Epilogue 2: Xin Li & Xie Yuran

The corridor was dimly lit, adding a touch of ambiguity to the atmosphere. Xie Yuran looked at her, neither agreeing nor refusing, his gaze somewhat peculiar.

The smile on Xin Li’s face slightly froze.

Could it be that he wasn’t interested in me?

How will the blind date tomorrow continue then?

Just as they fell into silence, her girlfriend’s voice suddenly sounded, “Xin Li, your brother is here to pick you up!”

Xin Li: “…….”

Why wasn’t she this vigorous usually?

Why come at a time like this!

Muttering a complaint under her breath, Xin Li turned around. As she left, she glanced at Xie Yuran again, who was still looking at her. Due to the lighting, his exact expression was indiscernible.

Outside the well-lit mansion, luxury cars were parked in twos and threes. Xin Yu stood there with one hand in his pocket, leaning against the car door in a relaxed stance.

“Why, do I have the honor of you personally picking me up today?”

Xin Li approached unsteadily, almost stumbling. 

Smelling a strong scent of alcohol from her, Xin Yu reached out and helped her steady herself. “Afraid that the jewel of our family will be kidnapped.”

Xin Li gripped his arm and raised her exquisite face before scoffing, “Are Mom and Dad worried that I’ll run away from tomorrow’s blind date, so they sent you to drag me back?”

Xin Yu couldn’t help but chuckle, “It’s just a meeting. If you really don’t like him, you can refuse.”

Xin Li glared at him, saying resentfully, “Do you think if I refuse, it really would be a refusal? Do you think Mom and Dad will listen to me? They probably want to pack me up and send me to the Xie family right now.”

Xin Yu chuckled, “Don’t worry so much. What if Xie Shuo isn’t interested in you?”

Hearing this, Xin Li immediately exploded and said, “What do you mean he might not be interested in me? Are you really my own brother?”

Xin Yu didn’t respond. Instead, he smiled lovingly and ruffled her hair before opening the passenger door and helping her into the car.

After getting in the car, Xin Li was dazed for a moment before managing to grab her seatbelt and fasten it.

The car started and turned onto the wide street before passing streetlights one after another.

Upon arriving home, a barrage of scolding was inevitable. Her father, Xin Yuanhong, was on the verge of exploding with anger upon seeing her drunken state, but fortunately, her mother intervened.

“Okay, okay, I got it.”

Xin Li waved her hand dismissively, floating up the stairs and returning to her room.

Whether it was due to the scolding or not, she unexpectedly dreamt of “Xie Shuo” that night. However, it was nothing in particular, just a blurry silhouette. 

The next day, after sobering up, Xin Li didn’t throw a fit and dolled up extra nicely, preparing to go on the blind date.

If Xie Shuo was as she saw him last night, it wouldn’t be bad to progress further.

However, to her utter surprise, just when she was all prepared, Xie Shuo dipped on her, claiming that an urgent matter had popped up and rescheduled it for next Saturday.

Hearing this, Xin Li felt a lump in her throat, almost choking her.

He had time to attend a party but no time to meet me?

Thinking about last night’s encounter with “Xie Shuo,” Xin Li couldn’t help but wonder if he really wasn’t interested in her, so he deliberately found an excuse to delay the meeting.

Recalling his strange expression last night, Xin Li became more and more upset: What lousy taste! If he isn’t attracted to someone as beautiful as me, I wish him a lifetime of being a bachelor!

Due to this incident, Xin Li was so angry that she stayed home for two days.

On the third night, she was invited to a girlfriend’s birthday party at a private club in a private room. 

The celebration went on late into the night.

Feeling a headache from the noise, Xin Li checked the time and said goodbye to her friend before leaving the party.

As she exited the club and walked toward the parking area, she unexpectedly ran into “Xie Shuo” again.

He seemed to be discussing a deal with a middle-aged man as the two were walking forward while engaged in conversation.

After sending off the other party, Xie Yuran turned around and noticed Xin Li not far away.

The surroundings were filled with colorful lights and a festive atmosphere, making it a dazzling sight. Xin Li stood still, not making a move.

Xie Yuran spotted her, and his gaze paused briefly before he looked away.

Like the night before, he didn’t linger and continued walking.

Xin Li felt a surge of anger rushing to her head. She could tolerate him postponing the blind date, but not even greeting her when they met was like rubbing her face in the dirt!

If he wasn’t interested in her, why agree to the blind date and keep her hanging?

Why not just reject her directly?

The more Xin Li thought about it, the angrier she became. Fueled by alcohol, she walked over in her high heels, blocking his path with an accusatory stance.

In her haste, she wasn’t steady on her feet. This time, however, Xie Yuran took the initiative to reach out and steady her.

It was, however, only a brief touch, and he quickly withdrew his hand as if avoiding something.

Xin Li, now standing somewhat stable, looked up, unsure of what to say.

Should I confront him directly?

That seems improper.

Xie Yuran, with one hand in his pocket, calmly looked at her, and a knowing smile appeared on his face. “Did Miss Xin forget to bring a chauffeur again?”


“On Saturday, you said you had something to attend to and couldn’t make it. Was that just an excuse?” Xin Li straightforwardly asked, not bothering to pretend.

Xie Yuran was momentarily puzzled. “What Saturday?”

He looked puzzled, and Xin Li became even more confused. Was he refusing to acknowledge her?

After a moment, Xie Yuran vaguely guessed what might be happening and asked, “Miss Xin, did you mistake me for someone else?”

Xin Li: “?”

A sudden pang hit Xin Li’s chest. She stared at him with widened eyes, her beautiful eyes filled with a shimmering light. “Aren’t you Xie Shuo?”

Xie Yuran once again showed that peculiar expression. After a few seconds, he said, “Miss Xin, you’ve mistaken the person. Xie Shuo is my brother.”


The night breeze blew by, and Xin Li stood there stiffly, experiencing an unprecedented awkwardness.

No wonder he looked at me weirdly last time.

So, I flirted for half a day but with the wrong person?

Moreover, he’s the person’s younger brother?

She was wearing a short skirt, with her arms and legs exposed, goosebumps breaking out by the chill.

Xie Yuran saw her standing still for a while and raised an eyebrow, asking, “Miss Xin, do you still want me to send you back?”

His tone carried a hint of teasing.


In this awkward situation, Xin Li naturally declined, leaving a simple “no need” before hurriedly walking away.

Until she got back home, Xin Li remained in a state of bewilderment, unable to accept the fact that she had mistaken someone.

While going upstairs, she ran into Xin Yu and grabbed him, asking, “Ge*, do you know if Xie Shuo has a younger brother?”

Xin Yu looked at her puzzledly, “Yea, not biological. He’s called Xie Yuran. Why do you ask?” 

So, I indeed mistook the wrong person…

“It’s nothing,” Xin Li replied with a sense of helplessness. She went upstairs and closed her bedroom door.

Leaning against the door, she covered her face with her hands.

Why wasn’t it the younger brother I went on the blind date with?

After spending two to three days recovering from the embarrassment of mistaking her blind date, Xin Li finally got over it and prepared herself for her first meeting with Xie Shuo on Saturday.

This time, Xie Shuo didn’t stand her up.

The two agreed to meet at a cafe, and Xie Shuo arrived on time, neither early nor late.

In terms of appearance and temperament, Xie Shuo indeed lived up to his reputation and the praises of the elders in the Xin family. However… This man was just too boring!

After about half an hour of chatting, Xin Li couldn’t stand it anymore. She completely lost the desire to talk to him and just decided to enjoy her coffee in silence.

Xie Shuo also seemed uninterested in her. After finishing the coffee, Xie Shuo escorted her home out of courtesy, and there were no further indications of interest from him.

This outcome was what Xin Li wanted, but her parents were not pleased. They believed that her deliberate lack of enthusiasm led to the failure of the blind date.

Mrs. Xu Wanqin, her mom, even took her aside and lectured her for a long time, urging her to visit the Xie family more often, leaving a good impression on the elders to facilitate further development.

Soon, an opportunity for such a visit arose…

Upon learning that Grandfather Xie was unwell, Xu Wanqin immediately prepared gifts and dragged Xin Li to the Xie family estate to pay a visit.

With no other choice, Xin Li had to follow along.

She didn’t get to see Xie Shuo but instead bumped into Xie Yuran again.

Seeing her, Xie Yuran smiled, seemingly at her mistaking him for Xie Shuo.

Xin Li stole several glances at him behind Xu Wanqin’s back.

Xu Wanqin left in less than half an hour due to a matter to attend to. She didn’t take Xin Li, hoping that she might catch Xie Shuo. 

This time, Xin Li didn’t refuse and obediently stayed behind. 

Not long after Xu Wanqin left, Xie Yuran greeted Grandfather Xie and prepared to return to the city.

Seeing this, Xin Li immediately used not wanting to disturb Grandfather Xie’s rest as an excuse to take her leave. At that, Grandfather Xie asked Xie Yuran to escort her back on his way.

Outside, with a gentle breeze and warm sunlight, this was the first time the two met during the daytime. Xie Yuran was dressed casually in a beige sweater, appearing even more youthful.

“My brother will be coming over later,” he suddenly mentioned as they walked into the courtyard.

Xin Li, originally observing him, was taken aback for a moment at his words. Soon after, she realized he was hinting that if she stayed a bit longer, she might bump into his brother, Xie Shuo.

Looking up, she met his eyes and smiled slightly. “I’m here to visit Grandfather Xie.”

As she said that, she walked forward nonchalantly.

Xie Yuran was surprised by her response.

Walking to the parking area, he took a few steps forward and opened the passenger door.

Xin Li glanced at him and got in, thinking that after all the turns and twists, he couldn’t escape the fate of taking her home.

Soon, she heard the sound of the door closing on the other side. Absent-mindedly lost in her thoughts, she suddenly heard him remind her, “Seatbelt.”

Xin Li reached for the seatbelt and fastened it before turning to him, saying, “You don’t resemble your brother much.”

Resting his hand on the steering wheel, he glanced at her. “And Miss Xin still mistook me?”

Calling her “Miss Xin” with every sentence was annoying, and Xin Li couldn’t help but say, “Have you never mistaken someone in your life?”

Xie Yuran didn’t answer and just smiled, looking out at the road again.

Meanwhile, Xin Li leaned back in her seat, appreciating his side profile and occasionally making small talk.

Xie Yuran dropped her off at the entrance of the Xin family estate. Xin Li unfastened her seatbelt, intending to thank him, but the words stuck in her throat.

Looking at him, a foxy smile appeared on her face, and she asked lightly…

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

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