Second Accidental Meeting

Su Zhenzhen’s pupils trembled, staring at Wen Le in disbelief. “You… You…”

Su Zhenzhen’s eyes reddened with shock, her words faltering. “You… You’re from the Wen family of Tianyin Group?”

Wen Le looked at Su Zhenzhen, lips pressed into a faint smile. “That’s right.”

Wen Le smiled gently. “So, tell me, among the Wen, Zhou, and Su families, which families are wealthy? And who is aiming to marry into a wealthy family, hmm?”

Su Zhenzhen was overwhelmed with shame.

She knew deep down that the Su family was not on the same level as the Zhou family and the Wen family of Tianyin Group. In front of such super-elite families, the Su family was nothing but a lowly, insignificant clan.

The wealthy families were naturally the Zhou and Wen families, and it was the lowly Su family that aspired to marry into wealth.

But how could Su Zhenzhen bring herself to admit it?

Clearly, she was the epitome of a wealthy, beautiful girl from a prestigious family, while Wen Le was just a pauper from an ordinary family…

Su Zhenzhen muttered to herself, “Impossible, impossible… Sun Youmei clearly said you were a pauper! It’s impossible…”

“You must be lying to me. Are your clothes fake? Did Zhou Kao get them for you? I don’t believe it… I don’t believe it!”

Wen Le shrugged, taking a sip of her coffee nonchalantly. “Maybe, maybe not. It’s up to you to believe.”

But the more indifferent and unconcerned Wen Le appeared the more Su Zhenzhen became suspicious.

While Su Zhenzhen sat there, restless with various speculations, Wen Le remained unperturbed, delicately nibbling on a dessert with a small fork, enjoying herself with narrowed eyes, using a napkin to dab at the corner of her mouth, elegant and charming.

This exacerbated Su Zhenzhen’s jealousy.

Several tables nearby couldn’t help but discreetly glance at Wen Le, but no one spared a glance at Su Zhenzhen. Su Zhenzhen had initially thought that what mattered was the contrast in wealth between their families, but now she realised that Wen Le’s true superiority wasn’t in the stark contrast between the wealth of the Wen family and the Su family, but rather in Wen Le’s aura and charm.

With every gesture and expression, Wen Le exuded an elegance and allure as if it were a carefully choreographed scene from a movie. Such elegance and refined relaxation couldn’t be cultivated by just any family.

One couldn’t flaunt a family’s wealth everywhere, and even if one did, it would only seem base. The truly prestigious families had a smarter way—nurturing descendants with profound backgrounds and upbringing, carrying a unique aura and charm that was imbued in every gesture and expression.

When Su Zhenzhen failed to realise this, she didn’t consider it particularly important. But at this moment, under the backdrop of Wen Le’s aura that seemed to radiate its own halo, Su Zhenzhen, clad in her metaphorical armour, appeared like a naive daughter from a local mining family, mundane and faded in comparison.

The reactions of those present confirmed this. No one paid attention to her.

Wen Le was in a rather good mood, even complimenting, “This place is well chosen.”

Look at that—she could sincerely and openly praise her impolite adversary. She was graceful, tolerant, and mature.

Su Zhenzhen felt like a villain in decline, pitiful and laughable.

Su Zhenzhen’s eyes reddened with anger. She thought, so what if Wen Le was elegant? 

She had also learned table manners, she could be graceful too, and she could be even more charming than Wen Le.

So, Su Zhenzhen picked up her knife and fork, trying her best to display the etiquette she had once learned. But perhaps due to the pressure in her heart or perhaps because she had been startled by Wen Le just now and had lost in momentum, the result of exerting too much force was an inadvertent slip, and the utensils made a grating noise against the plate.

People around turned to look at the sound. Su Zhenzhen’s face flushed, and she simply put down her knife and fork, using a napkin to dab at the corner of her mouth. But this dabbing caused her lipstick to smudge and smear outside her lips. Su Zhenzhen looked at the lipstick stains on the napkin, on the verge of tears.

Everyone knows the story of imitating others in vain.

Su Zhenzhen sadly realised that she was not only imitating others in vain but also blindly following others. Clearly, she used to excel in things she could do well, but now she seemed to have forgotten everything, behaving like a fool who didn’t know where to put her hands.

With red eyes, Su Zhenzhen angrily put down the napkin and reached for the red wine. But in her impatience, she accidentally knocked over the red wine, and with a clang, the wine glass overturned, spilling red wine all over the table and onto Su Zhenzhen’s skirt.

Wen Le looked somewhat surprised but said nothing. Instead, she kindly handed a tissue to Su Zhenzhen.

But seeing Wen Le’s actions only made Su Zhenzhen more furious. She didn’t take it and ran out of the restaurant in tears.

People around looked at her in surprise, but Wen Le ignored them, not bothering to chase after Su Zhenzhen.

Of course, Wen Le wouldn’t chase after her.

Ignoring the surrounding gazes, Wen Le took out her phone and sent a WeChat message.

A waiter came over to ask if she needed any help. Wen Le declined politely in fluent English and then, as if she hadn’t noticed the chaotic table, leisurely finished the dessert in front of her. At that moment, her phone vibrated, and Wen Le glanced at it before calling the waiter to pay the bill.

The waiter who came to collect the payment was a foreigner, and his English was quite broken. Wen Le found it uncomfortable to listen to, so she simply spoke a few words to him in Spanish. The waiter looked pleasantly surprised and even praised Wen Le for her beautiful pronunciation and appearance.

Meanwhile, the eyes of the men around lingered on Wen Le, but she felt no discomfort under their scrutiny. With her confident and beautiful demeanour, one might mistake her for a celebrity.

That’s just how Wen Le was—radiating wherever she went.

The total bill came to three thousand four hundred and twenty-seven yuan. Wen Le clicked her tongue softly and handed over the card her father had given her.

It was somewhat regrettable that she was using this card from her father for the first time in such a situation.

After paying the bill, Wen Le got up, and the waiter brought her coat. Some men’s gazes followed Wen Le as she made her way to the door and continued to track the beautiful woman as she walked out of the restaurant.

So, in the parking lot filled with luxury cars like Porsche and BMW, there was a Volkswagen that stood out. But it wasn’t the understated luxury of a Passat; it was just an ordinary Magotan.

In the midst of their surprise, a handsome man got out of the car. Young, handsome, tall, and straight-backed, he was more handsome than a celebrity, exuding a radiant aura.

And in the next moment, just as the beautiful woman walked out, she approached the handsome man. The man lowered his head and smiled gently, pulling the woman into his embrace and kissing her forehead.

The woman then took off the scarf around her neck, carefully draping it around the man’s neck. She lovingly touched the man’s cheek and leaned in to kiss him on the chin. 

After kissing him, she touched the man’s chin as if saying something, and the man chuckled, touching his own chin in response.

Then, the two got into the car and drove off.

As the men around wondered how a guy who drove such a car could afford to take out a girl who was dining in such a high-end restaurant, they noticed the license plate on the departing Magotan—a Beijing A plate, and everything suddenly made sense.

It was a low-key N-generation Magotan, and most importantly, the guy was incredibly handsome.

After the provocation incident with Su Zhenzhen, Wen Le plunged into a busy exam week. She left early and returned late every day, spending her days buried in the library.

During this time, nothing much happened, except that Sun Youmei seemed to look at Wen Le differently, probably because Su Zhenzhen had said something to her. But Wen Le didn’t pay much attention; all she cared about was maintaining her position as the top student—no one could take that away from her.

In the evening, she had a phone call with Zhou Kao. He sounded a bit tired. “So, you’ll be on break in three days after finishing your last exam?”

Wen Le, wearing Bluetooth earphones and still reading, nodded as she flipped a page. “Yes.”

Zhou Kao sounded a bit unhappy. “Oh, I still have two more exams, finishing one week after yours.”

Wen Le replied with a couple of “hmms.” “Then, you should work hard.”

Zhou Kao, displeased, said, “Are you just going to brush me off like that?”

Wen Le looked up from her book with a smile. “What else do you want me to do?”

Zhou Kao softened his voice and coaxed, “Come to my place and study with me. We’ll review together.”

Wen Le raised an eyebrow but remained silent.

Zhou Kao quickly came up with a compelling reason, “You’ll be going back to the mountains for the break, and we won’t see each other for a month and a half…”

Wen Le couldn’t resist Zhou Kao’s cajoling and was picked up by him at home the next day.

As Wen Le sat in Zhou Kao’s car with her backpack, she couldn’t help but think, I’m just going to study, just going to study…

The two were sitting on the sofa in Zhou Kao’s living room studying when suddenly, Wen Le noticed a pimple on Zhou Kao’s face. Unable to resist, she leaned forward, touching Zhou Kao’s face and examining it carefully.

Zhou Kao’s gaze remained on the book. “What’s wrong? Did your boyfriend charm you?”

Wen Le rolled her eyes at him. “You have a pimple on your face?”

Zhou Kao had always had good skin; it was rare to see him with a pimple. It was the first time Wen Le saw Zhou Kao with a pimple.

Wen Le couldn’t help but touch Zhou Kao’s skin in the unaffected areas. His skin was really good.

Zhou Kao chuckled. “Yeah, noticed it when I washed my face this morning.”

Wen Le chuckled. “Feeling a bit stressed lately? Is it because you’re busy and your schedule’s irregular?”

Zhou Kao whispered, “Yeah, feeling a bit stressed. But not because of my irregular schedule, it’s because I haven’t seen my girlfriend for too long.”

Wen Le scolded him teasingly, “Smooth talker.”

With that, Wen Le reached out and touched Zhou Kao’s face, then slowly traced down his face and neck.

Zhou Kao looked at her coldly. “What are you doing?”

Wen Le replied, “You’ve been busy lately, and your schedule’s irregular. You probably haven’t had time to work out. I’m checking to see if your muscles have disappeared.”

Zhou Kao raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything.

Wen Le met his gaze confidently. “Your muscles are part of my benefits. Can’t I check on my own benefits?”

After a moment of thought, Zhou Kao nodded. “Makes sense.”

With that, Zhou Kao lifted his shirt hem, revealing his toned abs. His physique hadn’t changed at all. “How do you think I’m managing my assets?”

Wen Le coughed lightly. “Not bad.”

Zhou Kao glanced at Wen Le. “Can I check on what belongs to me?”

Wen Le blushed. “N-no, you can’t.”

Putting down his book, Zhou Kao chuckled softly and pushed Wen Le onto the sofa, leaning in to kiss her. His voice was low and sexy as he whispered in her ear, “Nowadays, we believe in gender equality. You can’t be unfair to me like this.”

With that, he leaned in and kissed her passionately.

Wen Le was lost in the kiss, her hand finding its way into Zhou Kao’s hair as she responded fervently. Meanwhile, Zhou Kao’s hand explored Wen Le’s waist, tracing the beautiful curve.

The intensity of their intimacy left Wen Le breathless and weak, and Zhou Kao finally pulled away from her lips, trailing kisses along her neck. He then proceeded to unbutton Wen Le’s collar, continuing his exploration.

Wen Le closed her eyes, breathing heavily, her toes curling slightly. She glanced at Zhou Kao’s Adam’s apple before opening her eyes, the colour deepening in her gaze.

Then, she deftly flipped over and straddled Zhou Kao’s lap.

Zhou Kao took a sharp breath, watching Wen Le, her clothes slightly disheveled, raise an eyebrow.

That simple raise of her eyebrow was incredibly seductive.

Wen Le bit her lip and delicately traced her fingers along Zhou Kao’s cheek, leaning down to place a gentle kiss at the corner of his mouth, then tenderly trailing kisses down to his Adam’s apple.

Zhou Kao’s Adam’s apple was particularly enticing, something Wen Le had been longing for. She couldn’t resist; she leaned in and took a nip.

Zhou Kao rubbed Wen Le’s back, keeping her close to him. After lingering at Zhou Kao’s neck for a while, Wen Le planted a kiss near his lips and moved to get up.

However, Zhou Kao refused to let her go, pressing her down.

Wen Le, trying to catch her breath, pushed Zhou Kao away slightly, her voice hoarse. “Stop playing around, things might get out of hand.”

Zhou Kao refused to budge, holding onto Wen Le tightly.

“I want to eat some fruit, go peel it,” Wen Le said.

Zhou Kao stared at her, reluctant to move, clearly wanting to continue their intimate moment.

“Go on, quick!” Wen Le urged.

Zhou Kao sighed and finally released Wen Le, getting up to prepare some fruit in the kitchen.

He peeled apples, peaches, dragon fruits, and bananas, washed cherries and grapes, and even provided two delicate silver forks. Zhou Kao’s service was exceptionally considerate.

After preparing the fruits, Zhou Kao brought them to Wen Le sitting on the sofa, studying her textbooks.

Zhou Kao placed the fruit beside Wen Le and used a fork to feed her a piece of banana. Wen Le opened her mouth and accepted it. Zhou Kao then put down the fork and grabbed a book, lying down next to Wen Le on the sofa, using her legs as a pillow.

Wen Le instinctively moved her book to the side, not wanting to obstruct Zhou Kao’s view.

With Zhou Kao resting his head on her legs, Wen Le continued to flip through her book, lightly tracing her fingers along Zhou Kao’s cheek.

To Zhou Kao, Wen Le’s actions were deeply cherished, signs of her affection.

As Wen Le’s hand roamed Zhou Kao’s face, her fingers unintentionally brushed against his lips. Zhou Kao responded by gently taking Wen Le’s fingers into his mouth.

Realising her mistake, Wen Le withdrew her hand and playfully tapped Zhou Kao on the head.

Zhou Kao winced and rubbed his head, pretending to be hurt.

Wen Le, feeling guilty, gently massaged the spot she had tapped on Zhou Kao’s head, although he wasn’t actually in pain. He simply enjoyed Wen Le’s attention.

Wen Le gently touched Zhou Kao’s forehead and remembered the pimple she had noticed earlier. “I have some herbal tea to reduce internal heat*. I’ll bring you some tomorrow.”

She then pinched Zhou Kao’s cheek and smiled. “You rely on your face to maintain my affection. You have to protect this face, you know, boyfriend?”

Zhou Kao chuckled. “Oh, and what about you? Do you rely on your impressive assets, girlfriend?”

Wen Le lightly tapped Zhou Kao’s chest. “I’m different. I rely on my boyfriend’s unwavering love.”

Zhou Kao laughed, pulled Wen Le’s hand, and kissed the couple’s ring she always wore. “You’re right.”

Wen Le’s gaze remained glued to her book as she turned a page and used a small silver fork to feed herself a piece of dragon fruit. Then, she absentmindedly fed Zhou Kao a piece of apple.

Just then, there was a sound from the entrance, and Li Hua walked in, only to find the couple on the sofa.

The couple froze upon seeing Li Hua, still in the same position as when she entered: Wen Le holding a silver fork, feeding Zhou Kao a piece of apple, and Zhou Kao with his mouth open.

For a moment, the air seemed strangely quiet and tense.

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