My Boyfriend

Zhou Kao stood up, shielding Wen Le behind him, and helplessly called out, “Mom!”

Wen Le, hidden behind Zhou Kao, blushed and straightened her clothes, feeling so embarrassed that she wished she could find a hole to hide in.

Li Hua chuckled warmly. “Oh, well, Mom’s just here to bring you some things.”

By now, Wen Le had fixed her clothes and took a deep breath before stepping forward on her own initiative. Given the situation, there was no way for her to avoid it.

Trying to make her smile look less awkward, Wen Le moved a couple of steps forward and greeted, “Hello, Auntie.”

Zhou Kao glanced back at Wen Le, then squeezed her wrist comfortingly.

However, Li Hua recognized Wen Le without Zhou Kao’s introduction. She greeted Wen Le warmly, “It’s Le Le, right? I’ve been telling Zhou Kao to bring you over for dinner. I’ve been wanting to meet you for a while. Come here and let Auntie have a look.”

Li Hua’s enthusiastic attitude immediately reduced Wen Le’s embarrassment by half. Wen Le glanced at Zhou Kao, who nodded reassuringly. Encouraged, Wen Le mustered a polite smile, walked up gracefully, and allowed Li Hua to inspect her.

Li Hua smiled and took Wen Le’s hand. “What a good child.”

Despite her warm demeanour, Li Hua was nothing like the typical elderly folks on the street. Li Hua was well-preserved, appearing to be in her thirties despite being over fifty. Moreover, she exuded a gentle and elegant aura, akin to a gentle rain or an ink painting, which made her easily likable.

This was Zhou Kao’s mother, and she didn’t seem difficult to get along with.

Li Hua led Wen Le into the living room, instructing Zhou Kao to put away the food and fruit she had brought.

Zhou Kao carried the items to the kitchen while Li Hua chatted affectionately with Wen Le. Surprisingly, the atmosphere wasn’t awkward at all.

Li Hua smiled and said, “You’re only a few months younger than Zhou Kao. Your family used to live near ours, and if it weren’t for that incident that made your family move out of Beijing, you and Zhou Kao would have grown up together. It’s amazing how despite not growing up together, you still ended up together. Fate works in mysterious ways.”

“Zhou Kao’s dad and your dad have known each other for a long time. He mentioned that your dad didn’t get a proper welcome when he returned. After your exams are over, our families should get together and catch up.”

After a brief chat and putting down the things she brought over, Zhou Kao’s mother left.

As they escorted Zhou Kao’s mother to the elevator and watched the descending floors, they both breathed a sigh of relief.

Wen Le lightly punched Zhou Kao. “It’s all your fault!”

Zhou Kao rubbed the spot where Wen Le had hit him, looking innocent.

Wen Le sighed. “I feel like I’m developing a psychological trauma towards your house.”

Zhou Kao stepped forward, wrapping his arms around Wen Le from behind as they walked back to their room. His breath tickled Wen Le’s ear as he spoke in a low, deep voice, “Please don’t. If you’re afraid of it, I’ll have no choice but to sell it.”

Wen Le was still puzzled. “How come we keep running into her? Does your mom come here every day?”

Zhou Kao replied, “No, Madam Li Hua has only been here three times, and you’ve bumped into her twice.”

Zhou Kao shrugged. “I guess that’s just the attraction between you and Madam Li Hua.”

As they walked, still embracing and chatting, Zhou Kao’s neighbour suddenly opened his door. A man in his thirties or forties, dressed in a tie, suit, and leather shoes, stepped out. He looked sophisticated and elite. Seeing the couple embracing each other in front of him, he froze for a moment, seemingly caught off guard by this unexpected display of affection.

Their eyes met, and the couple, equally shocked, hesitated for a moment before quickly separating and rushing into their respective homes.

The man: …

After Li Hua got into the car, she called Zhou Chengyun. “Old Zhou, why don’t we arrange a meeting with Wen Tianqi sometime? Let’s discuss the kids…”


Wen Le finished her last exam, and the students in Room 307 were busy packing their bags, preparing to leave either on the same day or the next.

Wen Le packed her bags, planning to go home right after finishing her exams. Xiao Yang wanted to pick her up, but Wen Le declined.

As the exams were over, the atmosphere in the girls’ dormitory building was lively. Drivers were driving up to pick up students, and boyfriends were coming to see their girlfriends.

Standing amidst the bustling crowd, Zhou Kao stood out like a crane among chickens, drawing frequent glances from those around him.

Since the villa had been renovated, Wen Le often went home. Therefore, she didn’t have much stuff in the dormitory, and she only packed a small suitcase.

Carrying her luggage down from the third floor, Wen Le saw Zhou Kao approaching from afar. With long strides, he walked towards the girls’ dormitory entrance. His exceptionally long legs stirred up a breeze as he reached the door and pulled it open. Then he came out holding a white suitcase. Following him, a girl stepped out from the dormitory.

It was none other than the famous BBS goddess Wen Le. The combination of the handsome guy and the beautiful girl was incredibly harmonious.

Zhou Kao pushed Wen Le’s suitcase, and the two of them affectionately chatted as Zhou Kao placed Wen Le’s luggage in the car. Then they drove away together.

Zhou Kao’s car went straight to Wen Le’s villa area. The two of them cuddled in the car for a while, reluctant to part at the thought of not seeing each other for over a month.

The car stopped outside the gate, and they hugged and kissed for a while longer, becoming increasingly reluctant to leave.

Wen Le whispered softly, “How about we go inside and sit for a while? My dad isn’t home.”

It was daytime, and Wen Tianqi was usually working outside at this time.

Zhou Kao kissed Wen Le’s earlobe, feeling tempted, but he still refused. “No, I won’t visit your house empty-handed. Let’s go in next time when your dad’s home.”

Wen Le blushed slightly.

The two of them were still lingering in the car when suddenly the gate opened.

They were taken aback, then remembered there was a surveillance camera outside.

Wen Le blinked. “It… It should be… the butler, right?”

“We can’t stay in the car any longer. If we don’t get out, the butler might come out,” Zhou Kao said.

They quickly got out of the car. Zhou Kao took Wen Le’s luggage from the trunk and pushed it towards her. “I’m leaving.”

Wen Le grabbed Zhou Kao’s hand, and the two of them looked at each other reluctantly for a moment before Wen Le let go and nodded.

Zhou Kao’s car drove away, and Wen Le turned back, intending to go inside. As she turned, she saw the butler standing behind her.

Startled, Wen Le patted her chest and complained, “Uncle He, why are you here? You scared me.”

The butler, Uncle He, smiled and stepped forward to take Wen Le’s luggage. “The master saw that Miss Wen was reluctant to come in, so he asked me to come out and welcome Miss Wen.”

Wen Le’s heart skipped a beat, feeling somewhat guilty. “Is… Is my dad at home?”

The butler smiled. “Yes, the master cleared his schedule recently and planned to accompany Miss Wen back to visit the Elder Master Wen and Madam Wen.”

Wen Le felt extremely nervous, afraid that the sudden opening of the gate was intentional, perhaps her dad saw them lingering in the car and opened the gate to remind them?

Luckily, Zhou Kao didn’t come in, or it would have been even more embarrassing.

When Wen Le returned home, Wen Tianqi’s expression was somewhat gloomy, but he didn’t say anything. He just asked Wen Le to pack her things and informed her of the time to return home.

After traveling for several hours, they arrived back at the villa nestled at the foot of the mountain. It was a simple two-story villa, with modest decorations that couldn’t compare to the luxury of the villa in the capital. However, it was where Wen Le grew up, so she felt a stronger sense of belonging here.

Having not been home for several months, Wen Le was excited to see the familiar villa again. She shouted for her grandparents and ran into the house.

Her grandmother, in her seventies, was watering flowers in the yard, while her grandfather was standing beside her, directing her. He only stopped nagging when her grandmother scolded him a few times.

Wen Le rushed into the yard and happily threw herself into her grandmother’s arms. “Grandma! I’m back.”

Her grandmother took a step back from Wen Le’s sudden embrace, laughing as she patted Wen Le. “You scared me to death! Why are you still acting like a little monkey at your age?”

Wen Le laughed and kissed her grandmother on the cheek. “Because I missed you, Grandma.”

Her grandmother couldn’t help but laugh at Wen Le’s antics.

At this moment, her grandfather coughed discontentedly beside them.

Wen Le quickly let go of her grandmother and ran to her grandfather, playfully tapping his shoulder. “I missed Grandpa too!”

Her grandfather snorted, displeased. “I didn’t see any signs of you missing me. You hardly ever called.”

Wen Le protested, “But every time I called, Grandpa always made Grandma answer!”

Her grandfather snorted again. “I was busy at the time! Didn’t have time for idle chatter!”

Wen Le imitated her grandfather’s actions and hummed a couple of times. “Every time I call, you’re always busy. Grandpa, you’re even busier than Dad.”

Her grandfather couldn’t argue with Wen Le and pretended to threaten to knock her on the head. Wen Le quickly dodged behind her grandmother and stuck her tongue out at her grandfather.

At this moment, Wen Tianqi also walked into the house. “Dad, Mom.”

The whole family entered the house happily.

Grandpa Wen was a quirky and adorable old man. Every time Wen Le called him, he would eavesdrop on her conversations with her grandmother but wouldn’t actively participate. However, Grandpa Wen genuinely loved Wen Le. Whenever Wen Le came home, her grandfather would call her to his study to check if she had fallen behind in her studies, but in reality, he just wanted to show off his recent masterpieces to Wen Le.

Wen Le had always been a little flatterer to her grandfather, praising him from the paintings on the walls of his study to the new inkstone on his desk.

Her grandfather was delighted by Wen Le’s flattery and gave her an ancient painting from who knew which era.

Wen Le happily accepted it but suddenly remembered something as she looked at the painting. “Grandpa, where’s the Song Plum Blossom painting you made years ago?”

“It’s in the safe. Why do you suddenly ask about it?” her grandfather replied casually.

Wen Le smiled. “I just heard that the Dragon painting… is in the hands of a classmate of mine.”

Her grandfather shrugged indifferently. “That’s a coincidence. Ask your classmate if they can return it. I don’t mind, but your grandmother believes in these things. Back then, one of my old friends wanted the Dragon painting, but your grandmother disagreed and complained to me for years, saying that this thing had a great destiny with you. Since you know who has it, it’s better to get it back. In the future, you and your partner should each have one, then it’ll be complete.”

He added, “This way, your grandmother won’t have any reason to complain to me anymore.”

In fact, Wen Le had a better relationship with her grandfather. Their relationship was more like that of old friends. Sometimes Wen Le wouldn’t tell her grandmother or father certain things, but she liked to confide in this quirky and adorable grandfather.

Wen Le hesitated for a moment before reluctantly saying, “The Dragon painting… is in the hands of my boyfriend.”

The brush in her grandfather’s hand paused abruptly on his sleeve: …

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