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I Pamper You Too Much

Wen Le smiled, “Looks like for convenience’s sake, we indeed need to arrange for a status.”

Zhou Kao smirked, “Are you going to confess to your dad?”

Wen Le said, “Let’s test the waters first.”

“But… how did you manage to get in here?” 

Zhou Kao pointed to the building next to them. “That’s my aunt and uncle’s place.”

Wen Le raised an eyebrow. “So you came to see your aunt and just happened to see me?”

Zhou Kao sighed. “I came to see you and came up with an excuse to visit my aunt and uncle.”

Wen Le was puzzled. “You needed an excuse to visit your aunt and uncle?”

Zhou Kao sighed again. “My cousin and I don’t get along too well. It’s like he has what I lack, and I have what he lacks.”

Wen Le was genuinely surprised. Zhou Kao’s demeanor appeared proud and aloof, but in reality, he had his own set of principles when it came to dealing with people, never causing embarrassment to others. 

Therefore, even though he seemed distant, he was well-liked.

Wen Le couldn’t imagine how he could have such a serious conflict with his cousin.

“You’re exaggerating it a bit, aren’t you?” Wen Le said.

Zhou Kao chuckled. “You caught me. The reason why I only appear when he’s not there is mainly because I always try to avoid him. I basically never show up in the same space as him.”

“Why do you avoid him?”

Zhou Kao didn’t say much, just said, “Different personalities, I guess.”

“Did you see him tonight?”

Zhou Kao smiled. “I came while he wasn’t here.”

Zhou Kao glanced at Wen Le’s slightly reddened nose. Despite his reluctance, he said, “You should go back now, Little Landlady.”

Wen Le glanced at Zhou Kao’s hand, still tightly holding hers, showing obvious reluctance for her to leave.

Wen Le glanced at the time on her phone and sighed softly, “You’re such a busy person.”

Hearing this, Zhou Kao couldn’t help but ruffle Wen Le’s hair gently and whispered, “Once I’m done with this busy period, I’ll stick to you every day.”

Wen Le remained expressionless. “I’m afraid by then it’ll be holiday break.”

Zhou Kao said, “You’ve moved to Beijing, right? No problem, I’ll just move in with my aunt and uncle.”

Wen Le said, “Don’t be silly. I’m going back to spend Chinese New Year with my grandparents.”

Upon hearing that he would be thousands of kilometres away from Wen Le for a month, Zhou Kao felt like his heart was being torn apart as if he could already feel the unbearable pain of longing even before they parted. 

But his duty to the company was something he couldn’t ignore. He couldn’t just abandon everything…

Wen Le hadn’t intended to make things difficult for Zhou Kao. Despite Zhou Kao being busy for over twenty days without a meeting, she hadn’t complained. However, her heart was filled with Zhou Kao, and she naturally longed for his company. 

The thought of Zhou Kao possibly not having much time to spend with her before the New Year made even the strong-willed Wen Le unable to resist venting a few complaints.

But seeing Zhou Kao’s distressed look, Wen Le felt sorry for him. “Alright, I’ll make sure to spend more weekends with you in the future.”

Upon hearing Wen Le’s words, Zhou Kao looked into her eyes, where he could sense intense emotions swirling. Surprisingly, when he heard Wen Le’s words, Zhou Kao’s first reaction wasn’t gratitude; instead, he felt a chilling impulse, as if he wanted to push everything aside and just be with Wen Le.

Of course, this was just a momentary impulse. Zhou Kao wouldn’t act on it; he knew Wen Le wouldn’t like it. He could only sigh softly, lower his head, and gently kiss Wen Le’s ring. “Girlfriend, you really should go back now.”

Reluctantly, Wen Le turned back towards the villa.

Zhou Kao remained in place until Wen Le disappeared before leaving himself. But as soon as he turned around, he encountered an unexpected guest.

“Oh, little cousin, I was wondering why you were willing to come to my house. Oh, so you’re not here to see your aunt after all?”

Upon hearing this voice, Zhou Kao immediately turned and walked away, but the person behind him seemed oblivious to his unwelcome departure and followed closely.

“Little Zhou Zhou, who was that girl just now? Which family is she from? When did you two start dating? Do Uncle and Aunt know? Hmm, sneaking into someone’s backyard late at night and whispering sweet nothings with a girl, does her father know?”

Zhou Kao coldly glanced at the person behind him. “Pang Xingguang, you’re really annoying.”

Pang Xingguang was a bit intimidated by his younger cousin’s coldness. “Why are you so fierce? Just tell your brother about it. Whose girl is she?”

Glancing at Wen Le’s house, he added, “This family seems new here, very unfamiliar. First time seeing them.”

Zhou Kao remained silent and continued walking ahead while Pang Xingguang kept blabbering. “Tell your brother about it, maybe he can give you some advice. Looking at you being so secretive, tsk tsk, you must not have a proper status yet?”

This seemed to hit a nerve with Zhou Kao, who shot a glare at Pang Xingguang. 

“Alright, just keep it to yourself then, I’ll just wait to find Auntie tomorrow”

Zhou Kao scoffed in reply, “Immature.”

He lowered his gaze, knowing that his mother probably already knew everything by now.

“Oh, by the way,” Pang Xingguang said, “I’m going to your school to shoot a film soon.”

A film? At this time?

“What kind of film would you be filming now for?”

“It’s some kind of promotional video for an event.”

Then Pang Xingguang slung his arm around Zhou Kao’s shoulder. “How about you bring your sister along when I come?”

Zhou Kao glanced at him. “How do you know she goes to A University?”

Pang Xingguang widened his eyes, suddenly understanding. “So she’s your classmate! Then you definitely have to bring her.”

Zhou Kao glanced at the guy and didn’t agree, but didn’t refuse either.

Wen Le returned to the villa and saw Wen Tianqi still waiting downstairs. She couldn’t help but take a few quick steps forward. However, she was always suspecting if her father had noticed something, so she felt a bit guilty and when she got closer, slowed down her steps.


Wen Tianqi was holding a tablet and reading documents. He looked up when he heard Wen Le’s voice. “Done taking the photos?”

Wen Le nodded.

Wen Tianqi patted the sofa next to him. “Are you feeling cold? Come and sit.”

Wen Le sat down, and the two chatted about the domestic economy for a while. Since Wen Le accepted her family situation, Wen Tianqi intentionally or unintentionally guided her to explain more about this aspect. After chatting for a while, as it was getting late, Wen Tianqi changed the topic and started talking about Wen Le’s academic life.

Looking at Wen Tianqi, Wen Le hesitated for a moment but after some thought, she cautiously asked, “Dad, why don’t you approve of me being in a relationship now… is it just because you’re worried it will affect my studies?”

Bringing up this topic, Wen Tianqi was momentarily stunned. Upon looking at Wen Le’s cautious gaze, he felt a bit sad. Of course, it wasn’t just that simple. 

This was somewhat related to his selfishness.

Over the years, Wen Tianqi had only spent two or three months with his daughter each year, and he naturally felt guilty about not being with her enough. He hoped that his daughter would stay by his side for a few more years. 

Moreover, Wen Le was a girl, and girls were often more vulnerable in relationships, so Wen Tianqi actually hoped that Wen Le would always be an ambitious, career-oriented, and emotionally strong child. 

If Wen Le had a strong career ambition, with the entire Wen family backing her up, she would hardly face any setbacks in life. Besides, the uncertainties that relationships bring about were too great.

Wen Tianqi even had thoughts of finding a match for Wen Le. But hearing Wen Le ask this question, Wen Tianqi knew that Wen Le probably had such thoughts already.

Wen Tianqi couldn’t help but sigh lightly. “Lele, Dad just doesn’t want you to be unhappy or get hurt.”

And no dirty rascal is worthy of her daughter.

Wen Le carefully watched Wen Tianqi’s expression, hesitating, and said, “But Dad, what if I like someone…”

Wen Tianqi: …

Although he knew this was a very normal thing, Wen Tianqi’s mentality still cracked. He was angry, really angry, a bit sad, and filled with a tiny bit of regret.

Seeing Wen Tianqi’s expression seem off, Wen Le added, “But I don’t know if he likes me back?”

This sentence has the effect of a bomb exploding. 

Wen Tianqi was probably about to explode. 

His daughter? Wen Le? Have a one-sided crush? 

Is the other person blind? 

Wen Tianqi obviously couldn’t tolerate any grievances his daughter might face, and compared to Wen Le being in a relationship, her having a one-sided crush made Wen Tianqi even more irritated, quickly capturing his attention. 

Suppressing the anger in his heart for fear of hurting Wen Le’s fragile heart, he tried to calmly and gently ask, “Lele, why do you like him?”

When Wen Tianqi asked this question, Wen Le actually thought about it seriously. 

Why does she like Zhou Kao? 

Does she like his good looks? His excellence? His sweet words? No, or rather, not just…

Wen Le didn’t know what came to her mind, but she blushed and said, “Dad, he… he’s like the male version of me, only he can stand by my side.”

Wen Tianqi was stunned, seemingly not expecting Wen Le to answer like this. If Wen Le had said she liked the boy’s face, his demeanor, his tenderness, Wen Tianqi could have questioned her, but he didn’t expect Wen Le to say this.

This left Wen Tianqi silent; he had nothing to say to this kind of answer. 

Another self in the world… although Wen Tianqi had never encountered such a person, he could imagine how it would feel, how that person would understand him, empathize with him, and thus alleviate the loneliness that was like an ulcer on his bones.

Wen Tianqi seemed to fall into silence. This silence was like a compromise. 

Wen Tianqi thought, if there really was such a person in the world, would he hope Wen Le could be with him?

At the same time, Wen Le spoke cautiously, “Dad, how can I get him? Can you teach me?”

Wen Le whispered, “Dad, can you?”

Wen Tianqi’s heart softened, wishing he could give his daughter everything she desired. 

He sighed, “Dad can help you get him as a person, but Dad can’t help you get his heart. You should understand what you really want.”

Wen Le didn’t say anything, just lowered her eyes slightly. Wen Tianqi knew that since young, there was nothing Wen Le wanted that she couldn’t get. 

After a moment of silence, Wen Tianqi said only one thing, “If he really is the male version of Wen Le, then you’ve already got what you want without doing anything.”

Wen Le’s eyes lit up at his words, and she happily hugged Wen Tianqi, kissing him on the cheek. “Dad, you’re amazing!”

Wen Tianqi was flattered by his daughter’s praise, but unsure what he had done to deserve it. 

“I’ll definitely bring him back for you to see!”

Saying this, Wen Le quickly ran back to her room.

Wen Tianqi was still in a daze, thinking there was no person or thing his daughter couldn’t conquer. 

Wen Le ran back to her room, closed the door, leaned against it, and giggled to herself. Indeed, her father couldn’t accept her having a crush more than her being in a relationship. 

Why did she have to go against her father? A roundabout route would have been more effective. Wen Le, you’re amazing!

Wen Le sent a WeChat message to Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao received the message and froze, suddenly sitting up from the bed.

Landlady: Alas, I pamper you too much. I actually helped you strategize against your future father-in-law.

Landlady: You can offer up your knees now.

ZK: !

ZK: Alright, dear.

ZK: I’ll send it over to you tomorrow.

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