As they tangled inseparably and fell onto the couch, Shen Chuchu suddenly exclaimed, “Ah!”

Han Xingyan immediately stopped and worriedly asked, “What happened, did I crush you?”

Shen Chuchu frowned in pain and replied, “No. I was accidentally hit on the waist today while filming.”

Han Xingyan touched Shen Chuchu’s waist and asked gloomily, “Who hit you?”

Shen Chuchu saw his expression and hurriedly explained, “It was an accident because there were too many people. Don’t get angry.”

Han Xingyan pursed his lips. He looked down at Shen Chuchu’s waist then glanced up and asked, “Did you see a doctor?”

Shen Chuchu sat up and shook her head, “No, it’s only a minor injury. Also, it’s been hurting since yesterday after doing the stunts on wires. Ouch.” The pain only resurfaced because Shen Chuchu had been moving.

Han Xingyan held her body and said, “Stop moving and lie down. Where is the medicinal wine* I gave you?”

*TL-note: Also known as 跌打酒 (Die Da Jue) a common Chinese liniment used as a traditional medicine to heal external injuries, such as bruises, sore muscles, ligaments, tendon tears, strains and even minor fractures.

Shen Chuchu pointed at her bag and replied, “It’s in my bag. It was pretty good.”

Han Xingyan lowered his head and searched for the medicinal wine, “Yeah, this is from the nurse who looks after grandpa, Mrs Chen’s secret hometown recipe. When my dad used to hit…erm, I used it before. It’s pretty good.”

Shen Chuchu noticed Han Xingyan only said half a sentence and curiously asked, “You’ve been hit by uncle* before?”

*TL-note: In Asian culture, generally refer to people in your parent’s generations as uncle or aunty to show respect. 

Han Xingyan pursed his lips and did not answer Shen Chuchu’s question but asked, “Does it not hurt anymore?”

Shen Chuchu pouted, “It hurts. How could it not? My whole body hurts. So tell me about your beating. If you don’t want to talk about it, forget it.”

Han Xingyan held onto the medicinal wine for a moment then replied, “It’s nothing really. When I used to get into fights with others, my dad would always give me a beating.”

Shen Chuchu looked at Han Xingyan with amazement and replied, “You really can’t tell. You don’t look a bit mischievous now.”

Han Xingyan replied, “Yes, everyone changes.”

Afterwards, he looked at Shen Chuchu’s waist and asked, “I’ll put the medicine on you?”

Shen Chuchu remembered the position of the pain and nervously replied, “No, no need. I…I…I can do it myself.” What a joke. Nevermind Han Xingyan, she had never even let Wang Qian apply medicine on her before. She would die of embarrassment.

As she said this, she reached out for the medicinal wine in Han Xingyan’s hand.

Han Xingyan moved the medicinal wine further away and unhappily replied, “Let me do it. You can’t even see behind you.”

Shen Chuchu quickly replied, “No need, why don’t I call my assistant over.”

Han Xingyan grew even more unhappy upon hearing this and said, “Your assistant is a girl. She doesn’t have enough strength. Let me do it.”

When he saw that Shen Chuchu still wanted to object, he continued, “Chuchu, are you shy? Actually…well, that day at the hotel. I have already seen it.”

Taking advantage of Shen Chuchu’s initial shock, Han Xingyan pushed up her clothes, poured the medicinal wine on his hands, and began massaging.

“Ah! You are a pervert!” Shen Chuchu finally reacted.

Han Xingyan continued to rub without saying anything as he looked at the distinct bruise on Shen Chuchu’s waist with anger.

Shen Chuchu struggled to sit up but Han Xingyan’s strength was too much. She could only plead, “Ah, stop rubbing. Ah, it hurts. Ouch ouch ouch. Please be gentle.”

Han Xingyan examined the reddish skin under his hands, which contrasted sharply with the fair skin around him. Coupled with Shen Chuchu’s voice, he said, slightly hoarsely, “Bear with it a little longer. It will get better soon.”

Shen Chuchu knew the situation was over, so she had no choice but to lie here and be “slaughtered”, “Ah, ouch. Be gentle, it hurts over there. Ah! Be slower, slower. Han Xingyan, be slower.” 

Han Xingyan’s eyes were stained with unfamiliar emotions, and he spoke in a nasal tone, “Yes.”

Han Xingyan thought to himself, a man can’t slow down! So his movements did not slow down even though he agreed he would.

Whilst Shen Chuchu continued to cry out in pain.

Shen Chuchu began to feel less pain and more at ease after the bruises were gradually rubbed away.

“Over there, yes, that’s right. Up a bit.”

“Yes, over there too. Mhm, that’s right.”

At first, Shen Chuchu could respond to Han Xingyan every once in a while but she later noticed that her eyelids were becoming heavier and heavier. A little later on, she felt as if she was being carried to bed. She wanted to open her eyes to take a look but knowing that Han Xingyan was beside her, she felt very safe. She did not open her eyes again and let herself fall asleep.

Han Xingyan looked at his sleeping girlfriend, then at himself, shook his head helplessly, kissed his girlfriend on the forehead, and went back to his room.

When Secretary Wang received his boss’s call signal, he thought he had misread it. He had expected the boss to not be looking for him tonight so did not expect him to call so late. Perhaps he is missing something? Secretary Wang lewdly thought so he considerately went to buy a box. 

As a result, he was very taken aback when he entered the boss’s room, he smelled medicinal wine and noticed the boss’s soiled clothes. How could their boss, who had a severe cleanliness problem, allow himself to be in such a sorry state? Unless this sorry appearance…Secretary Wang understood everything after recalling the medicinal wine he sent as instructed a few days ago. Love was truly great.

“Cancel all work schedules tomorrow then sort all the work for the next couple of days and send it to my room tomorrow morning.” Han Xingyan stated.

Secretary Wang’s eyes widened in astonishment. He has been following the boss for many years and rarely saw the boss delay work for personal reasons. He always assumed the boss was a cold, emotionless machine. But he had never imagined that a robot could disregard anything when it comes to love.

“Yes, okay.”

The next morning, Shen Chuchu awoke in a trance for a brief moment. She had no idea how she got into bed. When she smelled the familiar aroma of medicinal wine, she suddenly sobered up. She quickly glanced to the side and lifted the quilt to inspect her clothes. She felt relieved after seeing it then got out of bed and looked for her phone. When she saw the time, she dashed to the bathroom to take a shower.

After the shower, she felt alive again and the pain in her body greatly lessened.

When Wang Qian arrived in the morning, she looked to the side and was surprised to see only Shen Chuchu in the room.

Shen Chuchu, “What are you looking for? CEO Han is not here.”

Wang Qian awkwardly smiled, “Yes, let’s get going now.”

This time, when Shen Chuchu acted, her body was obviously much more flexible, and she had fewer NGs*. The director even praised her, “Not bad, Chuchu. You are progressing well.”

*TL-note: Not Good

“Thank you, director.”

When Shen Chuchu went to rest after finishing this scene, she happened to overhear Cai-jie’s call.

“Yes, hurry up with wedding invitations. I need to send them out…yes, thank you…bye.”

After hanging up the phone, Cai-jie still had a happy smile on her face. She happily said as Shen Chcuhu came over, “You were in good shape today.”

“Yes, you are in a good mood too today, Cai-jie.” Shen Chuchu replied.

Cai-jie happily nodded, “Yes, you must have heard that I am about to get married soon. Aiya, I am so busy every day that there is no time to be happy.” Despite her claim that she did not have time to be happy, the smile on her face could not fool anyone.

Shen Chuchu raised the corners of her mouth and replied, “Yes, Wang-ge looks like a considerate husband.”

Cai-jie laughed, “Yes, he is alright. We make do.”

Shen Chuchu wanted to ask more cautiously but seeing Cai-jie‘s unwillingness to say anything further, she decided not to.

After a while, she received a message.

Han Xingyan: Chuchu, let’s get dinner later. I’ve booked the private home cuisine you liked last time.

Shen Chuchu happily responded: Yes, okay.

When Shen Chuchu returned in the evening, she saw Han Xingyan typing on the computer while talking on the phone and watched him for a bit. At dinner time, she asked, “Are you busy? If you are, you don’t have to accompany me.”

“Not busy, there are trivial matters.” Han Xingyan replied and continued when he saw his girlfriend’s guilty impression, “Nothing is more important than you.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Chuchu’s guilty feelings were immediately relieved.

After dinner, Han Xingyan asked, “How are you feeling today? Does your waist still hurt?”

Shen Chuchu rested on Han Xingyan’s shoulders and softly replied, “It’s okay. It’s much better than before. Thank you.”

Han Xingyan stroked Shen Chuchu’s hair and responded, “I see, it seems pretty effective. I can massage it for you again later.”

Shen Chuchu immediately rejected his offer after remembering the pain from last night, “No need, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Han Xingyan frowned and said, “According to my experience, you need at least three days.”

“Three days? No need, I feel one day is fine…”

“Do you have a few more shoots afterwards?”


In the end, Shen Chuchu gave in.

However, because he had rubbed it the day before, it didn’t hurt as much when he started it again today.

“Ah! Be more gentle. Mhm, feels great…ah!” Han Xingyan suddenly increased his strength and Shen Chuchu exclaimed, “ah.” So she returned a glare to Han Xingyan.

Han Xingyan coughed lightly and said in a slightly hoarse voice, “Stop messing around.”

Who was messing around? She only made those sounds because he was making her feel really good. When Shen Chuchu looked at Han Xingyan’s red ears and awkward expression, Shen Chuchu’s face also reddened as she remembered what she had just said 

After a moment of silence, Shen Chuchu wanted to shout so she changed the subject and said, “Why are you so skilled? Have you ever massaged others?”

Han Xingyan’s hands paused for a moment. Massage? Never mind massaging, he rarely touched others.

“No, you are the first.”

“Really?” Shen Chuchu replied in disbelief.

“Yes. Many things are self-taught when it comes to you.” Han Xingyan moved his hand and turned Shen Chuchu’s body over then kissed her.

Now that his girlfriend’s waist is almost healed, he can also reap the benefits. After all, he had endured for two nights already. No one can touch their girlfriend’s body and have no reaction. Unless he was a saint but on the contrary, he was a human and not a saint.

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