His hot breath puffed onto her ear, causing Su Shen to stiffen all over in an instant. Her face felt a little flushed, but she pretended to be calm and tried to take his hands off her waist, “I… I know your house is big, you don’t have to show off.”

Xie Yan: “…….”

Seeing that she seemed to be a little nervous, Xie Yan lowered his voice and muttered, “Actually, the biggest thing in my house is…”

“Get out!”

Su Shen suddenly turned around, placed her hands on his waist and pushed hard.

Looking at her flushed face, Xie Yan chuckled helplessly. At last, he cooperated with her and got pushed out of the kitchen.

It was not until she closed the kitchen door and saw no figure outside that Su Shen leaned against the door and sighed. It was just that her ears were still a little red. 

Xie Yan had actually been very upright. She had been trying to make herself relax a little, to not panic every time he got close to her. However, it was easier said than done, as she always felt embarrassed.

After taking a few deep breaths, she continued rolling up her sleeves to get ready to cook. She simmered the chicken soup first before washing the vegetables. There was not enough time, so she could only simmer the soup at high heat. The amount of vegetables she bought was small, so it was fast to prepare. Three dishes and a soup were prepared in about half an hour, but the soup had to be cooked a little longer.

When she opened the kitchen door, she saw that Xie Yan was sitting in the living room playing on his laptop. The sky outside was completely dark. After Su Shen brought the dishes to the small dining room and saw that the soup still needed to be simmered for a while, she washed her hands and walked towards him.

When she neared, she found that Xie Yan was reading a script in English. Taking a glance at it, Su Shen found that it might be the Hollywood script that Liu jie had mentioned.

“Done so fast?” Xie Yan turned his head and found her standing beside him. He took his phone, got up, and walked towards the dining table.

“The soup still needs to be simmered for a while. You can eat first.” As she said that, Su Shen walked towards the kitchen to get some bowls and chopsticks.

There were three bowls, one for Xie Yan, one for the helper auntie, and another one that was pink which looked brand new. Su Shen thought it was funny. Why did Xie Yan think she liked pink?

After washing the bowls, a lamp was turned on in the small dining room. The light was not very bright. Under the light, Xie Yan could be seen taking pictures of the dishes on the table with his phone. After that, he took a selfie with them too.

Su Shen: “……”

“Don’t you not like taking selfies?” She brought the bowls and chopsticks over, remembering that Xie Yan’s Weibo didn’t contain a single selfie of himself.

After sitting down, Xie Yan suddenly grabbed her hand, startling Su Shen, only to see him aiming his phone camera at their interlocked hands, taking whoever-knows how many pictures in a row.

Su Shen quickly pulled her hand away and looked at the man beside her strangely, “What are you doing?”

Sitting beside her, he tapped on his phone with the light from the screen shining onto his face, which was serene and particular, “Today’s a holiday. Did you make a post on Weibo yet?”

Su Shen: “…….”

She quickly grabbed his arm and said, “It’s not easy for He Hua. Just let him enjoy the holiday peacefully.”

If Xie Yan was to post that photo, even though her face was not shown, his fans would definitely howl in grief. If it couldn’t be controlled, it would go haywire. He Hua would angrily ask him why he did so without saying a word again. Moreover, the movie premiere was tomorrow. If Xie Yan was to post this, it would definitely steal the limelight of the movie again. She was still waiting for an opportunity to improve her reputation too.

Xie Yan looked up and looked at her for a while before he frowned and finally compromised, “I won’t post that photo.”

Su Shen breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing that he was still on his phone, she went to go fill his bowl with rice. When she came back, Xie Yan had already put down his phone. But when he saw the egg sized portion of rice in her bowl, he couldn’t help but said in a somber voice, “Are you eating or counting grains of rice?”

“Eating.” Su Shen picked up a piece of vegetables and placed it into her bowl very naturally and said calmly, “I ate a bowl and a half this afternoon and also ate two pieces of meat. I really can’t eat too much for dinner.”

Looking at her slender arm, as if it could be broken with one hand, Xie Yan lowered his gaze and suddenly placed his chopsticks down. He wrapped a hand around her waist and feeling her stiffened, he leaned in and whispered, “It’s so windy outside, and you’re so thin. What if you get blown away by the wind?”

The heater was on in the house, so Su Shen only wore a coffee colored form fitting sweater. His hot hand clung to her waist tightly, causing her to blush. She quickly pulled his hand away and snorted, “I’ll just go and add more!”

Seeing that she went to scoop some more rice, Xie Yan picked up his chopsticks satisfiedly and started to eat the fish in front of him.

The three dishes and soup had no special plating, they were just ordinary home cooked dishes. But for Xie Yan, they tasted better than the Manchu Han imperial feast last time.

As they were eating, Su Shen went to the kitchen to turn off the stove and told him that the soup was ready.

Seeing that Xie Yan didn’t refrain from eating meat, she couldn’t help but asked curiously, “Why do you refrain from eating meat?”

Every habit had its own reason.

Xie Yan paused and then picked up some vegetables into his bowl. He said in a low voice, “When I was a child, I lived with my maternal grandma for a period of time. At that time, I was thin, so she fed me chicken, duck, and fish everyday. After a month, I was tired of them.”

Su Shen: “…….”

She hadn’t expected that there would be such a miserable story behind it. If it was her, she might want to vomit when she saw meat in the future.

“But, I’m not tired of the meat you cook.” He suddenly turned around with a smile on his face.

With a slight cough, Su Shen looked down and blushed without saying anything.

He had never seen such a shy person. Xie Yan chuckled and continued to eat.

After dinner, Xie Yan didn’t allow her to wash the dishes, and Su Shen didn’t decline. She laid on the big sofa and played on her phone as he went to the kitchen.

Just now, Xie Yan had indeed posted two photos onto Weibo, one was a table of dishes and the other was a selfie of him and the table of dishes. It had only been more than ten minutes, and the comments below had already reached 20,000. Some artists that he had worked with before had even left a comment below, and there were some who just wanted clout such as Fan Meng. She left a gluttonous emoji, making it appear as if they were close.

But there were also some who teased him too. One of them was Li Hao, who had left a photo of him eating takeout. The drastic contrast between his and Xie Yan’s made people sympathize with him.

Netizen A: AHHHH! I finally saw my hubby post a selfie in my lifetime!

Netizen B: Ahahaha, Li Hao’s so pitiful. [joy]

Netizen C: Is it just me who’s focused on who made these dishes? [joy]

Netizen D: Abusing us single dogs again. No! I refuse to accept it. [joy]

Netizen E: Sigh, I don’t want to admit it, but since you guys already asked, yep, I’ve started living together with my hubby. [smiley face]

Netizen F: If you have the ability, take a picture of the cook’s face. The brick in my hand is already ready to move. [smiley face] 

Netizen G: AHAHAHAHAHA, I’m not crazy, I’m really not crazy. [knife]

After a few minutes, Su Shen refreshed the page and there were an additional 10,000 comments. It could be imagined what would’ve happened if Xie Yan had posted that photo of their interlocked hands. However, it was not a big secret that she and Xie Yan were together in the industry. If her sister was able to know, so could others. Naturally, some people would want to expose the news, but no one would believe it without hard evidence. Moreover, the mainstream media had been bought off by He Hua, so no one would take the initiative to say something.

In this world, if there was a problem that couldn’t be solved with money, it must be because it was not enough.

After scrolling through the comments for a while, Su Shen also posted a selfie onto Weibo. In any case, it was a holiday today.

When Xie Yan came out, she looked at the time and suddenly sat up from the sofa, “It’s late, I should go back.”

“Go?” Xie Yan came to her side and sat down, his gaze fervent, “Back?”

Being stared at by him, she felt a little flustered. Su Shen couldn’t help but pull a little distance and said in a somewhat timid voice, “We have to attend the movie premiere tomorrow. I have to go back early to rest.”

“You can go there from here.” He picked up the glass of water on the table and took a sip before saying, “It’s late, not safe.”

It wasn’t her first time to go home so late. Su Shen didn’t feel that it was unsafe, so she insisted, “I can ask the chauffeur to come pick me up.”

Seeing that she was about to put on her slippers, Xie Yan frowned, “You don’t believe me?”

Su Shen paused and turned around only to see Xie Yan staring at her, seemingly a little unhappy.

Her eyes wandered for a bit and said softly, “No. I just thought that I… didn’t bring any clothes.”

At that, Xie Yan sat there, lost in thought. Su Shen thought that he was angry, but she didn’t know how to explain it. After all, she really didn’t bring any clothes with her. Although she could make do with pajamas, she couldn’t with undergarments.

The atmosphere seemed to have frozen like this for a bit. After a long silence, Xie Yan suddenly got up, “Let’s go, I’ll send you back.”

Hearing this, Su Shen breathed a sigh of relief. She went to get her down coat and put it on in a hurry, as if she was afraid that he would change his mind.

It was actually still pretty early, only eight o’clock. Su Shen didn’t want to trouble Xie Yan, but he insisted on sending her back, so she relented.

After getting into the car, the atmosphere seemed to be a little awkward. Su Shen turned her head to look at the night scenery that was constantly changing. At this time, there were many cars, especially downtown. It was rare for it not to have traffic.

She turned around to look at the person beside her as she thought of something, “What time is your flight tomorrow?”

At that, the person driving said without turning around, “Five o’clock.”

The movie premiere would begin at 1:00 pm, and it would end at around 3:30 pm. So, Xie Yan had to immediately hurry to the airport after. It was indeed quite rushed.

Thinking that they wouldn’t be able to see each other for three months, Su Shen felt quite strange. She couldn’t help but stare at his side profile and suddenly discovered that she was actually a little reluctant to part with him.

Seeing that she kept staring at him, Xie Yan turned his head slightly, “What, can’t bear to part with me?”

Su Shen: “……”

She snorted and looked away, “It’s you who can’t bear to part with me!”

His eyes darkened and with a smile, “I really can’t bear to part with you.”

His deep and mellow voice made Su Shen’s heart skip a beat. She quickly closed her eyes and ignored him.

There was clearly a traffic jam, but the way back seemed to be faster than usual. When the car stopped, Su Shen looked at the familiar scenery outside and was in a daze for a bit before she slowly unfastened her seat belt.

“Eat more in the future. Health is more important than money. You’re already very thin.”

Su Shen paused and turned around, only to see Xie Yan staring at her with concern in his eyes. She blinked and took a deep breath before suddenly saying, “Come here, I’ll tell you a secret.”

Her tone was very soft, as if there really was something that could not be known. With a frown, Xie Yan leaned over, “What?”

Looking at the face that was so close to her, Su Shen swallowed and suddenly kissed him on the cheek!

The residual warmth on his face quickly left, but Xie Yan was still completely stunned.

“I’ll go back first. Drive slowly!”

Blushing, Su Shen immediately tried to open the door, but before she could reach it, she was pressed against the seat completely.

“I like your secret a lot.” Xie Yan grabbed her small hand and a devouring storm could be seen boiling in his eyes. He said in a hoarse voice, “But now, I have to tell you a bigger secret.”

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