Don’t Leave Tonight

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As the assistant opened all the gifts on the table, Wen Le’s smile was starting to feel forced. 

However, Wen Tian Qi appeared nonchalant and said, “Le Le, you’re so outstanding. There must be quite a few guys at school who are interested in you.”

Wen Le neither confirmed nor denied it.

Wen Tian Qi continued, “Just starting your freshman year, the classmates you encounter are relatively simple. But as you progress into your sophomore year, the people you meet will become more complex. They’ll use various means to pursue you.”

“But Le Le, your studies should still be your priority. Those kids giving you luxury items just to win you over are actually not worth mentioning. Whenever you get the highest score in an exam, Dad will get you something you want. After you graduate, you’ll have the ability to buy these things yourself. By then, you might not even care about these things. Le Le, do you understand what Dad is saying?”

Wen Le blinked, “Dad means that you want me to prioritise my studies?”

Wen Tian Qi nodded with approval, “Exactly, my good daughter.”

Wen Tian Qi was practically telling Wen Le that the guys giving her luxury items now might not have good intentions. Le Le, you need to see through their ulterior motives.

Wen Le lowered her head, pretending to be obedient, but in her mind, she was sarcastically complaining. After all, she had just gotten into a relationship the day before yesterday…

After finishing lunch around 2 o’clock, Wen Tian Qi still had things to attend to, so he wanted to send Wen Le back to school. 

He looked at the pile of things on the table and asked Wen Le, “Is there anything you want to take back to your dorm? If not, Dad will take these things back and put them in your room.”

Wen Le’s gaze was glued to the table full of gifts. She slowly and reluctantly shook her head.

Wen Tian Qi was pleased, his eyes filled with pride. Look at his daughter – what a modest and composed personality. 

Wen Tian Qi said, “If you want anything, tell Aunt Yu.”

Wen Le said, “Okay, Dad.”

Before leaving, the assistant walked over holding a royal blue velvet box. When Wen Tian Qi saw this box, he seemed to remember something. He said to Wen Le, “Your grandma also wanted me to bring you a gift.”

The assistant opened the box, revealing a bangle inside.

Wen Tian Qi said, “Your grandma said the weather is getting cooler in the autumn, and this warm jade bangle is good for your health.”

Wen Le nodded and, with the assistant’s help, put on the bangle.

TN: At this point, how can WL not realise she’s made of money???

Jiang Shu drove Wen Le back to school. She got out of the car, bid farewell to Jiang Shu, and checked the time; it was only 2:30. She remembered her promise to Zhou Kao and decided to give him a call.

The phone rang for a while before it was answered.

As Wen Le slowly walked towards the small side gate, the call got through.


The microphone transmitted Zhou Kao’s voice, but it was different from usual. His voice sounded hoarse, weak, and a bit nasal. 

Wen Le furrowed her brows gently, involuntarily stopping in her tracks, and asked, “Zhou Kao, what’s wrong with you?”

After a while, there was some movement on the other end. Zhou Kao’s voice was unclear, as if he could fall asleep at any moment, “…I might have a bit of a fever…”

Wen Le’s brows tightened, “Where are you? Anybody with you?”

Zhou Kao responded sluggishly, “…I’m alone at home.”

Listening to Zhou Kao’s voice on the phone, Wen Le felt worried. She couldn’t help but think about that Thursday when Zhou Kao got caught in the rain repeatedly. Moreover, the state of his voice just now indicated that his fever wasn’t mild.

Wen Le got Zhou Kao’s address, hailed a taxi, and hurried to his place.

Thankfully, Zhou Kao’s residence was nearby.

Zhou Kao’s residential complex was close to the school, although calling it “nearby” was a bit of an exaggeration. It took over half an hour to get there. This was a relatively new community with strict security. Wen Le had Zhou Kao inform the property management in advance, which allowed her to enter.

Carrying the purchased fever-reducing medicine, Wen Le entered the house using the code Zhou Kao had provided. 

The room’s curtains were drawn, casting a dim atmosphere. However, the room had a pleasant, faint fragrance of some aroma, inducing a sense of relaxation.

Wen Le changed her shoes in the entryway, walked to the living room to find the remote control, and opened the curtains automatically. 

Sunlight streamed into the room. 

There was no hot water in sight, but Wen Le had prepared bottled mineral water. She slightly heated it using an electric kettle, poured it into a cup, carried the medicine, and made her way to Zhou Kao’s bedroom.

Zhou Kao was lying in bed wearing black pajamas. He was still in a deep sleep with the blanket only covering half of his body. His face was pale, and he had beads of sweat on his forehead.

Clearly, his fever was severe. Uncomfortable all over, his brows were furrowed tightly. Even when Wen Le entered, Zhou Kao didn’t react.

Approaching in big steps, Wen Le placed the water on the nightstand, used the back of her fingers to touch Zhou Kao’s cheek, and checked his temperature.

Zhou Kao’s body was burning hot. This worried Wen Le greatly. She quickly found a towel, wiped away the sweat on Zhou Kao’s forehead, and used the towel to wrap the ice pack she had bought at the pharmacy before placing it on his forehead.

Zhou Kao’s head moved slightly, but he didn’t open his eyes.

Wen Le softly called his name, “Zhou Kao, Zhou Kao.”

Zhou Kao seemed to hear, his eyelashes trembled a few times, and his eyes slowly opened a crack. Wen Le’s face gradually came into focus, and Zhou Kao finally woke up, his voice hoarse, “Wen Le…”

Thinking that Zhou Kao might have gotten sick from getting caught in the rain, Wen Le felt a pang of discomfort. Her voice was unusually gentle as she responded softly, “Are you thirsty? Do you want some water?”

Without waiting for Zhou Kao’s response, she put a straw in the cup and held it to his lips.

Zhou Kao bit onto the straw and drank a few sips of water. Wen Le wiped the corner of his mouth and asked, “Have you eaten lunch?”

Zhou Kao nodded with little energy.

Wen Le measured Zhou Kao’s temperature – 38.8 degrees.

Wen Le’s brows furrowed. She helped Zhou Kao sit up, squeezed out two fever-reducing pills following the instructions, took Zhou Kao’s hand, placed the pills in his palm, and held warm water in her other hand. She said gently, “Take these.”

Zhou Kao shook his head.

Wen Le glared at him.

Zhou Kao said, “Feed me.”

Wen Le wished she could just slap him – he was being so flirtatious while he was sick.

However, Wen Le couldn’t argue with a sick person. She put the pills in Zhou Kao’s mouth.

Wen Le’s soft fingertips brushed against Zhou Kao’s lips, which were slightly warm from the fever, but he grabbed onto her finger with his mouth.

Wen Le’s other hand patted Zhou Kao’s arm, but considering he was uncomfortable, she didn’t use much force.

Zhou Kao was stared at by Wen Le’s beautiful eyes. Despite his feverish state, a trace of amusement passed through his weary gaze. He lightly licked Wen Le’s fingertip.

Startled by this warm and wet sensation, Wen Le’s face turned red. Zhou Kao released her finger at this moment and slightly opened his mouth, indicating that he wanted water.

What a flirt.

Seeing Zhou Kao still having some spirit left despite his condition, Wen Le relaxed slightly.

After taking the medicine, Zhou Kao lay in bed, feeling drowsy, but his hand held onto Wen Le’s tightly and refused to let go. 

Wen Le’s fingers intertwined with his, held firmly by his grip, and she couldn’t break free.

Zhou Kao’s feverish state made his vision hazy, yet his gaze remained fixed on Wen Le. Her heart softened under his gaze, and she softly reassured him, “Just go to sleep, I won’t leave.”

Upon hearing these words, Zhou Kao closed his eyes slowly, and his grip on her hand loosened gradually.

Seeing this, Wen Le’s heart turned tender. She leaned down towards Zhou Kao’s face and gently kissed him on the cheek. In his sleep, Zhou Kao seemed to smile.

Wen Le changed the towel on Zhou Kao’s forehead and reapplied the ice pack.

Around five o’clock, Zhou Kao’s fever subsided. He climbed out of bed and the first thing he did was take a shower.

Wen Le couldn’t cook, so she was in the living room browsing through delivery options on her phone.

When she heard the sound of running water from the bathroom, she furrowed her brows lightly. 

This guy, he’s taking a shower right after the fever subsided?

Zhou Kao emerged from the bathroom, enveloped in steam, wearing a bathrobe. His hair was 

still damp, dripping water. He groped his way to the living room, looking for Wen Le.

Wen Le was in the kitchen, boiling water in an electric kettle. Unexpectedly, Zhou Kao hugged her from behind, giving her a start.

“What are you doing? You scared me.”

Zhou Kao buried his face in the crook of Wen Le’s neck. His warm breath brushed against her collarbone, causing her to shiver.

Zhou Kao clung to her stickily like honey, his voice low and gravelly from the fever, “I missed you so much.”

His arms around Wen Le’s waist tightened a bit more. “I haven’t seen you for days…”

The sick Zhou Kao unexpectedly became clingy. His stickiness melted away Wen Le’s irritation, leaving her feeling both tender and moved.

Wen Le’s voice was soft, “It’s only been three days.”

Zhou Kao responded discontentedly, “Only… three days. A day without seeing you feels like three autumns. Don’t you miss me? Hmm?”

Wen Le blushed at his teasing.

Suddenly, a water droplet landed on Wen Le’s face. 

She touched it and turned her head to look at Zhou Kao. 

Drops of water were still clinging to his hair.

Wen Le: !

Her eyes widened, and she pushed Zhou Kao away, staring at him.

Zhou Kao felt a little guilty under Wen Le’s glare.

Wen Le said, “You’re taking a shower right after your fever subsided.”

Zhou Kao’s voice softened, “I was sweating all over and felt uncomfortable.”

Wen Le instructed, “Go blow-dry your hair.”

Zhou Kao replied, “My hand hurts, you do it.”

If Zhou Kao wasn’t sick, Wen Le really wanted to slap him.

But in the end, Wen Le couldn’t bring herself to do it. She looked at his pale face due to the illness and couldn’t bear it.

Zhou Kao sat on the bed, and Wen Le stood in front of him, blow-drying his hair. Zhou Kao’s arms weren’t still; he embraced Wen Le’s waist, leaning his head against her.

After blow-drying his hair, the food delivery arrived. Wen Le went to collect it and slapped Zhou Kao, “Go change your clothes.”

Because of Zhou Kao’s fever, the food Wen Le ordered was very mild. Zhou Kao had little appetite, and Wen Le usually didn’t eat much in the evening; the food almost remained untouched.

After cleaning up the trash, it was already around 6:30 in the evening. 

Wen Le reminded Zhou Kao to take his medicine and prepared to leave.

Before leaving, Wen Le touched Zhou Kao’s forehead.

Zhou Kao hugged her, not wanting to let go.

Wen Le felt his hand was a bit warm, and she furrowed her brows, holding onto Zhou Kao and measuring his temperature again.

38.1 degrees.

Zhou Kao had another fever.

Wen Le felt worried, “Why don’t we go to the hospital?”

Zhou Kao replied, “No need, I’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep.”

Worried that Zhou Kao would be alone if he had another fever during the night, Wen Le was concerned.

Zhou Kao looked at Wen Le. He knew he shouldn’t say this, but perhaps illness made people feel vulnerable, letting emotions overpower reason. He lowered his head and used an almost beguiling tone, whispering softly, “Don’t leave tonight…”

TN: sneaky sneaky Zhou Kao!! Hope you enjoyed this chapter 🙂

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