Voting of the School Hunk

“Charge, charge, charge~!”

“Ahhhh~! Vote for him! Help lao zi* to vote!”

*lao zi refers to oneself in third person informally in an arrogant manner

Wen Le laughed upon seeing this scene, and said: “What are you guys doing, why are y’all so excited?”

Roommate Cheng Hui said: “Have you forgotten what day it is today?”

Wen Le was taken aback, “What day is it?”

Roommate Man Qing turned over and stared at Wen Le with a solemn face. In a moment, her serious face broke apart and she shouted excitedly, “It’s the day of the BBS school hunk selection!”

Wen Le suddenly came to a realization, “Got it.”

Roommate Bao Xiaofan was still fiddling with her phone, and after a few taps, suddenly put it down and shouted: “Quick! Lele, vote for number three, the dormitory is short of just your vote! Quickly! The deadline is only three minutes away! Hurry!”

Wen Le waved her hands, “You’ve forgotten, I don’t have this BBS application.”

As a BBS campus celebrity, Wen Le did not want to see what others posted about her on the BBS app. She had uninstalled the BBS app a long while ago, and she did not have anything like a campus confession page.

Bao Xiaofan waved her hand “It’s okay! That isn’t important! I will send you the link on WeChat, and you can click on it and vote for number three.”

Man Qingxuan interlocked her hands together, and brimming with tears, said, “You don’t even know how important your vote is to us.”

Wen Le, “I don’t know ah.”

Dorm leader Cheng Hui nibbled on an apple while lying on the bed, and said vaguely, “One of the candidates this year is an influencer. He was super shameless and mobilized his fans to vote for him, which led to an unrealistically high number of votes for him. We’re choosing our own school hunk, why are these outsiders interfering with our business? Although he looks a little handsome, he’s treating his title as the faculty hunk as if he’s invincible and the best. This disruptive operation of his is really ruining the popularity of the school’s genuine votes.”

Bao Xiaofan clapped her hands and said, “This person is simply ridiculous. You have to know that the school hunk also represents the attractiveness index of our school, and is the face and benefit of us girls. A school hunk with amazing visuals can break the public’s attitude towards our “A” university’s inherent impression. It shows that although we have a lot of top students, our physical appearance is also not bad. Moreover, a dark horse has appeared this year, and that attractive face, build, and temperament are absolutely enough to beat the school hunk of every university. You see, such a deity, if he’s not the school hunk, then who is?”

Man Qingxuan also echoed in agreement, “Originally, the throne of school hunk definitely belonged to candidate three with his looks. But that influencer just had to interfere and create this situation, and so his number of votes was raised all of a sudden. Our candidate three’s school hunk position is in imminent danger.”

Wen Le clicked on the link and curiously asked, “So now the influencer candidate has the most votes?”

Cheng Hui laughed sarcastically after hearing that, “That’s not possible.”

Bao Xiaofan also stood up proudly, puffing her chest, and said, “BBS specially started a thread this afternoon for this matter. Since influencers can mobilize their fans, then we can also mobilize our friends and family. After an afternoon of fierce battle, we finally pulled the votes of candidate three up! Ah Lele, are you done? There are only two minutes left!”

Wen Le was unable to scroll the page, “I don’t know how to.”

Just at this moment, the dorm leader suddenly yelled, “F**k! The number of votes for the influencer has caught up! AHHHHH! Hurry up, it’s about to get closer! Quickly, Wen Le! We cannot even let go of one vote! Hurry, there’s less than a minute now!”

Bao Xiaofan and Man Qingxuan also shouted nervously, “AHHHH! They are just two more votes away from catching up! Lele, Lele!”

Wen Le got nervous too as they started to shout, “Okay, okay, don’t stress me.”

The green progress bar finally reached the end, and the blank page was refreshed. Just as Wen Le breathed a sigh of relief, she heard Cheng Hui yell, “F**k! The number of votes came to a draw! Wen Le!”

Wen Le’s hand trembled, quickly scrolled down the page, and hurriedly selected candidate three, then clicked OK to submit the vote.

The page showed that the vote was successful, and the time had just reached ten o’clock, signalling the official end of voting.

Wen Le sighed a breath of relief collectively with the rest, and said, “So what’s the end result?”

The three of them jabbed at the air with their phones, and after a moment Bao Xiaofan screamed out, “AHHHHHH! We made it! Contestant number three! Is! The school hunk!”

Then, there was a burst of cheers in the dorm and vaguely, Wen Le could also hear cheers coming from the dorm next door. At that moment, Wen Le was at a loss, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Cheng Hui put her phone down and patted Wen Le on the shoulder, “Thank you, comrade! Thank you for giving the crucial vote at the final moment. Student Zhou Kao finally won the title of the school hunk by one vote. Lele, congratulations, you personally sent our candidate three, Zhou Kao, to the throne of school hunk.”

Wen Le was stunned for a moment upon hearing that, and her brain went into overdrive, “Who did you say contestant three was?”

Cheng Hui replied, “Zhou Kao, the School of Law’s Zhou Kao.”

Wen Le was taken aback, “The sophomore one?”

The dorm leader said, “Yeah, or else a freshman? Most of our freshmen are in the east campus, and not in the main campus, so they do not participate in the selection of the school hunk. Only the sophomores, who have returned to the main campus, can participate in the selections.”

Wen Le: “…”

She was so pressed by their urging that she had voted without seeing the photo at all.

F**k, she had actually personally voted this scumbag as the school hunk.


Wen Le felt that her luck had gone worse ever since meeting Zhou Kao.

For a week in a row, it was firstly her submitted manuscripts that were being rejected and requested to be rewritten. Then in the afternoon, the activities arranged by the Student Union suddenly had problems, which caused chaos. Worse still, someone had spread the news about Wen Le and Zhou Kao.

Once you get on the bandwagon, there is no getting off it. Wen Le finally got to know what this felt like.

On Wednesday afternoon’s general education class, Wen Le and her roommates arrived to attend the lecture a little early, and they habitually sat in the third row by the window. These seats were near the front but were also not conspicuous. Wen Le and her roommates had thus always liked these seats.

On WeChat, a classmate from the same department of the Student Association had messaged that he could not go on duty in the afternoon and wanted to change shifts with Wen Le. Wen Le flipped through her class schedule and memo and was about to reply to him when she suddenly felt a light pat.

Wen Le looked up, and realised it was a girl from the same faculty but from a different course. She was rather familiar to the eye, but Wen Le had never interacted with her before and was not close to her.

Wen Le’s expression was a little puzzled, and her beautiful eyes showed a sense of innocence, “Is there something wrong?”

The girl had a bob hairstyle, with bangs and big eyes, and her nose was a little flat. However, her skin was very fair and she wore tomato-red lipstick, looking super cutesy.

The girl had yet to speak, and she was first shocked by Wen Le’s beauty. She raised her hand to cover her mouth and softly exclaimed out, “OMG, so pretty.”

Wen Le was accustomed to being praised, and almost subconsciously showed a shy and gentle smile. When faced with other people’s praise of her appearance, she did not know how to respond, so she always responded with a smile.

The girl then remembered her purpose of coming here to find Wen Le. She smoothed her bangs embarrassedly, and asked in a low voice, “Excuse me, I’m Pan Yingying from Class 2. We’re from the same faculty, and I’ve been hearing them spread the news that you and the school hunk are together. So I wanted to come and ask you, is this true?”

There was a gaze in Pan Yingying’s eyes that made Wen Le feel a little familiar. Seeing the girl’s gaze, Wen Le kept feeling a sense of  deja vu, however, at this moment, Wen Le’s attention was drawn away by Pan Yingying’s words, “The new school hunk?”

Pan Yingying said, “It’s Zhou Kao!”

Wen Le was taken aback at first, and then something exploded in Wen Le’s brain with a boom, and her face quickly flushed red.

At the moment, the thoughts and comments flashing through Wen Le’s mind were:

‘One can not survive  the disaster one brings to oneself, an impulse is akin to the devil’s whisper, it’s impossible to get off a tiger once you ride on it, so embarrassing…’

Throughout all these years, she acted on impulse just this once due to drinking on a whim, and almost lost her entire face.

You always have to pay it back when you go out to play.

Wen Le put on a fake smile, trying her best to make herself seem calm and casual, and said, “Who said so? There’s no such thing.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Wen Le felt all the more that there was no problem at all. 

Anyway, she had drunk alcohol that day, so it did not count.

Thinking about it like that, Wen Le did not feel guilty anymore. She ran her hand through her hair lightly and smiled brightly, “If someone asks again, please help me to clarify this rumour. 

These kinds of rumours are not good for both parties, especially if the other party already has someone they like. Right? You should know that too.”

Yes, as long as she was thick-skinned, she would not be embarrassed or guilty.

“Ah…” Pan Yingying let out a disappointed sigh when she heard her words, and said in dismay, “Actually, I think you guys are quite a good match…”

Wen Le: ! ! !

What is this student saying? This was totally unfounded, okay!

After Pan Yingying left, Wen Le responded to the message on WeChat and changed her shift with that classmate.

Cheng Hui nudged Wen Le, “Le ah, what’s going on?”

Wen Le blinked her eyes, “What?”

Cheng Hui said, “About you and Zhou Kao; since when did you get involved with Zhou Kao? So many people asked me on WeChat this morning about when you two got together.”

Wen Le: ! ! !

Wen Le, “I’m not, I didn’t!”

She then murmured, “How did the news even spread so quickly? Such big mouths!”

Cheng Hui, “What news? What exactly happened?”

Wen Le saw that the time was still early, and there were only a few people sitting around them. She moved to Cheng Hui’s side, lowered her voice, and gave a general summary of what happened.

After listening to her story, Cheng Hui was shocked, “So, Zhou Kao is actually your high school classmate?” 

Wen Le hurriedly tugged at Cheng Hui, and said in a low voice, “Keep your voice down!”

Cheng Hui pulled her mouth close like a zipper.

Wen Le whispered, “Actually, we are not quite considered classmates. He was in our school for less than a semester, and we were in different classes too. We’ve only met several times.”

They competed with each other from afar. Or in other words, she had one-sidedly competed against him.

Cheng Hui still felt it was a little unbelievable, “You used him as an excuse, and he agreed?”

Wen Le nodded, “He cares quite a bit about  the whole concept of gentleman’s chivalry.”

Cheng Hui clicked her tongue twice, and glanced at Wen Le suspiciously, “Be honest, Lele, you really don’t like him?”

Wen Le scoffed upon hearing that: “Such a bastard if I were to like him, my last name will be his!”

Cheng Hui frowned, pursed her lips, and shook her head, “But he’s really super handsome. Didn’t you even vote for him to be the school hunk?”

Wen Le turned around and looked at Cheng Hui, with accusations of being deceived written all over her eyes, “That’s because you guys made me jump into a hole!”

Cheng Hui mischievously smiled, “But he’s super handsome, Lele.”

Wen Le put on a fake smile, and said, “Lao niang* is also super beautiful, okay?!”

*lao niang is a colloquial term referring to “I, this old woman” (often to show that one is like a lady boss in charge of herself)

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