A Deep Kiss

Zhou Kao’s heartbeat couldn’t calm down for a long time. He repeatedly stroked Wen Le’s hair and kissed her temple. 

Wen Le lightly patted his back in a soothing manner. With each pat, water splashed from both their clothes, as Zhou Kao’s clothes were already soaked from the rain.

Wen Le’s heart softened involuntarily. She softly spoke to Zhou Kao, attempting to divert his attention from the distressing situation. 

She asked, “How did you come here?”

Zhou Kao took a moment to calm himself before speaking in a relatively steady tone, “I was in the meeting room in the neighboring building. I heard something happened here and got worried, so I came over.”

Wen Le asked him, “Why didn’t you use an umbrella? With such heavy rain, you’re completely soaked.”

Zhou Kao rubbed his cheek against Wen Le’s, feeling the warmth emanating from her and the faint fragrance on her. His heart, which had been racing due to fear and anxiety, finally began to settle.

Zhou Kao explained, “The rain was too heavy. The umbrella couldn’t hold up.”

Wen Le’s heart ached at his words. She didn’t say anything, burying her head in Zhou Kao’s chest and hugging him tightly.

The two of them embraced each other for a while before slowly separating. They were tucked away in a secluded corner, unnoticed by others.

Zhou Kao lowered his head and gently rubbed Wen Le’s hair. He suddenly noticed that her clothes in front were wet from his soaked clothes. He felt a bit apologetic, “I’ve dampened your clothes.”

Wen Le shook her head, not minding at all. She had been holding the umbrella all this time, and Zhou Kao shielded her from most of the rainwater. Apart from the wet parts from Zhou Kao’s clothes, she was mostly dry, so the dampness wasn’t bothering her.

Wen Le pulled Zhou Kao into the J building to take shelter from the rain. 

Their hands were tightly intertwined. 

Wen Le’s hand was completely enveloped by Zhou Kao’s, his palm warmer than hers. The warmth spread from his palm to her heart. Wen Le couldn’t help but lower her head to look at their clasped hands. Suddenly, she felt Zhou Kao’s intense gaze that seemed to be glued to her. Her cheeks blushed a soft pink, gradually tinting her fair complexion.

Zhou Kao asked her, “Where did you go just now? Were you scared?”

Wen Le shook her head, “I was about to leave, but then I remembered that I hadn’t finished taking inventory. I went to the third floor upstairs to check, but I found some discrepancies in the quantities, so I stayed there a bit longer.”

The storage room on the third floor was the farthest from where they were. Although Wen Le had heard a loud noise, she didn’t think much of it. She had just locked the storage room and left when she realized that a tree had been blown down by the wind.

Zhou Kao responded, “Thank goodness.”

Zhou Kao truly felt fortunate and grateful.

Suddenly, Wen Le asked, “I saw a group of people gathered downstairs. Did something happen?”

Zhou Kao’s voice lowered as he recalled the incident. He said, “The wind knocked down a tree and injured pedestrians.”

Wen Le also paused for a moment, stopped, and looked outside. “Should we go out and help?”

Zhou Kao said, “I’ll go out. The wind and rain outside are too strong for an umbrella. Your clothes are dry. You can go to the storage room and see if there’s anything useful.”

Wen Le nodded in agreement. 

However, she was a bit worried, looking at the thoroughly wet Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao shook his head. “Go ahead, I’m fine.”

The rain and wind outside had not stopped. Wen Le went to the Student Union’s storage room and found some gauze.

But before Wen Le could step out with the items, she saw Zhou Kao coming back.

Wen Le hurried over and asked, “How is it?”

Zhou Kao said, “The rain is too heavy. The ambulance won’t be able to come for a while, but the school doctor is already here. They’re coordinating the transfer of the injured to the school hospital. No need to worry.”

Wen Le breathed a sigh of relief at his words. “Are the injuries not serious?”

Zhou Kao said, “Luckily, they’re all minor injuries. The most severe seems to be a broken leg.”

“That’s a relief.”

Wen Le noticed that Zhou Kao was holding something in his hands.

Zhou Kao also noticed Wen Le’s gaze and said, “It’s a raincoat they left for me. The wind is too strong for an umbrella, so wearing a raincoat is better.”

Wen Le was speechless. “Then why aren’t you wearing it?”

Zhou Kao shrugged. “I’m already soaked. What’s the use of wearing it now?”

Zhou Kao had been drenched by the rain again, getting completely soaked.

Wen Le went downstairs to the security office and borrowed a towel from the security guard.

Zhou Kao used the towel to quickly dry his hair. Wen Le poured a cup of hot water for Zhou Kao in a disposable cup and took out a thin blanket from the office drawer that was given as a sponsor’s gift during a previous event. She draped it over Zhou Kao, who was soaked.

Zhou Kao took a look at the rain outside the window and checked the time. It was almost 10 o’clock, but the rain showed no signs of stopping. 

Zhou Kao took a sip of the hot water and looked at Wen Le.

The office’s lighting was dim, and Zhou Kao sat under the soft light, casting deep shadows that outlined his profound features and handsome face. His wet hair was pulled back, revealing a smooth forehead and deep eyes. His wet eyelashes resembled feathers darkened by the rain.

Wen Le couldn’t help but be captivated by his deep gaze and handsome appearance. Their gazes seemed glued together, creating an atmosphere of ambiguity in the dimly lit room, with only the two of them present after recently confirming their relationship.

Zhou Kao stared at Wen Le intently, placing the cup he had just sipped from on the table. He reached out and held Wen Le’s hands, pulling her closer to him.

Zhou Kao played with Wen Le’s hands, his fingers tracing each bone and joint meticulously, creating a simple gesture that carried a tantalizing undertone in the air. The sound of their breaths filled the room, adding to the sensuality of the moment.

Zhou Kao’s intense gaze locked onto Wen Le’s eyes, and she, who usually stood her ground against him, was now silenced, lowering her gaze and remaining speechless. Wen Le’s delicate face took on a rosy hue, and her long eyelashes fluttered gently, occasionally revealing the emotions hidden in her eyes.

Wen Le’s beauty was a brilliant display of openness and allure. 

Like fireworks in full bloom or blossoms in spring, it was the kind of stunning sight that one would want to capture in a photo or a painting.

In such an intimate space with just the two of them, sometimes silence only heightened the ambiguity between them. 

Zhou Kao’s gaze was unwavering, his breath sped up, and he tightened his grip on Wen Le’s hands, slowly pulling her closer until she was in his embrace.

Zhou Kao caressed Wen Le’s cheek with one hand, his palm warm and his touch gentle. 

Wen Le’s breathing became more cautious in response.

Finally, Zhou Kao spoke, his voice husky yet low, “You won’t go back on what you promised me today, will you?”

Wen Le’s voice seemed to hang in the air, “What promise?”

Zhou Kao’s gaze darkened, and his voice, deepened by the huskiness, took on a magnetic quality that was uniquely his. Slowly and sensually, he said, “Of course, being my…girlfriend.”

Wen Le’s face initially turned red, then she raised her head to look at Zhou Kao. When their eyes met, the spark returned to Wen Le’s eyes, a blend of pride and fearlessness.

In her gaze, there seemed to be a hint of provocation and allure. With a mischievous smile, she leaned closer to Zhou Kao’s ear and whispered, “Boyfriend. To maintain the stability of your status, you better behave.”

As Wen Le spoke, her breath brushed against Zhou Kao’s ear, and the delicate and sweet floral scent of her lipstick filled the air. Zhou Kao’s breathing paused for a moment, and the enchanting smile on Wen Le’s face seemed to be that of a seductive enchantress.

A siren.

Zhou Kao thought to himself, “This is truly a siren.” 

The two of them stayed in the office for a while longer. The rain outside showed no sign of stopping; instead, it seemed to be getting heavier. They decided not to wait any longer and planned to head back to the dormitory before the rain intensified.

Zhou Kao took out the raincoat from earlier and said to Wen Le, “Put this on.”

Wen Le glanced at the heavy rain outside, then looked at Zhou Kao who was drenched completely. “What about you?”

Zhou Kao chuckled. “It doesn’t matter if I wear it in my current state or not.”

Wen Le looked at the raincoat and suggested, “How about we both wear it together?”

Zhou Kao found it amusing. “How do two people wear one raincoat?”

Wen Le pointed at the raincoat. “One person wears one sleeve, and the other wears the other sleeve.”

She demonstrated by putting on one sleeve of the raincoat. “You come in, and you wear the opposite sleeve.”

The raincoat was indeed a bit large for Wen Le, but fitting two people inside was quite a stretch. 

Zhou Kao nodded in agreement, and while Wen Le was adjusting the raincoat, he slyly used it to wrap her up. He then pulled her into a tight embrace, his arms strong and firm, preventing her from moving.

Wen Le struggled for a moment but couldn’t break free. She looked up at Zhou Kao and asked, 

“What are you doing?”

Zhou Kao, with Wen Le in his embrace and an umbrella in his other hand, answered, “Let’s go. If we don’t leave now, we won’t make it before the curfew.”

He led Wen Le out, with her wrapped in the raincoat and him holding the umbrella. They walked outside, with Wen Le protected snugly in Zhou Kao’s arms, shielded from most of the rain.

The wind outside was strong, and the umbrella provided little protection from the rain. The large raindrops hit Zhou Kao’s body, soaking his clothes once again, while Wen Le remained mostly untouched by the rain.

Wen Le was worried about Zhou Kao getting sick from being soaked in the rain repeatedly. 

She couldn’t help but look up at him, and Zhou Kao, sensing her gaze, used his free hand to tousle her hair.

The torrential rain had overwhelmed the city’s drainage system, causing ankle-deep water to accumulate on the roads.

Wen Le was wearing heels with a height of four to five centimeters. Zhou Kao kept an eye on the road, afraid that uneven terrain under the water might hurt Wen Le’s ankles.

Zhou Kao looked down again and noticed the murky water, making it difficult to see the road. He furrowed his brows slightly and said, “I’ll carry you.”

Wen Le felt both warmth and sweetness in her heart, but she shook her head. “No need, this path is pretty flat.”

Seeing Wen Le’s determined attitude, Zhou Kao didn’t insist any further. They continued through the wind and rain until they reached the entrance of the women’s dormitory.

When they stood under the dim light at the entrance of the women’s dormitory, Wen Le watched rainwater trickle down Zhou Kao’s facial contours. The water droplets glistened in the light as they slid down his cheeks, jawline, and neck, creating an unexpectedly alluring and sensual scene.

Wen Le gave a light cough and averted her gaze, taking off the raincoat and handing it to Zhou Kao. 

After removing the raincoat, Wen Le’s clothes were surprisingly still dry, while Zhou Kao had become completely drenched.

Seeing Zhou Kao in this state, Wen Le’s heart softened. 

She handed him the raincoat and said, “Put this on.”

Zhou Kao shook his head. “There will be rain tomorrow too. The umbrella isn’t very effective in strong wind, and the raincoat will be more useful for you. I have another one.”

Zhou Kao declined to take the raincoat, and Wen Le couldn’t do anything about it, so she didn’t insist further. She pursed her lips and said, “Then take the umbrella.”

Zhou Kao looked down and sensed Wen Le’s worry in her eyes. He nodded slightly in response, leaving Wen Le with her yellow floral umbrella.

Standing under the women’s dormitory, time was nearing the curfew. If he didn’t leave soon, Zhou Kao might not make it back to his dormitory on time. Wen Le glanced at the time and said, “You should head back.”

Zhou Kao also looked at Wen Le and responded with a quiet “Okay,” but he didn’t move.

Seeing that he didn’t seem to be leaving, Wen Le looked up at him and was about to ask, “Why…” 

But she couldn’t finish her sentence before being interrupted by Zhou Kao.

“Wen Le.”

Wen Le looked up, but before she could react,  Zhou Kao pulled her directly into his embrace. 

He held her tightly, lifted her chin, and then kissed her passionately.

It was an unexpected but inevitable kiss of the night.

Wen Le’s fingers involuntarily curled up, then tightly gripped Zhou Kao’s shoulders. 

The rain outside continued, but its sound was gradually fading, and Wen Le could barely hear anything from the outside world.

Zhou Kao’s kiss was dominant and fervent. His breath was scorching, his movements were not gentle, and he eagerly captured Wen Le’s essence in a deep and passionate kiss.

Wen Le’s scalp tingled from his kiss as she leaned softly against him. 

She felt like she was melting in the intensity of this fervent kiss.

These two popular figures of the online BBS community were passionately kissing under the women’s dormitory. This wasn’t something that should have happened, but at this moment, neither of them wanted to think about it too much.

Blame it on the heavy rain tonight, as it had caused their suppressed emotions to burst forth uncontrollably, making them lose themselves in the moment.

TN: hehehehe the sexual tension between our leads have finally erupted 🎉

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