Yet Another Dance

To liven up the atmosphere, more than half of the staff responsible for the party learned the waltz. After the opening dance by Wen Le and Zhou Kao, the male host began to liven up the atmosphere.

However, there were still many people at the event who did not know how to dance, and it was the staff’s goal to encourage them to join in.

The staff who had learned to dance would invite someone of the opposite sex who didn’t know how to dance to join them on the dance floor and sway to the music.

Encouraged and led by the staff, more and more people began to bring their dance partners onto the dance floor and follow the staff’s steps, and this experience was also very interesting for those who had never danced before.

This was not a formal dance, so there was no need to be too concerned, and everyone was relaxed and was having fun on the dance floor.

In this way, the party became truly lively.

Most of the staff were dancing on the dance floor, while the remaining staff were responsible for the music equipment, security, and order at the event.

Since Wen Le had just finished the opening dance, she stayed with the staff responsible for the music equipment.

As they were talking, someone suddenly called her name.

“Wen Le!”

Wen Le turned her head, “Yi Ze’an?”

Yi  Ze’an had been involved in almost all the preparations for the party, so it was impossible for Wen Le, as one of the staff, not to know him.

Yi Ze’an had someone with him, but Wen Le didn’t know who the person was. They were holding a device and filming Yi Ze’an.

Wen Le glanced at the camera, didn’t say anything, and just asked Yi Ze’an, “Is there something you need?”

The camera was recording, and it was filming the two of them from the side.

To be honest, Wen Le felt a little uncomfortable.

But when she invited Yi Ze’an to the party, she had tacitly agreed to let him bring his equipment, and when he filmed the performances on stage, she, as the host, must have already been included in the live broadcast. If she said she was uncomfortable now, it would be too hypocritical.

Yi Ze’an seemed a bit restrained and nervous, his voice a bit tight, and he said sheepishly, “You look beautiful tonight.”

Wen Le was momentarily stunned, thinking he was going to say something else. Then she smiled and replied, “Thank you, you look handsome too.”

Wen Le had a special demeanour about her. Although she appeared gentle, she also gave people a sense of distance and was difficult to approach.

Wen Le’s facial features undoubtedly passed the test of various distances from the camera, and now, with the camera less than half a meter away, the stunning impact of the close-up filming that focused only on her facial features was even more direct and impressive.

There was another small wave of sensation in the live broadcast room.

-I’m dying from laughter

-What kind of immortal looks is this? I’m so jealous.

-Why would someone who looks like this want to attend A University?

-Hahaha, am I the only one taking crazy screenshots? How amazing are these features? Just a random shot and it’s a beautiful photo.

-Hahaha, I’m also taking screenshots.

Yi Ze’an’s face turned a little red as he said, “The netizens in the live broadcast room really like you.”

Wen Le nodded politely and said, “Thank you.”

Yi Ze’an thought Wen Le was a bit nervous in front of the camera and pointed to it, saying, “You can say hello to them.”

Wen Le:……

Wen Le couldn’t help but look at the camera and smile. She didn’t know what to say, so she said, “Hello everyone, you’re all welcome to apply to A University.”

Yi Ze’an burst into laughter, and the other staff members around Wen Le also laughed.

The commentary barrage in the live broadcast room paused for a moment, and then began to flood the screen.

-Ah Ah Ah Ah, sister, you look so good!

-Puhahaha! What is this? Welcome to apply to A University? The admissions office must be very happy to have a student like you in the school! Hahaha, I’m laughing to death.

-Wuwuwu, I also want to apply to A University, but my ability doesn’t allow it.

-Miss, do you know that your way of greeting is very special?

-After hearing this sentence, I looked at the date and felt like I had returned to the time when the universities were competing for students just after the college entrance examination ended… It’s so familiar…

Yi Ze’an smiled and said, “You don’t have to be so serious. They like you very much and are just curious. Can they chat with you?”

Wen Le couldn’t refuse and nodded.

Yi Ze’an said, “The dance you just performed shocked everyone. Can you tell us what kind of dance it is?”

Wen Le replied, “Let’s call it a tango for the time being.”

Yi Ze’an said, “Wow, we learned the waltz initially, and you and Zhou Kao also started with the waltz, why did it turn into a tango?”

Wen Le playfully blinked her eyes and said, “Probably because I was challenging him.”

“I have a question for you. With so many boys inviting you, why did you choose Zhou Kao? Was there a prearrangement?”

“Wen Le!”

Before Wen Le could answer, she heard someone call out to her.

It was Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao slowly approached and appeared in front of the camera, starting a new round of screen brushing in the live broadcast.

The crowd present all looked towards Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao nodded lightly as a greeting to everyone.

-Ah ah ah ah! It’s that little violin brother!

-Damn! That nodding action, even I as a guy find it so cool.”

-“Ah ah ah ah! I’m a little excited. My goodness, this is an unparalleled scene of two men competing for one woman! It’s too ‘sou’ (dramatic)!”

Wen Le didn’t know why Zhou Kao came here. “What’s going on?”

Zhou Kao’s gaze swept over the camera and Yi Ze’an. His eyes were deep and cool as he said, “There aren’t enough people over there. Come with me for a bit.”

As he spoke, he took Wen Le’s wrist and pulled her around to leave.

Wen Le breathed a sigh of relief in her heart and said to the people present, “I’ll go over first.”

Yi Ze’an looked slightly surprised as he watched Wen Le leave. To be honest, he had intended to invite Wen Le to dance with him, but he didn’t expect Zhou Kao to cut in.

Zhou Kao’s warm and dry hand held Wen Le’s wrist as he strode forward, and they attracted some attention along the way. However, Zhou Kao remained composed and didn’t pay attention to it.

Wen Le had to run to keep up and was still curious about what was going on.

Zhou Kao led her to a deserted corner and let go of her hand.

Wen Le looked around and asked, “What’s the emergency that needs help?”

Zhou Kao answered her question with a question, “Does your ankle still hurt?”

Wen Le instinctively moved her ankle and replied, “No, why do you ask?”

Zhou Kao glanced at the dance floor, then turned his gaze to Wen Le and said, “Then dance with me again.”

Wen Le was taken aback, “What?”

Zhou Kao didn’t repeat himself. He simply bent over, extended his hand, and invited Wen Le.

Wen Le didn’t refuse. It was like how Zhou Kao didn’t refuse her. She gently placed her hand on Zhou Kao’s hand.

The two slid into the dance floor holding hands.

There were many people in the dance floor, with some dancing skillfully and others just swaying to the music. Their attention was mostly on their dance partners, so the two of them blended into the crowd without attracting too much attention.

Wen Le held onto Zhou Kao’s arm while Zhou Kao’s hand rested on her shoulder. The music was soothing, and they were dancing the waltz they had not finished before.

The gentle music seemed to soften their auras. Wen Le’s voice was soft in the music as she asked, “Why dance again?”

Zhou Kao glanced back and didn’t hide anything from Wen Le. He turned around with Wen Le and adjusted their positions. Then Wen Le saw what Zhou Kao saw before.

It was Su Zhenzhen.

Su Zhenzhen had indeed come to the event with Sun Youmei. Her target was clear.

Zhou Kao.

So when Su Zhenzhen saw Wen Le accepting Zhou Kao’s invite for the first opening dance, Su Zhenzhen almost bit her silver teeth off.

It was supposed to be her stage, her spotlight, her man.

She was supposed to be engaged to Zhou Kao, and she would be Zhou Kao’s only dance partner. Zhou Kao would only kiss her hand and invite her to dance, taking her to pirouette in the center of the dance floor, while everyone envied her.

She was supposed to be the center of attention, the leading lady.

Su Zhenzhen wished she could skin and tear Wen Le apart. Zhou Kao should only be dancing with her!

At that time, Sun Youmei was having a fight with her boyfriend, Jin Lin.

Jin Lin originally didn’t want to come tonight, and Sun Youmei had an argument with Jin Lin for a few days. In the end, it was unsure if Jin Lin had thought it through by himself or decided to coax Sun Youmei, and eventually came.

At the beginning, everything was fine. But it didn’t take long for Jin Lin to start chatting on WeChat with his mobile phone in his hand.

Sun Youmei asked who was looking for him, and Jin Lin said it was a few friends asking him to go for a drink, but he had refused them.

Sun Youmei didn’t believe him and wanted to see his phone, but Jin Lin had already cleared all recent chat records, and his entire recent WeChat contact list was empty. He also scolded her for being overly suspicious.

Later, the dance party began, and all the couples around went to the center of the dance floor to dance. Sun Youmei wanted Jin Lin to take her to dance.

Sun Youmei knew that Jin Lin could dance, because Jin Lin had said that this was one of the social etiquette that they had to learn in their circle.

But Jin Lin didn’t want to, saying, “I’m not going, you don’t know how to dance either.”

Sun Youmei glared at Jin Lin angrily, “You can just teach me!”

Impatiently, Jin Lin said, “These shoes I’m wearing today are handmade in Italy and are my first time wearing them. If I teach you, my shoes will be ruined.”

Sun Youmei was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

Meanwhile, Su Zhenzhen had no idea how Sun Youmei was feeling. She turned around and reached out her hand to Jin Lin, saying, “Lin Zi.”

Only then did Jin Lin lazily put away his phone and say, “Okay, Miss.”

He then bent down and took Su Zhenzhen’s hand, and both slid onto the dance floor.

They both learned social dances before and danced better than anyone else in the room.

Sun Youmei felt like she had been slapped in the face. Her boyfriend had just refused her and in the next moment, went to the dance floor with another girl. Sun Youmei angrily stared at the centre of the dance floor and once again realized the gap between her and that circle.

Su Zhenzhen didn’t dance with Jin Lin to make Sun Youmei jealous. In fact, she didn’t care about Sun Youmei at all.

She found Jin Lin only because he was the only gentleman by her side who could dance the waltz.

She didn’t care whether it was Jin Lin or Yin Lin*. She just wanted to get onto the dance floor, where she could exchange dance partners. She wanted to dance with Zhou Kao, how could she let that woman dominate Zhou Kao?

*TN: a pun on the word ‘jin’ = gold, and ‘yin’ = silver; SZZ could care less who she chose to dance with.

Although Jin Lin was a playboy, he wasn’t stupid. He could naturally see Su Zhenzhen’s intentions.

There was no denying that Zhou Kao’s dance partner was a beauty.

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