Acting Skills

Su Shen gasped, and her entire body tensed. The next moment, she suddenly closed her eyes!

In the small space, under the dim light, the person in front of him closed her eyes tightly, with her eyelashes trembling. That refined fair face seemed to contain a hint of nervousness, her breath held.

Seeing her like this, Xie Yan couldn’t help but chuckle, “What do you want me to do by being like this?”

Hearing his chuckle, Su Shen immediately opened her eyes and glared at him angrily, “I just…”

Before she could finish her words, her voice was completely swallowed up by him and only sounds of “mhm” could be heard in the car for a while.

He sucked on her soft lower lip as if he was sucking on poppies*, nibbling it even. His big hands slid into her down coat subconsciously and held her slender waist.

sucking on poppies – there’s a species of poppy that is the source of the narcotic drug opium

The temperature in the car instantly increased. Su Shen couldn’t breathe for a moment. When she was released from the kiss, she was still gasping for air in a daze.

When a kiss fell on her fair and tender neck, Xie Yan couldn’t help from nibbling it, which in turn made Su Shen let out a cry, “It hurts…”

Perhaps it was because he still had self-control, as he took a deep breath in the pit of her neck and then slowly looked up, but his eyes were poised as if he was about to eat her.

When Su Shen came to her senses, she found that the other party was staring at her, and momentarily, she didn’t dare to say anything. It instantly became quiet in the car.

After a long silence, Xie Yan ultimately took a deep breath and helped open the door for her. The biting cold wind blew in at once, making Su Shen shiver.

“Go back and sleep early.” His voice was slightly hoarse.

It was not that Su Shen didn’t know about matters between men and women. Before she got married, the matron of honor had told her about some bed matters. Moreover, after coming here for so long, she more or less understood about those kinds of stuff. In this kind of situation, most people would not easily stop, but Xie Yan had remembered the condition she had mentioned before.

Perhaps, she was too stubborn. If she had already set her heart on him, she should be more considerate about the other party. 

“Xie Yan.” She blinked.

He turned around and arched his brow in confusion.

Pursing her lips, Su Shen said softly, “I take back the three conditions I said before.” 

Before he could react, she opened the door and got out of the car.

When Xie Yan came back to his senses, he only saw her figure getting farther and farther, until it completely merged into the darkness.

Thinking of what she had just said, he couldn’t help but chuckle. In the night, the car stopped for a long time before it gradually drove away.

When she got home, Su Shen could only feel that her heart was beating super fast. She sat in the living room for a long time until her heartbeat gradually calmed down. Then, she went to get some clothes and took a shower. 

Today, she went to bed quite early as she had to go on set soon after. After the movie premiere on Monday, she had to go film that crime drama on Tuesday. The male lead was Li Hao, so the rapport when filming would be easier since they know each other. Moreover, there were no kiss scenes, with the highest level of intimacy being just a hug. After all, it was a drama with a weak romance plot, which was one of the reasons why Su Shen wanted to accept it. 

She didn’t wake up until 10 am the next day. Liu jie had called and said that she would be arriving soon with a makeup artist.

After Su Shen had washed up and ate breakfast, Liu jie arrived just in time. This time, it was another haute couture gown of an international brand. Although the style was very simple—double strapped and knee length, it was bright red and dazzling. 

“You have a fair complexion, so this kind of bright color suits you best, and you don’t have to be afraid of a wardrobe malfunction anymore.” Standing at the door, Liu jie motioned to the makeup artist and said, “No heavy makeup, but a red lip is a must.”

“Got it.” The makeup artist made an OK gesture with a tacit understanding.

Without saying anything, Su Shen went to the bathroom to change her clothes. She understood what Liu jie meant. The entertainment industry was a place where beauty would be compared. If an outfit was too ugly, she’d be ridiculed by the netizens. Therefore, many people would often post some airport outfit shots to show that they were chic and fashionable. This way, they would be able to capture brands’ notice.

After changing into the gown, she then came to the vanity table and sat down, letting the makeup artist style her hair.

Styling her hair took an hour and plus makeup, it was already 12:00 pm when they set out. It would be exactly 1:00 pm when they arrived at the movie premiere venue.

The makeup artist just gave her slight curls, no eyeshadow, only eyeliner, contoured her features, and a bright red lip, making her appear more mature.

When she got out of the car, it was freezing despite being bundled up in a thick coat. When she came backstage, the lounge of the production crew was already full of people with Fan Meng, Li Hao, Wang Cheng, and the rest present.

“Su Shen, why are you shivering? Is it super cold today?” With his legs crossed, Wang Cheng leaned against the sofa and played on his phone while glancing at her shivering.

There were not many rooms backstage, and since it was only a few hours, everyone just used a temporary lounge. Xie Yan still hadn’t arrived, and Fan Meng was sitting over there alone playing on her phone, seemingly disregarding everyone.

“It’s minus one degree today, you think it’s not cold?” She was bundled up in a thick coat, shivering.

The heater was on inside but she was still freezing. Wang Cheng smiled and continued to play on his phone without saying anything further.

Over there, Li Hao was originally reading a script but when he saw Su Shen come in, he suddenly smiled meaningfully, “Oh my, it seems that someone’s finally going to be chubby.”

Knowing that he must be referring to the dishes that Xie Yan had taken photos of yesterday, Su Shen couldn’t bear the teasing and looked down without saying anything, blushing.

Only Fan Meng rolled her eyes, with a sneer that flashed past.

However, Wang Cheng was super confused and asked, “What chubby? Have I gained weight?”

As he said that, he looked down at his figure and murmured, “I really did seem to have gained weight.”

Li Hao: “…….”

He had never seemed someone so slow on the uptake and just shook his head without saying anything else.

When Xie Yan and He Hua came in, Su Shen didn’t dare to look up even more. Not sure if it was because of nervousness or being cold, she kept trembling.

“I’m going to find someone from Zhenghua Entertainment. Don’t be late.” After saying that to Xie Yan, He Hua glanced at Su Shen and then left the lounge.

The sofa was very long. When she felt that the seat beside her sank a little, Su Shen went to get her phone nervously, only to find herself touching someone else’s hand. 

Before she could withdraw her hand, it was suddenly grabbed by someone. Their hand was scorching hot, unlike her constantly freezing hands. It was just like a furnace, and Su Shen gave up on struggling.

The little movements between the two of them naturally did not escape Fan Meng’s eyes. She pursed her lips and a trace of envy and jealousy flashed past her eyes.

“I have to leave later. Do you want to send me off?” He sat closer and said in a low voice.

When she thought of what she had said last night, Su Shen couldn’t help from blushing and just mumbled, “I want to go home and rest.”

The lounge was only so big, so the exchange between the two could be heard by everyone else, only Wang Cheng widened his eyes and turned around in disbelief only to see Xie Yan holding Su Shen’s hand and looking at her very lovingly. 

This scene was too shocking for him. What on earth did he miss?

Just at this moment, a staff member came in and told them that the movie premiere was about to begin. Fan Meng was the first to leave, seemingly not wanting to stay for even a moment longer.

Su Shen also got up and took off her thick coat. When she turned around, she found that Xie Yan was staring at her, which made her walk ahead of him blushingly.

After Xie Yan caught up with her, Wang Cheng, who was still behind, bumped into Li Hao’s arm and asked curiously, “Are the two of them together? When was this?”

He only found out now!

Li Hao also got up and prepared to leave as he casted a glance at him, “Do you think Xie Yan’s so short of money to actually go and film an idol drama?”

Wang Cheng: “…….”

That explained it. He had thought that Xie Yan must’ve taken a fancy on the drama market and wanted to fish up some money. He hadn’t expected that the two of them were together so early. They hid it too well!

When they arrived at the front of the movie theater, it was already full of reporters. There were some directors and artists that were invited to watch as well, and in the back were the audience. Su Shen’s seat was next to Wang Cheng, while Xie Yan’s was next to Li Hao.

When it was 1:30 pm, the movie began to play on the big screen, leaving only the BGM echoing in the theater.

Different from public screenings, movie premieres were common as the first step in establishing the reputation for a movie and to hype it as well. However, public screenings were large-scale screenings throughout the country, which could impact the box office during the Spring Festival. There were only about ten days left before the public release.

The beginning of the movie had already been played on the screen and was now entering the plot. The first scene was a war scene, with the set being very grand. The entire movie theater was instantly filled with the sound of fighting.

While over here, Li Hao stared at the big screen while leaning over and whispering, “You’re so fast, to already swindle her to your house. It seems that you’re serious?”

The white light from the big screen casted onto Xie Yan’s unperturbed face as he said with a low voice without turning around, “Are there any intimate scenes in you guys’ drama?”

Li Hao: “…….”

He looked at the person beside him seriously and said, “Yes.”

Xie Yan turned his head slightly and frowned, “Not allowed.”

At that, Li Hao mischievously smirked, leaned over and whispered, “You’re too petty. The female lead got injured so the male lead carried her to the hospital. You can’t even accept this level of intimate scenes?” 

Xie Yan didn’t say anything and just stared at him.

The latter smiled helplessly and said quietly, “Okay, there are no other scenes. The most intimate one being a hug. If you don’t agree, I won’t hug then.”

After having known each other for so long, it was the first time that Li Hao discovered that his buddy was actually this jealous. What’s the point of having a girlfriend in the entertainment industry.

“I can reluctantly accept a normal hug.” After saying that, he turned around to look at the big screen.

Li Hao didn’t know what else to say. It was a good thing that it was not a drama with a lot of romance, else, bed scenes were every other minute.

“Are the action scenes dangerous?” Xie Yan suddenly asked.

Hearing this, Li Hao looked at Xie Yan seriously again with a weird expression, “It’s not like you’ve never filmed such scenes before. Do you think action scenes are dangerous or not?”

As if he thought of something, Xie Yan turned to meet his sight, “Then, help me keep an eye on her; have her use a body double for some dangerous action scenes.”

Li Hao: “……”

It was rare for him to talk to him so seriously, and it was the first time that he had asked him for a favor. Without hesitation, Li Hao made an OK gesture. However, even if Xie Yan hadn’t said anything, he would’ve still paid attention to it. After all, she was his buddy’s girlfriend, so naturally, he couldn’t let something happen to her. 

Seeing this, Xie Yan then turned back to look at the big screen. Just at this moment, it was showing the male lead returning to the palace to report when he saw his childhood sweetheart in the main hall.

Su Shen’s performance could not be said to be excellent, but could also not be said to be with faults. Except for the slightly inexperienced part of seducing the emperor, her performance in other places was on par with that of Fan Meng. It was rare to see an actress with a beautiful appearance and great acting, which naturally attracted the attention of some directors that were invited to the movie premiere.

The movie as a whole, except for the crude relationship between the protagonists, the details of the other parts were superb, and was satisfiable as a commercial film. However, when the movie aired that kiss scene, the audience began to scream.

After the movie finished, everyone left in twos and threes. Su Shen noticed that the production team did not cut too many of her scenes, but didn’t Liu jie say that a lot of her scenes had been cut?

When she left the theater, she saw Liu jie speaking with Xiao Zhou backstage. Seeing her come back, Liu jie immediately had Xiao Zhou bundle her up in the thick coat.

“Why did I find that many of my scenes hadn’t been deleted?” Su Shen walked over to put on the coat and looked at Liu jie curiously.

The latter frowned upon hearing that, “The news I heard was that, but something might’ve happened in between. But, it’s better than being cut.”

Su Shen nodded and looked at the staff passing by occasionally.

Raising her hand to check the time, Liu jie said seriously, “You don’t have anything this afternoon, so I helped book an exclusive interview for you. Let’s go over now.”

After saying that, Liu jie was about to pull her, but Su Shen suddenly stepped back. She paused and said, “I can’t later. I want to go see Xie Yan off.”

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