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Shen Chuchu and the others have been in the private room for some time, but the male co-star has yet to come. After a long wait, he finally arrived in front of everyone’s eyes.

The door opened and Shen Chuchu saw a young guy with pale skin, red lips, and large sunglasses on his face. But, if you had not known the other party was male, Shen Chuchu would have believed he was a woman dressed as a guy.

“Sorry, but the airport fans were so excited that we had to sit in traffic for an hour before we could leave.” Qi Yufei removed the sunglasses from his face.

The director smiled and replied, “No worries. The fans these days are very enthusiastic, we understand. Everyone, let’s welcome him.”

“Hello Seniors, I am Qi Yufei. I am very happy to meet everyone and appreciate your guidance in the future.”

Afterwards, Qi Yufei shook everybody’s hand. Shen Chuchu did not understand if her perspective was wrong but she had the feeling that Qi Yufei paid special attention to her. For example, he swiftly sat exactly next to her in the empty seat.

Shen Chuchu was about to remind him that there was someone in this seat when the assistant director returned from the lavatory and said, “It makes no difference, you young folks sit together, and I’ll take the empty seat next to you.”

Qi Yufei apologetically said, “Sorry, I didn’t notice just now. It’s all my fault.” Shen Chuchu, on the other hand, saw that, while he apologised, he didn’t intend to shift at all.

Now everyone had arrived, the waiter began to serve dinner. Qi Yufei grinned and said to Shen Chuchu during the meal, “Chuchu, I’ve seen your films before. They are so enjoyable to watch.”

Shen Chuchu replied, “Thanks, your dramas are very good too.”

Qi Yufei replied, “My acting cannot compare. Even Director Chang praised your acting skills. I can only do idol dramas.”

Shen Chuchu was already feeling uncomfortable. Hearing these words and thinking about Qi Yufei’s acting abilities, she answered without hesitation, “You are too humble. Your acting abilities are also impressive.”

Qi Yufei said with surprise, “Really? Are you not lying to me? I’ve always wanted to make a film. I admire Director Chang in particular. It would be fantastic if I could work with Director Chang on a project one day.”

Shen Chuchu sensed something in Qi Yufei’s remarks, but she didn’t know how to respond to such a question, so she responded vaguely, “Yes, you will have the opportunity too.”

During the meal, Qi Yufei handed her food and the assistant director next to him tea and water. He was quite attentive therefore everyone formed a favourable view of him after witnessing his diligence. Shen Chuchu thought to herself that everyone else in the room must like him except her. No wonder he was a traffic star. Even his good-looking face can make everyone adore him.

However Shen Chuchu disliked such people because she thought they were excessively greasy.

Qi Yufei offered to drive Shen Chuchu back to the hotel after they finished. Shen Chuchu glanced at the nanny car stopped next to her, smiled, and said nicely, “My car is here. See you tomorrow at the site.”

Qi Yufei shrugged, “That’s a shame. Goodnight and sweet dreams.”

Shen Chuchu felt goosebumps rising and gave him a smile.

Once the car started, Shen Chuchu’s face finally relaxed after a tiring day of smiling.

After arriving at the set the next day, the morning scene was meant to be between Shen Chuchu and Qi Yufei, but the time ran out and Qi Yufei did not show up. The director instructed the set manager to hurry up, but after a half-hour wait, Qi Yufei finally arrived with two assistants.

When the director saw this, he had a frown on his face.

“Sorry director, sorry Chuchu. I stayed up late last night because I was reading the script. I sincerely apologise. I’ll get you all some coffee in a minute.”

Shen Chuchu did not express an opinion however when she remembered what he wrote on Weibo early in the morning, her heart stopped. She wondered if he actually stayed up or was it all just an act.

Shen Chuchu, on the other hand, quickly discovered the truth.

The director thought Qi Yufei was a first-time offender with a nice attitude so he sighed and continued, “Just remember it from now on.”

“Okay, Director. I promise I won’t be late tomorrow.”

Everything had been completed, and everyone was waiting for Qi Yufei’s arrival, so filming started as soon as he came.

“Chuchu, please forgive me.” Qi Yufei smiled very handsomely. The employees on the side even showed their affection for him in hushed tones. There are fans all around the entertainment sector, it might be argued.

Shen Chuchu was unaffected by this appearance, so she grinned and stated, “No worries, let’s start.”

As a result, Shen Chuchu was quite disappointed as soon as filming began. She was aware of Qi Yufei’s poor acting abilities. She had seen the idol dramas starring him before, but she had not expected that his acting talents had not improved after a few years. It was obvious as soon as they started as if she was plainly viewing it on television.

“Please be cautious, Princess. You should not travel outside the palace alone because it is very risky.”

Shen Chuchu thought to herself as she stared at Qi Yufei’s exaggerated expression, You’re playing the role of a young marquis, not a eunuch. Can you be less flattering and animated?”


For the first time, Shen Chuchu felt how pleasant the director’s “cut” was.

The director stared at Qi Yufei, remembered his status and the people who supported him, and endured it again and again, said tactfully, “Yufei, use fewer body movements and avoid excessive movement. Also, while you must be courteous to the princess, you must also remember your identity as a young marquis.”

Qi Yufei obediently nodded, “Okay, director. Sorry for the hassle. I will pay more attention next time.”

After speaking with the director, he turned to face Shen Chuchu and said, “Chuchu, I’m sorry that you’ll have to do it again with me. I didn’t expect the film’s acting standards would be so stringent, so I took it for granted. I’ll pay close attention to it next time.”

Shen Chuchu replied, “No worries.”

After ten minutes, they reshoot the scene.

It was better this time, but the director couldn’t bring himself to smile as he stared at the camera. Such acting abilities do not appear to be those of someone who has been filming in the entertainment industry for three or four years. Even kids who have recently graduated from film school can outperform this.

However, for the sake of the film’s quality, the director continued to yell “Cut”.

This time, the director appeared on stage and demonstrated how to act and convey himself through words and body language. Qi Yufei felt a little embarrassed at this point. He had no idea it would take so long to film such a basic scene.He also had a number of NGs* in idol dramas, but it was because he mumbled the wrong lines, stood in the wrong spot, or blocked the camera. It was odd to get into such details like this.

*TL-note: NG means No Good.

Despite his feelings, Qi Yufei accepted the director’s instructions and acted. As a result, the third time was far superior to the first. However, it still did not receive the desired result so they shot it again.

Qi Yufei actually forgot his lines when the fourth take was finally completed and the next scene was shot.

Shen Chuchu pondered, what script did you read last night? They’ve just started recording and he was already forgetting the lines.

Shen Chuchu was surprised that Qi Yufei’s acting abilities were poor but his learning capacity was also poor. If the circumstances remained the same, this drama would not be completed in two years. Although Qi Yufei has few scenes, they all involve her. While her life was already extremely difficult this will surely kill her.

Shen Chuchu’s intuition was spot on. Even in the afternoon, Qi Yufei failed numerous times.

Despite the fact that Shen Chuchu didn’t have many scenes today, she was exhausted. The filmmakers were equally exhausted. Today’s tasks had not even been completed!

Even a small girl like Wang Qian, who didn’t like to talk, couldn’t help but complain to Shen Chuchu when they returned to the nanny car on the second day, “His acting skills really suck.”

“You used the wrong word,” Shen Chuchu replied flatly. “How can only one word “really” represent his acting abilities? A minimum of three should be added. I’m not sure where he got the confidence to keep filming.”

“Probably because the fans like him,” Wang Qian replied. “I see that many of the young girls in the crew like him, and there are a lot of fans outside.”

Shen Chuchu nodded, “That makes sense.”

Because the director most likely already had a very clear idea of Qi Yufei’s acting abilities, the number of NGs was actually lower on the third day, and the filming progressed slightly faster.

However, Shen Chuchu felt that cutting scenes would have a negative impact on the entire scene. She genuinely wanted to talk to the director, but considering Qi Yufei’s acting abilities, she believed it would be pointless, and the director might not understand. Qi Yufei, on the other hand, represents traffic, which will be the ‘potential box office’ in the future, and she has also heard that he was brought in by investors so she’ll just have to put up with it.

Surprisingly, the director’s approach instilled confidence in Qi Yufei.

Following the scene, Qi Yufei proposed a private conversation with Shen Chuchu.

Shen Chuchu replied with a half-smile to Qi Yufei, who looked charming but haughty. “I don’t think that’s appropriate? If there is anything wrong with our teamwork, you can speak to my manager.”

Qi Yufei had not expected Shen Chuchu to reject him. With his current status, he was nearly unstoppable in front of the industry’s female co-stars. Numerous female celebrities seek to capitalise on his popularity and almost anybody associated with him will appear in trending searches.

“It’s not related to work. I only feel sorry for the past few days so I want to invite you for dinner. Thank you for your understanding.”

Shen Chuchu smiled, “There’s no need. It’s pretty normal, I was also the same before and I owed it to my seniors. If you don’t take it to heart then I won’t either.”

Qi Yufei couldn’t help but smile when he saw Shen Chuchu’s resolute expression and said, “Nevertheless, I only wanted to express my gratitude. If you are not free today then next time.”

Shen Chuchu lowered her gaze and considered for a moment before asking, “Did you have another reason for speaking with me?”

Qi Yufei mumbled at the corner of his mouth before smiling and said, “It’s not a big deal. I just wanted to ask if Director Chang is well.”

“Oh, he is great.”

“Okay Chuchu, you’ve seen my improvements recently. Can you talk to Director Chang on my behalf?” Qi Yufei confidently asked.

Shen Chuchu looked at Qi Yufei in shock. She had no idea Qi Yufei would have such an idea. Furthermore, who gave him the confidence?

Before she could recover from her shock, Qi Yufei’s assistant added, “”In fact, there’s no need to say anything else. We will undoubtedly have the opportunity to participate in Director Chang’s film due to Fei-ge’s reputation and acting abilities.”

Shen Chuchu cast a glance at Qi Yufei’s assistant and thought, well, the assistant is quite confident as well.