To Shock The Whole Audience

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Everyone held their breath, and Zhou Kao stood up slowly.

They were gazing into each other’s eyes, with a smile on their lips.

The lights were casting dreamy filters over them.

And romantic and elegant music suddenly sounded.

Wen Le slowly lowered her gaze and stretched out her arms gracefully. Zhou Kao came forward, and the two were locked in an embrace.

The staff immediately evacuated the crowd, and the crowd retreated, leaving a circular open space in the center.

The two slid on to the dance floor and swayed slowly to the soft music.

The music was melodious and slow.

Zhou Kao’s voice rang in Wen Le’s ears, “The heel is so high, is your ankle okay?”

“This gentleman, I don’t think you should be saying such buzzkill words now.”

The two of them were still swaying on the dance floor,and Zhou Kao chuckled, “Is it a buzzkill? This is obviously a gentleman’s concern for his female companion.”

Wen Le smiled politely, “I think in this situation, you should only praise your female companion for her beautiful shoes, or praise your female companion for her beauty.”

Zhou Kao pondered deeply for a moment, as if he was being put on the spot.


Wen Le scolded secretly. Sooner or later she would be driven mad by this scumbag.

Wen Le smirked and said, “No, no, no. I think the aura of the two of us is at odds, and it may not be suitable for waltz.”

Zhou Kao led Wen Le to take a step back and did a turn, “What do you want to do?”

Wen Le suddenly approached, “You…Can you keep up with my dance steps?”

Zhou Kao looked down at Wen Le. Her eyes were full of provocation.

Zhou Kao, “You can try.”

The corner of Wen Le’s mouth curled lightly, “You can’t blame me if you can’t keep up later on~”

Zhou Kao was silent but smiled.

“That’s it,” Wen Le chuckled, letting go of Zhou Kao’s hand in a spin and gliding to the edge of the dance floor.

The two were completely separated.

All the audience were taken aback. They didn’t know what was going on, hadn’t this dance just started? Why was it over just like that?

The staff also looked puzzled, and the senior sister hurriedly stepped forward to ask Wen Le if something had happened, whether it was a wardrobe malfunction or her not feeling well.

Wen Le whispered into the senior sister’s ears, the senior sister suddenly widened her eyes and looked at the two of them in disbelief. Zhou Kao was still at the other end of the dance floor at the moment, and then the senior sister ran away with some excitement.

Everyone had a question mark on their faces, and they saw that Wen Le said something to the staff. The staff quickly walked away, and then the music stopped, and Wen Le still stood on the edge of the dance floor with her back to the crowd.

The crowd couldn’t help but start whispering, guessing if something was wrong.

But the next moment the melodious violin music sounded, and everyone couldn’t help being attracted by the music.

Yet, the moment a sharp note was played, Wen Le suddenly turned around. Wen Le’s gentle and soft temperament suddenly changed, and her eyes turned sharp and charming.

Wen Le’s whole persona had changed. She appeared like a very different person, exuding a very aggressive wildness and charm, with a slight smile raised carelessly.

This was definitely an enchantress who knew how to use her beauty to make men fall head over heels yet still loved to play games with the world.

There seemed to be electric pulses in those eyes, and countless people were caught by that glance and were immobilized from head to toe. Their hearts seemed to stop, then started beating again quickly. At that moment, the whispers in the audience stopped, and even many girls held their chests and took a breath.

Zhou Kao also turned around at this moment. He raised his jaw slightly, looked at the stunning beauty who was about to launch an offensive on him on the opposite side, and smiled softly. At that moment, there seemed to be a burst of light in his eyes, but he quickly covered it up the next moment.

Zhou Kao pulled at his tie slightly.

Zhou Kao’s desire to conquer Wen Le was stronger than ever before, and his desire to control and be competitive seemed to overflow from his eyes.

Wen Le this woman…

Wen Le…

Zhou Kao’s eyes had a false sense of confusion under the light, and his slender fingers pulled at his tie, causing his beautiful Adam’s apple to be slightly exposed, adding on to the dreamy filter blessed by the light. Such beauty was lethal to both the men and women.

The music playing was not a romantic dance, it was a passionate war song. This was not a dance, this was the pinnacle of the two great gods, it was the fierce confrontation between the two hunters.

This was a battle of punishment using beauty as a weapon.

And the two evenly matched parties were both ambitious to emerge as the victor.

The wild and passionate tango was indeed more suitable for the two people to fight than the elegant waltz.

The two looked at each other across the entire dance floor, and they both saw the ambition, desire, and hope in each other’s eyes.

Both of them wanted to conquer the other.

Wen Le stepped out with her long legs and dragged the swaying steps into the center of the dance floor. Zhou Kao took the first few steps and pulled Wen Le into his arms from her back.

Wen Le’s back was stuck close to Zhou Kao’s scorching chest, while the side of Zhou Kao’s face was pressed against Wen Le’s cheeks, as if he was smelling the scent of perfume on Wen Le’s body. Wen Le’s ears were also tingling from the scorching hot breaths of Zhou Kao being so close to her.

They were in such close proximity to each other that they didn’t know whose hearts were stirred by this closeness.

And under the melodious sound of music, there seemed to be a sound of exclamation from the audience.

The entanglement and confrontation of the legs of the two while they danced were even more exciting.

The music changed rapidly, and the momentum of the two were completely off the charts. With one step forward and one step back, their movements were both powerful and unrestrained, approaching step by step, with both parties refusing to take a step back.

The audience seemed to have forgotten everything around them, and their eyes followed the two people at the center of the dance floor closely.

Music and lighting always had the charm of seducing people. The other party’s deep and dazzling eyes could shine as bright as the stars because of the lighting, and the high brow bones, deep eye sockets, and the long eyelashes cast layers of shadows upon their faces, as if they were staring affectionately and looking at each other with infatuation.

There was a smile at the corner of Wen Le’s mouth, and there was a light of joy in Zhou Kao’s eyes. The two of them clasped their hands tightly, their distance drew closer, as if they were staring affectionately, but also unabashedly bewitched. Their feet followed each other closely and their legs entangled, fluttering and sliding across the center of the dance floor.

With a pair of elegant high-heeled shoes and expensive leather shoes, their movements seemed to be synchronized, light and elegant, like two cheerful butterflies, chasing and lingering in the middle of the dance floor.

This was probably the ideal romantic dream of all girls.

Wen Le danced in Zhou Kao’s arms, her long hair sweeping across his jaw as she turned, and his hand would be placed on her tight and lean waist.

The entire scene was just so beautiful.

There would be no better dreamy imagination than this.

Zhou Kao held onto Wen Le’s body, while she leaned back with her long hair sweeping down, and her back stretched in a beautiful arc.

Then Wen Le straightened up, with her arms on Zhou Kao’s back, one slender and fair leg wrapped around Zhou Kao’s thighs, and her knees stuck around Zhou Kao’s waist. The posture was ambiguous, leaving much to the audience’s infinite imagination.

Wen Le’s red lips were slightly raised into a smile, charming and seductive at the same time, but her eyes seemed to pierce through the human soul straight with its sharpness.

Zhou Kao’s hand slowly stroked Wen Le’s back rhythmically, and suddenly hugged the person into his arms further when the bass dropped, and his eyes turned oppressive.

Wen Le retracted her long legs, spinning lightly, fluttering like a butterfly, and quickly detached from Zhou Kao’s control in a burst of brisk music, like a butterfly about to escape from captivity.

Zhou Kao took advantage of the situation to hold Wen Le’s hand, as if he was holding on to the last silk thread of a flying bird. The two looked at each other from the distance of their arms, as if they were in a negotiation with the other.

Zhou Kao pulled his hand back, Wen Le rotated and returned to Zhou Kao’s arms. Zhou Kao lowered his head and hugged Wen Le, who was leaning on his back, in his arms.

TN: so much hand holding and hugging in one dance!!!!

Wen Le raised her head and looked at Zhou Kao, who had his head lowered. The two seemed to be immersed in the temptation of poisonous honey again, and their steps cooperated tacitly.

Under the heavy beats of the music, their steamy atmosphere was broken, and neither of the arrogant and powerful parties were willing to compromise with the other.

In this fierce confrontation, both refused to admit defeat, but all the spectators present had already lost and fell under the beauty of these two people.

Clearly, the other party was who they wanted to enrapture, but all the audience fell under their spell instead.

The expedition of the two continued, the dance steps were rapid and intense, and the movements were wild and enthusiastic.

Spinning, hugging, one stepping forward and the other retreating – no one was willing to be left behind.

Finally, at the last closing notes of the song, their close and familiar hug seemed to symbolize that the two had finally reached a reconciliation.

Wen Le relaxed her body and allowed Zhou Kao to hold her in his arms. Wen Le’s long legs crossed the side of Zhou Kao’s legs and wrapped around his waist. Zhou Kao’s breathing skipped a beat, holding Wen Le’s thin waist in one hand, stroking her long legs in the other, and turning rapidly in the ambiguity of the other’s blushing heartbeat.

The audience was driven crazy at this point, as if the leg and the hand that were hanging and touching was their own, their faces blushing and hearts racing unknowingly.

At the end of the music, Zhou Kao leaned over towards Wen Le. One of Wen Le’s beautiful legs was still hanging around Zhou Kao’s waist, and the other was propped on the ground. Zhou Kao’s hand pressed Wen Le’s waist tightly to himself. Wen Le leaned back because of Zhou Kao’s approach. A beautiful lower waist, body and legs bent in a beautiful arc, and her long hair swayed lightly in the air.

When the song finished, the shock of the entire audience did not subside for a long time.

There was no sound on the field, and the sound of a pin drop could be heard.

The unrestrained dance, the fiery atmosphere, the ambiguous mood, and the dreamy lights were all under the spotlight. In the midst of a confrontation and temptation, many people were fascinated and their hearts turbulent.

Yet how could the two people who were the protagonists be so calm?

The two stared at each other closely, with something fiery in their eyes burning their souls straight, refreshing and enjoyable.

The applause was thunderous, and the screams and cheers were endless.

Zhou Kao and Wen Le’s eyes were still tightly glued to each other as if there were stars twinkling in their eyes, which were extremely beautiful.

Wen Le and Zhou Kao were a little short of breath. Zhou Kao slowly calmed down and asked Wen Le in a low voice, “How was it?”

Wen Le was slightly out of breath, with a smile in her eyes, and glanced at the audience. Perhaps she had not yet emerged from the state she had just been in. This glance was full of charm. She seemingly didn’t know it, and only said, “It seems that you passed.”

Zhou Kao held Wen Le’s waist, and the two of them slowly straightened up, breathing in the scent of each other’s bodies, “I only passed?”

TN: This chapter was really difficult to translate with all the dance moves! Hope you guys enjoyed it though!! 🙂

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