Kiss Him If You’re Jealous

At noon, Zhou Kao took Wen Le to a restaurant near the company. There were many white-collar workers from the same building there, and when the two of them appeared, they attracted a lot of attention.

Wherever handsome guys and beautiful women went, they were the centre of attention, and with the level of looks that Wen Le and Zhou Kao possessed, they were like walking beacons, shining brightly.

After lunch, Zhou Kao didn’t have any meetings in the afternoon. He just needed to review some documents in his office, and occasionally someone would come in and ask him to sign something. However, such documents were rare because Zhou Kao, as a student, wasn’t yet independent enough to make decisions on most matters. Therefore, most of the documents had to be approved by the vice president, and Zhou Kao only needed to sign a few of them.

Occasionally, young team leaders would come in and discuss projects with Zhou Kao. Sometimes, they sought his opinion, and other times, they just wanted to share their thoughts with him. Zhou Kao was not a micromanager, but he was an open-minded and gentle leader. It was clear that he had a good relationship with these young employees.

Zhou Kao didn’t just listen and casually agree with what others said. He listened carefully, thought about it, and sometimes even humbly sought advice. Therefore, even though Zhou Kao was just a university student yet to graduate, he was not underestimated.

Perhaps this had something to do with Zhou Kao’s family background. Both his father and mother were leaders, and they had unique insights into handling interpersonal relationships and leading subordinates. Influenced by his family, Zhou Kao had an advantage in leadership that his peers couldn’t match.

While Wen Le appeared to be working on her laptop, her ears were actually perked up, listening to Zhou Kao’s conversations with the employees. 

Maybe Wen Le didn’t realise it herself, but she thought she was doing a good job of pretending to work on her computer. In reality, the upward curve of her lips and the stars in her crescent-shaped eyes had already given her away.

Even though Zhou Kao was talking to the employee, his gaze occasionally couldn’t help but drift towards Wen Le. Seeing Wen Le’s expression made his heart feel sweet and tender.

After chatting with Zhou Kao, the employee quickly left Zhou Kao’s office. It was truly heartbreaking for the unattached employee to witness the lovey-dovey interactions between these two. These tyrannical dogs, who thought they were doing a good job at hiding it with their ambiguous glances, were really too much for the single dogs. 

After leaving Zhou Kao’s office, the employee stood at the door and shivered, rubbing the goosebumps on his arms.

At that moment, the girl with shoulder-length hair who had delivered water to Wen Le happened to pass by and saw him shivering. She narrowed her eyes playfully, smiled, and walked away. Judging by his expression, it seemed she understood something.

After sending the employee away, Zhou Kao approached Wen Le and said, “Feeling bored? How about I give you a tour of the company?”

Wen Le was actually quite curious, but after some thought, she shook her head. This was her first time here, and everyone was busy working. If she, as an outsider, followed Zhou Kao for a tour, it might not be appropriate.

Zhou Kao probably sensed Wen Le’s hesitation and didn’t insist. He glanced at the time and said, “Is your assignment almost done?”

Wen Le replied, “Almost. It isn’t urgent, the assignment isn’t due until next week.”

Zhou Kao suggested, “How about we go watch a movie?”

Wen Le was a bit surprised and glanced at the stack of documents on Zhou Kao’s desk. “Aren’t you going to continue working?”

Zhou Kao replied, “I’ve almost finished. It’s rare for both of us to have free time, so we shouldn’t waste it.”

With that, Zhou Kao reached out to hold Wen Le’s hand, pulling her up from her seat with a smile. He said, “Let’s go.”

Wen Le smiled and closed her laptop, standing up with the help of Zhou Kao’s pull.

After tidying up her belongings, Wen Le followed Zhou Kao out of the office.

Zhou Kao’s secretary, seeing him leave, stood up and glanced at the bag Wen Le was carrying. “President Zhou, are you going out?”

Zhou Kao nodded. “I’ve finished reviewing and signing the documents. They’re in the office. You can take them later.”

The secretary asked, “Are you leaving work now?”

Zhou Kao nodded again. “If there’s anything urgent, call me.”

In reality, both of them knew that there was hardly ever anything urgent in the company that required Zhou Kao, who didn’t involve himself much in daily affairs, to be called.

The two of them left the office and waited for the elevator in the elevator lobby.

Both elevators, left and right, arrived on the 17th floor almost simultaneously, but one was going up while the other was going down. Zhou Kao put his arm around Wen Le and walked into the right elevator.

At this moment, the left elevator’s doors also opened, and a few people stepped out. Among them, a man in his thirties dressed in a suit suddenly stopped and turned around. He caught a glimpse of something through the closing doors of the right elevator, and his handsome eyebrows raised slightly. However, the couple inside the elevator, engrossed in their conversation, didn’t notice the gaze.

The elevator doors closed, completely blocking the man’s line of sight.

“President Lu.”

The man snapped out of his thoughts and nodded.

This man was currently the main manager of the company and the confidant that Li Hua had assigned to Zhou Kao, Lu Bohan.

Lu Bohan took a step towards the company entrance but ran into the secretary, who was coming out of Zhou Kao’s office with some documents. “President Lu.”

Lu Bohan nodded then paused for a moment, asking, “Did President Zhou just leave?”

The secretary hesitated but then nodded. “He just left.”

Lu Bohan remembered the scene he had seen through the elevator doors—Zhou Kao and the girl behaving intimately. He couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow and smile. “Did he bring someone with him?”

The secretary nodded and, thinking that almost the entire company knew about it, didn’t see the need to hide anything. “President Zhou said she’s his girlfriend.”

Lu Bohan and Zhou Kao had a good and close relationship, so when he heard this, Lu Bohan chuckled. The kid sure is quick on the uptake. He already has a girlfriend now and even brought her to the office so openly.

Lu Bohan checked the time on his wristwatch and guessed since he was knocking off at this time, it had to be for a date. 

At 6:00 PM, after dinner, Zhou Kao promptly dropped Wen Le off at her dormitory. Just before getting out of the car, Zhou Kao pulled Wen Le in for a kiss once again.

Couples in the honeymoon phase were always stuck together, reluctant to part.

Zhou Kao released Wen Le, pushed a stray strand of hair away from her forehead, and then kissed her forehead gently. He said, “You have a competition tomorrow, so get some rest early tonight.”

Wen Le nodded.

Zhou Kao continued, “I’ll come to watch your competition tomorrow. Don’t be nervous.”

Wen Le smiled and replied, “Why would I be nervous? I used to win awards every year at the high school sports meet.”

Zhou Kao teased, “It seems like your hobby of collecting certificates and medals extends to all areas.”

Wen Le retorted playfully, “Why, is that a problem?”

Zhou Kao smiled warmly. “I just love your enthusiasm.”

Wen Le playfully tapped Zhou Kao’s chest and said, “You smooth talker.”

Zhou Kao held Wen Le’s hand, kissed it again, then finally let her get out of the car.

As Wen Le stepped out of the car, she encountered Cheng Hui, who was on her way downstairs to buy dinner. Cheng Hui looked puzzled and asked, “Why are you back so early?”

Wen Le replied, “Early?”

Cheng Hui remarked, “Isn’t it early? Last time, when you said you were going to visit your dad, you came back really late.”

That night was when Zhou Kao had fallen ill, and Wen Le had taken care of him at his place. Remembering this, Wen Le blushed and stammered, “I really did go to see my dad that day!”

Cheng Hui gave Wen Le a strange look. “Who said you didn’t go see your dad? Why are you acting so guilty? Wait… Oh, so the night you came back late was actually because you were seeing Zhou Kao, right? I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t said it.”

Wen Le regretted giving herself away and felt like slapping herself.

To divert Cheng Hui’s attention and prevent further questions, Wen Le quickly changed the subject. “Why didn’t you guys go out for fun?”

Cheng Hui replied, “Couldn’t get out of bed, just lazed around all day.”

Wen Le asked, “Who’s in the dorm?”

Cheng Hui answered, “It’s just me and Man Qingxuan. Bao Xiaofan went home for a meal. And those other two you know.”

As they continued chatting, the two of them entered the dormitory.

Man Qingxuan was sprawled on her bed, engrossed in her phone. Wen Le asked, “Have you eaten?”

Man Qingxuan turned around and continued staring at her phone. “On a diet.”

Cheng Hui put down her meal box, opened a video to watch while eating, and glanced at Bao Xiaofan, who was lying on her bed giggling. “Are you still browsing the internet forums?”

Man Qingxuan grinned and said, “This batch of male juniors is quite something.”

Cheng Hui remarked, “Why didn’t I see any handsome guys?”

Man Qingxuan replied, “Don’t set your standards too high. If you’re looking for someone like Zhou Kao, there won’t be any. But the overall quality is slightly better than previous years.”

Man Qingxuan swiped her phone screen a couple of times and said, “Le Le, your photos from last year, holding up the sign, have resurfaced.”

“Tsk tsk tsk tsk, if they’re not comparable then there’s nothing great about them.”

“People online are saying that after seeing your grace and charm holding up that sign back then, they have no desire to look at the girls who came after.”

Hearing this, Wen Le said, “So I’ve gradually become the enemy of girls.”

Cheng Hui pretended to say, “Oh my, I also want to be the enemy of girls~”

Wen Le tossed a pillow at Cheng Hui and said, “Please take that title away quickly.”

At this point, Cheng Hui suddenly remembered something and exclaimed, “Quick, show me your uniform for tomorrow’s competition. Let Daddy enjoy it in advance.”

Wen Le glared at her. “Friend, can’t you speak properly?”

Cheng Hui laughed, “Haha, when you step onto the field tomorrow in those shorts, and your beautiful legs appear on the BBS, you’ll become the enemy of girls again.”

Because of this comment, Wen Le felt a bit uneasy when she called Zhou Kao that night.

Unfortunately, Zhou Kao couldn’t predict what he was about to face.

Although it was Wen Le’s competition, the entire dormitory was already awake early the next morning.

There were currently five people in the dormitory. Ai Fei was going to the library for self-study, and the rest were going to the sports field to cheer for Wen Le.

Everyone was excited, but before leaving, Wen Le insisted on wearing a sun-protective jacket that covered her knees. Cheng Hui couldn’t persuade her to take it off.

Cheng Hui was puzzled, “Aren’t you feeling hot?”

Wen Le gripped the collar of her sun-protective jacket. “I’m cold.”

Cheng Hui sighed, “Cold my foot!”

Wen Le whispered in Cheng Hui’s ear, “Zhou Kao is coming to watch my competition.”

Cheng Hui responded, “So what? Let him watch.”

Wen Le said, “What if he gets jealous? I think if he comes to watch my competition with excitement but ends up feeling jealous, it won’t be good.”

Cheng Hui said, “What’s the big deal? If he gets jealous, just kiss him. Kiss him again if he’s still jealous. Just kiss him until he surrenders.”

Cheng Hui shivered at her own words, unable to control herself. “I can’t stand you lovey-dovey couples.”

She spoke with a tone of disdain and disgust.

Wen Le: ……

Wen Le: Wait, how is this relationship-virgin even better at flirting than couples …

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