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Eating Lipstick

“Don’t leave tonight…”

Wen Le looked at Zhou Kao, struggled for a moment, then nodded.

Zhou Kao, in his feverish haze, smiled satisfactorily at this sight. The smile seemed a bit silly and yet sweet at the same time. 

Zhou Kao’s sick appearance seemed much more obedient than his usual self, Wen Le thought.

Zhou Kao reached out to take Wen Le’s bag, and then from behind, he embraced her fully. It was like he was a decorative accessory hanging on her back, pushing her back to the room.

Wen Le pushed Zhou Kao away, allowing him to sit on the sofa. He sat there with his arms resting on the sofa armrest, staring straight at Wen Le.

Ignoring the intense gaze behind her, Wen Le poured a glass of warm water and brought it to Zhou Kao’s side. She squeezed a capsule out of its packaging, saying, “Take your medicine.”

Zhou Kao opened his mouth and took the pill from Wen Le. He obediently drank the warm water she prepared as well.

Throughout the process, he didn’t make a fuss, being rather well-behaved.

Seeing this, Wen Le’s heart turned so soft it felt like melting. She smiled gently, touched Zhou Kao’s forehead and cheek.

Zhou Kao’s body temperature was quite high. Perhaps due to his discomfort, he wasn’t in the mood to make a fuss.

Wen Le felt a bit sorry, “Want to lie down on the bed for a while?”

Zhou Kao held the hand that was touching his face and pulled Wen Le closer. His voice was hoarse due to the illness, “Right here, stay with me.”

Wen Le frowned.

Zhou Kao continued, “Do you need to use the computer? Just accompany me for a bit.”

Zhou Kao lay on the sofa, covered by a thin blanket. He rested his head on Wen Le’s lap, while she placed his notebook on the armrest of the sofa and started working on her manuscript.

At the beginning, Zhou Kao stared at Wen Le, but after a while, he dozed off.

Wen Le’s gaze shifted between the computer screen and Zhou Kao. Her hand rested on the keyboard as she typed. Occasionally, she glanced down at Zhou Kao and reached out to check the temperature on his forehead.

Zhou Kao woke up in less than forty minutes.

Wen Le was engrossed in her manuscript, her hand unconsciously stroking Zhou Kao’s cheek.

The faint scent of flowers and fruit from Wen Le filled Zhou Kao’s nostrils. He felt very peaceful in his sleep until he sensed a soft hand gently caressing his cheek, slowly bringing him awake.

As he woke up, he saw Wen Le’s unconscious movements. Zhou Kao’s eyes softened as he looked at her, his gaze full of affection that even he didn’t fully understand.

Zhou Kao took the hand that had been touching his face from under the blanket, brought it to his lips, and placed a gentle kiss on it.

The scorching heat on her ring finger snapped Wen Le back to reality. She looked down and saw Zhou Kao holding her hand, his eyes lowered, as he kissed her ring finger with an almost reverent demeanor.

The soft, warm lips landed between Wen Le’s index and ring fingers, yet she felt her heart race as if her memories had been instantly drawn back to that evening at the social event.

Zhou Kao held her hand just like this, leaning down to kiss the same spot, twice. 

Only this time, there was no ring standing between them. 

Confronting this blazing touch was far more intense than she had imagined.

Wen Le’s heart nearly immediately started racing uncontrollably. 

She instinctively tried to withdraw her hand due to the heat, but Zhou Kao’s grip was firm.

With a slightly trembling voice, Wen Le asked, “What are you doing?”

Zhou Kao continued to gaze at her hand, his answer evasive. His voice was still hoarse, but his spirit seemed much improved.

Zhou Kao said, “Something’s missing here.”

Wen Le asked, “Are you talking about the missing jade ring?”

Shaking his head, Zhou Kao’s fingers lightly traced the joint at the base of Wen Le’s fingers. He explained, “This spot is meant for me.”

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Zhou Kao sat up, closed his eyes momentarily, and pressed his forehead with his fingers.

Wen Le instinctively reached out to feel Zhou Kao’s forehead temperature, and it seemed the fever had subsided.

Zhou Kao held Wen Le’s hand, stood up, and walked toward the bedroom.

Wen Le followed Zhou Kao into the bedroom.

From the bedside drawer, Zhou Kao took out a velvet box.

Curious, Wen Le looked over.

Zhou Kao opened the box.

Inside was a men’s ring.

Wen Le was a bit puzzled and looked at Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao took out the men’s ring and then held the ring with one hand, gently twisting it. A smaller ring emerged from within the men’s ring.

Wen Le finally understood. The circular groove in the middle of the men’s ring was actually designed to fit a woman’s band.

The design of the ring was indeed intricate. The woman’s band was nestled within the men’s ring from the inside. Through the hollow center of the men’s ring, it appeared as if the diamond was set into the men’s band. However, when the woman’s band was taken out, the men’s ring transformed from a diamond-studded ring into a simple platinum band with a hollow center.

“Eve was Adam’s rib; you are my soul and heart. Without you, I would lose my brilliance.”

Zhou Kao spoke softly as he took Wen Le’s hand and slowly slid the lady’s band onto her middle finger.

Wen Le watched as Zhou Kao placed the dazzling ring onto her hand and then took her hand, lowering his head to kiss the ring.

Her eyes widened slightly, her heart racing out of control. She was enveloped in a profound sense of sweetness and emotion. Zhou Kao always understood how to breach her defenses, to make her lose control for him.


Zhou Kao lifted his head, his eyes like a sea of stars, almost dreamlike. Wen Le felt herself being irresistibly drawn in.

Zhou Kao lowered his head to kiss the ring for a long time before finally looking up at Wen Le. 

He smiled gently, his gaze tender just like a gentle sea of stars. He said, “I saw a design by a designer I met at the competition. I thought it suited us, so I had the size adjusted. I just received it recently.”

“Much like this ring, the three years without you were dull and uninteresting. Just like this men’s band, without this row of diamonds, its brilliance would be greatly diminished.”

Zhou Kao handed the men’s ring to Wen Le. “Wen Le, could you put it on for me?”

Wen Le lowered her head slightly. After a moment, she took Zhou Kao’s hand, sliding the men’s ring onto his middle finger.

Looking up at Zhou Kao, her voice barely audible, she murmured, “Zhou Kao.”

Not catching what she said, Zhou Kao bent down and asked, “What?”

Wen Le reached out, her hand brushing Zhou Kao’s cheek. Her palm gently caressed his profile and behind his ear. Drawing close to him, her eyes shimmered with allure. Her voice, languid and filled with an unperceived enchantment as she opened her crimson lips near Zhou Kao’s ear and said, “Zhou Kao.”

Zhou Kao softly responded, “Hmm.”

Wen Le’s voice was a soft whisper, like the enchanting song of a siren in a fairy tale. “I want to kiss you.”

Saying this, she slightly tilted her head and kissed Zhou Kao’s lips.

Zhou Kao’s pupils contracted, a barely noticeable tremor running through him. 

In the next moment, his eyes blazed with desire and passion, almost losing control as he cupped Wen Le’s face fiercely, seizing the initiative and demanding her breath with an intensity that bordered on fierceness.

Wen Le, too, was losing control, enduring Zhou Kao’s fervent assault while teasing and provoking him in return. This only caused Zhou Kao to lose even more control.

Couples in the throes of passionate love need only a spark to ignite a fire. Unfortunately, neither of them were calm souls.

Zhou Kao’s kisses made Wen Le’s scalp tingle, and her legs felt weak.

He held her close, and they fell onto the bed together.

Their kisses grew more fervent, emotions running high, their eyes reddening, breaths ragged. It seemed like they were on the verge of becoming unstoppable.


“… Zhou Kao, your mother heard your nasal voice on the phone a few days ago. Are you sick? Assistant Yang mentioned that you’re staying here this week. Your mother came to bring you some medicine…”

Both of them abruptly woke up from their passion, looking incredulously toward the direction of the living room. 

They actually hadn’t heard anyone come in!

Then they exchanged a glance and quickly pulled their hands out from each other’s clothes. 

Wen Le’s heart raced, and in a bit of a panic, she pushed Zhou Kao away. Her clothes were disheveled, and without thinking, she hid in Zhou Kao’s closet.

Just as Wen Le closed the closet door, a figure appeared at the entrance of Zhou Kao’s room. 

Capitalizing on the force from being pushed by Wen Le, Zhou Kao fell back on the bed face-up.

He grabbed a sheet, draping his arm over his eyes, and sighed. “Mom.”

Li Hua looked at Zhou Kao sitting up on the bed, running his hand through his disheveled hair and putting on his shoes. 

“Why did you come, Mom?”

Li Hua’s gaze swept across Zhou Kao’s mouth, which was now as red as if he had eaten lipstick. She then noticed the extra pair of slippers at the entrance of Zhou Kao’s bedroom. 

Her expression remained unchanged as she smoothly said, “Mom came to check on you.”

Her gaze shifted slightly to the cup with a straw on the bedside table and the several boxes of medicine. A deeper smile appeared on her face.

Zhou Kao led Li Hua out of the bedroom. As soon as they entered the living room, Li Hua spotted the notebook on the armrest of the couch and a bangle placed on the table.

The bangle was something Wen Le had removed while typing because it kept clinking against the keyboard, disturbing Zhou Kao’s sleep. So, she had taken it off and placed it on the table.

Li Hua’s gaze lingered on the bangle for a few seconds. Her eyes held a hint of depth, but her smile remained unchanged.

Zhou Kao retrieved his notebook, and Li Hua took a seat on the couch. 

She glanced at the medicine on the table and remarked, “You’re sick.”

With his mind still preoccupied by Wen Le, Zhou Kao absentmindedly responded, “It’s alright now.”

Li Hua observed the more noticeable lipstick marks on Zhou Kao’s lips under the living room light. 

Amusement danced in her eyes as she said, “It’s good that you’re fine. Mom was worried, so I came to check on you. Since you’re okay, then Mom will leave first.”

With that, Li Hua turned and left without hesitation.

Zhou Kao was somewhat surprised. “Mom, you’re leaving?”

Li Hua had already reached the hallway, her gaze swept across the bags hanging on the coat rack. She smiled and said, “There’s still work at the company. Take care of yourself.” 

Saying this, she turned and left.

After seeing Li Hua off, Zhou Kao returned to the bedroom and opened the closet. 

Wen Le looked up at Zhou Kao, her eyes widening at the sight of the red mark on Zhou Kao’s lips. She suddenly felt dizzy and disoriented.

“Zhou Kao, you just… met your mom like this?”

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