Only For My Eyes

Wen Le saw Su Zhenzhen and Jin Lin getting closer and closer, and was surprised. Jin Lin was Sun Youmei’s boyfriend. Wen Le knew this, so…

Why was he dancing with Su Zhenzhen while Sun Youmei was watching from outside the dance floor with envy and jealousy?

It was really strange.

Wen Le asked in a low voice, “What are they trying to do?”

Zhou Kao replied, “They’re exchanging dance partners.”

Wen Le said speechlessly: “If you didn’t bring me onto the dance floor, they wouldn’t have thought of doing this.”

Zhou Kao said, “She would have come and invited me directly.”

Wen Le retorted, “So what?”

Zhou Kao stuck to the rhythm and lowered Wen Le’s waist, and her long legs bent in a soft arc.

Wen Le got up slowly.  Zhou Kao looked at Wen Le’s forehead while Wen Le looked at Zhou Kao’s chin, and they gracefully spun around.

Zhou Kao smiled slightly and whispered, “How can a gentleman refuse a lady in public? It’s extremely rude to make her lose face.”

Wen Le glared at Zhou Kao and asked, “So, that’s why you agreed to dance with me?”

Zhou Kao chuckled softly at Wen Le’s words, and there was a hint of teasing in his eyes when he looked at Wen Le, “What if I said yes?”

Wen Le smiled wryly, and loosened her grip on Zhou Kao’s hand. She was about to leave with “then you can play by yourself”, when Zhou Kao suddenly grabbed her hand and pressed her against his chest.

Wen Le was caught off guard and exclaimed in surprise, then looked up at Zhou Kao with her beautiful eyes.

Zhou Kao lowered his head and whispered in Wen Le’s ears, “If I wanted to refuse, I wouldn’t have given you the chance to ask me.”


Wen Le looked at Zhou Kao.

There was a smile in Zhou Kao’s eyes, “Just like this.”

Zhou Kao glanced behind him at Su Zhenzhen and Jin Lin who were getting closer. He whispered to Wen Le in a low voice, “Keep up with me.”

Then following the sound of rapid music, Zhou Kao held Wen Le tightly, and the two of them spun in rapid strides in the center of the dance floor.

Wen Le’s skirt flew up like a black butterfly.

The two of them spun around at a fast pace, with their footsteps perfectly synchronized as if they were one person. They turned from one end of the dance floor to the other, leaving Su Zhenzhen and Jinlin far behind, and the distance between the four of them widened again.

However, this move caught the attention of everyone on the dance floor.

But the two of them ignored everyone else and danced to their hearts’ content with the music.

Wen Le leaned her entire weight on Zhou Kao, with one leg wrapped around his, and the other lightly touching the ground. Zhou Kao’s hand was around Wen Le’s waist, lifting her up and spinning her around.

Their dance was unique and ostentatious, and people gradually stopped their movements and looked at the two of them dancing gracefully on the dance floor.

The music was still playing, and Zhou Kao leaned close to Wen Le’s ears and said, “Look.”

Wen Le gasped softly, “What?”

Zhou Kao chuckled, “We can also finish a waltz calmly.”

Upon hearing this, Wen Le laughed and said, “As long as you don’t get angry with me, even if it’s not a waltz…”

Wen Le suddenly stopped speaking.

Zhou Kao asked, “What is it?”

Wen Le’s eyes flickered as she said, “Even ballet, I can dance with you.”

Zhou Kao sighed lightly and took Wen Le in a spin. He said calmly, “Unfortunately, I don’t know ballet.”

Wen Le burst out laughing at his response.

Zhou Kao asked, “What’s so funny?”

Wen Le said, “Nothing, I just imagined what you would look like dancing ballet.”

Zhou Kao’s eyes were full of smiles, not realizing how gentle his tone was. He asked, “Is it that funny?”

Wen Le nodded and laughed again. Her laughter was so stunning that even Zhou Kao was momentarily stunned.

Wen Le’s beauty was acknowledged by everyone, and Zhou Kao had seen it many times. She wasn’t someone who didn’t smile, on the contrary, she often wore a smile on her face. However, that smile was completely different from the one she had now.

She was always polite and distant, even when her smile was gentle, it always made people feel that she was hard to approach. This mask-like smile made Wen Le look like a painting hanging on the wall, beautiful but somewhat distorted and unreal.

But now, Wen Le was different from before. Her eyes were lively and flexible, and there was a graceful air about her. Her smile came from her heart, and the infectious joy that spread to Zhou Kao made him feel like she was glowing.

Zhou Kao’s throat bobbed up and down, his voice tight, and his gaze fixed on Wen Le’s face, as if he wanted to capture this moment. “So, I can’t learn it, but you seem to have learned ballet.”

Wen Le denied, “I haven’t learned it.”

Zhou Kao clicked his tongue, not believing her.

Su Zhenzhen and Jin Lin couldn’t catch up with the two of them, either because of their poor dancing skills or poor coordination.

As the two of them danced, Yi Ze’an’s live broadcast exploded again.

Yi Ze’an invited a partner onto the dance floor, a senior sister from the same department.

And the person Yi Ze’an brought along was still using equipment to film the scene, mainly to capture Yi Ze’an.

But as Wen Le and Zhou Kao stepped from one end of the dance floor to the other, they couldn’t help but be caught on camera.

-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! They are dancing again!

-Ah ah ah ah ah ah!

-No, didn’t the little brother say that there was something urgent that he had to take the little sister away? Why is their urgent matter going to dance?

-There’s something fishy going on.

-Ah ah ah ah ah ah! I!! Love!! it!!

-Acting like there’s an urgent matter is just an excuse to come and find the girl, haha.

-Tsk tsk, haven’t you guys noticed? When that young man left, he tightly held the girl’s wrist. Who would grab a female colleague’s wrist like that? Clearly, it was not an urgent matter.

-Hahahahaha, he’s in a hurry, he’s in a hurry, he must be burning with jealousy, right? Hahahahaha.


-Tsk tsk tsk, scheming BOY, is he flirting with the girl UNDER THE GUISE OF BUSINESS?

 -Scheming scheming!

-An An is so naive, tsk tsk. He’s no match for that young man. It’s hopeless, he can’t get the girl.

-Haha, are all boys these days so scheming? An An, give him the girl! You belong to us.

As the song ended, it was free time.

Su Zhenzhen never got to dance with Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao looked at Wen Le’s high heels, “Does your ankle really not hurt?””

Wen Le shook her head, but she had been wearing high heels all night, so her feet were a little tired.

Zhou Kao seemed to notice a hint of exhaustion in Wen Le’s expression and said softly, “Go and rest for a bit. I’ll go talk to Su Zhenzhen.”

Wen Le looked at Zhou Kao, wondering why he was telling her this. He usually didn’t like to explain things to others.

Zhou Kao didn’t say anything else, he turned around and stopped Su Zhenzhen who was walking towards them. The two of them went to a quiet corner.

Wen Le looked in the direction they disappeared and withdrew her gaze. She seemed to sense the hidden annoyance that Zhou Kao covered up with politeness, of course, it was directed at Su Zhenzhen.

Wen Le went backstage to see if there was anything she could help with, then she went to find her roommate.

From a distance, she saw Bao Xiaofan talking to a guy with a smile on his face. Wen Le smiled and quietly walked away.

Cheng Hui beckoned to Wen Le from a distance.

Wen Le walked over and saw a girl in a white dress next to Cheng Hui. The girl had a pure and gentle temperament, and she was a little beauty.

Cheng Hui introduced her and said, “My friend from the club, Dan Shan. My roommate, Wen Le.”

The girl was very gentle and had a good temper. Wen Le greeted her, and the three of them stood chatting together.

Cheng Hui said, “Do you see the guy across from Bao Xiao Fan?”

Wen Le glanced over and said, “I saw a guy, but I didn’t get a good look.”

Cheng Hui said, “He’s supposedly the male god she secretly fell in love with in high school.”

Wen Le laughed and said, “Bao Xiaofan had crush on more guys than there are tiles on the walls of the Forbidden City.”

Cheng Hui said, “Who said so. Our little Bao looks honest, but she actually has a pond in her heart, and she can have several pretty boy fish in it at the same time.”

Wen Le chuckled. Dan Shan also smiled softly.

The group of people were standing very close to the west side entrance of the gymnasium. Hearing what seemed to be a quarrel, Wen Le glanced over at the west side entrance.

Cheng Hui said, “It’s Sun Youmei. She had another fight with her boyfriend and will probably stay in the dormitory tonight.”

Wen Le thought of the dance that Su Zhenzhen and Jin Lin performed today and could probably guess why.

While they were talking, they saw Su Zhenzhen leave the gym in despair from another direction.

Wen Le wore ten centimeter high heels and stood all night. To be honest, her feet and waist hurt, but as a staff member, she had to stay until the end of the dance party. The only place she could sit was the audience seat on the stage, and her cheongsam was slightly raised. Even if she wore safety shorts, Wen Le did not want to sit in a high place.

Although Wen Le’s feet hurt, she didn’t show it and continued to chat with the two people with a smile, occasionally moving her feet carefully.

While they were talking, they suddenly saw Zhou Kao walking towards Wen Le from the backstage.

Cheng Hui nudged Wen Le and said, “Is he looking for you?”

Wen Le blinked, “I don’t know.”

Shan Shan’s eyes were full of smiles, “I think he’s looking at you.”

As they were speaking, Zhou Kao walked up to Wen Le and said, “Wen Le, come over for a moment.”

Wen Le didn’t understand and looked in the direction Su Zhenzhen had left. She thought, didn’t Su Zhenzhen leave earlier? Did something really happen?

After saying goodbye to her roommate, Wen Le followed Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao took Wen Le to a small office on the second floor.

Wen Le thought that all the small offices on the second floor had been borrowed for use as dressing rooms, but unexpectedly there was one that wasn’t.

The key was that all the bags and luggage were in the dressing room, and all the doors were locked for safety, but Zhou Kao had the key to this office.

“Come on in.”

Wen Le followed Zhou Kao inside and looked around. The small office was very clean, with some files on the desk, and the key was that there was a large, soft sofa.

Wen Le’s eyes lit up almost as soon as she saw the sofa. Could her feet finally relax?

Just as she was thinking this, Zhou Kao said, “Go on and take a seat”

Wen Le sat on the sofa, feeling almost as if she wanted to sigh in relief. Her feet were finally free. Since her feet no longer hurt, her mood improved, and her voice softened and sounded a bit lazy and coquettish as she asked, “What do you want from me?”

Zhou Kao took a hot drink from behind his computer desk and put it in front of Wen Le. “It’s a bit of business.”

Wen Le looked at the hot drink and suddenly felt thirsty. She had forgotten to drink water all night because she hadn’t brought any.

Wen Le took the hot drink, which was a glass of hot milk.

Wen Le’s mood seemed to lighten a bit more. She asked with a smile that she didn’t even notice, “When did you buy this?”

Zhou Kao said, “Just now.”

Wen Le remembered that Zhou Kao seemed to have disappeared for a while after Su Zhenzhen left, so it must have been during that time.

Wen Le said, “Thank you.”

“I was just a little thirsty, so I bought an extra cup.

TN: yeaaaa righttttt we believe you ZK 🙂

Wen Le glanced at Zhou Kao’s coffee and then at her own hot sweet milk. Oh, he bought too much and didn’t even buy the same thing twice.

Wen Le pursed her lips, suppressing a smile, and looked at Zhou Kao. “Do you have a straw?” Her lipstick was not stain-proof.

Zhou Kao chuckled lightly at her words, and his deep laughter echoed in the small office. Wen Le moved her ears, feeling a bit tingly.

Wen Le glanced at Zhou Kao. “What, aren’t people allowed to have baggage?”

Zhou Kao handed Wen Le his straw from the paper bag. “You were so fierce tonight, I thought you didn’t care about baggage.”

Wen Le stared at him incredulously. “Fierce? When was I fierce?”

“When you were dancing the tango.”

Wen Le stared at him, is this dog man blind? She gave up her face and tried so hard to be alluring, but he called her fierce?

Wen Le was about to be angered to death.

Zhou Kao lowered his eyes and ignored Wen Le’s glare. “It’s fine for me, I can handle it. But don’t be so fierce to others.”

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