To Shock The Whole Audience

Wen Le smiled and said, “Oh, then what do you think?”

Zhou Kao gave a soft retort and did not reply.

Wen Le also retracted her beautiful legs wrapped around Zhou Kao’s waist. No matter how many men followed reluctantly, the slender and fair legs were still hidden back behind the dress after all.

The two took a bow and slowly withdrew.

The applause lasted for a long time.

Wen Le stepped down, and her senior sister greeted her excitedly, screaming with Wen Le in her arms.

“Ahhhh~! My goodness! Lele! You guys were so sultry!”

The senior sister’s friends also came over, “Damn I’m gone, look at my eyes, I’m so excited that I could cry.”

A female department head of the student union said, “Damn it! Wen Le, what you two danced was not the same kind of dance as what we learned together, right?”

Wen Le nodded, “No.”

The senior sister sneered and said, “When did you two practice secretly behind our backs?”

Wen Le smiled and said, “Really did not.”

“What kind of dance was that? It was so…so f*cking emotional.”

“Tango,” Wen Le explained: “It just so happens that both of us know it so we just danced casually.”

The senior sister blushed, “Although you two were dancing like it was a war, I was still blushing and my heart was pounding.”

“Ah ah ah ah! You guys are so good at flirting.”

Senior sister said, “That’s it, if it were me, I wouldn’t even be able to hold my gaze! I don’t even know why I’m so excited.”

“It feels like though it is you two who danced such a dance, it’s not you who stirred each other up, but it is the audience who were all stirred to death by you.”

“It’s true, I saw a male classmate from the student union, watching you two dancing, his face was flushed, his fists clenched tightly, and his neck was all red too.”

“Do you know what this is called? This is what you call an attack of lethal beauty.”

“Correct! Attack of lethal beauty!”

“Tomorrow night is the masked ball, and I am suddenly looking forward to you and Zhou Kao!”

“That’s right! There will be a masked ball tomorrow! Ah ah ah, I’m looking forward to it, I don’t know if there will be any surprises.”

The senior sister winked at Wen Le as she spoke.

Wen Le didn’t know what to say, and her senior sister suddenly approached, “What kind of perfume did you use, why does it smell so good?”

Wen Le said, “It’s the classic perfume series of the Y brand.”

“Is it? I also have that, but why is it different from the one on you? This one on your body is a bit woody, and the Y brand one doesn’t have this smell.”

Wood fragrance…Wen Le suddenly thought of Zhou Kao for some reason. The cologne that Zhou Kao sprayed tonight seemed to be…

Wen Le was taken aback, and for some reason, her face suddenly became a little hot, so she couldn’t help but change the subject and said, “That might be because people were spraying other perfumes in the dressing room, I can’t remember.”

“It smells so good, I’ll try mixing the scents next time.”

Wen Le:……

TN: hahahaha you can try senior sister but I doubt you’ll be able to get the same scent unless you find a guy like Zhou Kao to dance closely with you~

Yi Ze’an was an Internet celebrity with millions of fans on a certain video APP.

The persona he set up for himself was that of a handsome straight-A top student, and he cultivated a large number of female fans.

Some time ago, the Social Council invited him to participate in this orientation. After reading the plan of the orientation, he accepted the invitation without hesitation, and after communicating with the person in charge, he added a performance segment for himself.

He could become an Internet celebrity with millions of fans not only because of his personality but also because of his sensitivity to the market. He could always catch the point that netizens wanted and market it to them.

And this Orientation was undoubtedly a good opportunity for him.

Netizens were curious about the top elite school in the country. He would always record lots of campus vlog on weekdays, and the number of views had always been good.

Prestigious school, dance party, social networking, hunks and beauties.

These were all elements that could attract netizens.

Yi Ze’an thought that he might be able to increase his exposure and gain more fans through this live broadcast.

Therefore, he began to prepare early, even though he was not a member of the Student Union or the Student Council, he was almost fully involved in the planning, promotion, and decoration of this gathering.

Yi Ze’an brought his equipment and had already discussed with the staff to select the best location in the gymnasium to shoot the entire stage clearly.

And the situation that night far exceeded his expectations. Shortly after the live broadcast began, his live room became popular, with nearly seven-digit views.

His number of fans grew rapidly, and Yi Ze’an hardly had to show his face. He only needed to sit in the crowd, aim the camera at the stage, occasionally give commentary, and interact with fans. And if he wanted more traction, he would just stir up the crowd. With just that, his live room’s rewards for that night had six digits.

After the opening ceremony, Yi Ze’an gave his usual commentary, “The opening ceremony is over, and next is the dance party. Our host for the opening dance is my goddess, Wen Le.”

Wen Le walked out of the crowd, and the barrage began to discuss this beautiful woman wearing a black cheongsam. When Wen Le appeared on stage, Yi Ze’an’s live room had already caused a sensation. Wen Le, wearing a black cheongsam, stood on the stage, which was truly shocking, but Yi Ze’an was chatting with his friends and didn’t pay attention.

Wen Le chose her dance partner, and Zhou Kao kissed Wen Le’s hand. Due to the distance, no one could see the ring on Wen Le’s hand, and everyone thought Zhou Kao was kissing Wen Le’s hand.

The commentary barrage froze, and Yi Ze’an said sourly, “Ah, if it weren’t for me to give you commentary, I would definitely go down and dance the first dance with my goddess.”

Some fans in the live room made fun of him.

But when the music started, the situation gradually spiraled out of control as the two slid onto the stage. 

The organizers of the gathering had arranged a dance party, and considering that most students could not dance ballroom dance, all the staff learned the same dance, the waltz.

At first, Wen Le and Zhou Kao did indeed dance the waltz for two minutes, but then the style changed dramatically, and the two engaged in an aggressive battle, shocking Yi Ze’an to the point of being speechless.


This was too f*cking shocking…

This was not a dance; it was clearly a war of attrition using beauty as a weapon.

Yi Ze’an stared at the two dancing on the stage, and the goosebumps on his body revealed his excitement and shock. He had forgotten that he was still live streaming, fortunately, the camera had recorded this powerful scene.

The number of viewers in the live room had reached an unprecedented peak, but Yi Ze’an just stared at the two dancers, even forgetting to ask his new viewers to follow him on the platform.

The barrage was rolling crazily, and gifts were flooding the screen.

As the music ended, thunderous applause filled the room.

Yi Ze’an finally came to his senses but choked and blushed, “This f**k…was amazing…”

The audience in the live broadcast room did not feel disappointed or leave because of Yi Ze’an’s neglect. On the contrary, the barrage in the live broadcast room was so active that it was difficult to read, and even frequent buffering occurred.


-What godlike looks!!!!

-Is this not an art school? Is this not a performance school that gathers all the good looking people?

-An An is obviously so handsome, but the pair who are dancing on the scene…I’m sorry, An’an, I have to switch sides. Oh, my god, I’m dead.

-Awful mass grave.

-Ahhhhhh! Can you please debut together? Give me a chance to ship you two!

-Are they a couple? My god, the girl’s eyes are amazing, my goodness, I have goosebumps all over my body.


-Everyone! Don’t you realize? These two godly contestants are both A University’s super academic elites!!! And they look so good! I’m dead!

-Ahhhhh! My mom asked me why I was screaming, and I said it’s because I think I’m crazy and want to take the A university entrance exam!!!

-I’m addicted, but what should I do if I want to watch them in the future? Should I study hard and take the A university exam? Oh no, that’s impossible…

-Why do you think they have a relationship? They didn’t dance with any intimate feelings, on the contrary, I feel they just want to conquer each other.

-I love this girl. Her dance is not gentle at all, she is a queen! She wants to conquer this guy!!! Ahhhhh! Miss, you have already conquered me!

-I’m shocked by the students in the dance department next door! Is the quality of A University students so high? Even from the perspective of a professional, they passed this dance! Unbelievable!

-An’an An’an An’an An’an! I need information about that beautiful lady in cheongsam! Hurry up and arrange it!

-It’s rare to see anyone wearing a cheongsam with such elegance nowadays. This girl’s looks, temperament, and body are all amazing!!! Who else can look better in a cheongsam?

-I just ordered a cheongsam. I know I don’t look good in it, but I still want to wear it.

-Did no one notice the handsome guy’s suit? A University’s latest runway model costs no less than six figures. He must be a rich, handsome, and academic elite. I love him, what kind of novel’s male lead is he…

-A University deserves its reputation as the top university in the country. 

Yi Ze’an finally came back to his senses and remembered the netizens in the live broadcast room that he had neglected. He quickly looked at the barrage, but unexpectedly, the barrage was very active.

Yi Ze’an took the time to let the new viewers follow him and answered a few questions.

Yi Ze’an smiled and said, “I…I’m a little excited. After the dance, I can take you to interview the cheongsam lady, my goddess.”

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