A Set of Jewellery

“Are you going to the library tonight?” Cheng Hui asked.

Wen Le glanced at the time and shook her head, “No, I have to find the male host to go through the script. Did you forget, I have a rehearsal tomorrow afternoon?”

 “Ah, that’s right, the day after tomorrow is the opening ceremony for freshmen to start school,” Man Qingxuan propped her chin and said while fiddling with her mobile phone: 

“Other dormitories have been preparing programs these days, is it just our dormitory that isn’t doing anything?”

Bao Xiaofan took a sip of yoghurt and said, “There is a host in our dormitory, how’s that doing nothing?”

Man Qingxuan replied, “But several people went to find the instructor a few days ago for that host position.”

Cheng Hui said, “It’s not enough to make trouble on the Internet, they still want to go to the teacher to make trouble?”

“The instructor didn’t agree, so they went to the head of the department. The head of the department said that this was the decision of the board, and they were so angry that they yelled on the Internet again,” Man Qingxuan added. 

“This matter is not over yet. I can even think of how they will be gossiping about Wen Le after she finishes hosting.”

Wen Le was packing her things in her bag and smiled when she heard the words, “I expected this a long time ago. If they want to talk, just let them talk. Anyway, I managed to get this opportunity, letting them say a few words wouldn’t cost me anything.”

“That’s right, just let them talk.”

Bao Xiaofan was curious and said, “Oh, who is the male host? Was it also decided by the instructor?”

Wen Le said, “The male host is Li Xuyang from the third class. I don’t know exactly how he was selected.”

“I know that Li something guy, Li Xuyang, is quite handsome, but,” Man Qingxuan smacked her lips and said, “if he was just a little taller, he would be great.”

Bao Xiaofan sneered softly, “Every time I see him, I always feel he looks like a chicken with feathers sticking out unevenly everywhere.”

 “Hahahaha, what kind of a description is this, a chicken with feathers sticking out unevenly everywhere?” Cheng Hui smiled.

“That’s right, he looks just like that, his neck looks like that,” Bao Xiaofan said, then stretched her neck out like a chicken.

Man Qingxuan became angry, “What the hell, now I can’t even look him in the eye after this. You’re so annoying, ruining another handsome guy! I hate you!”

There was another burst of laughter in the dormitory.

Seeing that Wen Le was almost finished packing up, Cheng Hui asked, “What time will you be back? Better bring along the dormitory key.”

“Around 8 pm. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would’ve forgotten,” Wen Le took out the keys from the drawer and heard a crisp clattering sound.

Man Qingxuan said casually, “Wen Le, why do you have a pile of keys, like a property rental lady.”

As she said this, she laughed.

Wen Le also laughed, glanced at her keys, as if she herself too didn’t understand, and said, “Yeah, it is pretty heavy.”

After listening to her roommates, Wen Le also became quite curious about what the male host looked like.

When she saw the person in real life, Wen Le knew why Bao Xiaofan had described him that way.

Li Xuyang looked handsome and fair, had a thin figure, and was not very tall. But he should have also been about 175 cm. At a glance, it could be seen that this was a boy who was from a good background. He was also probably a boy who had been loved and cared for very much by his family. His slender chin was slightly raised, and his body was full of almost childish pride, but it also slightly resembled a chick with yellow fluff with its neck stretched out.

The first time Wen Le saw the boy, she almost laughed out loud when she thought of Bao Xiaofan’s description. It was so hard to hold back the laughter to maintain her image, but she also couldn’t help but think of Zhou Kao.

Wen Le felt a little strange. He was obviously a person of the same age, and Zhou Kao had a maturity in his eyes that made it easy to ignore his age, yet the person in front of her seemed to be a somewhat naive younger brother.


When the roommates returned to the dormitory in the evening, Wen Le had finished washing up and was lying on the bed reading a book.

There was excitement in their eyes, and as soon as they closed the dormitory door, they began to scream, “Ah ah Le Le! Guess who we saw in the library?”

Wen Le turned her gaze from the book to Man Qingxuan’s face, “Who?”

Man Qingxuan said, “Zhou Kao!”

Wen Le’s eyebrows jumped inexplicably, “So what?”

Bao Xiaofan was excited: “The fuck! He is really handsome! Super super super super handsome!”

Man Qingxuan said, “You absolutely don’t know what happened!”

“The department belle and her classmates from the Department of Foreign Languages next door were also taking self-study classes in the library, and they also saw Zhou Kao. So she let her classmates go up to him and ask for his WeChat ID.”

Man Qingxuan and Bao Xiaofan both took on roles, one pretending to be Zhou Kao and the other pretending to be the department belle.

Man Qingxuan pointed to Cheng Hui in the distance and said, “Hey handsome, can I help my classmates get a WeChat…”

Bao Xiaofan worked hard to imitate the appearance of Zhou Kao, and when Man Qingxuan said the word WeChat, she put up her index finger to her lips.

Man Qingxuan pretended to be stunned, staring at Bao Xiaofan frantically, as if she had forgotten what to say, while Bao Xiaofan turned and left with a cold face.

After acting to this point, the two of them began to scream frantically again, “Ah ah ah! I’m going to die!”

“He just put his fingers on his lips like this, fuck me, it’s so sexy!”

Cheng Hui also sighed, “This man is simply amazing.”

Man Qingxuan followed suit, “Absolutely.”

Bao Xiaofan, “Absolutely.”

Man Qingxuan said with great fighting spirit, “Wen Le! Take him down!”

Cheng Hui also encouraged, “Yes! With your beauty, go up and seduce him! Let him kneel down before you and conquer him! You must not go easy on the other vixens!”

Wen Le seemed to have thought of something, so she cursed the dog man in his heart, and slowly turned her back to her roommate, “Ugly rejection.”

“Such disappointing ladies!”

There were no classes in the seventh or eighth periods in the afternoon the next day. Wen Le took Cheng Hui to find the address sent by xuejie to rent the dress to host the event.

But judging from the name, the rental dress shop definitely was not as dilapidated and deserted as it looked.

Wen Le and Cheng Hui stood downstairs of the shop, looking at the dilapidated building, speechless. 

After a long time, Cheng Hui said, “Le Le, are you sure this is the place?”

Wen Le nodded mechanically and said, “According to the address given by xuejie, it’s right here.”

Cheng Hui took a deep breath and said, “This place can probably be used to make horror movies at night. Luckily you didn’t come by yourself!”

Wen Le took Cheng Hui’s hand, “Let’s go, warrior.”

The two of them followed the peeling cement steps to the second floor, walked through the door, and couldn’t help but sigh. This storefront really matched its exterior appearance.

The small storefront was full of clothes hangers, all of which were all kinds of unsophisticated and vulgar dresses.

Wen Le and Cheng Hui looked through the dresses, and the more they looked, the more resigned they felt.

It was really ugly.

In the end, the two picked three out of the hundreds of dresses that could still be considered as acceptable.

A well-behaved black hip-wrapped dress, a blue slim-fit dress decorated with a melee of diamonds, and finally a formal dress with a big pink silk skirt.

Cheng Hui said, “You wear all these three pieces very well. Which one do you want?”

Wen Le looked at these three dresses, and for some reason, Aunt Yu’s words sounded in her mind. At that time, when she mentioned to Aunt Yu that she was going to host the freshman opening event, Aunt Yu said, “Le Le has fair skin and looks best in light-coloured dresses. Be it white or pink, they all look good.”

Wen Le casually pointed to the long pink dress and said, “Just this one then.”

Wen Le went to pay, the boss opened a cheque. Cheng Hui took it over and had a closer look. 120 dollars, you really do pay for what you get.

When the two of them took the subway back to school, they were planning what to eat for dinner on the way, but Wen Le received a call at this time.

Wen Le saw that it was dad.

TN: Ooooo Wen Le’s father finally makes an appearance!

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