A Big Battle

“Wen Le!”

The class monitor called Wen Le and waved to her.

Wen Le hurried over when she saw the class monitor calling her.

The class monitor said, “Get ready, it’ll be your turn soon.”

Wen Le nodded.

Cheng Hui came over and said, “Is it Wen Le’s turn?”

The class monitor nodded.

Cheng Hui said to Wen Le, “Come on, I’ll go down with you.”

But halfway through, Cheng Hui seemed to remember something and said, “Wait a minute.”

After saying that, she ran back and got a bottle of mineral water.

Wen Le was so touched that she moved to hug Cheng Hui, “Dorm Leader, I love you!”

Cheng Hui pushed her away in disgust.

The two of them arrived at the area inside the running track. When Wen Le came over, many people saw her. Wen Le was a school celebrity, and few people didn’t know her. So, quite a few people’s gazes followed Wen Le quietly.

The other contestants on the field also saw Wen Le. She had her hair tied up in a ponytail, revealing her whole face, which showed off her delicate features. Seeing her in person, you would know that Wen Le was actually not very photogenic. Those static pictures simply 

couldn’t capture Wen Le’s charm and liveliness.

As these people sized Wen Le up, their gazes couldn’t help but pass over her long, white sunscreen jacket that went over her knees, and her snow-white, slender calves and ankles that were only exposed halfway.

It seemed that someone with such white and slender calves and ankles should have a pair of beautiful legs.

But rumour had it that Wen Le was always hiding her legs and did not show them because she had muscular legs and they weren’t good-looking.

Sure enough, even at this time, Wen Le was wearing a long, white sunscreen jacket that went over her knees. Looking at her face and then at her covered legs, it was no wonder that there was such speculation.

This thought only flashed through their minds for a second, as the nerves of the contestants rose with the race starting soon. They didn’t have too much time to pay attention to others.

After a while, the teacher came over to call the roll and arrange the group competition.

As soon as the groups were assigned, they heard a gunshot, and the people on the track rushed out quickly. This made the few contestants who were preparing feel a little nervous, and even immediately took a deep breath to calm their nerves. A few people also sat down and started warming up.

Wen Le and her friends had three more groups to go before it was their turn.

Seeing the other contestants’ nervousness, Cheng Hui couldn’t help but feel nervous as well, “You should take off your jacket and warm up too.”

Wen Le nodded and unzipped her white sun-protective jacket, taking it off and handing it to Cheng Hui.

Cheng Hui, holding the jacket, suddenly said, “Hold on, there’s a safety pin undone at the back.”

Cheng Hui stood behind Wen Le and reattached the number tag, effectively blocking Wen Le’s silhouette.

Zhou Kao drove over in the morning and personally bought some snacks that Wen Le liked. However, he arrived a bit late due to traffic.

Carrying a bag in his hand, Zhou Kao entered the sports field through a crowded gate. 

When he arrived at the sports field, the men’s 1000-meter final race for freshmen was in progress. 

In this group, there were two strong contestants. Both of them were tall and had long legs, running swiftly. During the preliminary rounds, they had each dominated their respective heats, leaving most of the competitors far behind. They continued to dominate in the semi-finals and finally faced each other in the finals.

These two long-legged runners had already attracted the attention of the audience during the preliminary rounds. Many people were eagerly waiting to see who would take first place in the finals.

Both of these athletes came from big faculties, and their respective faculty cheerleading teams and supporters were in direct competition. The competition on the track was fierce, and the two faculties were equally passionate in their support. As a result, the competition between the two runners was intense, with the entire sports field in an uproar.

When Zhou Kao entered, the screams and cheers from the audience were deafening, so no one noticed him.

Zhou Kao immediately spotted the banner hanging in front of the Economics faculty section in the audience. He climbed up the stands to the back row and looked for Wen Le’s faculty section.

Standing in the back row of the Economics College section, Zhou Kao was in the highest position. However, after looking around the entire stadium once, he still couldn’t spot Wen Le. Instead, he unintentionally attracted the attention of many students in the back row. 

Zhou Kao was a well-known figure on campus, and it was rare for someone not to recognize him. So, as people exchanged glances and pointed discreetly, many eyes turned towards Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao, seemingly oblivious to these looks, descended a few steps and made his way to the middle of the Economics faculty section’s aisle. There, he found the class monitor for Wen Le’s class talking to a male student while holding a list.

Zhou Kao knew this person. They were both members of the Student Union, so Zhou Kao was familiar with Class Monitor Shang Wenkang.

Just as Shang Wenkang finished instructing a younger student to distribute chocolates to the athletes, he heard someone calling him from behind.

“Shang Wenkang.”

Shang Wenkang turned around and saw Zhou Kao. He was a bit puzzled. “Zhou Kao, what are you doing on our side?”

Zhou Kao asked, “Where’s Wen Le?”

Shang Wenkang replied, “Oh, she’s waiting over there for her name to be called. Her race is about to start.”

He pointed in the direction Wen Le had walked just a moment ago.

Zhou Kao asked, “Where?”

Cheng Hui was busy attaching Wen Le’s bib, completely blocking her from view.

Shang Wenkang couldn’t help but wonder, “She was just here…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Cheng Hui had already reattached the bib.

So, the two of them saw a short-haired girl in a white T-shirt and black pants walk away, revealing a back view of another girl with a high ponytail, wearing a gray short-sleeved top and gray shorts.

She had a slender and graceful figure, even from just a back view, it was very eye-catching.

Her long neck, straight shoulders, and well-proportioned back, along with the pair of long and straight legs beneath the gray shorts, were snow-white and perfectly sculpted, like they were meticulously carved from premium alabaster.

These beautiful legs had probably rarely seen the light of day, as they were exceptionally white, almost dazzling.

Shang Wenkang’s words vanished into his wide-open mouth, and the people around them were also unconsciously drawn to the sight of those snow-white legs.

However, Zhou Kao kept his eyes on that familiar figure, narrowing his eyes slightly, and his expression turned serious.

As expected, in the next moment, that figure turned around, smiled brightly, and appeared to be saying something to the short-haired girl who had just blocked her. Then, she began to stretch and move her wrists and ankles, followed by a squat and leg press.

As she squatted down with one leg, the other leg stretched out to the side, making her legs appear even longer and straighter.

*Cough, cough!*

Shang Wenkang stared wide-eyed, coughing as his face turned slightly red. He lowered his head and said in a somewhat flustered manner, “That person…you’ve found her. Now, I still have something else to do…”

Then, he hurriedly walked away.

Wen Le was still stretching her legs, her long and slender legs shining brightly.

Countless eyes were fixed on Wen Le in the surroundings.

Zhou Kao’s face turned ashen. He had a bad feeling about this.

Cheng Hui said, “Your legs have been hidden from the sun for so long just to keep them this white, right? They’re so dazzling now.”

Wen Le stood up and hopped a few times to loosen up. Suddenly, she stopped and said mysteriously, “Actually, this is to seal my ancient power.”

Cheng Hui was almost choked by her own saliva. “What nonsense is this?”

Wen Le chuckled and then explained, “Did you know I grew up in the mountains since I was a child?”

Cheng Hui shook her head, “I didn’t know. Were you really raised in the mountains?”

Wen Le nodded, “Yes, I was.”

“So, I used to climb mountains, swim, climb trees, and catch fish when I was a child. I was wild, just like a monkey. Once, I almost fell from a tree, but luckily my collar got stuck on a branch; otherwise, I might have broken my leg.

My grandfather was really scared at that time. He probably thought that letting me roam freely would put me in danger. He felt guilty about it and since then, he asked my grandmother to teach me how to be a proper lady.

My grandmother came from an aristocratic family, so it was fine if she didn’t bother much about me. But once she started to take care of me, her rules were very strict. Since I was young and full of energy, my grandmother wanted me to channel my energy elsewhere. That’s when I started learning to dance.”

When talking about her grandmother, Wen Le’s eyes softened, and she had a nostalgic look. “My grandmother is amazing; she knows many different types of dances, and I learned a lot from her. But I was still mischievous and always wanted to go out to play. So, my grandfather found someone to teach me some martial arts to keep me in check. I ended up learning all sorts of random stuff, and it got even worse.”

Wen Le reminisced about the past with a hint of nostalgia in her eyes. “I relied on my martial arts skills and got into fights from elementary school to junior high.”

Cheng Hui was shocked. “You used to get into fights when you were a kid?”

Wen Le replied, “You wouldn’t believe it, but from elementary school to junior high, and even in high school, no boy dared to call themselves the school bully in my presence.”

Cheng Hui’s worldview was shattered. In her eyes, Wen Le, although sometimes playful in the dorm, appeared as a gentle and demure young lady outside. She never expected her to be so wild in the past.

Cheng Hui looked at Wen Le in shock and said, “Wow, you were the queen of the school bullies? So fierce?”

Wen Le pretended to blush and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, saying, “I’ve already turned over a new leaf.”

Her coy appearance left many people in awe.

Cheng Hui asked, “Why?”

Wen Le shook her head and explained, “Maybe it’s because I’ve grown older since I entered college, and I wanted to be more poised and refined. Plus, those tight-fitting pencil skirts can give me a psychological reminder that I’m a lady.”

Cheng Hui laughed and said, “You’ve reached the point where not being a lady isn’t an option.”

In fact, Cheng Hui was still curious. She leaned closer and nudged Wen Le with her elbow. “How wild can you be when you take off the skirt?”

Wen Le chuckled and patted her chest. “Just wait and see. I’ll scare you when I’m on stage.”

Cheng Hui glanced at Wen Le’s ample bosom and thought, “Can she really run fast with those?”

Seeing Cheng Hui’s expression, Wen Le asked, “What’s wrong? Don’t believe me?”

Cheng Hui cleared her throat and said, “Just take it easy.”

Wen Le was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

Cheng Hui explained, “Don’t be too fierce, pay attention to your facial expressions, and don’t scare your fans.”

Wen Le chuckled.

Just then, the referee signaled that it was time to take the stage. Cheng Hui was very nervous but tried to reassure Wen Le. “Lele, don’t be nervous, give it your all.”

Wen Le smiled at Cheng Hui and said, “Watch me win first place for you.”

Wen Le stepped onto the track, ready to compete. In such a situation, the tense atmosphere was contagious, and the audience on the side of the track had become noticeably quieter.

Wen Le adjusted her starting position, focused her gaze on the finish line, and the referee slowly raised the starting gun. “Get ready!”


The gunshot echoed, and Wen Le sprinted forward like a gust of wind. Her long legs moved gracefully, her focus fixed on the finish line, while cheers and shouts from the crowd filled the air. This atmosphere further ignited her spirit, and she couldn’t help but recall her childhood days running through the mountains, carefree and wild. At this moment, the untamed wilderness in her heart revived and grew wilder.

Wen Le quickly overtook the first-place runner. Her eyes remained focused, her strides became faster, and she soon left her competitors far behind. At that moment, she was a wild forest spirit, fearless and proud, exuding a relentless determination.

The screams grew louder as Wen Le approached the finish line. Cheng Hui, waiting at the end, was also thrilled.

Wen Le crossed the finish line, and the referee announced, “First place!” She spotted Cheng Hui waiting for her, smiled, and went in for a hug. “How was that?”

This time, Cheng Hui didn’t push her away and was excited. “Damn! First place! You’re amazing!”

Wen Le let go of Cheng Hui, still catching her breath, sweat glistening on her forehead. Cheng Hui handed her a bottle of water. “Have some water…”

Before Cheng Hui could finish her sentence, several voices interrupted in unison, “Xuejie*, water.”

It was a male junior from their department.

Another male voice, on Wen Le’s right, also held a water bottle and said to her, “Wen Le, impressive!”

This was a senior from the Student Union.

There was also a shy-looking boy holding an individually wrapped wet tissue, blushing as he softly asked, “Xuejie, do you need a wet tissue?”

He seemed familiar but had forgotten his name…

Lastly, someone seemed to have not had the chance to speak yet and held out a handkerchief halfway.

These four people appeared stunned by the synchronized moment.

Wen Le and Cheng Hui were also left in a daze.

Just then, another voice chimed in, “Congratulations, Wen Le.”

Without acknowledging the bizarre situation, the person handed Wen Le a drink and considerately opened the bottle cap. It was Xu Wen Hao.

Wen Le thought, There’s probably nothing more awkward in this world.

But in the next moment, she changed her mind.

She thought, turns out it can get even more awkward…

Zhou Kao stood nearby, glaring at them, his hands empty.

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