Preparing to Register for Marriage

“Not now, but you’ll be sooner or later. What’s the difference between early and late?” Xie Yan said in all seriousness. 

Su Shen was at a loss for words regarding how to deal with this person. She opened the car door, lifted her dress, and prepared to get out of the car.

Xie Yan grabbed her arm and asked calmly, “When are you free?”

Su Shen turned around and glanced at him from head to toe. “To do what?”

Xie Yan: “To register our marriage.”

Stepping on 10 cm high heels, Su Shen almost twisted her ankle when she stepped down. Xie Yan, following behind, carefully helped her with her dress, and just as he was about to say something, Su Shen walked away blushing.

Su Shen felt that she needed to ask her parents about this matter because her household registration* wasn’t with her.

household registration (hukou) – it is an official document issued by the Chinese government to Chinese citizens, it indicates the particular area a person is from, and entitles the registrant to certain benefits in that area: for example, hospitals, schools, or land-purchasing rights

Upon returning to the production crew’s SUV, it seemed that their turn was approaching. Director Li was even planning to give her a call, but fortunately, she returned on her own.

Their movie could be considered a highlight since it featured the assembly of a best actor, best actress, and a famous director. However, they weren’t the last group to appear on the red carpet. The final group was a Sino-French co-production blockbuster with the casting of a veteran superstar. Thus, they were the third to last group to appear. Director Li was rather considerate of Su Shen and even asked her to stand next to him while walking. Meanwhile, Ding Yan was on the other side of the director and would greet the surrounding reporters with a smile. Zheng Tong didn’t care much about who had the C positioning and would occasionally even watch his step to avoid stepping on Su Shen’s dress. 

The camera flashes around them were incessant as they walked toward the center. After everyone signed on the film festival’s backdrop, the host finally asked them to stand together for a group photo.

After taking the photo, the female host handed a mic to the director and asked, “I heard that this is a project that Director Li has been preparing for five years. Are you satisfied with the outcome you have achieved?”

Taking the mic and facing numerous cameras, Director Li appeared calm and composed as he said, “There’s no perfect work in this world. I feel that the final product falls slightly short of the vision I have in mind, which is quite regrettable. However, overall, I’m quite satisfied. Whether it’s the casting, the attention to environmental details, or the script, I believe it has reached around 90% of what I envisioned.”

Naturally, it was only 90%. The original story contained too many sensitive topics that couldn’t be fully depicted. To pass the censorship, they had to cooperate and make cuts and modifications of certain scenes. They weren’t even sure if it would be able to be released on schedule for the Spring Festival box office this year.

Standing next to Ding Yan, Su Shen kept her head slightly lowered. The host continued to interview the director and asked other people a question as well. When it was Su Shen’s turn, there was no mention of her relationship, perhaps because Director Li appeared very solemn. Instead, they briefly discussed her character. Everyone just said whether they were confident in portraying the role or not. Director Li also spoke a few words on her behalf. After that, the host allowed them to proceed inside to the venue. 

As soon as Su Shen and her group left, Xie Yan and his group walked over. Except for the female lead, they were all men dressed in the same attire. They were all tanned, probably from being exposed to the sun in Africa. Surprisingly, Xie Yan was the fairest among them.

Although the theme of this film was sensitive, it garnered a lot of attention. This was also the first time the cast and crew have appeared in front of the camera, so the reporters naturally made an effort to capture the moment.

After they had signed on the backdrop, the host immediately walked over and handed the mic to the super-tanned director. “I heard that you all went to Africa to film. But, why didn’t Xie Yan get tanned?”

Speaking of that, the director immediately arched a brow and shrugged helplessly. “He has a girlfriend who made him apply sunscreen. Nobody cared about us!”

“Ahahaha…” The others couldn’t help but laugh out loud, and even the host didn’t expect the director to make such a joke. For a moment, they all burst into laughter.

Then, the host passed the mic to Xie Yan and said teasingly, “Xie Yan, do you know that Su Shen just went in?” 

“Of course, he knows. They were saying sweet nothings to each other just earlier!” Zhong Quan, who was standing at the side, couldn’t help but comment. 

At that, the others couldn’t help but burst into laughter again. Xie Yan glanced at Zhong Quan, who immediately suppressed his laughter and didn’t dare to speak again.

The surrounding flashes continued to go off, and the host, as if seizing the topic, immediately followed up with another question, “Then, do you have any plans for when you’re going to get married?”

Holding the mic, Xie Yan calmly replied, “Not too far away.”

His response was as if he hadn’t said anything at all. The host seemed to want to ask for when specifically, but also knew that Xie Yan definitely wouldn’t reveal it, so he asked another question. “I heard that filming this film was challenging. Were there any interesting incidents during the process?”

Hearing this, Xie Yan didn’t hesitate and calmly said, “Zhong Quan fell into a manure pit.”

At that, the others burst into laughter, and even the host looked bewildered. Zhong Quan quickly took the mic and explained, “My foot just stepped into it, I didn’t actually fall into it.”

“Yeah, he just stepped into the manure pit,” another person from the crew couldn’t help but add. 

The host laughed again, and the group of people started attacking each other. When they entered, the camera behind continued to film them. The cast and crew sat together. Su Shen and Xie Yan were not far apart. When he sat down. Xie Yan spotted Su Shen in the row behind him.

Su Shen also noticed Xie Yan in front of her, but instead of going over to him, she sat there and chatted with Xue Zhixin.

The opening of the film festival featured a prominent A-list movie star on stage discussing the meaning and origin of films. The lighting in the audience was relatively dim, and people would occasionally engage in their own conversations unless the camera swept over which they then sat upright.  

Su Shen kept her head down, continuously scrolling through her phone. The red carpet and opening ceremony were being live-streamed, and she came across a few headlines of a few female celebrities seeking attention by showing cleavage. Su Shen saw the interview segment with Xie Yan and his cast and was surprised to find that the comments were actually all about her. 

Netizen A: Ahahaha, Xie Yan is so vindictive, poor Zhong Quan. [joy]

Netizen B: When the host said they could go in, Xie Yan was the fastest to go. Was he going to find Su Shen? [joy]

Netizen C: So they were already together while shooting this film. [joy]

Netizen D: I suddenly remember when Su Shen attacked Xie Yan on a show, she was so scared to speak when he said he doesn’t hold grudges. [covering face emoji] 

Netizen E: Hahaha, Yan ge must’ve been thinking, “You little devil, just wait and see how I’ll deal with you when I get back.” 

After scrolling through her phone for a while, Su Shen smiled helplessly as she put her phone away. On the other hand, Xue Zhixin kept asking her when she was going to get married. 

Usually, such news was not easily shared except with the closest friends, as it could easily be leaked and sold to the media by others. At that time, the news of their marriage would come from someone else’s mouth. 

However, Su Shen didn’t hide anything and whispered, “Next year; I’ll be waiting for your gift money.”

Hearing this, Xue Zhixin didn’t follow up with when specifically and just simply leaned over with a smile and said, “You’re moving fast, getting married at such a young age.”

In the entertainment industry, getting married after 35 wasn’t considered late for female celebrities. There were very few who would get married at around 25, especially for such a popular starlet. In the entertainment industry, it was few and far between as getting married would definitely affect their popularity. It would also make it inconvenient for them to film idol dramas in the future. Hence why Su Shen had been shifting her career. However, for her, these popularity concerns were certainly less important than having a family. In any case, she didn’t plan to continue with idol dramas in the future. 

Su Shen chatted with Xue Zhixin while waiting for the ceremony to end. However, by the time the ceremony concluded, it would be 10 pm. Currently, the opening ceremony was still underway and the awards hadn’t been presented yet. They were just announcing the selected films that were nominated. There would also be a closing ceremony following after.

She had to rush to the airport following this. When the award ceremony ended, everyone started walking out on their own. Su Shen was also in a hurry to leave when she noticed that Xie Yan from the front row had quietly followed and stood behind her without making a sound.

There were other celebrities around them who would glance in their direction. Su Shen felt a bit uncomfortable, but Xie Yan seemed unfazed. When they were descending the stairs, he even helped her with her gown.

“Xie Yan, invite Su Shen to have late-night with us.”

Just at this moment, Jiang Liankai suddenly emerged from the crowd, accompanied by several acquaintances including Sun Zhi. It seemed like they were planning to go somewhere for a night out. Some lesser-known celebrities who were passing by would discreetly cast glances in their direction. If they could join this social circle, it would undoubtedly be helpful for their future networking. However, it was often challenging to break into the inner circles of these A-listers. 

Standing in the corridor outside the venue, Xie Yan held Su Shen’s arm and said to the others ahead, “She has to film, and I need to send her to the airport.”

Hearing this, Jiang Liankai clicked his tongue. “Alright, alright. The clinginess of you youngsters is something us older folks don’t understand.”

“We’re all young here, you’re the only old one. Look at the wrinkles on your forehead,” Sun Zhi, who was impeccably dressed in a suit, pointed at Jiang Liankai’s forehead and burst into laughter without any regard for decorum.

Others joined in the laughter, while Jiang Liankai glared at Sun Zhi unhappily. “These are normal forehead lines. Look at the wrinkles at the corners of your eyes. You dare criticize me.”

With that, Su Shen couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Finally, when some other acquaintances came over, their group for late-night was formed. There would undoubtedly be paparazzi trying to secretly photograph them, but it didn’t matter. They wouldn’t invite any young models over, so even if they were photographed, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

After Su Shen changed her clothes in the backstage room, she got into the car with Xie Yan before entrusting the gown to Xiao Zhou for safekeeping and passing it to Yao Yin to deliver to the brand. 

Xiao Zhou sat in the backseat, watching as the neon lights flickered outside the window. She quietly watched her idol driving at the front, wanting to take a photo but afraid of being caught. Feeling both anxious and excited, she looked down and started scrolling through her phone.

“I just asked my mom, and she said the days around the National Day holiday were better to register our marriage after checking the almanac.” Su Shen read aloud while looking at her phone.

At the back, Xiao Zhou’s eyed widened in astonishment. She couldn’t believe that her idol and her Su jie were going to register their marriage! 

“Sure, as long as you remember,” said Xie Yan, smiling slightly as he turned the steering wheel.

Looking up slowly, Su Shen looked at the man driving beside her. A faint blush appeared on her fair face as she asked, “We’re… really going to get married so quickly?”

She felt like everything was a dream. In the blink of an eye, they were about to register their marriage.

As the traffic light turned red, Xie Yan slowly stopped the car. He placed one hand on the steering wheel and turned to look at her earnestly before saying, “What else, unless you want to change your mind?”

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