Shen Chuchu had not expected to be overpowered so suddenly. The person who was just massaging her now had her pinned down in the blink of an eye.

His kisses were both urgent and heavy like a baptism in a storm. She gradually became more interested and reached out her hand, wrapping her arms around the other’s neck. They both trembled as their tongues tangled. This wonderful sensation was spreading from the tip of the tongue to the heart, and then from the heart to the entire body.

Shen Chuchu’s hand felt like it had nowhere to go, so she stretched it out from Han Xingyan’s neck, removed his jacket, and eagerly wanted to unbutton his shirt. She could not open it for a long time and exclaimed angrily, “Who did this tie? Why is it so hard to untie!”

Han Xingyan was strangled by Shen Chuchu’s unruly action and was almost suffocated. And before he could say anything, she was already complaining to him. He simply laughed, “Yes yes yes, it’s my fault. Here, let me teach you.”

Han Xingyan held Shen Chuchu’s hand and gently taught her to untie the tie. At this moment, Shen Chuchu’s impulse had already vanished, and her face flushed red. Han Xingyan had endured for so long and he had no intention of letting her go like this. He covered Shen Chuchu’s lips with his lips then his hand dishonestly slipped from her hair to Shen Chuchu’s waist, and then he reached in from the hem of her clothes. He had been wanting to do this for a long time, and he put up with it all night yesterday. He caressed her smooth back before moving to the front.

He also finally understood what his mother used to say to him when she bought him new school uniforms, “A woman’s body is really soft. Why do you regard it with such disdain?”

Yes, a woman’s body is indeed very soft.

Shen Chuchu felt that she was going insane. Han Xingyan’s hand appeared to be a fire and her entire body was set alight wherever his hand went.

However, she had a sudden thought and quickly calmed down.

“What day is it today?”

Han Xingyan frowned at the interruption, “Huh?”

Shen Chuchu glanced at the pink heart on Han Xingyan’s head, then glanced through. After a long time, she hesitatingly replied, “Nope. Today…we can’t today.”

“Why?” Han Xingyan asked suspiciously. His stained brows made Shen Chuchu even more unable to control herself.

Why? Because their first night is not today according to the system! But how could she explain this? The system had always been accurate so she would rather believe that.

“If I say no then it’s no. You can go back.”

Han Xingyan’s face darkened and he pressed his body down again before saying in a low voice, “You are really going to send me away like this?”

Shen Chuchu felt something pressing against her and her face flushed even more. She was not a child and knew what it was.

“Erm…well…” Shen Chuchu was about to come up with something when she felt something flow out from beneath her. Her eyes immediately lit up. The system, indeed, did not deceive her.

“My period came.”

This time, Han Xingyan’s face darkened even more, “Chuchu, are you deliberately rejecting me? When did your period start?”

Shen Chuchu honestly replied, “Just a second ago. If you don’t get up now then it’ll get on you.”

He looked at Shen Chuchu’s smug expression, lowered his head and kissed her a few times before biting his lip again in frustration. Then released her.

After she was released, Shen Chuchu quickly went to her suitcase and took out a pad and a change of clothes then rushed into the bathroom. By the time she came out, Han Xingyan was still sitting outside. He seemed to be searching for something on his phone.

“You, you, you haven’t left.” Shen Chuchu remarked with a guilty conscience. Surely this was not her fault. It was her body that did not allow it.

Han Xingyan sighed when he noticed that Shen Chuchu did not dare to approach and gently said, “Come here.”

Shen Chuchu quickly walked over and sat down beside him.

Han Xingyan put down his phone, stroked her hand and looked at her stomach, “Does it hurt? I told Secretary Wang to get some brown sugar*. I heard it can ease the pain.”

*TL-note: Brown Sugar Ginger Tea is a well-known folk remedy from China for relieving menstrual cramping.  

Shen Chuchu blinked and wanted to respond that her period pains were not that bad as she usually only experienced pain on the first day. However,  looking at Han Xingyan’s concerned expression, she realised that even if she was not in pain, she would have to say it hurt.

“It hurts.”

“Mhm, I will massage it for you at bedtime.”

“Oh? Are you not going back?” Shen Chuchu stared blankly at the man in front of her.

Han Xingyan looked at his girlfriend’s dumb expression and stroked her hair, “How can I relax when you are like this? Don’t worry, you go lie down for a bit and I will let you know when Secretary Wang is here.”

Shen Chuchu, “…actually I’m fine. You can go deal with work stuff.”

Han Xingyan replied, “Be good. I know it’s unbearable. It says that the pain is similar to a woman giving birth online. Don’t endure it, I’m here.”

Shen Chuchu had never given birth so she did not know how painful that was but she did know that her pain was not comparable to that. It was not even comparable to the pain she had from acting on wires. But seeing Han Xingyan’s stern appearance, she went to  the bathroom to wash up before lying on the bed like a “sick patient.”

In a little while, Secretary Wang came with the brown sugar. He looked at his boss quietly with pity in his eyes, gave him the items and left. Afterwards, Shen Chuchu drank the brown sugar water and laid down once more in bed. After a while, Han Xingyan, who had taken a shower, also laid down beside her.

Han Xingyan covered his hands and said, “My hands are cold. Wait a moment.”

For some unknown reason, Shen Chuchu’s stomach, which was not painful at first, began to hurt after he paid such close attention to it. In other words, because someone cared, she became more sensitive.


When Han Xingyan placed his hand on Shen Chuchu’s stomach, her entire body became sensitive. Shen Chuchu felt as his big palms rubbed that someone was sending her internal force continuously like in a martial arts novel.

Shen Chuchu sighed comfortably, “Hm…”

“How is it? Does it still hurt?” Han Xingyan’s gentle voice rang in her ears.

Shen Chuchu shook her head, “No it doesn’t hurt anymore. Your hand must be tired. Take a rest.”

Han Xingyan smiled, “Mhm, okay. Don’t speak anymore. Go to sleep.”

Although he agreed to stop, his hands did not.

Shen Chuchu was relaxed and on the verge of falling asleep. Before falling asleep, she had a flashback to what had happened to Cai-jie.

This time was different because she was not sure what the thoughts of the two protagonists were in this story. Saving Director Chang’s wife and Dong Ziyuan’s mother were all related to saving someone’s life and she would do it even if it meant putting herself in danger. When it came to giving people marriage advice on the Internet, she could also be straightforward because they had communicated and knew her client’s thoughts. 

But Cai-jie was different. She was not familiar with their relationship and it would annoy her if she was too involved. What if, as she suspected, they were both aware of each other’s marital status?

Shen Chuchu drifted off to sleep, thinking that since the situation was not life-threatening, she should not meddle in their affairs.

However, by the next day, Shen Chuchu decided otherwise after hearing the conversation between Cai-jie and the assistant director.

When she woke up the next morning, Han Xingyan was no longer beside her. However, Han XIngyan appeared through the door as she got up and asked, “Does your stomach still hurt? Do you want me to call in sick for you with the director?”

Shen Chuchu shook her head, “It doesn’t hurt anymore. Thank you for last night.”

“You don’t need to thank me. Go and wash up then have some food.”

Wang Qian witnessed this scene when she came to find Shen Chuchu. After one night, it seemed the temperature between her boss and CEO Han was quickly rising.

They ate while glancing at each other accompanied by sweet laughter.

After Shen Chuchu left, Han Xingyan looked around the empty room and felt as if a world had vanished. He wanted to follow Shen Chuchu to the set, but he knew that as a public figure, their relationship was not appropriate for public disclosure, so he did not ask.

But he still felt somewhat at a loss.

When Secretary Wang came over, Han Xingyan said, “Check to see if the investment in this film has been made.”

Secretary Wang looked at the boss, studied his expression, and nodded knowingly. Even if it wasn’t placed yet, no one would refuse to accept the investment. The boss was very involved with his girlfriend.

Due to physical reasons, Shen Chuchu went to the bathroom a little more frequently today. And the bathroom was where a lot of gossip spread, and she had the good fortune to hear a lot of interesting gossip. But the gossip she was listening to now made her feel bad.

“When are you getting married so I can drink at the wedding feast?” Shen Chuchu could tell from the voice that this was the assistant director.

“Soon. It’s next month.” This was Cai-jie’s voice.

“Okay, it’s not been easy for you. He seems to be good to you.”

“Oh yeah, last time you said he and his wife were finalising their divorce. It is finalised now? This must be sorted.”

“Yes. They finalised last month.”

“Of course. You are getting married soon. That was a silly question.”

Gradually, the voices started to fade away.

“…second marriage…”

“…divorced woman…don’t mind other people, as long as he is good to you.”

“…as only as he doesn’t have a child, a second marriage is the same…”

After a long time, Shen Chuchu opened the toilet door solemnly.