The Movie Aired

After he finished speaking, Su Shen refused without any hesitation, “Thank you, but I’m not hungry.”

“Are you trying to avert suspicion?” Without changing his expression, Jiang Yin looked at her fixedly.

Su Shen didn’t let him in. She wrapped her jacket tightly and smiled, “It’s not to avert suspicion, but just that I’m a coward. It doesn’t feel good to be attacked maliciously. If you want to go, we can go in the daytime.”

“Moreover…” Su Shen held the door knob and glanced at him indifferently, “I already have a boyfriend.”

At that, Jiang Yin’s expression changed slightly. After a moment of silence, he looked at her and asked, “Xie Yan?”

They were all part of the same industry. Everyone knew what was going on. It was not strange for him to know. Su Shen didn’t deny it and just smiled.

Seeing this, Jiang Yin sighed, “I’ll go eat with Song Yan then. Rest early.”

Su Shen smiled and closed the door as soon as he turned around.

When she returned to her room, she wanted to call He Hua and ask if he had arrived in Africa yet. But after calling for the longest time, there was no signal over there. It could be implied that he must’ve found Xie Yan, because his phone had no signal either.

After having a good night’s sleep, they left the island in batches. Why in batches? It was because Yang Zhi and Mu Yao were on bad terms, so they definitely wouldn’t want to be on the same flight. Furthermore, Yang Zhi and Mu Yao disliked her, so they certainly wouldn’t want to take the same flight as her either. However, Su Shen didn’t think it was a big deal. She booked the earliest flight, and Wang Cheng was on it too, and so was Jiang Yin.

Coincidentally, they were seated not far away from each other. However, Wang Cheng and Jiang Yin vied for the same resources, so the two of them were not on great terms. Although their seats were close, they didn’t say a word to each other, whereas Su Shen just slept for the entire flight.

When they got off the plane, there were a lot of fans waiting outside the airport, most of them were Jiang Yin and Wang Cheng’s. These fans were very well-informed, and they were very clear about the flight time of their stars, so usually, artists would buy tickets momentarily. However, sometimes, it was difficult to avoid such a thing happening. 

“Wanna go eat?” Wang Cheng followed her and was about to pat her on the shoulder.

Su Shen blocked his outstretched hand with her sunglasses and said without looking back, “Take it easy there.”

Hearing this, Wang Cheng grinned and pulled some distance away from her. The arriving gate was full of crazy fans holding up signs and shouting crazily. He was afraid of implicating Su Shen, so he wore sunglasses and a cap, covering his face up as much as possible.

When Su Shen exited the airport, she took a look back and just saw Wang Cheng being submerged in the crowd. Luckily, she didn’t have as many fans as Wang Cheng, else it would be really uncomfortable to have one’s personal life exposed to the public at all times.

She got in the car, and it was 6:00 pm when she arrived at set. There was not enough time to eat dinner, and the Director asked her to prepare for a few pressing scenes.

Filming didn’t wrap up until 8:00 pm. Su Shen was so exhausted that her muscles ached. After returning to the hotel, she took a shower and was about to go to bed when she found that Xie Yan had suddenly posted a post on Weibo.

The kind of place where there was not even a signal to make a call, how on earth did he get internet access. He took a picture of a takeout box, which was full of pickles and veggies, with the meat all to the one side. He sat on a pile of rocks, with the sun shining down on him brightly, causing his hand that was holding chopsticks to be seen only. 

The photo looked very depressing, causing fans to be distressed. Li Hao, on the other hand, replied with a photo of him eating barbecue, seemingly taking revenge on him for posting his dinner on the Laba Festival.

Netizen A: AHAHA, Li Hao’s too wicked. Feeling sorry for our Yan ge [kiss]

Netizen B: OMG! You deserve it. [smiley face]

Netizen C: It turns out that hubby doesn’t like meat. [joy]

Netizen D: I really want to cry. How can they film with this kind of food? It will cause malnutrition. [pitiful]

Netizen E: Is it just me who noticed that Xie Yan got tanner again? [joy]


Netizen G: Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. Who told you to show off your dinner, and now you’re showing shit. [joy]

When Su Shen saw the photo that Li Hao posted, she really wanted to laugh. It was true that he had gone out to drink with several men from the crew just now, but he unexpectedly had the time to provoke Xie Yan. However, Xie Yan’s life indeed looked pretty miserable.

Moreover,  he got tanner again.

Curling up in the blanket, Su Shen wanted to call Xie Yan, but there was still no signal over there. She could only send him a message, telling him to eat well.

But in less than two days, He Hua suddenly paid a visit to her set.

“Well, look at it yourself!”

A flash drive was suddenly thrown onto the table. Su Shen glanced at Xiao Zhou, and the latter immediately brought a laptop over and exited the dressing room after.

When it was just the two of them in the dressing room, Su Shen inserted the flash drive into the laptop and looked up at him, “Why did you come back so soon? How’s Xie Yan?”

He Hua leaned against the sofa, and it was distinct that he got a shade tanner. When he heard that, he chuckled, “If I don’t come back, you’ll be in trouble.”

Hearing what he meant, Su Shen didn’t ask more. When she saw the video on the flash drive, her complexion changed.

“That paparazzi have been following Jiang Yin for more than half a year. Who knew they would follow to your doorsteps? If I hadn’t stopped them in a hurry after getting wind of the news, you would’ve been dead!” He Hua lit a cigarette and took a deep breath. He then slowly exhaled a smoke ring, “Luckily, I’m familiar with the CEO of that studio. But, this was not free. They said that they want first-hand exclusive information when Xie Yan goes public with his relationship with you.”

Looking at the familiar scene, she could see that it was taken at the corner of the hallway. It was so far away that she couldn’t see it from her door. Unexpectedly, they were photographed.

Closing the laptop, she leaned against the sofa and took a sip of hot water, and said unhurriedly, “Thank you.”

He Hua had indeed helped her a lot.

“You just need to be more careful in the future. I’m supporting you as if you’re an artist of ours now. As you can see, if it was Starling Entertainment, they wouldn’t have done anything! He Hua leaned against the sofa and went about peddling the idea again.

With an insipid laugh, Su Shen glanced at him, “How’s Xie Yan?”

Seeing that she changed the topic, He Hua didn’t continue to pursue the matter. Instead, he frowned and inhaled a smoke, “I’m going to Africa on the second day of the Lunar New Year again. You can go with me.”

“He’s learning skydiving right now. He’s jumping from thirty meters high. He didn’t listen to me and even urged me to go. When I arrived, I saw that his arm was dislocated. Next time, his leg might be broken.” He slowly exhaled a ring of smoke, his tone full of helplessness.

Hearing this, Su Shen immediately frowned and her expression became all the more serious, “Okay, I’ll ask for two days off from the director around that time.”

This man was too reckless. He promised her to use a body double yet he did such a dangerous thing. What if something happened?

At that, He Hua couldn’t help but glance at her. He suddenly got up and smiled meaningfully, “Well, don’t tell him yet. We’ll give him a surprise then.”

Su Shen: “……”

After He Hua left, she put away the flash drive and informed Liu jie about this matter.

Liu jie only told her to be more careful and had no objection to her going to Africa. She just asked her to come back earlier and not delay too much of the filming. After all, she had to join another set afterward.

Naturally, Su Shen knew what she should do. She just wanted to take a look at him.

Filming went pretty smoothly the next few days, and it snowed heavily in the city. The movie finally aired on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

That day, Su Shen asked for leave and went home. It was just her parents at home, so it was impossible for her not to come back.

The snow was swirling outside, but it was warm as spring inside the house. There were twelve dishes on the long dinner table, including chicken, duck, fish, and all sorts of meat. Sitting at the table, Su Shen only dared to scoop half a bowl of rice.

“You’re already so skinny, yet you’re still dieting. Do you want to be skinny like a stick?” Mama Su glanced at her from the corner of her eye, frightening Su Shen to immediately fill her bowl with another scoop of rice.

“I remember you said that you have a movie to be released today?” Papa Su took a sip of wine and glanced at her.

Su Shen picked up some veggies into her bowl and nodded casually when she heard that, “Oh, nothing to see.”

It had only been aired for an hour, so the results hadn’t come out yet. If her parents saw her kiss scene with Xie Yan, they might make her retire from the entertainment industry.

“Look at what you’re busy with every day. You’re 25 already. When I was 25, I gave birth to your sis already!” Mama Su picked up a dish and glared at her with discontentment.

Looking down, Su Shen didn’t dare make a sound and just focused on eating.

Speaking of this, Papa Su put down his glass and looked at her seriously, “Your mom is right. I’m getting old, and this company still has to be inherited by you in the future. You can enter the entertainment industry for fun, but you still have to come back to inherit the company.”

“That’s right. The company belongs to you and your sister. You’d better retire from the entertainment industry as soon as possible and come back to learn how to run a company from your sister.” Mama Su said gravely.

Taking a deep breath, Su Shen was just about to say something when her phone suddenly rang. But just now, she had placed her phone on the wine cabinet as she was helping her dad take out a bottle of wine. Seeing this, Mama Su frowned and took her phone from the wine cabinet.

“Don’t tell me you have to attend an event on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Else, don’t ever come back!” Mama Su said very unhappily. She brought the phone closer as she saw something, “Xie Yan?”

After saying that, she turned to look at Su Shen and asked suspiciously, “A man?”

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