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The ‘Wen’ of Wen Corporation 

At around eight o’clock, Cheng Hui went to the washroom to freshen up. She didn’t stay in there for long and came out looking a bit excited, pulling Wen Le to the washroom with her.

Wen Le was puzzled and asked her quietly, “What’s going on?”

Cheng Hui pulled Wen Le to the window and pointed outside, saying, “Who is that?”

Wen Le took a quick look and recognized the figure of Zhou Kao immediately, mainly because of Zhou Kao’s outstanding physique. 

Wen Le blushed slightly and cleared her throat, saying, “I’m leaving.”

Cheng Hui teased, “Oh, wasn’t it scheduled for 8:30? You can’t wait, huh?”

Wen Le gave Cheng Hui a sideways glance and said, “No more talking. He’s already here. I’m leaving.”

Wen Le grabbed her bag and quietly left the dormitory.

When Wen Le came downstairs, Zhou Kao was leaning against the car door, looking at his phone.

Wen Le walked over, tapped Zhou Kao on the shoulder, and only then did Zhou Kao react. 

He looked up and saw a hint of admiration in Wen Le’s eyes. His gaze intentionally slid over Wen Le’s red skirt, and he smiled, saying, “It suits you well.”

Wen Le smiled, a bit playful and proud.

As Zhou Kao looked at Wen Le’s smile, his eyes deepened, and his throat moved up and down. 

He couldn’t help but want to kiss her immediately.

Zhou Kao quickly averted his gaze, walked to the passenger side, and opened the car door for Wen Le, gesturing, “This way, miss.”

Wen Le smiled and sat in the passenger seat. When she looked up at Zhou Kao, her gaze casually swept over the window of room 307 on the third floor, where she saw Cheng Hui peeking out of the window. 

She seemed almost ready to jump out.

Wen Le’s mouth twitched, and she took out her phone to send Cheng Hui a message.

wl: Had fun watching?

wl: Take it easy, don’t fall over.

As soon as Zhou Kao got in the car and closed the door, he hugged Wen Le and kissed her passionately.

Zhou Kao’s breathing became heavy, and his voice was a bit hoarse as he said, “I’ve missed you so much.”

Saying that, he leaned in to capture Wen Le’s lower lip.

Wen Le felt weak in the knees from Zhou Kao’s kiss and pushed him away with a smile.

Zhou Kao tried to move closer, but Wen Le covered his mouth with her hand.

Zhou Kao looked at Wen Le with desire in his eyes.

Wen Le pushed Zhou Kao away and said, “You’re so annoying. You’ve smudged my lipstick again.”

Upon hearing those words, Zhou Kao chuckled, took Wen Le’s hand, and kissed it. He leaned in close to Wen Le and said, “Do I have lipstick on my lips? If the people at the company see it…”

Wen Le blushed at his words, pushed Zhou Kao’s face away, and took out a tissue to wipe his lips. Fortunately, she had applied a moisturizing pink lipstick today, which was light in color and easy to remove.

Wen Le took out her lipstick from her bag to touch up her makeup and then looked over Zhou Kao’s face again to make sure there were no traces of lipstick on him.

Zhou Kao kept his eyes glued to Wen Le throughout as if there were stars in his eyes.

Wen Le blushed under Zhou Kao’s gaze but felt sweet inside. She lowered her head shyly, and suddenly her phone vibrated with a message from Cheng Hui.

Human Microscope: Hehe, you’ve been caught.

Human Microscope: Why haven’t you left yet?

Human Microscope: Are you two kissing?

Wen Le felt a bit embarrassed and sent an emoji in response.

Zhou Kao raised an eyebrow when he saw Wen Le texting and asked, “Is there something going on today?”

Wen Le replied, “No, it’s just that my roommate is spying on us.”

Zhou Kao glanced toward the women’s dormitory and indeed saw a girl on the third floor leaning against the window.

Zhou Kao chuckled and started the car, saying, “Should I invite your roommates for dinner next time? It’s a customary rule, I hear.”

Wen Le replied, “Let’s wait a bit; I haven’t told them everything yet.”

Just as Zhou Kao was about to say something, Wen Le preempted him, asking, “Did you tell them?”

Zhou Kao sighed and said, “I haven’t been back to the dorm lately, but I’ll have to tell them sooner or later.”

Zhou Kao drove to the underground parking lot of a CBD building and asked, “Are you hungry? Did you have breakfast this morning?”

Wen Le replied, “Not hungry. I woke up early and had something to eat.”

Zhou Kao inquired, “Oh?”

Wen Le explained, “There’s a sports event today, and it’s noisy outside.”

Zhou Kao thought of something and said, “I’d like to see pictures of you holding up signs.”

Wen Le responded, “I don’t have any. You can check the forum.”

Zhou Kao remarked, “Then I’ll have to thoroughly search the forum.”

As they spoke, Zhou Kao had already parked the car, and they both got out. It was during working hours, and Wen Le noticed that the people getting out of their cars were all dressed in suits or white shirts and high heels, looking like elite professionals.

Wen Le said, “I made a mistake.”

Zhou Kao asked, “What’s wrong?”

“If I had known we were coming to the CBD, I would have worn high heels. This outfit looks out of place among all these office workers in heels and dress pants.”

Zhou Kao stepped closer and put his arm around Wen Le’s shoulder, saying, “They are here for work, but you’re here for a date. How can they be the same?”

Zhou Kao’s company occupied the 16th and 17th floors of this building. His team consisted mainly of young professionals. 

Originally, the company was a tech firm given to Zhou Kao by his grandfather. Later, they acquired a small online shopping platform specializing in beauty and fashion, and the two companies merged to create a note-sharing platform with a focus on the original market.

Recently, the company had reached a plateau in its growth. Although they still had some momentum due to their innovative model, they knew that if they continued along their current path after the initial buzz faded, they would lose a significant number of users and eventually be overtaken by increasingly diversified competitors and markets.

During the ride to the company, Zhou Kao and Wen Le discussed the development issues facing the company. Wen Le was from the School of Economics, so she had some knowledge of marketing and management, which allowed her to engage in a conversation with Zhou Kao. Honestly, Wen Le found these topics quite interesting.

On the other hand, although Zhou Kao was the one who initiated the project, the actual operation was carried out by the company’s talented professionals. Zhou Kao mentioned, “I may say that I’m leading them on the project, but in reality, I’m learning through this project.”

The company had hired various high-caliber talents who were more than capable of running the project. Zhou Kao, as the largest shareholder of the company, mainly played the role of initiating the project, while the rest was a learning process alongside the company’s more experienced colleagues.

Most of the company’s staff were young, and many of them had been recruited personally by Zhou Kao’s mother, Li Hua, who was a trusted figure. Bringing together a group of talented individuals with competitive salaries and shared visions, working hard for a project—it was a unique and somewhat magical process. The youthful energy within the company was palpable.

As Wen Le listened to Zhou Kao, she found herself somewhat envious and excited to meet them.

While they were talking, the lift arrived and Zhou Kao shielded Wen Le as they moved inwards of the carriage. 

More people started entering the lift as it began its ascend. Upon entering, it was hard not to notice Zhou Kao and Wen Le in the corner of the elevator.

Zhou Kao had been here many times before, and most people in the building were already aware of the tech company on the 17th floor with a handsome young man who looked exceptionally youthful and had a physique akin to an international male model.

Whether married or single, the women in the building had been secretly paying attention to Zhou Kao for a long time. A handsome young man like him was a scarce resource and scarce resources naturally drew attention.

When they saw Zhou Kao with a beautiful young woman by his side, their eyes initially brightened. 

Isn’t she too beautiful? Is she a new celebrity or a pre-debut artist from the art school?

They couldn’t help but wonder.

Then came the realization, followed by sighs: So, the handsome young man already has a girlfriend.

So, within less than two hours, all the women in the entire building regretfully learned that the handsome young man was already in a relationship with a very beautiful girlfriend.

The two of them exited the elevator on the 17th floor, and as they walked towards the front desk, the receptionist stood up and greeted, “Good morning, President Zhou.”

Zhou Kao held Wen Le’s hand and approached the front desk, nodding in response.

Wen Le, being led by Zhou Kao in front of everyone, had a slightly red face.

The receptionist, upon seeing Wen Le, opened her eyes wide.

Her gaze was fixed firmly on Wen Le as she stammered, “President Zhou, here’s your takeout.”

Zhou Kao then noticed the bag placed on the front desk, nodded, and picked it up, still holding Wen Le’s hand as he led her into his private office.

It was not yet nine o’clock, and not many people had arrived, so only a few had seen Wen Le.

Zhou Kao asked Wen Le to sit on the sofa and handed her the takeout.

Wen Le took the takeout but didn’t open it immediately. The address on the food receipt had caught her eye.

Looking at the address of this building, Wen Le found it somewhat familiar.

“This building…”

Zhou Kao asked, “What’s wrong?”

Wen Le said, “I just feel like this address is somewhat familiar.”

Zhou Kao responded, “It’s said to be owned by the Wen family.”

As Zhou Kao spoke, he suddenly turned to look at Wen Le, and his eyes widened slightly.

Suddenly, several images flashed through Zhou Kao’s mind, and he remembered where he had seen Wen Le’s bangle before.

Her mother seemed to be quite disappointed because she didn’t win the bid for a particular bangle during the last auction event in Hong Kong that his mother attended. Zhou Kao remembered it because she had mentioned it several times. And now, that very bangle was on Wen Le’s wrist…

Furthermore, after Zhou Kao left his place a few days ago, Li Hua, his mother, had been calling him incessantly, talking about how he was their only son and needed to make his parents proud – so if he were to bring home a girl and marry into their family, she and his father would definitely not allow for such matters.

At the time, Zhou Kao found her words a bit strange. Why would she mention the words “marry into the other family” or talk about bringing someone home as if he were from a different social background? After all, he was from the prestigious Zhou family, and his future was bright. Why would he have anything to do with the term “marry into their family”?

Now, Zhou Kao suddenly thought of a possible explanation. If Wen Le’s “Wen” was the same as the “Wen” in “Wen Corporation”…

In cases where top-tier old-money families having only one sole heir were involved, the request for the male party to marry into the female family was not entirely impossible…

Thinking of his parents’ concerns, Zhou Kao couldn’t help but look at Wen Le with a complex expression.

Wen Le asked, “What’s wrong?”

Zhou Kao said, “May I ask for your father’s name?”

Wen Le was a bit puzzled but had nothing to hide, so she answered, “Wen Tianqi.”

Zhou Kao’s mouth twitched.

Well, it seemed that his mother’s concerns were not entirely unfounded.

So, the question remained, if the Wen family were to make such a request and insist on it…

It seemed he wouldn’t be able to refuse, after all.

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