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The next time Shen Chuchu saw Cai-jie again was half a month later. This time, Cai-jie‘s expression upon seeing Shen Chuchu was not dismissive, but rather one of enthusiasm.

“Chuchu, thank you.” Cai-jie said to Shen Chuchu.

Shen Chuchu glanced at Chen Shenggang, who was standing aside with a puzzled expression on his face and replied to Sister Cai, “You’re welcome. As long as it helped.”

“What are you two whispering about?” Chen Shenggang asked out of curiosity. He remembered how hostile Cai-jie had been to Shen Chuchu in the past. Particularly later on when the hostility was even directed to her face. However, after a long time apart, these two appear to have some sort of unspoken understanding.

 Cai-jie remained silent, but a helpless smile appeared on her face.

Shen Chuchu saw the expression on her face and said to Chen Shenggang, “I previously helped Cai-jie on a small matter.”

Chen Shenggang looked at Shen Chuchu and Cai-jie but said no more. Exactly then, a worker reminded him it was time to film and they walked away.

“Thank you for your warning last time or else I would have lost money and myself. This is the first time I’ve discovered there are such despicable men in this world. To call him a scumbag is an insult to the word scumbag.” Cai-jie quietly expressed her gratitude. 

Although Shen Chuchu’s words caused a slither of doubt, she did not believe it at the start nor did any investigation. What really alarmed her was a remark made by her best friend.

Her best friend said something suspiciously after she had given Wang-ge 200,000 in cash, “Xiao Jie, do you really know Wang-ge that well? I can’t help but think that there is something wrong. He is not trying to scam you out of money right?”

Cai-jie‘s face flushed with unnaturalness as she heard this, but she still responded, “That’s not possible. You just haven’t seen him yet because you’ve been abroad. Wait till you see him then you will understand. He’s not like us. He is very down to earth.”

Her best friend replied, “Really? Why do I feel he has some problems? It is precisely because I have not seen him that I have my doubts. You see him often so you are easily fooled by his appearance. Nonetheless, you should still do some investigation. After all, you are getting married. It is not an overreaction to do some investigation. It’s better than waiting until you get married to find out he’s a scumbag.”

At this moment, the smile on Cai-jie’s face faded. What Shen Chuchu had said before instantly jumped into her mind.

“Actually, someone warned me before,” Cai Jie said after some thought.

Her best friend frowned and replied, “So it’s not just me that had doubts. You must investigate. If you can’t do it then I will investigate for you.”

Cai Jie frowned and slowly shook her head, “No need, I will do it myself.”

Her best friend replied, “Okay, that’s good you considered it.”

Three days later, Cai-jie was taken aback when she saw the findings of the investigation. She had been in the entertainment industry for more than ten years and had seen countless people, but she had been misled by such a simple man. This is such a simple deception that she would never have suspected it if she had not been warned by others.

What nonsense about not getting along with his wife or having no kid. This was a lie! Even the debt was an elaborate story he made up with the debtor. He was actually using her money to support his wife and kid! Such a man was truly repulsive. And she had become the world’s stupidest woman!

Cai-jie, after all, had been in the entertainment industry for a long time and knew a lot of people. She wanted her money back and to teach Brother Wang a lesson.

Shen Chuchu said softly to Cai-jie, who was lost in thought, “I actually hesitated for quite some time at the time; after all, Brother Wang did not appear to be that type of person, and I was afraid that I would get it wrong. I was afraid that my words would cause your relationship to fall apart.”

Upon hearing this, Cai-jie grasped Shen Chuchu’s hand and said, “Chuchu, I apologise for my behaviour previously. There aren’t many girls who think of others the way you do. Most people would have stood by and watched or spread rumours. I was able to avoid this because of you. If you need any help in the future, just come to me. “

Shen Chuchu smiled and shook her head, “That’s not necessary. I’m not expecting anything in return. I’m glad I can help you.”

Cai-jie smiled, then thought about her current situation and expressed her feelings, “There are really not many good men in this world. It is better to live comfortably alone than to meet someone who defrauds you and your money.”

Shen Chuchu understood Sister Cai’s thoughts quite well but as a qualified matchmaker, she replied, “Living alone is good, but who will look after you when you get old?”

Cai-jie thought a bit and replied, “When I am old, I will go into a care home. If that won’t do, I will adopt a child in a few years. I will still live my life.”

Shen Chuchu remembered Sister Cai’s second marriage, which she had witnessed previously. Although it was not a fierce love, it still resulted in a lovely relationship. This time, she looked at it again and said, “Cai-jie, don’t be sad. Your happiness will appear very soon. You won’t need to go to a care home or adopt a child. You will have your own.”

When Sister Cai heard what Shen Chuchu said with such a serious tone, she laughed and said, “It is as if you can read people’s faces!”

Shen Chuchu seriously nodded, “Yes that’s right. I know a little.” Shen Chuchu had considered it for a long time and decided that rather than being discovered unexpectedly one day or arousing suspicion, it would be better to tell others about it in a plausible manner. If she was exposed one day, it would save her a lot of trouble.

Cai-jie looked at Shen Chuchu seriously for a few seconds and replied, “Then thank you for your good wishes.”

Shen Chuchu was filming in full swing half a month later when she inadvertently looked to the side and saw a familiar figure, causing her movements to pause.

“Cut! Chuchu, you walked too slowly. From the start, do it again.”

Shen Chuchu felt terrible and apologised profusely to the director and Chen Shenggang. Chen Shenggang laughed and joked, “No worries as long as you don’t hate me when I have NGs later.”

Shen Chuchu smiled, “Don’t worry, I won’t because I will tell you.”

When they heard it, the crew laughed as well, and they continued to film this scene. The simple walking scene was shot five minutes later then the director called Shen Chuchu and Chen Shenggang over.

Shen Chuchu could only pretend not to recognise the familiar man standing beside the director.

“Chuchu, Shenggang, this is Mr. Han, our investor. Let’s get to know each other.”

Chen Shenggang, “Hello, Mr. Han.”

Shen Chuchu raised her eyebrows, she had been thinking about what excuse this man had used to come to their set. When she heard the director’s words, she thought to herself, “I never heard he invested in their film.” Furthermore, he told her in the morning that he was going on a business trip to inspect other places, but he was now suddenly airborne here.

“Hello, Mr Han.” Whatever she was thinking inside, Shen Chuchu did not show it on her face.

Han Xingyan’s arrival put Shen Chuchu under some pressure. Although it was less obvious in most scenes, she had a kissing scene coming up. She would be less stressed if Han Xingyan was not present. However, Han Xingyan’s presence put an undeniable strain on her.

Shen Chuchu struggled for a long time after filming the second scene in the afternoon, but she eventually walked to the director’s side.

“Director, I think we should use a replacement for the kissing scene later.” In fact, Shen Chuchu told the director of the matter yesterday, and the director said he would think about it, but this morning he rejected her proposal. Because the director believed that being more realistic was better.

When the director heard Shen Chuchu’s words, he frowned. He did not expect Shen Chuchu to bring this up again.

“Chuchu, is this your first kissing scene? Every little girl can relate. But, as an actor, you have to go through these things, and you don’t have to feel any psychological pressure. Simply treat Shenggang as someone you like. Besides, Shenggang is not bad looking so don’t stress over it…” The director told Shen Chuhcu but failed to notice Investor Han’s complexion was now as dark as the bottom of a pot.

What do you mean pretend he is someone I like? Should I pretend he doesn’t exist or he is dead? The person I like is right in front of me!

Shen Chuchu awkwardly glanced at the director and then at Han Xingyan.

Han Xingyan coughed lightly, interrupted the director’s lecture, and said, “Director, What Miss Shen said makes sense to me. This is also an actor’s right. If Miss Shen wants a replacement then so be it. We must respect the thoughts of our actors.”

When the director heard this, he looked at Han Xingyan with surprise. He had no idea why the young CEO, who had been silent since his arrival, had suddenly taken interest in this matter. However, because the investor had already spoken, and this was not a matter of principle, he nodded and agreed to the situation.

Shen Chuchu and Han Xingyan arrived at the hotel one after the other after leaving work. Three minutes after Shen Chuchu entered the room, Han Xingyan knocked on the door.

After closing the door, the two engaged in a lengthy and silent conversation. They were both out of breath when we parted. Shen Chuchu’s mouth was slightly swollen as if she had eaten something spicy.

Shen Chuchu expressed her displeasure and said, “Why did you use so much force? Can I still shoot tomorrow?”

Han Xingyan replied, “I’ve been wanting to kiss you since this afternoon.”

Shen Chuchu pretended to complain about what happened in the afternoon and said, “It’s all because of you that the director believes I’m unprofessional.”

When Han Xingyan heard this, his face darkened. He lowered his head and bit Shen Chuchu’s lips as punishment, saying in a slightly risky voice, “Oh? Do you want to be kissed by another man? Then kiss him while thinking of me?”

“You are unreasonable, we are all actors. This is my responsibility.”

Han Xingyan replied, “I’m not talking about reasonableness, I’m talking about the law. There is no law in the country that requires actors to take kissing scenes.”

When Shen Chuchu saw Han Xingyan’s unreasonable jealousy, she kissed him hard and said, “Yes I also dislike using such plots to entice viewers.”

Han Xingyan stroked Shen Chuchu’s hair lovingly upon seeing her well-behaved appearance.

When everyone noticed Shen Chuchu’s slightly red and swollen lips on set, she simply blamed the non-existent mosquitoes.

The director took a few seconds to consider Shen Chuchu’s appearance and was about to say something when Han Xingyan changed the subject.

“It’s true that there are a lot of mosquitos in the hotel, and it’s difficult for the actors.”

The director wondered where the mosquitoes had come from on such a cold day. Regardless of what he was thinking in his heart, he still said, “Yes, you are right Mr Han.”