Please, Kiss Cry Me

Just at this incredibly awkward moment, a loud and impatient voice came from behind, “First place! Where’s the first-place winner? Come out before the results are invalidated!”

Wen Le jolted, realising it was the referee tallying the results. She felt like she had been granted a reprieve, and the previously grating and impatient voice now seemed like music to her ears.

Wen Le quickly squeezed out from the group of people and said, “Hey, teacher, first place is right here.”


“Wen Le! Number 0357.”

Wen Le’s figure was soon swallowed by the other athletes who were reporting their results.

Cheng Hui, unsure of what to do, looked around, then hugged Wen Le’s clothes and followed after her. The people at the scene exchanged glances before turning and leaving.

Xu Tian Hao looked in the direction Wen Le had left, lowered his gaze to the opened bottle of water in his hand, chuckled, took a sip, and then tossed the remaining half of the bottle into the trash can.

Zhou Kao, on the other hand, continued to stand there with a dark expression.

After reporting her results, Wen Le checked her surroundings and confirmed that the awkward group of five had disappeared. She finally let out a sigh of relief. However, her shoulder was tapped, startling her.

She turned around to see Cheng Hui looking at her with a sly smile and said, “I’ve broadened my horizons today. I actually witnessed the legendary Shura field*.”

Wen Le patted her chest, still looking a bit shaken. “You scared me! And now you’re still laughing at me. That was just too awkward.”

Cheng Hui, however, said, “I don’t know why, but I feel all fired up, even a bit excited.”

Wen Le covered her ears. “I don’t want to hear you talk. You’re not being fair. You didn’t help me earlier.”

Cheng Hui couldn’t believe it. “How could I possibly help you? I wanted to see how those five guys were going to use their charms to win your attention. Don’t you think it’s like a male version of a palace struggle? Five male consorts vying for favour?”

Cheng Hui was still lost in her imagination, laughing in an oddly shriveled manner. “Hahaha, but just now, it seemed like that guy from the Xu department outperformed the rest, followed by the freshman. Oh, oh, that shy expression, ‘Senior, do you need a wet tissue?‘ Oh my, oh my, I just can’t!”

Wen Le turned to look at Cheng Hui, raising an eyebrow significantly. “Oh, so you like younger guys?”

Cheng Hui shook her head as she touched her chin. “I’m not into marriage. Just appreciating, okay? Pure appreciation!”

Wen Le suddenly glanced at the bracelet on Cheng Hui’s wrist, squinted her eyes, and smirked. “You’re really not getting married? I had plans to give you a gold necklace as a wedding gift when you got married, one with a large ruby in the shape of a pigeon egg.”

Cheng Hui widened her eyes. “What? Get married! Why not? I like shotgun weddings! We can have one right now!”

“But I know you’re against marriage,” Wen Le sighed as if she hadn’t heard, patted Cheng Hui’s shoulder, and looked very understanding. “As a good sister, I will support all your decisions, don’t worry.”

After saying that, Wen Le walked away with a smile. Cheng Hui quickly caught up, “Ah! Come back! I was lying! I swear… I’m really not against marriage. Sob…”

The two of them chatted and laughed as they walked out of the crowded area. In the distance, they saw Zhou Kao standing in place.

Wen Le was taken aback and felt a bit nervous and guilty. Cheng Hui, on the other hand, gave a knowing smile and whispered in Wen Le’s ear, “Don’t forget what I told you: there’s no jealousy that a kiss can’t solve. Well, maybe two kisses. Get a bit wild.”

With that, she pushed Wen Le in Zhou Kao’s direction. Wen Le took a few steps forward but could still hear Cheng Hui’s voice behind her, sounding timid, “I’m rooting for you yea~”

Wen Le: …

Yea right….Is she really that nervous?

Approaching Zhou Kao, Wen Le noticed that he was looking down at his phone and didn’t seem to have noticed her approaching. She didn’t know what to say, so she lightly coughed awkwardly to get his attention. However, Zhou Kao remained focused on his phone.

So, Wen Le softly asked, “What are you looking at? Is it as good-looking as me?”

Zhou Kao lifted his head slightly and replied, “I’m looking at you.”

Wen Le was taken aback, “Huh?”

Zhou Kao turned his phone screen toward Wen Le and said with a stern face, “I’m reading comments from internet users praising my girlfriend’s beautiful legs.”

Sure enough, on the school’s forum, there was a picture of Wen Le stretching her legs, followed by a two-page-long thread of comments.

1st comment: Wow, those legs! Incredible, is this…wl?

2nd comment: damnnnn

3rd comment: if elder sis can do it, then I can too

Wen Le felt a bit embarrassed and whispered, “…Why are even girls…”

Zhou Kao’s face darkened even further upon hearing this. He spoke in a low voice, “So, do you want guys commenting too?”

Wen Le hurriedly shook her head, “No, no.”

She had thought that girls didn’t like her…

Wen Le felt a bit overwhelmed and leaned in closer, asking softly, “Are you angry?”

Zhou Kao turned his head and saw that more and more people were starting to notice them. One was the newly crowned campus heartthrob, and the other was the popular campus goddess. Just the two of them standing together was enough to draw everyone’s attention.

Zhou Kao frowned and said, “There are too many people here. Let’s go somewhere else.”

He then lifted his foot and walked away.

Wen Le glanced around and indeed saw many curious eyes on them. She quickly followed Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao led Wen Le out of the small gate of the sports field, taking a detour to the quieter parking lot at the back. Compared to the lively sports field, the parking lot was relatively calm. 

With no one around, they didn’t need to worry about many things.

Wen Le approached Zhou Kao, reaching out and tugging on the hem of his black T-shirt, speaking softly, “Are you still angry?”

Zhou Kao kept a stern face and squinted at her, “Why would I be angry?”

Wen Le nodded in response and said, “Exactly, why would you be angry? I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Hearing her words, Zhou Kao felt a lump in his chest. His emotions were in turmoil, and his handsome face grew colder.

Seeing his reaction, Wen Le realized she shouldn’t tease him too much, or it might not be easy to placate him.

Wen Le smiled and took two steps forward. She slid her hands under Zhou Kao’s arm and hugged him tightly, pressing her whole body against his.

Zhou Kao felt a light and delicate fragrance enveloping him, and his chest warmed as Wen Le embraced him. Her warmth and softness melted even the coldest of hearts.

Perhaps Zhou Kao himself didn’t realize that his expression had softened noticeably, but he continued to resist making any moves.

Wen Le nuzzled her cheek against Zhou Kao’s broad chest. His light cologne mixed with his warmth and her voice sounded soft and gentle as she leaned closer to his ear and whispered, “Are you jealous?”

A sly glint passed through her eyes, and she gently blew a breath near Zhou Kao’s ear.

Zhou Kao’s body visibly stiffened.

Wen Le grinned and continued, “You’re not allowed to be jealous.”

“If you dare to be jealous! I’ll…” Wen Le didn’t finish her sentence.

Zhou Kao coldly inquired, “Oh, what will you do?”

Wen Le released Zhou Kao and looked up, determined. She had to show more determination, as Cheng Hui had advised. She appeared fierce and said, “I’ll kiss you until you cry.”

Zhou Kao remained silent for a moment. Then he coughed softly and averted his gaze slightly. With a somewhat hoarse voice, he admitted, “I am jealous.”

Wen Le frowned. “But didn’t I say you’re not allowed to…”

She was interrupted by Zhou Kao, who added, “So, what are you going to do about it?”

Wen Le choked on her words. Zhou Kao continued, “Don’t just make bold threats; you should follow through on them.”

“Come on.”

Wen Le cleared her throat, feeling that she couldn’t back down now. 

Zhou Kao challenged her with a teasing tone, “What, are you too afraid?”

Wen Le responded, “I’m not afraid, alright?”

She looked around and continued, “I…it’s not about being afraid; it’s just not appropriate to do it in broad daylight…”

Zhou Kao reached into his pocket, took out the car keys, and pressed a button. A car could be heard unlocking from behind.

Wen Le was initially puzzled because she couldn’t see a car nearby but heard it beep. Then she noticed the emblem on Zhou Kao’s key, and it clicked on her. She raised her eyebrows and stretched her neck, looking in the direction of the sound. She realised that, in the area that seemed empty of vehicles, there was a sleek black sports car parked.

Its low height had made the other cars block it from sight easily, so if she hadn’t stretched her neck out to search for it, she wouldn’t have spotted it. 

Zhou Kao said, “If you think it’s not appropriate in broad daylight, we can go inside.”

Wen Le was still staring at the eye-catching sports car. “What about your Passat?”

Zhou Kao replied, “It’s out of gas.”

Wen Le, momentarily speechless, said, “Then get some gas!”

Zhou Kao didn’t fall for it. “Don’t change the subject. Do you have the guts or not?”

Wen Le began to feel a little anxious. She had kissed someone before, and she wasn’t embarrassed to initiate a kiss, but Zhou Kao’s playful roguish behaviour, paired with her earlier bravado about “kissing until you cry,” had turned her confidence into a strange feeling of embarrassment.

Wen Le’s toes even curled up in embarrassment, and she racked her brains trying to change the topic. 

She scolded Zhou Kao silently, This guy is just too provocative.

Zhou Kao refused to give in and urged her again, “Hurry up, please kiss me to tears right now.”

Wen Le, now feeling flustered till her face had turned red, searched frantically for excuses. “I think we should just forget about it, crying isn’t a very manly trait, I don’t really like that.”

Zhou Kao chuckled lightly, and that smile intoxicated Wen Le. Zhou Kao lowered his voice in a tone that was almost like coquetry, using words filled with sensuality. He said, “I can let you kiss me to the point of tears and still maintain my manly composure. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.”

Saying this, Zhou Kao grabbed Wen Le’s hand and pressed it against his abdomen.

Wen Le’s eyes slightly widened, and her eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings. 

She felt the sensation of that thin layer of black fabric under her touch and couldn’t help but swallow nervously.

After a moment, Wen Le cleared her throat and turned her head away. She continued to speak, “We’re in public right now, what kind of behaviour are you doing?”

As she spoke, she traced along his shirt, sensually exploring Zhou Kao’s abdominal muscles, and even gave them a little pinch.

Zhou Kao let out a light laugh and pulled Wen Le’s hand, suggesting that it should go beneath his shirt.

Wen Le held her breath, her senses fully focused on that hand. She seemed slightly startled, and her fingers twitched for a moment, but then they relaxed again. It was almost as if it was an unconscious reaction. However, when her fingers spread again, they seemed to be even closer to Zhou Kao’s skin under the fabric.

Zhou Kao, who seemed unaware of Wen Le’s subtle movements, lowered his head slightly and almost in a whisper, asked, “So, you’re all talk and no work?”

Wen Le’s face reddened as she said, “Do you think I dare not?”

With that, she squinted her eyes and pushed Zhou Kao onto the car behind him, moving closer, while Zhou Kao looked at her with a darkening gaze and burning eyes.

Wen Le grabbed Zhou Kao’s clothes and lowered her head as she approached him, her eyes filled with seduction.

Zhou Kao’s breathing gradually became heavy. However, amidst the confusion and infatuation, he suddenly felt a chill followed by a sharp pain in his abdomen.

Lowering his head, he saw that Wen Le had grabbed the hem of his clothes and lifted it, while her fair fingers had harshly pinched his abdominal muscles. She even said with disdain, “Don’t be a rogue.”

After uttering these words, she turned and walked away.

Zhou Kao: …

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