This part of the beach had been reserved by the production team, and there were only a few people left after the site was cleared. After everyone gathered, it was obvious that Yang Zhi and Mu Yao didn’t want to stand together with Ma Li, which would highlight their inferior figure. However, Yang Zhi and Mu Yao didn’t get along with each other, yet they both wanted to stand at the center, so Ma Zhiqun was sandwiched between the two of them.

Just getting into position was a bloody storm. Ten people walked back and forth for more than five minutes before they finally confirmed their position. 

Su Shen wanted to stand with Zhang Jing, but she didn’t know when Jiang Yin came over. She had no choice but to run to the edge and stand with Song Yan.

The Director was probably used to these kinds of schemes between artists, so after the positioning was finally settled, he then asked for the cameras to be adjusted to position.

Director: “Okay, let’s welcome the new guests first.”

At that, Su Shen and the rest of the fixed members clapped their hands, all in a polite manner.

Director: “Today, your mission is to divide into two people per team, and each team would win clues through competitions to find the King of Coconuts on this island. The team that finds the King of Coconuts would be the final victor.”   

At that, the group of people began to discuss spiritedly again, especially Mu Yao and Yang Zhi. The two of them wanted to talk with Ma Zhiqun to steal the limelight, but Ma Zhiqun, who was standing at the center, didn’t want to offend anyone and swiftly talked with the Director.

Director: “We will divide into teams through girls choosing to team with a guy or not. Now, separate into boys and girls.”

At that, everyone, including Su Shen, didn’t expect that the production team would ask them to form teams like this. Wasn’t it arranged beforehand by the production team?

Despite this, everyone split apart into two groups and stood next to another. Yang Zhi didn’t want to stand next to Mu Yao, so Zhang Jing was sandwiched by the two of them, while Su Shen stood next to Ma Li. It had to be said that Ma Li’s figure was too superb, but Su Shen wasn’t afraid, because she was fairer than everyone!

Director: “Ma Li, step forward. Boys who want to team up with her can also step forward.”

At that, the boys on the other side looked at each other at a loss. After hesitating for a while, Jin Qingzhou, Ma Zhiqun, and Wang Cheng stepped forward.

“Actually, I really wanted to step forward, but Ma Li’s too tall! I can’t stand next to her!” Song Yan even stood on tiptoe to compare his height with that of Ma Li’s.

Everyone else couldn’t help refrain from laughing. Ma Zhiqun even extended his leg out, “I was very smart to put insoles into my shoe today.”

“AHAHAHA!” Seeing him make fun of himself, everyone else couldn’t help laughing.

Director: “Take off your shoes later.”

Ma Zhiqun: “……”

Everyone else laughed even louder, and so did Su Shen. Just at this moment, the Director urged Ma Li to select someone again.

It was super windy at the beach, blowing her hair to fly in the air. With a flick of her hand, she walked straight to Wang Cheng without hesitation.

Su Shen knew that Wang Cheng wanted to slap Yang Zhi in the face first.

“Why did you choose Wang Cheng?” Ma Zhiqun suddenly turned around and asked. It was a habit of being a host.

Ma Li looked at Wang Cheng insipidly upon hearing that and suddenly smiled, “He’s handsome.”

Hearing this, Wang Cheng seemed to be a little embarrassed and turned his head to the side because Ma Li’s figure was indeed too superb and too hot.

“So you mean Qing Zhou and I are ugly then?” Ma Zhiqun pretended to be angry and stood back into position.

“No, you guys are especially ugly!” Song Yan suddenly added oil to the fire!


The production team also laughed. Ma Zhiqun acted as if he was going to beat up Song Yan, and after fighting with each other for a while, they stood back into position.

Director: “Okay, please step forward, Su Shen. Anyone who wants to team up with her can step forward.”

As soon as Su Shen took a step forward, the remaining four boys stepped forward in unison, and the camera was immediately aimed straight at them. Su Shen had a pretty good relationship with all of them, so it was not a big deal to team up with them.

“Oh~ Su Shen, who do you choose?” Zhang Jing kicked up a fuss.

Only Yang Zhi and Mu Yao looked at this scene expressionlessly, as if they didn’t care at all.

After pondering for a while, Su Shen walked toward Song Yan when everyone thought that she would go to Jiang Yin.

Song Yan was also puzzled. After all, he was not the most popular one. However, Ma Zhiqun, who was next to him, immediately added oil to the fire, “I got it. Su Shen must’ve wanted to choose the ugliest one out. What a good person!”

“Of course not. Su Shen obviously must’ve been charmed by my looks.” With a snort, Song Yan walked to the side with Su Shen.

While everyone was laughing and joking, only Jiang Yin looked at Su Shen subtly, as if he didn’t understand why she chose Song Yan. 

Simple. Since Song Yan had a girlfriend, he wouldn’t cause a scandal. Moreover, he was close with Su Shen, so there would be a tacit understanding between them when competing in games.

The following pairings were also beyond everyone’s expectations. Zheng Luo and Mu Yao, Jin Qingzhou and Yang Zhi, Jiang Yin and Zhang Jing, leaving Ma Zhiqun as the referee. 

This time, no CPs were paired up, with Zheng Luo and Mu Yao having a hint of a ship. The production team would surely cut their scenes and paint it pink during post-production.

Director: “Okay, now that the teams are formed, the first game would have the ladies ashore and the guys into the water. By answering questions, the team that gets it correct can swim forward for ten seconds. The team that gets the swimming ring in the middle of the water first will win this round’s game.” 

After saying that, the staff moved a few desks over, with a marker and whiteboard. Su Shen and the rest quickly found their seats and sat down.

The sea breeze stung quite a bit. It was the feeling of fine sand on the body. After adjusting the cameras, the guys stood by the sea, with a red line blocking them. 

Ma Zhiqun held the script card and quickly found the camera: “In ancient times, what were the three obediences and four virtues for women?”

This was simply a free point question. Without a thought, Su Shen quickly wrote something down on the whiteboard. When she raised her whiteboard, the other girls still didn’t even know what to write.

“Su Shen’s so fast!” Ma Zhiqun went to take a closer look, “Obedience to her father before marriage, obedience to her husband after marriage, obedience to her son in widowhood; the four virtues: fidelity, propriety in speech, modest in appearance, and skilled in needlework. Congrats, it’s completely right! Song Yan, you can rush forward for ten seconds!” 

At that, Song Yan immediately ran past the red line into the water, while the others were still puzzled.

“Su Shen, you must’ve been the representative of history class, right?” Zhang Jing couldn’t help from shouting.

Su Shen laughed, “My maternal grandfather was a history professor.”

“No wonder you can play the guzheng and the bamboo flute. Your grandfather must’ve wanted to nurture you into a lady!” Zhang Jing said admiringly. 

Mu Yao and Yang Zhi didn’t say anything. In a sense, they have had conflicts with Su Shen. Su Shen also knew that when she was being maliciously attacked, Mu Yao and Yang Zhi’s managers had definitely been involved. Ultimately, grudges have been made.

After ten seconds, Song Yan stopped, but he was still far from the swimming ring.

Seeing this, Ma Zhiqun continued, “The second question, who won the 36th Golden Flower Best Actress award?”

At that, Su Shen pondered for a bit, but she really didn’t know. Who would remember the number, most would only remember the year. But this time, Zhang Jing answered it correctly.

With a look, it could be seen that she guessed it. Contrarily, Yang Zhi and Mu Yao were not quite outstanding. Yang Zhi would still keep a smile on her face, but Mu Yao was expressionless.

The following questions, Su Shen answered a few correctly. But, Zhang Jing was also amazing. In the end, Zhang Jing’s team won and got a clue.

In the next few rounds, Su Shen won a clue as well as Yang Zhi. Mu Yao and Ma Li got nothing though.

When they set out to look for the King of Coconuts, Su Shen’s clue was the Yunqi Study. However, Jiang Yin and Zhang Jing kept following her, so she had no choice but to let her do as such.

With cameramen and several bodyguards following them, Su Shen and Song Yan asked people along the way and finally found the Yunqi Study.

“Hi, everyone.”

An old man in a Tang suit walked out of the study; he looked very kind. The study was filled with the scent of ink. Su Shen and the rest greeted him politely.

“Wow, Grandpa, is this your calligraphy?” Zhang Jing walked inside and was surprised to see Chinese scripts hanging on the wall.

The cameramen, who were following them, aimed the camera at the calligraphy on the wall. The old man took out a piece of paper with a smile and handed it to Song Yan, “This is a clue.”

There was a lot of calligraphy hanging in the study, and the Four Treasures of the Study* was even on the desk. There was a sense of classical heritage all around. It was hard to imagine that there would be such a place on such a small island. 

Four Treasures of the Study – an expression to denote the brush, ink, paper, and ink stone used in Chinese and other East Asian calligraphic traditions

“Su Shen, since your grandfather nurtured you to be a lady, had he nurtured you in these things?” Zhang Jing asked casually.

At that, Su Shen smiled. She came to the desk and looked at the old man, “Can I use these?”

She was referring to the Four Treasures of the Study. The old man naturally nodded. This was all set up by the production team, else they wouldn’t give such a clue to Su Shen.

Seeing that she really knew how to do calligraphy, everyone else all came over. They saw Su Shen pick up a brush, dipped some ink in it, and then placed it down on the writing paper. Following her stroke and writing style, a trace of surprise flashed through the old man’s eyes. He immediately took another look at Su Shen. He had thought that these kinds of girls only knew a little bit, but he did not expect her to have such a deep foundation.

Naturally, laymen would not be able to perceive this. But, Su Shen’s handwriting was indeed pretty. She was wearing a blue dress, her skin fair, and was leaning forward slightly. The expression on her exquisite face was of indifference. At this moment, the temperament that she gave to people was indescribable. Jiang Yin stared at her fixedly, regardless of the camera at the side.

As soon as she finished her last stroke, Song Yan exclaimed, “OMG! Su Shen, you’re too amazing!”

“You’re too amazing!” Zhang Jing said admiringly. She knew that it would take many years to learn this type of thing and to be at this level.

Su Shen wrote her own name on the paper and then also wrote Zhang Jing’s name on the paper upon hearing her words. The old man seemed to have wanted to chat with her a little bit more, but there was not much time left. They had to leave first, and they went to find the King of Coconuts according to the clue from the old man.

After searching for the longest time, they were beaten there first by Wang Cheng’s team. Thus, today’s victory went to Wang Cheng’s team. 

Although it was just a game, who didn’t want to win. However, no one showed any discontentment. It was already dark after the end of the show. Su Shen was packing up and preparing to go back to set early tomorrow morning.

It was just that in the middle of the night, there was suddenly a knock on the door.

She thought it was Xiao Zhou, but when she opened the door and saw the person outside, she couldn’t help but frown, “Do you need something?”

Jiang Yin was wearing an all black attire standing in front of her door with no cap on. A smile appeared on his face when he saw her and he said, “Would you like to go out for a late-night supper?”

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