Epilogue 3: Xin Li & Xie Yuran

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

At that, Xie Yuran’s gaze faltered before looking up at her.

Unfazed, Xin Li met his gaze with confidence as her long, curly lashes blinked.

Xie Yuran stared at her for a moment as his index finger tapped against the steering wheel before smiling. “No.”

It seemed like he was waiting for her reply, but Xin Li simply uttered an “Oh,” before saying with a smile, “Thanks for sending me back.”

Then, she opened the door and got out of the car.

Before entering the mansion, she turned back and looked through the car window at him before smiling again—lively and charming like a sunlit flower.

Resting his hands on the steering wheel and watching her walk away, he smiled as he thought of something.

After a long while, he finally started the car and drove away.

After entering the house, Xu Wanqin saw her return so early and eagerly asked about her conversation with Grandfather Xie and whether she met Xie Shuo.

Xin Li’s cheerful mood instantly dampened. Irked, she said, “Didn’t see him.”

Covered in a shawl, Xu Wanqin frowned and was about to ask more questions, but Xin Li had already briskly walked upstairs and locked her room, shutting her out completely. 

“This kid…”  Xu Wanqin sighed with helplessness.

Xin Li enjoyed a brief moment of peace before Xin Yuanhong and Mrs. Xu took turns urging her again at dinner to visit the Xie family more and maintain contact with Xie Shuo.

Frustrated, Xin Li couldn’t endure it any longer and argued with them. The next day, she moved out.

She had a condo outside; she just rarely stayed there.

On the night she regained her freedom, Xin Li invited her girlfriends to celebrate at a bar.

Inside the bar, the lights were colorful, bustling with noise, and hot. Xin Li was in the midst of chatting and joking with her girlfriends when a young man with a drink in hand approached them to strike up a conversation.

Perhaps due to the tipsiness from drinking, Xin Li glanced at him and thought of Xie Yuran despite the lack of resemblance between the two and a significant difference in their attractiveness. 

She declined the man’s invitation, holding her wine glass in her hand and gently swirling it. Her gaze swept over her phone, and she realized she didn’t even have Xie Yuran’s contact information.

As she was contemplating, one of her girlfriends beside her said, “Darling, why do you look upset again?”

Xin Li didn’t respond. She took a sip of her drink and suddenly felt a bit disinterested. Putting down her glass, she stood up and said, “I’m leaving. Are y’all still gonna have fun?

A girlfriend checked the time and waved her hand before standing up, too. “Nah, the one at home has been strict lately.”

The two of them left the bar. Her friend had a chauffeur waiting, while Xin Li, in a fit of anger, left home alone. With no one micromanaging her, she could only tag along her friend’s ride home.

The nightscape was bustling with vibrant city lights, their reflections dancing across the car roof. Leaning against her seat, Xin Li was sleepy.

Suddenly, the chauffeur slammed on the brakes, causing her to lurch forward, narrowly avoiding a bump to her head. Her stomach also churned.

“What’s going on?”

Her friend grabbed onto the armrest and looked up.

The chauffeur explained, “Looks like we rear-ended.”

Xin Li and her friend could only help each other out of the car. Fortunately, the situation wasn’t too serious—just a couple of scratches on the other party’s car.

Xin Li didn’t care much initially but suddenly realized that the car in front looked familiar. Soon, the driver’s door opened, and a familiar figure stepped out…

It was Xie Yuran.

Xin Li’s heart fluttered. It seemed they were running into each other quite often lately.

The chauffeur approached and spoke with him. Xie Yuran looked up, glanced past him, and saw Xin Li.

Their eyes met in midair. Xin Li smiled and said, “What a coincidence.”

Xie Yuran returned a smile, “Truly.”

Xin Li’s irritation from before immediately went away. She turned to the chauffeur and her friend, saying, “You both go ahead. I’ll handle things here.”

After saying that, she subtly winked at her friend. Her friend glanced at her, then at Xie Yuran, quickly understanding the situation before casting a meaningful glance at Xin Li. She then left with her chauffeur.

Once her friend left, Xin Li pretended to examine the scratches on the rear of the car earnestly. Taking out her phone, she said, “Let’s exchange contact information. Let me know the cost of repairs, and I’ll send you the money.”

Xie Yuran looked at her meaningfully. Being so close, he could smell the distinct scent of alcohol on her, and her usually fair cheeks had a rosy tint.

It seemed that every time he saw her, she was in this tipsy state.

After a moment’s pause, Xie Yuran shared his phone number with her. 

After saving his number, Xin Li glanced around and smiled with a blink. “Sorry, it seems I’ll have to trouble you to take me home again.”

Xie Yuran looked at her, half-smiling, “Your brother isn’t picking you up?”

Xin Li frowned, displeased. “My brother has been busy lately, no time to take care of me.”

Traffic was congested, and vehicles couldn’t linger for long. Xie Yuran said nothing further and just opened the car door.

Xin Li smiled again, swaying a bit as she approached and climbed into the car.

Xie Yuran settled back into the driver’s seat, started the car, and set the GPS for the Xin family estate.

Xin Li corrected him promptly, “I’ve moved out, not going back to my parents’.”

As she said that, she provided her current condo address. Holding the steering wheel, Xie Yuran glanced at her and smoothly updated the GPS.

When they reached the condominium where Xin Li lived, it was already late at night. The stars scattered across the inky sky, overshadowed by the bright moon.

Xin Li unfastened her seatbelt and thanked him before asking casually, “Wanna come up and sit for a bit?”

The interior of the car was dimly lit. She had drank, and a rosy flush was still on her cheeks. Her eyes sparkled with an enchanting glimmer, oblivious to her own allure.

Xie Yuran’s gaze lingered on her face for a moment before saying insipidly, “It’s too late; I won’t disturb you.”

Xin Li had anticipated this outcome and didn’t insist. She bid him “bye” and happily pushed open the car door before getting out.

Too casual a man, not worth the effort to seduce. 

As she got out of the car, the night breeze hit her face. Still under the influence of alcohol, the breeze made her feel dizzy. After taking only a couple of steps, her high heel caught on something. She stumbled to the side, and a sharp pain shot up from her ankle.

She shouldn’t have celebrated so fast… 

She swayed for a moment, barely managing to stand firm. She held onto her sprained left leg, avoiding putting too much weight on it. 

Xie Yuran had initially intended to drive away, but as he glanced and saw her condition, he couldn’t help but get out of the car. 

He strode over with long steps and asked, “What happened?”

Xin Li looked up, feeling wronged. “I think I’ve twisted my ankle.”

Xie Yuran looked down; his gaze followed her fair, slender legs to her ankle. He frowned and reached out to support her, “Get in the car.”

Confused, Xin Li asked, “Where are we going?”

Xie Yuran glanced at her and said, “Didn’t you twist your ankle? I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Xin Li originally wanted to decline, but after a moment of thought, she changed her mind and allowed him to help her into the car.

Xie Yuran drove her to the nearest hospital from her condo. At this hour, the hospital was quiet, with the sound of leaves rustling outside.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Xin Li glanced out of the window.

Xie Yuran parked the car and came over to open her door to help her get out, asking, “Can you walk?”

Standing on one foot and tiptoes on the other, Xin Li shook her head. “No.”

Xie Yuran draped her arm over his shoulder, his hand around her lower back, guiding her slowly into the hospital.

The moonlight hung like mist, enveloping them.

Xin Li leaned on him, limping with each step. With every step, she would grimace, and she would glance up at him each time as if intentionally.

They moved like a snail for a few steps. Perhaps finding the pace too slow, Xie Yuran suddenly stopped. He reached across her knee, bent down, and lifted her up into his arms.

Xin Li held onto his neck and smiled mischievously, hidden from his view. 

It wasn’t until they were inside the examination room that Xie Yuran finally set her down. The attending doctor examined her ankle before taking an X-ray.

“There’s no fracture. Go home and rest for a while. Remember to avoid strenuous activities…”

The attending doctor prescribed medication while giving instructions. After finishing the prescription, the doctor handed it directly to Xie Yuran, treating them as if they were a couple.

Sitting on the side, Xin Li watched with a smile, waiting for him to come and carry her.

After getting the medication, Xie Yuran drove her back to her condo again.

After all the commotion and back and forth, it was already almost dawn, and the night was dark. Almost no figure could be seen in the gated community area.  

Inside the elevator, Xie Yuran set Xin Li down, helping her stand steady.

Looking at his handsome side profile, Xin Li thought of something and said, “Last time, you said you don’t have a girlfriend. How about I introduce one to you?”

Xie Yuran turned around, meeting her gaze.

Blinking, Xin Li smiled. “Consider it as thanks for taking me to the hospital and bringing me back.”

Xie Yuran smiled slightly, following her lead, “Who are you planning to introduce to me?”

“Well, you’ll have to tell me first what kind of girl you like…”

As they spoke, the elevator doors opened, reaching the floor where Xin Li lived. She fished out her key from her purse and handed it to Xie Yuran.

Taking the key, Xie Yuran supported her with one hand and unlocked the door with the other.

The condo was a bit deserted since Xin Li had only recently moved in, and many things were not settled yet.

After entering, she sat back on the sofa and stretched her injured leg before finding a comfortable position and saying while looking up, “My leg’s injured. If you want tea, you’ll have to pour it yourself.”

Xie Yuran didn’t go pour tea; instead, he placed the prescribed medication on the coffee table. Checking his watch, he said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave. Take care and rest well.”

Xin Li hadn’t expected him to leave so quickly. She hurriedly stopped him, “Hey, you still haven’t told me what kind of girl you like!”

Xie Yuran’s steps paused, and he looked down at her from a higher vantage point. His jet-black eyes seemed to have seen through her scheme.

Leaning against the sofa, Xin Li unabashedly met his gaze. Her gaze was bold and open, her fox-like eyes transparent and revealing.

As a pampered and wanton heiress since childhood, she had never been afraid of anything.

Meeting her gaze, Xie Yuran’s expression slightly changed. He looked at her silently.

Xin Li grew somewhat impatient. Suddenly, she didn’t want to continue with this ambiguous probing.

She raised an eyebrow and said half-jokingly, “What do you think of me?”

Under the white light, her eyes sparkled mischievously. Xie Yuran’s gaze gradually deepened. Just as Xin Li was about to confront him directly, he finally spoke…

“We’re not suitable.”

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