team in the Grand Theater had already packed up, locked the doors, and walked out of the theatre together. They were all also just about to leave.

Yet as soon as they came out, they saw the scene of Wen Le leaving with Zhou Kao and holding onto his arms at the entrance of the Grand Theater.

The facial features of the two of them were clearly visible under the street lamp’s light.

Wen Le from the School of Economics, holding onto the hot and newly-crowned school hunk Zhou Kao!

It was so thunderous, so explosive.

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