My Girlfriend

Wen Le looked at the address on the takeout receipt and found it somewhat familiar but didn’t dwell on it. She proceeded to open the packaging.

It was once again the dessert and milk tea from the same brand that Zhou Kao had bought for her last time. Wen Le glanced at the selection and saw several dimsums*, but there was only one cup of milk tea. She couldn’t help but give Zhou Kao a questioning look.

Zhou Kao understood and said, “These are snacks for you. When everyone is here, I’ll have to go for a meeting. Will you wait here for me?”

Wen Le chuckled and said, “Are you trying to pamper me like a child?”

Zhou Kao gently patted Wen Le’s head.

Wen Le moved away from his touch, gave Zhou Kao an annoyed look, and warned, “Don’t mess up my hair.”

Zhou Kao chuckled softly and moved closer to Wen Le, his gaze filled with affection. It made her blush and her heart race as if even the air around them had become sticky with sweetness.

Wen Le felt embarrassed being in Zhou Kao’s office under these circumstances. She was afraid that at any moment, Zhou Kao might try to kiss her. She quickly diverted her attention to the dimsums to avoid his gaze.

She found a strawberry daifuku that she liked among them. Wen Le immediately disregarded Zhou Kao’s sticky gaze, picked up an individually wrapped daifuku from the beautifully packaged box, and took a bite.

It was sweet but not cloying, and its rich and dense texture made Wen Le close her eyes in happiness.

Zhou Kao, seeing Wen Le’s adorable expression, couldn’t help but feel a surge of affection. His eyes darkened slightly, and he leaned in as if he was going to kiss her.

Wen Le got a shock – they were in the office!

Feeling flustered, she took the half-eaten strawberry daifuku in her hand and directly stuffed it into Zhou Kao’s mouth.

Zhou Kao was momentarily stunned, then a smile crossed his lips. His gaze remained on Wen Le as he slowly swallowed the half-eaten strawberry daifuku.

Wen Le recalled that it was a daifuku she had half-eaten. Her ears turned red, and she cleared her throat, pretending to be calm. Without looking at Zhou Kao, she reached for the nearby milk tea and took a few sips.

Zhou Kao knew that Wen Le was feeling embarrassed in his office and didn’t want to push further. He sat with her for a while, engaging in a conversation.

Wen Le noticed an economics book on Zhou Kao’s office desk. She picked it up, flipped through a few pages, and then placed it back.

“I noticed you were borrowing books related to economics from the library last time. Are you pursuing a second major?” Wen Le asked.

Zhou Kao replied, “I did consider it initially, but studying for a second major would increase my academic workload. I don’t have that much time. It’s better to learn from the company’s seniors while gaining practical experience. In practice, I find that this approach is more effective.”

Wen Le nodded and said, “That makes sense.”

They continued chatting for a while. Someone knocked on the door from outside, and a man in a white shirt entered the room.

“President Zhou…” The man paused when he saw the girl in Zhou Kao’s office, and his gaze showed a hint of amazement as he glanced at Wen Le’s face. However, he quickly regained his composure and said, “President Zhou, the meeting is in ten minutes.”

Zhou Kao nodded and said, “Got it.”

The man closed the door and left, but not before stealing another discreet glance at Wen Le. It wasn’t just curiosity about Wen Le’s identity; it was also because Wen Le was a rare beauty.

Wen Le sat on the sofa, and the sunlight behind her cast a golden hue on her hair, turning her light brown hair almost into a golden sheen. Her porcelain-like fair skin was adorned with distinct eyebrows, almond-shaped eyes that were both large and narrow, an elegant nose, and lips that were soft and rosy from the milk tea she had just sipped.

The extraordinary fusion of these perfect features and her charm created a stunning beauty. In her outfit – a white round-neck blouse paired with a vibrant red skirt – she appeared radiant and innocent, yet subtly alluring.

This sight was simply captivating, leaving people mesmerised.

The secretary, still dazed, walked out of the office, and a colleague from the marketing department, seeing the secretary’s absent-minded demeanour, gave him a friendly pat and asked, “What are you thinking?”

The secretary blinked and subconsciously looked back but only saw the closed office door.

He shook his head and replied, “Nothing, I’m going to prepare for the meeting.”

With that, he left, leaving his colleague somewhat puzzled. He looked at the secretary then took another look at Zhou Kao’s office. Did he get scolded by the boss?

He couldn’t figure out what was going on and scratched his head before taking the elevator to the sixteenth floor.

Zhou Kao pulled out a chair for Wen Le and asked her to sit down. He said, “I see you brought your laptop. If you’re more comfortable using a computer, you can sit here. I’ll be going for a meeting, and will be back soon.”

He added: “Usually they won’t come in when they know I’m in a meeting. But if someone does come in, you can just ignore them too.”

Wen Le nodded and said, “Okay, I got it. You can go.”

Zhou Kao leaned down and planted a kiss on Wen Le’s cheek.

Wen Le quickly pushed Zhou Kao away, covering her face, and scolded him, “Heyy, I have foundation on. Why are you so sticky!”

Zhou Kao laughed heartily at her reaction.

Wen Le grabbed Zhou Kao’s face and examined it closely, saying, “Let me check if there’s any foundation on your lips.”

While getting closer to Zhou Kao, she muttered under her breath, “I can’t afford to let this guy be humiliated…”

Zhou Kao’s heart was melting as he gazed at Wen Le with stars in his eyes.

He was about to indulge in another kiss when Wen Le pushed him away with a smack and said, “Hurry up and go, you’re annoying.”

Zhou Kao: …

This heartrending feeling is real.

About an hour later, the door to Zhou Kao’s office was forcefully pushed open, and a young man in a white t-shirt with a baby face peeked inside, his face beaming with a bright smile. “President Zhou…”

Then his gaze landed on Wen Le, who was sitting at the desk. The young man’s round bright eyes widened instantly, and a series of emotions, including astonishment, shock, and suspicion, flashed in his eyes. When Wen Le looked back at him, he apologised and then retreated from the room. He glanced at the door plate to confirm he was in the right place, and a look of self-doubt briefly crossed his face.

He hadn’t entered the wrong room.

Curiosity got the best of him, and he cautiously poked his head back inside.

Wen Le found the young man with a baby face amusing and was about to remind him that Zhou Kao was in a meeting when they heard a familiar voice from outside.

“I’m here.”

It was Zhou Kao’s voice.

The baby face quickly withdrew his head, but due to the initial shock, he didn’t close the door. Wen Le could vaguely hear their conversation from outside the office.

The young man’s voice was filled with astonishment.

“Wow! Boss, you have a beautiful lady in your office?”

Zhou Kao replied casually, “She’s my girlfriend.”

Wen Le blushed upon hearing Zhou Kao’s words and quickly shook her head, refocusing her attention on the laptop screen.

Shortly after, Zhou Kao returned to the office and told Wen Le that he had some business to attend to and would be back in about twenty minutes.

Wen Le nodded. She didn’t mind being alone in the office, as it provided a quiet environment for her to work on her assignments, similar to studying in a library or a self-study room.

After Zhou Kao left again, not long passed before there was another knock on the door. Wen Le paused her typing and said, “Come in.”

A young woman with shoulder-length hair entered. She appeared just slightly older than Wen Le, probably a recent graduate, and an employee at the company.

The woman carried a tray with disposable cups filled with various beverages such as fruit juice, water, and coffee. She smiled and said, “Would you like something to drink? How about coffee?”

Wen Le smiled and stood up, replying, “Thank you, just water is fine.”

The woman placed the water on the desk, sneaking several glances at Wen Le during the process. Without saying much, she smiled and left the room.

At first, Wen Le thought Zhou Kao had arranged for someone to provide her with drinks, thinking she might find the milk tea and dimsum too sweet. However, as more snacks and fruits arrived later on, Wen Le realised that the baby-faced man had probably said something.

It seemed like the entire company now knew that Zhou Kao had brought his girlfriend along.

Wen Le couldn’t help but bury her face in her hands, her face turning bright red. Even though… she felt quite embarrassed…

Twenty minutes later, Zhou Kao returned and saw the pile of snacks, fruits, and bottled drinks on Wen Le’s desk. He sighed and rubbed his forehead, saying, “I’m sorry, I forgot that Yufang has a big mouth.”

Wen Le guessed that Yufang was probably the young man with the baby face.

Wen Le was about to say, “It’s okay; they’re all very friendly,” but then Zhou Kao spoke up, “But you should just consider it an early adaptation. Once our schoolmates find out that we’re together, I bet we’ll be the centre of attention whenever we meet on campus.”

Wen Le’s words got stuck in her mouth, leaving her feeling frustrated, and she shot Zhou Kao an annoyed glance.

Zhou Kao chuckled softly, walked behind Wen Le, and leaned over, resting his chin on the tall backrest of the office chair. He softly reassured her, “Actually, they’re just a bit too curious. Everyone in the company now knows that I have a very good-natured beauty as my girlfriend, and they couldn’t resist coming to take a look.”

Wen Le blushed a little at Zhou Kao’s compliment and stopped glaring at him. Instead, she turned her attention back to the computer screen and waved her hand as if saying, “Go on, you can retreat. I’m busy.”

Zhou Kao chuckled and refused to leave. He continued teasing her, “What are you working on?”

Wen Le replied, “Microeconomics homework.”

Realising that she might be occupying his workspace, Wen Le asked, “Do you need the desk? I can make some space for you.”

Zhou Kao put his hand on Wen Le’s shoulder and said, “No need. You can sit here. I want you to keep me company.”

Wen Le smiled and said, “Okay.”

Zhou Kao brought over a chair and sat beside Wen Le. He used the desktop computer, while Wen Le sat in his office chair with her own laptop, focusing on her research.

Xun Fei, on the nineteenth floor of the gaming company, was a female programmer with a penchant for staying indoors. She wasn’t much into sports, but she loved watching TV dramas, handsome men, and chasing celebrities. 

Xun Fei had a habit of quickly gathering information about all the handsome guys around her whenever she entered a new environment.

Several months ago, she had noticed that there was an exceptionally handsome guy on the seventeenth floor of the tech company downstairs. 

However, this handsome guy was hard to come across in the elevator, and she didn’t know his exact working hours. Xun Fei had only managed to run into him twice in the elevator.

Xun Fei was incredibly curious about this handsome guy.

Coincidentally, she had recently become acquainted with Qian Sijia, a girl from the seventeenth floor, in the second-floor cafeteria. They had struck up a conversation because both of them had the same screensaver on their phones – Su Tianyu, a second-tier idol. Both of them were Su Tianyu fans, and this common interest led to their growing friendship.

As they got to know each other better, it became easier for them to discuss topics that might have been awkward initially.

Today, Xun Fei noticed a message in her group chat about the handsome guy from the seventeenth floor bringing a beauty over, and it seemed like they were dating. 

While chatting in the break room, a colleague who was particularly close to her poked fun and nudged at her saying: “Didn’t you get to know a buddy from the seventeenth floor? You could ask around during lunch.”

Xun Fei nodded in agreement, as she had been thinking along those lines as well.

So, at lunchtime, Xun Fei made plans to eat with Qian Sijia and casually brought up the topic during their conversation.

Xun Fei said, “Is there a handsome guy in your company? He looks quite young, my God, he’s super handsome, and his physique is just…damn! The first time I saw him in the elevator, I thought he must be a male model your company hired. I’ve been following him for a while!”

Qian Sijia, upon hearing this, choked on her water and began coughing vigorously.

Xun Fei quickly patted her back and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Qian Sijia wiped her mouth with a tissue, took a moment to compose herself, waved her hand, and after taking a sip of water, she finally said, “The handsome guy you’re talking about, is he particularly young and tall?”

Xun Fei’s eyes sparkled with anticipation as she looked at Qian Sijia. She nodded repeatedly and then whispered, “To be honest, I think he’s even more handsome than Ah Yu… but I still love Ah Yu the most.”

Qian Sijia shook her head, showing a tinge of regret, and said, “Don’t think about it anymore; that’s our boss.”

Xun Fei was shocked, “What?*

“WTF…WTF…WTF”, Xun Fei’s jaw was about to drop in astonishment.

“He isn’t just an ordinary salary worker? But he is obviously still so young…”

Qian Sijia chuckled lightly and said, “He’s probably a second-generation heir, or should I say, maybe even an nth-generation heir.”

Xun Fei still couldn’t believe it and said, “But my colleague clearly saw him. He came out of the garage and drove a car worth around RMB 300,000…”

Qian Sijia rolled her eyes, “Naive.”

“This is probably the low-key lifestyle of old money. Even though he appears to drive a 300,000 RMB car on the surface, there’s a garage full of supercars gathering dust.”

Xun Fei was left dumbfounded, her mouth wide open, and it seemed like her jaw was about to hit the floor.

Qian Sijia sighed in exclamation, “There is no end to the envy for our boss. He’s 20 this year, a sophomore at A University, and the biggest stakeholder in the company. Rumour has it that his grandfather gave him the company as a gift when he got into A University.”

Xun Fei was stunned, “What! He’s still a sophomore at A University?”

She couldn’t believe it, “OMG, he looks so handsome, comes from such a wealthy family, and he’s excelling academically. My gosh! It turns out that the male lead from idol dramas actually exists in real life…”

“I genuinely thought that the handsome guy was just an intern at your company…”

Qian Sijia clicked her tongue twice, “That’s definitely our big boss. Their family background is remarkable, tsk tsk.”

Xun Fei asked in shock, “So, what about that little girlfriend? I heard she’s incredibly good-looking.”

Qian Sijia sighed even more deeply, shook her head, and said, “I’ve never seen someone as good-looking in my entire life. She looks like a work of art, probably even more beautiful than the actresses in the entertainment industry. I have no idea how she managed to look like that. It’s infuriating.”

Xun Fei said, “Who asked you about that? I was talking about her family background. Are they in a business alliance marriage?”

Qian Sijia replied, “I don’t know. How would you be able to tell? Maybe she’s from the film school just next to A University since she’s so beautiful.”

Xun Fei let out a sigh, “Ah, with a face like that, she’s definitely going to marry into a wealthy family. I envy her so much.”

After finishing her meal, Xun Fei hurried back to the company. She excitedly pulled out her phone, trembling as she sent several messages.

Xun Fei: I’ve got the information about the little handsome guy you asked about! It’s super juicy!

Marketing Department, Jiang Yumeng: Quick, spill it!

Planning Department, Lou Xiaoxiao: Hurry!

Sales Department, Gao Mengyu: We’re craving the details!

Marketing Department, Wu Jiejing: Could it be that the handsome guy is involved in some scandalous affair with a rich older woman?

Front Desk, Tong Zhuyue: Hurry, hurry!

Xun Fei: You’ll never guess.

Xun Fei: That handsome guy who drives a Passat is actually the big boss of the tech company on the sixteenth and seventeenth floors!

Marketing Department, Jiang Yumeng: What!

Secretary, Xu Baiman: !! He’s actually not an intern??

Finance Department, Zhuang Xiuni: Is it too late to have a cross-age relationship? Auntie also wants to marry into a wealthy family…

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