Phone Porridge*

*to talk endlessly on the phone for hours.

Wen Le didn’t know how she managed to walk back to her dormitory.

Nothing registered in her mind as she walked back, but she was certain her face must be bright red.

It wasn’t until she stood in front of room 307 that Wen Le suddenly snapped back to reality. 

Standing outside the door, she covered her lips with her hand and smiled like a fool.

It was only when the door next door opened that Wen Le quickly restrained her smile and pushed open her own door.

The room in 307 was quiet.

Amidst this silence, there was a rather subtle atmosphere.

Wen Le couldn’t help but furrow her brow. She looked up and saw a packaging box with a “C” brand on the floor. Inside the box was a “C” brand handbag. 

The bag was casually placed in the box, with half of its chain still hanging on the floor. 

This wasn’t Sun Youmei’s usual style. She always treated her handbags with care. If she had just unpacked a bag, she would certainly cherish it, placing it back into a dust bag, then into her closet and locking it up. Leaving a newly bought handbag with its chain hanging on the floor was something Sun Youmei would never do.

It wasn’t until a soft sobbing sound reached her ears that Wen Le noticed that Sun Youmei, who was lying on the table, was crying.

Wen Le glanced at Sun Youmei, then exchanged a look with Cheng Hui.

Cheng Hui shook her head, indicating that they shouldn’t intervene.

Wen Le gently closed the door and entered the dorm room.

At that moment, Cheng Hui suddenly realized something was off. She looked at Wen Le suspiciously and said, “Lele, what happened to your lipstick?”

Wen Le subconsciously touched her lips and indeed, her fingers were clean. Her lipstick…

Wen Le’s face turned bright red.

Her lipstick had naturally been eaten clean by Zhou Kao just now.

Wen Le could only try her best to appear calm. She said, “I forgot to apply it after dinner. No wonder I felt like I forgot something.”

Cheng Hui still seemed unconvinced. She looked Wen Le up and down and said, “That doesn’t seem right. Why do your lips look a little swollen too?”

Wen Le’s heart raced, and she came up with a quick excuse. “It’s because I had some spicy strips.”

Cheng Hui’s brows furrowed again upon hearing this.

Wen Le’s heart tightened, thinking, ‘just as I suspected, you can’t hide anything from the human 

microscope, Cheng Hui.’ 

She thought that if Cheng Hui brought up more questions, she would just have to tell the truth. 

She was a human microscope, and nothing could get past her.

Who would have known that Cheng Hui would just mutter in dissatisfaction, “I also want to eat that.”

But Wen Le suddenly got choked by her own saliva, not knowing what she was thinking about, and she started coughing.

Cheng Hui huffed a couple of times and said, “See, this is the price of eating it alone.”

Wen Le coughed even harder.

She climbed onto the bed, and her phone received a message from Cheng Hui.

The things that girls loved doing when they got together were probably shopping and gossiping.

Hui: Her boyfriend seems to have cheated.

Wen Le sighed and typed a few words.

WL: Didn’t she mention that last time?

Hui: Last time, she just said her boyfriend liked to flirt with other girls outside.

Hui: This time, it seems there’s solid evidence of him cheating.

Wen Le typed a few words but didn’t know what to say, so she deleted them.

Hui: Actually, she’s quite smart.

Hui: She’s on good terms with the salesgirls at the stores her boyfriend regularly goes to.

Hui: The salesgirl from Brand C told her privately that her boyfriend ordered a limited edition bag.

Hui: She thought it was a gift for their anniversary or something, so she was happy. But the bag she received today was only half as expensive as what the salesgirl said.

WL: Maybe the salesgirl remembered it wrong.

Hui: She found the receipt for that limited edition bag in her boyfriend’s wallet.

WL: What did she say?

Hui: She doesn’t want to break up.

Hui: She can’t let go. Her current quality of life, spending habits, and her image as a beautiful and wealthy socialite all rely on her boyfriend.

Hui: Even if she breaks up, she might not find another boyfriend who’s willing to spend so much on her.

Hui: In order to maintain her current lifestyle, she’s inevitably clinging to her boyfriend, pleasing, accommodating, and compromising. But her boyfriend doesn’t have these concerns; he’s carefree. She’s too passive in this relationship. Such a relationship isn’t really pure.

Hui: So, in the end, a relationship where both parties are from similar backgrounds is fairer and more comfortable.

Hui: But this has nothing to do with me. I’m not going to get married.

Wen Le looked at the two words “similar backgrounds” on her phone and was lost in thought.

Until her phone vibrated again, and it was a WeChat message from Zhou Kao.

Z: Are you asleep?

Wen Le looked at the chat, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but lift up.

She rolled over and held her phone to reply.

WL: No.

WL: Have you reached the dorm?

Z: yep

WL: you got wet in the rain, better go take a hot shower

Z: ))) 1”

Wen Le saw that Zhou Kao had sent a voice message, so she got up and searched for her earphones. But she had forgotten them on the desk, so she had to get off the bed and spend two or three minutes looking for them.

After plugging in the earphones, she heard Zhou Kao’s one-second voice message.

Zhou Kao’s voice was deep, and he softly said, “Hmm.”

Wen Le’s ears tingled, but she cursed in her heart, This flirtatious guy still won’t even admit he’s a flirt? It’s just a single word yet he insists on sending me a voice message.

Then Zhou Kao sent another message.

Z: Did you specifically search for your earphones? Actually, for just one second, you don’t need to bother that much. Did you really want to hear my voice so much?

WL: You don’t have a girlfriend anymore.

Z: ?

WL: No, you’re out.

WL: good bye

WL: No, it’s better not to see each other again

WL: You might want to prepare for being put to the blocked list.

TN: LOL hahahah ZK dug his own grave with his teasing keke

After sending the messages, Wen Le didn’t get any response. After a while, Zhou Kao actually called her.

Wen Le’s hand trembled, and she almost dropped her phone.

She immediately pressed the “end call” button.

But then the phone rang again.

Wen Le clicked her tongue, picked up her phone, walked to the washroom, closed the door, and then answered the call.

Wen Le’s expression was devoid of emotion, and her voice was cold, “What do you want?”

Zhou Kao’s voice still carried a smile, “Are you angry?”

Wen Le calmly replied, “No, if I were angry, I would’ve been driven crazy by you long before.”

Zhou Kao’s voice seemed to carry a light chuckle, and he softened his tone, “Actually, I just wanted to hear your voice.”

Wen Le’s lips couldn’t help but curl up, but she secretly cursed, ‘This flirt.’

Wen Le adopted a cold and indifferent tone that didn’t match the expression on her face and said, “Now that you’ve heard it, you can feel at ease.”

Zhou Kao seemed even more amused on his end. He seemed to be cautious not to disturb others, and his voice was kept low. His laughter had a deep and magnetic resonance. Wen Le’s ears tingled, and she took off one earphone and said, “Stop it!”

Zhou Kao choked for a moment, and his laughter actually stopped.

Wen Le, however, felt triumphant and smiled.

Listening to the laughter from the other end of the phone, Zhou Kao’s eyes also carried a hint of laughter. After Wen Le finished laughing, he asked, “Do you have time this weekend?”

Wen Le’s eyebrows raised, and she seemed to have an inkling of Zhou Kao’s intention. Her smile deepened, but she also remembered that this Zhou guy seemed a bit unfortunate. She said, “Not sure, I have quite a lot of things to do this weekend.”

Zhou Kao, upon hearing this, seemed to sigh regretfully, “So busy?”

Wen Le replied, “Yes.”

Wen Le found it a bit odd, “But you seem so free. How come?”

Zhou Kao said, “I’m busy this week too.”

“But I still want to see you.”

TN: swooooon~ 

Wen Le’s eyes sparkled, and she looked at the swaying leaves outside the window. The sound of raindrops tapping on the leaves sounded so pleasant at this moment. Her voice turned tender in a way she didn’t even notice, “There’s plenty of time ahead, why the rush?”

Zhou Kao seemed slightly taken aback by her words but then chuckled, “You’re right, there’s plenty of time ahead.”

However, after a while, Zhou Kao said, “But I still want to see you this weekend.”

Wen Le’s eyes curved into crescent moons as she laughed, “I’ll let you know when I have time.”

After ending the call and coming out of the washroom, she noticed that Sun Youmei was already lying on her bed, and the C-brand bag was still lying untouched on the floor.

Cheng Hui asked, “Who were you talking to? You chatted for so long.”

Wen Le was somewhat surprised, “Was it that long?”

They had only exchanged a few sentences.

Cheng Hui said, “Hmm, it was about half an hour.”

Wen Le was quite astonished.

Bao Xiao Fan commented, “Could it be that you’re dating?”

Wen Le didn’t confirm or deny it, she just let it be assumed, giving them some time to gradually accept it.

She thought it would be better to wait a while till it was stabilised before revealing the truth, especially with the current emotional instability of someone in the dorm.

However, Bao Xiao Fan and Cheng Hui didn’t seem to take it seriously. Bao Xiao Fan even nonchalantly resumed using her phone right after asking, as if she already had an idea of Wen Le’s answer and was just asking out of habit.

Surprisingly, Cheng Hui the human microscope didn’t think much about it either.

Wen Le was somewhat perplexed as she got onto her bed. Did they really lack such confidence in her shedding her single status?

The next day, Wen Le received a call from her father saying he would be coming on Sunday.

Wen Le found it a bit strange; it seemed her father had been traveling to the capital city more frequently lately.

“Dad, are you coming for a business trip again this time?”

Wen Tianqi replied, “Sort of. Dad has bought a gift for you that needs your signature, and Grandma asked me to bring you a few things.”

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