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Rich People Have No Humanity

“Just a courtyard house near the east side of the Forbidden City. What’s the matter? Have you finally remembered to go see it?” 

Wen Le’s heart skipped a beat, and her breathing became somewhat erratic.

After steadying her mind, Wen Le asked, “So, what about the key Dad gave me?” This key was probably just a token of encouragement, right?

Grandpa Wen sounded impatient, “It’s a commercial office building. I don’t know the specifics.” 

He muttered under his breath, “What kind of thing will your dad give? How could it be better than what grandpa gives?”

Wen Le took a deep breath. What was happening? Did she suddenly become rich overnight? Or did she just discover that she had been wealthy all along?

Wen Le tried to keep her voice calm and asked, “Yesterday, my dad had me sign a document. I didn’t pay much attention at the time. Do you know what it is, Grandpa?”

Upon hearing this, the old man became even more displeased. After all, his granddaughter had been raised by him. He felt his son was trying to bribe her. Hmph, that scoundrel.

Grandpa Wen retorted, “How would I know? Your dad is always trying to disrupt you with all this nonsense. You must not disgrace me, and those things your dad gives you aren’t worth anything. The good stuff is with grandpa. Next time if your dad gives you some random stuff again, just say you don’t want those pieces of junk and tell him not to cause trouble.”

Wen Le said, “Grandpa, do you really not know what it is? It seems like it’s from some foreign place.”

Wen Le tried to recall, but she could only remember a foreign place name.

Suddenly, Grandpa Wen’s voice faded. After a pause, he disdainfully huffed, “It seems like he bought a ruby mine some days ago…”

Wen Le inhaled sharply again.

Grandpa Wen’s tone carried a hint of annoyance, “What’s with that tone of yours? What has grandpa told you?”

Wen Le quickly covered her mouth and said, “Nothing, Grandpa. I just accidentally burned myself with hot water.” 

She definitely wasn’t shocked by her dad’s wealth.

Unconsciously, Wen Le fiddled with her skirt and whispered, “Grandpa, our family is this wealthy? But when I was little, Dad used to say he was working as a laborer.”

Wen Le still vividly remembered her grandpa and dad wearing frayed singlets, shorts, and slippers, sitting on the couch looking distressed, saying, “Money is hard to come by these days.”

She added, “Could our family have gone bankrupt before?”

Grandpa Wen angrily retorted, “Nonsense!”

Wen Le’s mind raced, and she sourly asked, “Could it be that Dad has other children…”

Was he hiding this to pass on the family fortune to other children?

Grandpa Wen angrily scolded, “Nonsense! The family fortune is all yours, not a penny less! You’re the only descendant in the family. If we don’t give it to you, who else should we give it to?”

Wen Le said with a hint of grievance, “Then why did you all keep it a secret from me?”

Grandpa Wen felt guilty for a moment but then toughened up, “That’s your own stupidity! After you got into college, we didn’t keep it a secret. You’ve only just realized it now. Fool!”

Wen Le asked, “But why did you keep it a secret from me?”

Grandpa Wen choked a bit and retorted, “Raising a daughter in poverty, don’t you know?”

Wen Le was taken aback, “No, I didn’t know.”

Grandpa Wen snorted lightly, “Hmph, ignorant.”

He added, “Read more books when you’re free, and learn less from your dad.”

After saying that, he quickly hung up the phone as if he were fleeing.

Wen Le held her phone in a daze for a while.

Listening to Wen Le’s conversation, Cheng Hui couldn’t make heads or tails of it, but she caught the phrases “Is our family this wealthy?” and “Why did you hide it from me?”…

She was a bit confused and asked, “W-What’s going on?”

Wen Le turned her head towards Cheng Hui and asked, “Have you heard the phrase ‘raising a daughter in poverty’ before?”

Cheng Hui replied, “No, I haven’t heard of it.”

Cheng Hui murmured, “Aren’t they supposed to say ‘raising sons in poverty, raising daughters in prosperity’?”

Wen Le still looked somewhat dazed, “Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard too, ‘raising daughters in prosperity.'”

Cheng Hui felt a bit nervous, took a sip of water from her cup, and asked, “What exactly happened?”

Wen Le looked at Cheng Hui and murmured, “I might have become rich overnight.”

Cheng Hui spewed out the water in her mouth in shock, utterly astonished.

Wen Le truthfully told Cheng Hui about her situation. She talked so much that her mouth became dry. She grabbed a bottle of milk and sipped from the straw a couple of times, but her eyes still looked somewhat vacant.

Cheng Hui held the two keys in her hand, staring at these seemingly ordinary keys with shock. She asked, “So, these two seemingly normal keys are actually for a courtyard house in Beijing and an office building?”

Wen Le bit the straw and nodded dazedly.

Cheng Hui opened her mouth wide, looking at the keys and then at Wen Le, utterly disbelieving.

Cheng Hui asked again, “So, what did your dad give you yesterday?”

Wen Le scrolled through her phone and pulled up a WeChat message from Xiao Yang.

Xiao Yang was probably like Uncle Jiang, supposedly serving as her housekeeper and driver.

On WeChat, it was a photo that Xiao Yang had sent her yesterday, informing her that all the gifts her dad gave her, whether they were jewelry, handbags, or sports car, had already been arranged in her new residence.

Cheng Hui took the phone and flipped through the photos. “Oh my god, this is insane! Seriously, this sports car! Ahhh, are all these bags yours?”

Wen Le leaned her cheek on her hand and said, “I still can’t quite believe it.”

Cheng Hui handed the phone back to Wen Le and suddenly leaned in closer, asking, “Wen Le, you’re not suffering from some kind of delusion, right? Could it be that you’ve imagined this whole overnight wealth thing?”

Wen Le looked at Cheng Hui, pondered for a moment, and then nodded seriously, “It’s not impossible.”

Cheng Hui exclaimed, “Wow,” and still found it hard to believe. “I still feel like we’re both dreaming.”

“You’re dreaming of overnight wealth, and I’m dreaming of attaching myself to a rich woman’s thigh.”

Wen Le held Cheng Hui’s hand and let out a sigh.

Cheng Hui saw the diamond ring on Wen Le’s hand, picked it up, and examined it closely. “Whose blue-blooded family is this diamond from? Could it really not be a dream?”

Wen Le lifted her hand to look and said, “Oh, this one was given to me by Zhou Kao.”

Cheng Hui: “!!!?”


“Why did he give you a ring?”

Wen Le looked at the ring and chuckled softly, “Because this is a pair of couple rings.”

Cheng Hui: “???!!”

“He just had nothing better to do, huh? Why would he give you couple rings? What a weirdo.”

Wen Le looked at Cheng Hui, speechless, “Is there a problem with couples wearing couple rings?”

Cheng Hui rolled her eyes, “Yeah, you’re not a couple. Why wear couple rings?”

Wen Le looked at Cheng Hui silently.

Cheng Hui: “!!!”

“Wait! What did I just say?”

“What did you say?”

Cheng Hui was flustered, “Couple…couple rings, you, Zhou Kao?”

Cheng Hui struggled, “Why can’t I reason this out? I’m lost, this is too difficult.”

Wen Le couldn’t believe it, “Is it really that hard for you to accept that Zhou Kao and I are together?”

Cheng Hui stared at Wen Le blankly, struggling to say, “Honestly, this is even harder for me to accept than your overnight wealth.”

“Both of you were considered the least likely to get into a relationship.”

Cheng Hui stood up, covering her forehead, and walked unsteadily to the edge of the bed, flopping down onto it. 

“Wen Le became wealthy overnight, Wen Le and Zhou Kao are together. I’m definitely not fully awake yet, and you probably aren’t either. You should go to sleep too, and we can catch up later when we’re both awake.”

Wen Le grabbed Cheng Hui and shook her, “I’m being serious.”

Cheng Hui waved her hand, “Alright, alright, it’s for real. I’ll take a nap.”

Wen Le said, “When my house has finished renovation, I’ll invite you over to visit.”

Cheng Hui suddenly sat up, looking at Wen Le, “Oh my god, you’re really a rich woman!”

Wen Le said, “I need time to adjust too. I can’t handle this on my own. Help me share the burden.”

Cheng Hui said, “Oh my god, I once read in a magazine about a rich man who had so much money that his child didn’t even know how to tie his shoelaces. So he pretended his family had gone bankrupt. When the child grew up, he revealed the truth that he was wealthy. Oh my god, your family isn’t like that, right?”

Wen Le said, “I don’t know. This situation seems different.”

Cheng Hui said, “Heavens, this kind of story is happening right around me. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness!”

“Do you want anyone else to survive? Even the toughest guys would be driven crazy. What would happen if others heard about this?”

“With your already near-perfect looks, getting into the top national university, A University, and being the top student in every exam, winning all sorts of awards, delighting in collecting certificates and accolades, and having such an amazing and wealthy family, oh my god! You’re even the sole heir to the family business, born for a rich family drama. Damn it! And on top of that, you’ve won the heartthrob of every girl in school, Zhou Kao. Damn it! Wen Le, I can’t take it anymore! Aaaah!”

“How am I supposed to go on living like this?”

Cheng Hui was on the brink of a mental breakdown.

“They wouldn’t even dare to write novels like this.”

After a while of chaos, Cheng Hui gradually calmed down and sighed like a salted fish, “It’s fortunate that the rich woman is my friend. Can I cling to your thigh, rich woman?”

Wen Le laughed and hugged her.

Cheng Hui patted Wen Le’s shoulder and sighed, “This life is like a drama, damn!”

“But to be honest, you and Zhou Kao actually make quite a pair. He’s practically the male version of you. Apparently, a certain tycoon who often appears in the news is his dad.”

Wen Le said, “It’s too early to discuss these things now.”

Cheng Hui asked, “Are you planning to tell our friends about what you told me today?”

Wen Le said, “Not yet. Let’s take it slow. I haven’t fully come to terms with it myself.”

Wen Le continued, “Actually, I had suspicions earlier, but I didn’t dare to think about it too much. But my dad really defies common sense.”

Cheng Hui said, “I also thought your family probably wasn’t as poor as outsiders suspected, but I never imagined your family would be this wealthy.”

Just then, the dormitory door was pushed open. The two of them stopped their conversation as Qing Xuan and Bao Xiao Fan entered, playfully wrestling with each other. They saw Wen Le holding a pair of sports shorts and Qing Xuan said, “Wow, Le Le, you finally get it! You’re planning to show off your beautiful legs to the world!”

Wen Le said, “We have a track and field meet, so I need to run. My other pants would hinder my performance. I need to unleash my full potential.”

Bao Xiao Fan said, “Now all those people who said Le Le had thick legs will have to eat their words. With Le Le’s beautiful legs revealed, ah, this will be a hot topic. Hahaha, I want to see them proven wrong.”

Cheng Hui suddenly had a thought, “Le Le, if the photo of your beautiful legs becomes a hot topic on the BBS forum, wouldn’t your boyfriend get jealous?”

Wen Le raised an eyebrow, surely not…

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