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I Want to Bury You in The Ground!

After touring Wen Le’s room, Wen Tianqi took Wen Le to other rooms, and as Wen Le had expected, the decoration and furnishings of the other rooms were far less thoughtful than Wen Le’s room. Wen Le even thought that perhaps the room being decorated all this time was hers.

After Wen Tianqi showed Wen Le around all the rooms upstairs, the two of them went downstairs to the dining room to have dinner. Some of the dishes were already on the table, and the servants and housekeepers came one after another to serve more dishes. To Wen Le’s surprise, she encountered a familiar face.

Wen Le couldn’t help but exclaim, “Auntie Jiang!”

Yes, it was indeed Auntie Jiang, Uncle Jiang’s wife. Auntie Jiang had been living with Grandpa and Grandma Wen Le in the mountainous area for the past few years. Auntie Jiang had excellent cooking skills, so she helped out in the kitchen at home and was considered a senior figure who watched Wen Le grow up.

Wen Le had missed Auntie Jiang’s chicken soup terribly during her time away.

Unexpectedly, Auntie Jiang had followed them to Beijing.

Auntie Jiang was also very happy to see Wen Le. She affectionately said, “Old Master heard that Master was moving to Beijing and said that Lele loves my cooking the most. Since my husband is also working with Master in Beijing, he asked me to come and take care of Master and Miss.”

“Master and Miss are always out and about, and if there are no family members taking care of them, not to mention the Old Master and Old Lady, even we ordinary folks would worry.”

Wen Le was very pleased and said, “That’s great! I’ll be so lucky from now on. Auntie Jiang, you have no idea since I started school, I’ve been missing your cooking so much.”

Auntie Jiang smiled and said, “Then Lele, you should eat more tonight. You’ve only been in school for a few months, but you’re already so thin.”

Wen Tianqi looked at Wen Le’s happy expression and couldn’t help but smile as well.

After dinner, Wen Tianqi had a brief conversation with Wen Le before letting her return to her room.

Wen Le hadn’t had time to send a message to Zhou Kao before, but now that she was back in her room, she quickly took out her phone and called Zhou Kao.

The call didn’t go through, showing that the user was busy. Wen Le felt a bit frustrated, thinking that Zhou Kao was probably busy again.

Wen Le sent Zhou Kao a WeChat message, informing him that she had returned home, and then went to the walk-in closet to pick out pajamas and take a shower.

It must be said that Auntie Yu really understood Wen Le’s style. The clothes she prepared for Wen Le always hit the mark. It was unclear whether Auntie Yu understood Wen Le’s preferences or whether Wen Le had been subconsciously influenced by Auntie Yu’s aesthetics over the years, as they had never had any disagreements in terms of taste.

The walk-in closet was huge, probably because Wen Tianqi knew his daughter loved beauty, or perhaps it was because Wen Tianqi genuinely doted on Wen Le. Just the walk-in closet alone was as big as a bedroom.

Wen Le walked around the walk-in closet and found that Auntie Yu had prepared more than ten sets of pajamas for Wen Le for the current season.

Wen Le looked at so many clothes and felt relieved. Humming a tune, she picked out a white vintage French-style long nightgown from more than ten different but equally beautiful styles of pajamas.

This nightgown was made of lightweight and soft fabric, with long sleeves and a long skirt that trailed down to her toes. The only part of her body that could be considered exposed was her collarbone and slender neck, as the nightgown had a square neckline that revealed them beautifully. But because the lace trim of this nightgown was so beautiful, Wen Le still chose it.

After taking a shower and putting on the nightgown, Wen Le came out of the bathroom with her slightly damp hair loose. 

The first thing she did was check her phone. There were no missed calls from Zhou Kao, and he hadn’t replied to her WeChat message either. 

Wen Le pouted unhappily, thinking he was probably working overtime again, and lay on the bed playing with her phone.

This evening, Wen Le had rare free time but found herself having no drama episodes to chase and books of interest to read, and was at a loss of what to do. 

After a while, Wen Le remembered something and took out her laptop from her bag. She suddenly had the idea because some time ago, Shan Shan and Cheng Hui had recommended she share some of her dressing and skincare tips on the Pen Point app to attract fans.

Wen Le thought since she had nothing to do, she might as well give it a try. But this time, she wasn’t writing to attract fans, as Shan Shan and Cheng Hui had suggested.

How should she put it? 

Actually, Wen Le developed a special feeling towards this app when she found out that it was developed by Zhou Kao’s company. She couldn’t quite explain what it was, but Wen Le didn’t want to use this app to attract fans and earn pocket money. She was more interested in experiencing the works of Zhou Kao’s team more intuitively and deeply.

Wen Le thought that after becoming a loyal fan and user of this app, she might have a different perspective on it from that of a fan and user. This way, she could have more substantial conversations with Zhou Kao in the future and perhaps even provide him with some useful feedback.

Thinking back to when Zhou Kao suggested that she intern at Pen Point, Wen Le felt a bit excited. Although she hadn’t decided whether to go or not, there was no problem in making a little preparation.

Thinking of this, Wen Le decided to go for it.

As for what field her first post on Pen Point should start from… Wen Le looked at her walk-in closet, which was filled with clothes, bags, and shoes. She chuckled lightly and had an idea in mind. Naturally, it should start from these.

If you were to ask a girl what her biggest regret was after having a house full of new clothes, that girl would probably answer that it’s not being able to wear all those beautiful clothes to show off to others in a short amount of time.

But if it’s for sharing outfit ideas, then it’s completely satisfying a girl’s vanity of wanting to wear multiple outfits for others to see in a short amount of time.

Well, Wen Le admitted that all the talk about Zhou Kao and Pen Point before was nonsense. She just wanted to show off her new clothes.


Wen Le was excited beyond measure. She skipped to the walk-in closet, lightly ran her fingers over the hangers, and selected a few sets of clothes that made her heart flutter the most. Holding the clothes up to the mirror for comparison, she felt so happy she could almost die.

Although she was a straight girl through and through,  straight girls* are still girls, and no woman can resist screaming like crazy over a room full of clothes, and she was no exception. Even Cheng Hui, the tough guy, would go crazy screaming here!

Wen Le picked out six sets of clothes, and from the cabinet behind her, she picked out bags, shoes, and jewelry that matched these clothes.

Wen Tianqi had the extremely valuable jewelry placed in the adjacent secret room. As for the jewelry that was relatively cheap and usually worn, it was placed outside the walk-in closet.

When Wen Le was selecting clothes, she noticed a slight change in these clothes. The clothes sent to her by Aunt Yu in the past never had logos from major brands. However, with a rough look at this batch of clothes, although there were no logos, if you looked closely, you would find that these clothes actually concealed some of the latest and classic styles from big brands.

Wen Le was somewhat puzzled. She had always thought that the clothes she wore were handmade by Aunt Yu. However, Dad said that all the clothes in this walk-in closet were sent by Aunt Yu…

Wen Le couldn’t help but speculate. Perhaps Aunt Yu was also responsible for external procurement work, but she chose to evade it before because she didn’t want to face the true situation of her family, and Dad didn’t want to force her either and informed Aunt Yu accordingly. 

So, Aunt Yu never told her about it, and that’s why there had never been anything purchased in her closet. Now that she no longer resisted the reality of her family, Aunt Yu could naturally enrich her wardrobe through procurement. After all, the things she purchased were indeed exquisite.

Wen Le carefully looked at these purchased items. Perhaps it was related to Aunt Yu’s taste or Wen Le’s taste, but they both didn’t like too obvious logos. Therefore, unless someone who really understood looked closely, they wouldn’t know these were luxury items.

Without thinking too much, Wen Le changed into the outfits she had put together, one by one. Then, like other fashion bloggers, she stood in front of the dressing mirror and took photos, only capturing the area below her neck.

She took photos of five sets like this.

Wen Le tidied up her things briefly, almost excitedly ran back to bed, and began writing and sharing notes.

Writing articles was not a difficult task for Wen Le. She also analyzed the common formats and templates used in the app. A simple little note took her no more than 15 minutes to finish, and it was uploaded successfully.

This fuss about picking clothes and changing clothes took almost two hours.

After uploading the notes, Wen Le closed the app and checked the time. It was already 10 p.m.

And there was still no message from Zhou Kao on her phone.

Wen Le glanced at her phone, feeling a bit disappointed, and placed it back. She put on her shoes and went downstairs to find something to eat.

Who knew, as soon as she went downstairs, she ran into Wen Tianqi.

Wen Le naturally greeted him, “Dad, you’re not sleeping yet?”

Wen Tianqi nodded, but his gaze inadvertently swept over something. His whole person paused for a second as if still processing what he saw, but when Wen Tianqi did process it, his entire complexion changed.

Wen Tianqi clearly saw a mark on Wen Le’s neck, which made him think of something extremely bad, and his face turned frighteningly dark.

Wen Le was startled by Wen Tianqi’s reaction. “Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

Wen Tianqi tried hard to tell himself to “stay calm, stay calm”. 

He knew Wen Le had delicate skin since she was a child, and her skin reacted greatly to insect bites. He couldn’t jump to conclusions just because of the unusual location.

Thinking of this, Wen Tianqi tried to appear calmer, restrained the urge to kill rising in his heart, and asked Wen Le gently, “Lele, are there many mosquitoes at your school?”

Wen Le didn’t think much of it when she heard this and nodded, “Quite a few. Last time, I even found a centipede in the school.”

Hearing Wen Le say this, Wen Tianqi couldn’t help but console himself: Look, Lele’s school has a lot of bugs.

Thinking of this, Wen Tianqi’s complexion eased a bit, and he wasn’t as scary anymore. He asked, “Was the red mark on your neck caused by a mosquito bite?”

Wen Le knew what was going on as soon as she heard this. She remembered that Zhou Kao seemed to have bitten her neck in the office.

Wen Le was so scared her hands trembled, and her face turned pale. But luckily, Wen Le’s face was originally white, so it wasn’t too obvious unless it turned red.

Wen Le tried hard to tell herself to stay calm and composed. 

Then, she displayed her acting skills to the fullest extent possible in her life, trying to make herself look very natural as she scratched the place Zhou Kao had bitten. She pretended to say very naturally, “Yeah, I don’t know what bit me. I hate bugs the most.”

Listening to Wen Le’s somewhat complaining tone, Wen Tianqi finally relaxed and said, “Shall I have someone get you some ointment?”

Wen Le nodded, “Okay.”

“Oh, why did you come downstairs?”

Wen Le said, “I want to eat some fruit.”

Wen Tianqi said, “Call the butler and have him send it up to you.”

“Oh, I forgot I could do that.”

After saying that, Wen Le went back to her room, called the butler, and had him send up some fruit.

At this time, Zhou Kao finally made the video call, and Wen Le was still angry, so Zhou Kao happened to fall into the trap.

Zhou Kao hadn’t noticed the danger yet, his voice was gentle and low, “Miss me?”

Wen Le angrily said, “Miss you? I want to kill you!”

As she spoke, Wen Le pulled down the collar of her nightgown, “Take a look at what’s this!”

Zhou Kao only saw a flash of white on the screen, with a little red plum blossom blooming in the white.

Zhou Kao’s eyes dimmed, and his voice became a bit hoarse, “This is my mark, of course.”

“You big idiot! I almost got caught by my dad!”

Zhou Kao didn’t care, “If I’m found out, I’ll take responsibility.”

Wen Le was about to go crazy, wishing she could strangle him from afar, “You idiot! In my dad’s eyes, you’re already a ‘boy with frivolous behaviour’. Do you want him to know it was you? Do you want me to dig you a grave?”

Zhou Kao’s expression cracked, “…Wha-What?”

A boy with frivolous behaviour…


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