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This Is My Daughter

The two of them stuck together and continued to be affectionate until around 4:10 pm before heading to the school auditorium. About 7 minutes later, they reached the auditorium, and as the crowd increased, Wen Le held Zhou Kao’s hand, preventing him from moving forward.

Zhou Kao turned to look at Wen Le, asking, “What’s going on?”

Wen Le said, “Did you forget what I told you earlier?”

Zhou Kao replied, “I remember, but it’s still quite a distance away from the auditorium.”

Wen Le explained, “We might get noticed if we go any further.”

Zhou Kao sighed, “Okay, okay.”

Wen Le repeated, “I’ll go in first, and when I message you, you can come in, okay?”

Zhou Kao gestured with an OK sign.

Wen Le said, “Then find a place to wait quickly.”

Saying that, she shook off Zhou Kao and walked towards the auditorium. It was almost 4:20, and the auditorium was almost full.

The title of the person in charge of Tianyin Group was quite prominent, attracting a significant audience. The large auditorium was packed with people, and there were still many people crowded at the entrance. When Wen Le walked by, she attracted the attention of many.

Wen Le walked from the left aisle of the auditorium to the last row, going towards the corner her roommates mentioned. As expected, in the farthest corner sat her roommates Cheng Hui, Man Qingxuan, and Bao Xiaofan. From a distance, they saw Wen Le and waved to her.

Wen Le walked over, attracting even more attention. She saw two empty seats at the last row, on the outer edge, with backpacks placed on them. Wen Le sat down in the innermost position.

The commotion in the back naturally caught the attention of the front row. Several male and female students turned around, noticing Wen Le. They looked at her with an investigative gaze, as if they had discovered something interesting.

Seeing Wen Le’s arrival, her roommates took away the bags on her seat and winked at her.

Ignoring them, Wen Le lowered her head, took out her phone, and sent a message to Zhou Kao.

Wen Le sat for about two minutes, then said, “I’m going to the restroom.” She didn’t lower her voice, so the students in the front row could also hear.

Holding her phone, Wen Le went to the women’s restroom, closed the door, and sent a message to Zhou Kao: “You can come in now.”

Upon receiving the message, Zhou Kao got up and walked into the auditorium. By now, it was almost 4:25, and the entire auditorium was filled with people. The noisy audience gradually quieted down. Zhou Kao walked into the auditorium under the gaze of everyone.

Zhou Kao stood still at the entrance, glancing at the audience seats. With his natural height advantage of 1.88 metres and his non-myopic eyes, he quickly found the only two empty seats in the room, at the farthest corner of the last row.

Under the gaze of everyone, Zhou Kao confidently walked towards the last row, specifically the two seats that Cheng Hui and her friends had saved for them. These were probably the last two seats in the entire venue.

People watching Zhou Kao saw him bow his head and ask the students sitting beside the vacant seats, “Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?”

The girl sitting closer to the outside hesitated for a moment and nodded, seemingly surprised by Zhou Kao’s unexpected appearance. Since there was no one, Zhou Kao sat in the outermost seat.

However, after Zhou Kao took his seat, the girl who had nodded hesitated to say, “But, but… there’s someone next to you…”

Zhou Kao gently reassured her, “It’s okay.”

After Zhou Kao sat down, the girl who had nodded just now stuttered, “But, but… there’s someone next to you…”

Zhou Kao calmly sent a message to Wen Le: “Your roommate’s really good at acting.”

Wen Le: …

It seemed that only one seat was left in the entire venue. Those far away didn’t know who occupied the other vacant seat, but those in the front row had seen Wen Le. They naturally knew who was sitting there.

Thinking about it, those in the front row couldn’t help but wonder, is it really okay? After all, that person is Wen Le, and your relationship doesn’t seem too good… Is it okay for you two to sit together like this?

While these thoughts crossed their minds, they were more excited than anything else. They probably sighed in their hearts, Wen Le and Zhou Kao were indeed the most diligent melon farmers at University A.

Just as they were thinking this, a slender figure appeared at the entrance of the auditorium, walking gracefully towards them. The outstanding posture clearly belonged to Wen Le.

Wen Le’s hands were still a bit wet, obviously just returning from the restroom. This was normal, but…

But something seemed off.

Thinking about it, Wen Le slowly, very slowly, walked toward the place where Zhou Kao had just taken a seat.

People in the audience chuckled silently at this seemingly fateful and peculiar encounter between the two incompatible individuals. In reality, it was all part of the plan by the residents of Dormitory 307.

Unaware of the situation, the crowd believed it was a strange coincidence, so the entire venue fell silent. Countless pairs of eyes were fixed on the two people in the last row.

Wen Le’s face seemed to stiffen a bit when she saw Zhou Kao, and those closer could vaguely hear her voice.

Wen Le was very polite but also somewhat distant as she said, “Sorry, that seat inside is mine.”

Her tone seemed a bit cold. 

The onlookers then saw Zhou Kao nod expressionlessly and show no intention of giving up his seat. He just slightly adjusted his long legs, making it seem like he was inconveniencing Wen Le.

That handsome and arrogant face seemed to say, “I’ve made room for you, either come in or stay out.”

It appeared that Wen Le’s expression darkened a bit, and she hesitated for a moment. Then, she reluctantly squeezed through the narrow gap Zhou Kao had left, tightly pressed against the front chair. 

Midway through, it seemed that Zhou Kao did something to trip her, and Wen Le stumbled.

At this point, Wen Le’s expression became even more unpleasant. Onlookers thought, “These two really don’t get along privately.”

It wasn’t until exactly 4:30 PM that a group of people in suits entered the venue. The host went on stage, and at this moment, everyone’s attention gradually shifted away.

In a place where others couldn’t see, Wen Le pinched Zhou Kao’s thigh hard. He had to play around with her in front of so many people.

The incident wasn’t about Zhou Kao tripping Wen Le; it was about Zhou Kao subtly placing his knee between her legs while she lifted her skirt to walk inside. This act was accompanied by a provocative touch.

In front of so many people, Wen Le couldn’t tolerate this teasing. Her legs went weak for a moment, almost sitting directly on Zhou Kao’s lap. Wen Le gritted her teeth, thinking that he must have done it on purpose.

Moreover, the auditorium’s audience lights were dim, and Wen Le’s long hair cast shadows. Contrary to what everyone thought was a dark expression, Wen Le’s face was actually turning red. But gritting her teeth was genuine.

When Wen Tianqi, dressed in a suit, walked onto the stage, a stir erupted in the audience. Wen Le faintly heard someone say he looked handsome.

Wen Le chuckled softly, thinking that her dad had maintained himself well over the years and did indeed look like a handsome older gentleman.

Then, she heard a girl nearby whisper, “This Mr. Wen, the head of Tianyin Group, is still a single king. You also have a chance, you know.”

Wen Le’s face turned even darker at this remark. She thought, “I consider you classmates, and you’re thinking of becoming my stepmom?”

In fact, Wen Le had some conflicting feelings about this matter. Her family rarely mentioned her mom. Since Wen Le became mature and sensible, she has never mentioned her mom in front of elders.

For many years, her dad had remained single, and a search for news about the head of Tianyin Group, Wen Tianqi, on the internet would yield no gossip. 

Her dad’s clean record always gave Wen Le a sense of security. It conveyed the message that her dad deeply loved her mom and that she held an eternal place in his heart.

So, despite the absence of her mom in their family, Wen Le felt a complete and secure family environment.

Actually, Wen Le was also conflicted. Grandpa, Grandma, and her all lived in the mountainous area. It was tough for her dad to support the entire Wen family alone, and Wen Le hoped someone could accompany her dad. However, she didn’t want her dad to have another woman in his heart, apart from her mom.

In reality, Wen Le was sometimes quite selfish, instinctively avoiding the possibility of his dad remarrying.

Seeing Wen Le’s troubled expression, Zhou Kao knew she had heard the conversation just now. In a place where no one could see, he quietly held Wen Le’s hand, intertwined their fingers, and gently caressed the ring on Wen Le’s middle finger.

The sound of their couple rings clashing echoed softly, catching Wen Le’s attention. She looked up at Zhou Kao, gave a gentle smile, and the gloom in her heart dispersed a bit. She reciprocated by tightly holding Zhou Kao’s hand.

The two of them, unseen by others, held hands, legs lightly pressed together, occasionally exchanging glances, tender and gentle.

Until Wen Le sensed something was wrong, abruptly turning her head, only to discover her three roommates staring intently at them. Three pairs of eyes almost emitted gleams of light. Wen Le blushed, hastily pulling her hand away from Zhou Kao’s grip.

However, Zhou Kao tightened his grip, preventing Wen Le from letting go, and turned to the three curious roommates, nodding and smiling.

Seeing Zhou Kao greeting them and getting close, the three roommates chuckled secretly.

After the host finished the opening remarks, Wen Tianqi officially began the lecture. His voice was warm, his demeanour refined, exuding the charm of a mature man. Many girls in the audience were captivated by him.

Although Zhou Kao and Wen Le held hands tightly, they almost didn’t exchange whispers throughout the lecture. They both focused intently on Wen Tianqi, earnestly listening to his speech.

At the end of the lecture, Wen Tianqi gained many young fans. During the Q&A session, the host mentioned that questions could be directed to Mr. Wen, and many students eagerly raised their hands.

Zhou Kao, engrossed in listening, subconsciously raised his hand. Wen Le, with a start, quickly realised the situation and pulled down Zhou Kao’s hand as he attempted to raise it.

In a hushed voice, Wen Le said, “Are you crazy? My dad might see us.”

Zhou Kao raised an eyebrow, and seeing Wen Le embarrassed, she whispered again, “You’ll have plenty of chances in the future to ask…”

Zhou Kao chuckled and nodded, “Alright, I’ll let it go this time.”

After the Q&A session, the host thanked everyone, and the students started to leave. Remembering that her dad asked her to wait, Wen Le asked her roommates to leave first. Zhou Kao was still waiting for Wen Le.

Wen Le, thinking of her dad, told Zhou Kao to go ahead, saying, “I’ll go back with my dad.”

Taking advantage of no one paying attention, Zhou Kao ruffled Wen Le’s hair, “Call me when you get home.”

Wen Le nodded, and Zhou Kao left.

The students in the auditorium dispersed in groups. Wen Tianqi stayed behind, chatting with a few teachers outside.

Wen Le sat in the auditorium, waiting for her dad to finish his conversation. Not long after, Xiao Yang came in.

Seeing Wen Le playing with her phone in the auditorium, Xiao Yang quickly walked over to her. “Miss, your father is looking for you.”

Wen Le nodded, handed her bag to Xiao Yang, and followed him to find her dad.

Wen Tianqi was chatting with people, including some leaders from the college and successful business figures hired from outside the college.

University A is not only one of the top universities in the country but also the highest resource platform nationwide. Many teachers in the School of Economics are renowned figures in the business world, teaching here through special appointments.

Wen Tianqi, as the head of the longstanding influential family, held many resources. Therefore, not only students attended the lecture, but also several specially appointed professors came to get acquainted with him.

Seeing Wen Le approaching, Wen Tianqi waved his hand, saying, “Le Le, come over.”

Wen Le walked to Wen Tianqi’s side. She knew most of the people present, so she greeted each of them. Everyone was surprised, but looking at the similarities in the eyes and eyebrows of Wen Le and Wen Tianqi, combined with their shared last name, they quickly understood.

Indeed, Wen Tianqi said, “This is my daughter, who also happens to be studying at your prestigious institution. She’s currently a year 2 student.”

The people present were shocked. It was actually true! 

However, there were still rumours outside that Wen Tianqi had been single for so many years without a wife or children. It turned out he already had a grown-up daughter.

It seemed that Wen Tianqi genuinely cherished his daughter, keeping her so well-protected that there was no information leaking to the outside world.

One of the external teachers present smiled and said, “Mr. Wen, I always thought you were carefree without any attachments. I didn’t expect you to secretly cultivate such an outstanding heir. I know about Wen Le; she has swept up all the awards in our college, truly surpassing her predecessors.”

This sentence seemed to open a floodgate of praises. “I was wondering whose child is so outstanding. It turns out to be Mr. Wen’s daughter. Haha, if my son could achieve half of Le Le’s accomplishments, I would wake up laughing from my dreams.”

The dean had an impression of Wen Le and remembered that she seemed to be from a mountainous area. So he casually asked, “But how come Wen Le is said to be living in the mountains?”

Wen Tianqi patted Le Le’s shoulder, laughing, “As kids, it’s still better for them to grow up in a relatively innocent environment, so I decided to let her stay in seclusion with her grandpa there.”

Only then did everyone remember that Master Wen was also quite a character, rumoured to be living in seclusion in the mountains.

“Wishing you filial piety in the presence of your old man.”

After exchanging pleasantries, they started talking about other things. Wen Tianqi said to Wen Le, “You go ahead and take care of your matters.”

Wen Le bid farewell to the professors and turned to leave the office.

As she walked around the corner in the corridor, she was suddenly pulled by her shoulders and pressed against the wall.

Wen Le was startled and, seeing that it was Zhou Kao, hit his shoulder in protest. “You scared me! What are you doing here instead of going back?”

Zhou Kao replied, “I forgot I had something to do upstairs. Where are you going?”

Wen Le’s ears tingled as she glanced around. “I’m going out to wait. Dad is talking to the teachers; he might come over in a while.”

Zhou Kao said, “Then I won’t leave. I’ll stay with you a bit longer.”

Wen Le teased, “Why are you so clingy? Didn’t I say I’d call you when I’m done?”

Zhou Kao sighed again, saying, “A video call can’t alleviate my lovesickness.”

Wen Le chuckled, “Well, it’s not my fault. In the end, you’re the busy one.”

“They say men who are dedicated to their careers are the most charming. I’m afraid if I lose my charm, you won’t love me anymore.”

Wen Le sneered, “Why do I like you, do you even know?”

“Do you really think you have some charm? If it weren’t for your good looks, do you think you could have gotten a girlfriend with this mouth of yours?”

Zhou Kao made a teasing sound as if he was about to pinch Wen Le’s face, but she laughed and dodged.

Wen Le added fuel to the fire, saying, “Think about it. Before we got together, were you speaking like a human being?”

“Before being together, you were a scumbag; after being together, you’re a playboy. You never have a serious moment.”

Zhou Kao covered his chest, saying, “Ouch.”

“We’ve just been together for a short while, and you’re already complaining about me.”

Wen Le laughed heartily, and Zhou Kao was about to reach up to pinch her face when a distant voice interrupted them, “Le Le.”

They both turned around and saw that it was Wen Tianqi.

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