Blockhead When It Comes To Love

Wen Le said, “Doesn’t this mean we’re announcing our relationship?”

Cheng Hui replied, “Silly, there are ways to make an official announcement, whether it’s an official one or not, there’s a lot of room for maneuvering.”

“You can do it like this…” Cheng Hui whispered a plan into Wen Le’s ear.

Wen Le blushed. This plan would have to be implemented in front of her roommates… That was too embarrassing.

Cheng Hui patted Wen Le’s arm. “Come on, don’t be timid.”

After some thought, Wen Le decided to call Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao answered the phone with a slightly weary but gentle voice, “Missed me so soon?”

Wen Le laughed and scolded, “Don’t be narcissistic; I’m calling about something important.”

Zhou Kao lazily replied, “What important matters could there be between us?”

Wen Le scolded, “Don’t be cheeky; listen carefully.”

Zhou Kao smiled and said, “Okay, leader, go ahead.”

Wen Le hesitated for a moment and then said, “On Friday… I want to take you to meet… my dad. How about it?”

Zhou Kao was taken aback, thinking that Wen Le finally decided to go public. He quickly nodded, “Sure, it’s settled. You’re not allowed to back out.”

Hearing Zhou Kao’s tone, Wen Le knew he misunderstood. She hurriedly explained, “It’s not what you think…”

Zhou Kao furrowed his brows. Wen Le continued, “On Friday afternoon, my dad is coming to our college to give a lecture. I just found out. I can’t skip my dad’s lecture, but we made plans for Friday…”

Zhou Kao, realising he had jumped to conclusions, sighed, “Oh, I see. I misunderstood.”

Hearing Zhou Kao’s tone, Wen Le’s heart softened involuntarily.

Poor Wen Le, born with a delicate and charming appearance, yet had a straightforward and masculine heart. Cheng Hui often teased her that if she were a guy, she would surely be surrounded by all the green tea* and white lotus* girls. 

Wen Le, however, wore an embarrassed expression as she denied that she couldn’t resist Zhou Kao when he acted cute and vulnerable with her as he normally acts in a strong and domineering manner. This significant contrast was what she found charming, and if he were genuinely delicate like a typical “green tea”, he might not even catch her attention. The essence of her attraction to him lay in Zhou Kao’s strength and excellence.

So, for the first time, Cheng Hui directly experienced the sweetness of dog food and blushed deeply.

“Isn’t this supposed to be a gradual process…” Wen Le couldn’t stand Zhou Kao’s weak and pitiful tone. Unable to come up with sweet words to comfort him, she subtly expressed her longing, “Let’s go together, please? It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other too.”

Zhou Kao’s voice was deep, “Then, do you miss me?”

Wen Le’s face turned bright red. As someone insensitive to romantic emotions, she couldn’t come up with sweet words to comfort someone. Her face was so red that she couldn’t utter a word.

However, Zhou Kao seemed determined to hear Wen Le say it before giving up. He persistently asked, “Do you or do you not miss me?”

Forced by his persistence, Wen Le became anxious, feeling a mix of embarrassment and anger. She gritted her teeth and said, “I miss you so much, hurry up and come!”

After saying this, she hung up the phone. On the other end, Zhou Kao looked at the disconnected phone and burst into laughter, finding it amusing.

His secretary opened the door and heard Zhou Kao’s laughter. With a puzzled expression and a hint of shock, she thought their young boss, though young, usually acted quite mature. 

His handsome face was usually devoid of expression and could freeze anyone in their tracks. It was the first time she had seen their young boss laugh like this and wondered what had happened.

When Wen Le finished the call and came out, Man Qingxuan and Bao Xiaofan had already returned. Seeing Wen Le pushing the door open from the washroom, her face still flushed, Cheng Hui couldn’t help but glance at Sun Youmei, who was on the bed pulling the curtain, not knowing what she was doing. Cheng Hui teasingly said to Wen Le, “Oh, look at your blushing face. Did your handsome school hunk Zhou tease you again?”

Wen Le glanced at Cheng Hui and said, “I’m annoyed.”

Man Qingxuan and Bao Xiaofan approached, saying, “Whispering sweet nothings over the phone again?”

Cheng Hui, hearing this, briefly explained, “She plans to invite school hunk Zhou to accompany her to the lecture on Friday.”

Then she looked at Wen Le and asked, “What? Did your school hunk Zhou not agree?”

Wen Le replied, “I don’t know. We had a little disagreement, but he should come.”

Cheng Hui sneered, “What do you mean by a little disagreement?”

“A little disagreement is just that—a little disagreement.”

Even if she unilaterally declared a little disagreement, it was still a little disagreement.

Man Qingxuan said, “Had a disagreement, and he’s still coming?”

Wen Le replied, “Yes.”

Bao Xiaofan suddenly lit up, “Hehehe… so, can we tune in to watch?”

Cheng Hui and Man Qingxuan, excited, hugged each other and exclaimed, “Ah ah ah ah! Watch! Watch! Watch!”

Bao Xiaofan was so excited, “Haha, I can’t imagine what it would be like for this love blockhead to be in love.”

Man Qingxuan also laughed, “Hahaha, I don’t know why, but I find it a bit funny, hahaha.”

Wen Le glared at the two of them, “Ah ah ah! You guys are too much.”

On Friday afternoon, the atmosphere in Room 307 seemed a bit excited.

Cheng Hui, Man Qingxuan, and Bao Xiaofan had already dressed neatly and arrived at the school auditorium one hour in advance. Before leaving, Cheng Hui repeatedly reminded Wen Le: “We’ll go to save seats first, and you and Zhou Kao can come later.”

Cheng Hui reiterated, “Do you still remember what I told you?”

Wen Le nodded, “Yes, I remember.”

Just before leaving, Cheng Hui reminded once again, “We’ll be in the last row at the corner of the auditorium. If you don’t know where it is, send us a message on WeChat.”

Wen Le nodded again and urged, “Okay, okay, you guys go quickly.”

In her heart, Wen Le scoffed. She initially thought it was nothing, but the excited appearance of these three made her a bit nervous.

The lecture was scheduled to start at 4:30 in the afternoon and last until 6:00 in the evening. 

After the three left, Wen Le called Zhou Kao.

“Where are you now?”

Zhou Kao said, “At school.”

“Why? Isn’t the lecture supposed to start at 4:30? What, miss me already?”

Wen Le laughed and scolded, “Conceited.”

Zhou Kao looked at the time and said, “It’s only 3:30 now, still an hour before the lecture starts. Do you have any plans?”

Wen Le raised an eyebrow, “No, what do you want to do?”

Zhou Kao said, “I’m in the Student Union office. Come over; there’s no one here. How about we go to the auditorium together around 4:00?”

Wen Le thought about the crowded auditorium and the inconvenience for them to do anything there, so she nodded.

The Student Union was different from the Social Council, and their activity building was in the adjacent S building.

When Wen Le arrived at the S building, there weren’t many people around.

Following the address provided by Zhou Kao, Wen Le found Room 201.

Wen Le knocked on the door, and it quickly opened. A hand reached out, pulling Wen Le inside.

Then Wen Le felt a force push her against the wall. A shadow cast over her, and she was embraced around the waist, her chin held and firmly kissed.

This sequence of actions was completed almost in an instant, the speed so fast that Wen Le’s exclamation was directly swallowed by his kiss.

Wen Le’s heart was still pounding violently, but it was quickly soothed by the familiar breath between their noses.

After not seeing each other for over twenty days, the couple in the midst of a passionate relationship was like a pile of dry tinder—once ignited, it became uncontrollable.

Zhou Kao’s eyes reddened, filled with a hazy yet fiery desire. He seemed to want to devour Wen Le whole. His actions were fierce and intense, plundering her breath, sucking, licking, and biting her lips.

Wen Le was also a bit excited, responding with unprecedented enthusiasm which further aroused Zhou Kao. Wen Le’s voice gradually revealed a broken tone under the excitement.

In the heat of the moment, things escalated. Several buttons of Wen Le’s shirt were unbuttoned, and it continued until warm hands touched the surging softness. Wen Le trembled at the waist, her legs went weak, and that’s when she snapped back to reality.

Weakly pushing against Zhou Kao’s chest, Wen Le’s actions paused. 

Zhou Kao hesitated for a moment, fiercely sucked a few times on Wen Le’s neck, and then let her go. 

However, the two remained unwilling to part, leaning on each other to calm their breaths.

In a husky and low voice, Zhou Kao whispered in Wen Le’s ear, “I missed you so much.” 

Wen Le’s heart tingled at the words, and she couldn’t help but hug Zhou Kao again, kissing the corner of his lips gently, murmuring, “Me too.”

Zhou Kao, panting, bit fiercely on Wen Le’s neck, warning, “Don’t play with fire, or I’ll handle you right here.” 

The bite made Wen Le wince, and she hammered his chest hard, but with her weakened strength, it was more like a cat’s scratch.

The two cuddled for a while until Wen Le’s phone rang.

Wen Le took out her phone and glanced at it; it was her dad calling.

A bit puzzled, Wen Le answered, “Hello, Dad?”

Wen Tianqi’s voice came through the phone, “Lele, today Dad is giving a lecture at your school. You should know, right?”

Wen Le nodded, a bit of complaining evident in her tone, “Dad didn’t even tell me.”

“Dad wanted to surprise you.”

Wen Le thought, What kind of surprise is this? It’s more like a shock!

Wen Tianqi said, “You’ll come to Dad’s lecture?”

Wen Le replied, “Of course, it’s Dad’s lecture, I’ll definitely be there to support you.”

Wen Tianqi chuckled, “Good girl.”

He continued, “After the lecture, if you have nothing else, come home with Dad. The house is ready, and you’ve never visited. The lecture will be over just in time for dinner. The housekeeper has already prepared a meal. On the first night of moving in, let’s have a good meal together, just the two of us, okay?”

Hearing her dad’s words, Wen Le felt awkward about refusing, but she had plans with Zhou Kao. They hadn’t seen each other for so long, and there were only a few hours left.  Wen Le looked at Zhou Kao with some difficulty.

Zhou Kao, who was hugging Wen Le from behind, had probably heard their conversation, but he kept his eyes lowered, not saying a word.

Wen Le did not want to reject her dad, yet she also did not want to reject her boyfriend, thus she hesitated for a moment. Yet in this short moment,  Wen Tianqi seemed to have sensed her struggle. “Lele, do you have something in the afternoon?”

Wen Tianqi sighed, his voice a bit disappointed. “Dad shouldn’t have surprised you like this without informing you earlier.”

Wen Le hadn’t spoken yet when Zhou Kao pinched Wen Le’s earlobe, shook his head lightly, and gestured for them to make plans next time, signaling Wen Le to go home and eat.

She felt guilty but did not want to disregard Zhou Kao’s act of kindness, thus she nodded, replying: “I’m free, and so happens I also want to see the new house.”

Wen Tianqi, in a good mood, said, “Great, Lele, after the lecture, Dad will take you straight home. However, you might need to wait a bit. Dad may need to have a chat with the school leaders.”

Wen Le nodded, ended the call, and looked at Zhou Kao.

Feeling guilty, Wen Le touched Zhou Kao’s cheek, still somewhat unwilling.

Yet Zhou Kao kissed Wen Le’s hand and said with a smile, “The fact that you hesitated for me when your dad invited you already makes me satisfied.”

Wen Le, hearing this, felt her heart soften even more. She gently stroked Zhou Kao’s hair and said in a soft voice, “Ah, why are you so understanding? It makes me feel guilty.”

Zhou Kao touched Wen Le’s nose and said hoarsely, “Of course, I have to get all this time lost back from you. Don’t think you can escape.”

He then let his hand slide deeper into Wen Le’s shirt. Blushing, she slapped his hand away, saying, “Stop fooling around.”

Zhou Kao kissed Wen Le’s neck, his voice low and husky, “Serious people don’t date. What’s the point of being proper in a relationship?”

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