Encounter With Another Confession

After class, Wen Le did not leave with her roommates. Her classmate from the Student Union had swapped duties, so Wen Le packed her bags and rushed to Building J where the Student Union was located.

There were not many people in Building J at this point in time, except for the security guard uncle guarding the door. 

Wen Le exchanged the timesheet with the classmate who was on duty earlier and signed on it.

Before leaving, the classmate said, “Classroom 201 upstairs is still in use. When they leave, don’t forget to collect the keys. Earlier, the section head said that some people from the Student Union may come to deliver a document in the evening. You should receive the documents before locking the door and leaving.”

Wen Le nodded, “Alright, I got it.”

“Then I’ll go now.”

“Mm, bye.”

There were not many people while on duty in the afternoon. Wen Le tidied up the office briefly, then sat down on the desk and took out her homework to write for a while.

Wen Le was not sure about the time the meeting in room 201 had started upstairs, but it lasted for another hour after her arrival. When Wen Le collected the key from them, it was already close to dinner time.

For dinner, she ordered takeout and simply began to eat.

After finishing the homework, she took out her USB and used the office computer to revise her manuscript.

Two weeks ago, Wen Le submitted a manuscript to Wenxing Magazine, but they called back two days ago requesting for a major revision of the manuscript.

Wen Le had been writing online since her freshman year to make some pocket money on the side.

At nine o’clock in the evening, the documents that she had been waiting for a long time finally arrived.

Wen Le collected the documents from the student from the Student Union and recorded them down. She then packed her bags, and turned off the computer and lights, before locking the door to leave.

It was already past nine o’clock in the evening, and only Wen Le was left in Building J. The security room was lit, but the security guard uncle could not be seen through the glass window.

University A was a university with a century-old history, which had made the facilities of University A outdated. The school was currently renovating various buildings on campus year by year, but the dormitory and teaching buildings were naturally the first to undergo remodelling.

Building J was listed in the last few pages of the renovation schedule and the lights in the corridor of the old Building J were also dimmed due to disrepair.

Wen Le walked through the dimly lit corridor and walked to the entrance of Building J. A gust of wind blew by. The tall trees and vines at the door rustled, and the dim external light above her head made a “creak” sound. In this silent night deserted of people, there was an inexplicable sense of horror which made one’s blood run cold.

And it was at this moment, Wen Le discovered a person standing under the shadow of the trees.

Wen Le was startled, and her heart almost came to an abrupt stop. She cursed in her heart silently, but still managed to appear calm.

Wen Le pretended not to see him, and turned and walked towards the exit.

Building J was located on a high platform which was half a meter high. Below the high platform was the sidewalk. There were street lights on the sidewalk, so it would make it easier to see.

There were steps to the east of the exit of Building J. In fact, a half-meter-high platform was not that high to jump from, but few people choose to jump from the platform.

Wen Le walked directly to the steps, but was stopped after a few steps.

“Wen Le!”

To be honest, there were only two people in the dark, and the other party was also a boy. Wen Le didn’t want to look back.

Wen Le also pretended not to have heard him and continued to walk toward the steps.

The person behind her saw Wen Le ignoring him, yet refused to give up.

He sprinted a few steps forward, “Xue jie Wen Le!”

*xue jie – a term to refer to a senior sister

Wen Le could feel that the person had run to the spot right behind her, so she had no choice but to turn around and look at the approaching person.

Seeing the other’s face vaguely through the dim light, Wen Le felt that it was a bit familiar at first, but was eventually unable to remember.

Wen Le just took two steps back vigilantly, and with a polite smile on her face said, “Why is xuedi* looking for me?”

*xue jie – a term to refer to a male junior

The boy was overjoyed when he heard this, “Xue jie, you still remember me, right? I didn’t manage to get your WeChat that day and thought you forgot about me.”

When Wen Le heard him say it, she immediately remembered who this person was. It was the same person who asked her for her socials during the Student Union interview that day. Her face couldn’t help but turn stiff, and she took a step back quietly. She kept her smile on and said, “Why are you here so late?”

The person said, “I knew that xue jie is on duty for the Student Union. Whenever I pass by for self-revision at night, I will always take a look at the office. I didn’t expect xue jie to be here today, so I decided to just stay back and wait for xue jie.”

Wen Le endured her discomfort and said, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

The xue di eagerly took two steps forward, and Wen Le was forced to take another two steps back. The xue di said, “Xue jie, that day they said that you’ve a boyfriend , I don’t believe it. I followed you the whole day, and you didn’t even have any contact with other boys. Xue jie, you lied to me, right?”

Wen Le’s face turned stiff, eyes narrowed, and her voice was slightly dangerous, “You said…what? Followed me the whole day?”

The xue di only cared about what he said, and did not respond to Wen Le’s question. 

Xue jie, I really like you! Please get together with me, xue jie! I know you and that guy are not together. Besides, what does that pretty boy Zhou Kao have that I don’t? Is he richer or more handsome than me? 

(T/N: not gonna lie I might have puked a little translating this) 

Xue Jie, don’t be fooled by his pretty face. People like him will only go around deceiving girls.”

As he spoke, he continued to take two steps forward excitedly, and Wen Le was forced to take another two steps back. He said, “You see Xue Jie, only I can give you happiness, only I can be worthy of you. Xue Jie, please just get together with me!”

After saying that, he approached to grab Wen Le.

Wen Le subconsciously stretched her hand back and took a step back to avoid him, but didn’t know that because of this xue di, she was forced to back up time and again. She was already standing on the edge of the high platform, and at that moment, her feet touched the air instead, and Wen Le lost her balance and fell.

“Be careful, Xue Jie!”

Xue di widened his eyes suddenly and was about to reach out to grab Wen Le, yet he was still a step late.

The feeling of free-falling caused Wen Le’s pupils to shrink, and she closed her eyes, recognizing her fate and waiting for the pain to strike.

However, she was suddenly embraced by a pair of powerful arms and taken into a warm and firm embrace.

Wen Le was startled slightly, and a familiar fragrance wafted into her nose. Wen Le opened her eyes subconsciously. Under the bright street lamp, Zhou Kao’s handsome and profound silhouette came into Wen Le’s eyes.

When Zhou Kao caught Wen Le, he turned half a circle in order to buffer the force of the fall, and Wen Le’s long skirt swayed in a beautiful arc in the air.

Wen Le didn’t know when her hands held on to Zhou Kao’s shoulders, and her eyes were fixed on Zhou Kao’s side profile. The light hitting on Zhou Kao’s light brown hair seemed to shine like stars, but it was not as alluring as the stars flashing brightly in Zhou Kao’s eyes.

Wen Le looked at Zhou Kao blankly. At that moment, Zhou Kao was really super handsome, and Wen Le felt her maiden heart, which had been silent for a long time, pounding.

Blame the night scene for being so damn charming.

Zhou Kao kept his balance, while still holding Wen Le in his arms. The street lamp shed a gentle light, and Wen Le’s snow-white skirt elegantly covered her calf, revealing her slender ankles and a pair of snow-white leather shoes neatly joined together.

Zhou Kao lowered his head, the beauty was lying in his arms, and her snow-white hands were on his shoulders. Zhou Kao couldn’t help but move his throat slightly, while saying softly, “It’s me.”

His voice was a little low, and he was extraordinarily gentle under the night sky.

Wen Le looked at the Adam’s apple of Zhou Kao’s throat, and nodded, “En.”

The atmosphere between them did not seem to be as stiff as when they first met.

Zhou Kao said in a low voice, “Got a confession again?”

Wen Le held on to Zhou Kou’s shirt, and softly snitched, “He said bad things about you.”

Zhou Kao gave a soft hum, but didn’t get angry. On the contrary, he said indifferently  “I heard it.”

Wen Le couldn’t help pursing her lips and chuckling and then looked up at Zhou Kao. Perhaps it was due to the earlier act of the hero rescuing a damsel in distress, Wen Le whispered to Zhou Kao in a soft gentle tone that she had never heard before, “Help me…”

Zhou Kao didn’t speak, he just turned around carrying Wen Le and looked at the Xue di who was talking bad about him earlier.

Zhou Kao hugged Wen Le and turned around with a gentle smile, but the gaze in his eyes held no warmth. He gave a sweeping glance at the boy wordlessly, but the smile at the corner of his mouth deepened, and the boy instantly turned red. There was nothing worth more contempt and disdain than this gaze.

Zhou Kao stood under the streetlamp; even though he was below the high platform half a meter away from the xue di, he still crushed the opponent in terms of his presence.

The 188cm Zhou Kao had a body comparable to a male model. The influence of his family and his own excellence gave Zhou Kao, a kind of noble and aloof temperament. In his eyes, he always had a kind of careless self-confidence and calmness in grasping everything. Just this trait of his, allowed him to stand out from his group of same-aged peers. Coupled with Zhou Kao’s overly handsome face, ordinary people who appeared in front of Zhou Kao all seemed to pale in comparison.

When the two appeared in the same space, the contrast was extremely tragic.

Zhou Kao didn’t even respond to the boy’s evaluation of him. He just glanced at him lightly, which made him embarrassed beyond words.

“I’ll be bringing my girlfriend away, as for you…”

Zhou Kao’s voice paused, and there was oppression and warning in his eyes when he looked at the boy and said, “It’s better not to show up again.”

The xue di quickly fled in defeat.

Zhou Kao let Wen Le down onto the ground, saying, “I heard you personally voted me as the school hunk?”

Wen Le’s foot tripped, her eyes full of shock, “Who said that?!”

‘Why the hell does everyone have such a big mouth!’

Zhou Kao said lightly, “Others.”

Wen Le gritted her teeth, but squeezed a smile on her face, “This is just a misunderstanding.”

Zhou Kao raised his eyebrows and did not continue to ask, but said, “I’ve seen you twice, and each time you were being confessed to at night.”

Wen Le bit her lips slightly, “I blame my damn charm.”

Zhou Kao lightly said, “Hope there won’t be a third time.”

Wen Le, “There won’t be.”

TN: hehe we shall see about that, Wen Le~

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