The air hung heavily for a few seconds, and then a burst of anger surged to her head.

Ye An’s mind went blank, her ears buzzing. Instantly, she sobered up…

How could she have forgotten that he could see now?

After a brief moment of being stunned, she snatched the gown from his hand and covered her chest with it, glaring at him angrily. “Why aren’t you leaving!”

Under the dim light, her face turned as red as a tomato; her neck was also flushed.

Clutching onto the gown tightly, she took two steps back, but her unsteady footing nearly caused her to fall.

In the nick of time, Xie Shuo reached out and steadied her.

Meeting the desire in his eyes, Ye An’s heart skipped a beat and quickly pushed him away. “Let me take a shower first…”

Counting strictly, they had only been intimate that one time and it was under the influence of alcohol. Now, to do it again made her a bit nervous.

Xie Shuo smiled and gave a kiss on her temple. “En, go take a shower first.”

Ye An: “…….”

Why did his words make it sound like she was saying she wanted to take a shower and wait for him?

She didn’t mean it that way at all!

Xie Shuo obviously didn’t care whether she meant that or not. He let go of her and glanced at her with lingering desire before turning and leaving, closing the door behind him.

Ye An’s face grew even redder. She was completely flustered, sitting down by the edge of the bathtub.

Her cheeks remained flushed, and she covered her face in embarrassment. She can’t just so casually undress like that ever again!

After calming down, she got up and removed her makeup in front of the mirror before proceeding to take a shower.

The sound of running water filled the bathroom, and soon, steam began to fill the room. The hot water cascaded down from above, sliding down her neck to every inch of her body. 

As she showered, the steam in the bathroom made her mind gradually hazy again, and the effects of the alcohol surged back.

After showering, she threw on her nightgown and slipped into her slippers before walking out, forgetting to even blow dry her hair.

Returning to the bedroom, she found that Xie Shuo had already changed into a robe and was sitting against the headboard… He had taken a shower in the adjacent room.

Standing about two steps away from the bed, Ye An hesitated and felt somewhat nervous, her fingers gradually clenching by her side.

Although she was still a bit drunk, she could also guess that there were some things that she couldn’t avoid tonight, especially considering how she ended up coming home with him in her muddleheaded state. 

Looking up, Xie Shuo’s sight settled on her wet hair.

He didn’t rush into anything. Instead, he lifted the covers, got out of bed, and brought a hairdryer over. He guided her to sit at the edge of the bed and began to blow dry her hair.

The shadows in the room swayed gently as his fingers rustled her long locks gently.

The room was still, with only the distinct sound of the hairdryer.

The warm air blowing her scalp was lulling, making her drowsy. Sitting by the edge of the bed, Ye An’s eyelids were heavy, and her head gently bobbing.

Xie Shuo gathered her hair to one side, revealing her smooth nape and shoulder under the soft glow of the light, skin so fair to the point of almost glowing. 

After turning off the hairdryer, he couldn’t resist kissing her exposed nape. 

Ye An, however, was oblivious. Leaning against him, her eyes were half-closed, about to fall asleep at any point now. 

Seeing her like this, Xie Shuo couldn’t bring himself to proceed further. He carefully helped her lie down and get tucked in bed before returning the hairdryer to its place.

When he returned, Ye An had already wrapped herself in the blanket and fallen asleep. Her black hair cascaded on the pillow, revealing her exquisite side profile. Her cheek still bore a faint flush from the alcohol.

Xie Shuo walked to the other side of the bed and got in. After looking at her for a moment, he kissed her gently on the lips before turning off the light and lying down.

There are many days ahead of them, no need to rush.


The moonlight by the windowsill was bright, with the shadows of the trees swaying gently in the wind. Just as he closed his eyes and was about to drift off to sleep, there was a slight movement under the covers, and a soft body nestled into his embrace.

Ye An snuggled against him, familiarly placing her hand on his body.

Xie Shuo opened his eyes again, and the desire he had just suppressed rose once more.

As the night grew deeper, the moon outside the floor-to-ceiling window hid among the flower blossoms, casting a bright and clear light. 

The clouds dispersed, and the rain stopped; everything returned to tranquilness.


The night passed in a daze. When she woke up, it was already bright outside, and the morning spring sun poured through the floor-to-ceiling window.

Ye An opened her eyes and lay in bed. It took her a while to regain her senses.

After a night of drinking, she had a slight headache. She massaged her temples and attempted to sit up, but she fell back into bed.

Her entire body felt as though her bones had turned to jelly, and she was sore and weak. Her legs, in particular, felt utterly powerless. 

She lay there for a moment before turning to look beside her.

There was no one on the pillow next to hers, but there was a lingering warmth from his side of the bed. The room was empty and quiet. 

It felt like she was reliving that same cold and deserted experience of “pulling up his pants and his figure could not be seen”…

An obscure anger surged within her. She grabbed the pillow he had slept on and without thinking, angrily threw it.

She couldn’t grasp her strength well, and the pillow rebounded and landed on the floor, bouncing a couple of times.

Coincidentally, at that moment, the door was pushed open, and a tall figure appeared in the doorway.

Ye An: “……”

Xie Shuo: “……”

Xie Shuo walked in slowly, picked up the pillow from the floor, and looked at her puzzledly. “What’s wrong?”

He was wearing lounge clothes, looking sophisticated. Ye An was momentarily stunned and felt a bit embarrassed, so she turned away.

Xie Shuo sat down beside her on the bed, embraced her from behind, and rested his chin on her shoulder before pressing his face close to hers.

Ye An looked up at him and asked curiously, “You don’t need to go to the office today?”

Holding her, Xie Shuo kissed her at the temple. “I’ll stay home with you today.”

Remembering last time, Ye An still felt a bit displeased. She pursed her lips for a moment before saying, “How come you didn’t think of staying with me last time then?”

For some matters, she preferred to discuss them clearly with him rather than keeping them bottled up so they wouldn’t resurface and hurt her.

Xie Shuo was taken aback. At the time, he had been in a hurry to leave as there was an urgent matter at the company, and he hadn’t given it much thought afterward. He didn’t expect her to bring this up after so long. 

“You disappeared right after, and there wasn’t even a word of concern afterward…” Ye An poked at his chest firmly. “Scumbag!” 

Xie Shuo grabbed her finger and looked at her for a while before softly saying, “I’m sorry.”

He wasn’t just apologizing for that particular matter but for everything that had happened in the past. 

Surprised to hear those words from him after all this time, Ye An felt a bit overwhelmed by favor. She lightly scratched his chin, smiling. “Well, since you’re showing such sincerity, I’ll reluctantly forgive you.”

Xie Shuo asked gently, “Would you like to go downstairs for breakfast, or should I bring it up for you?”

Ye An pulled back the covers and said, “Downstairs.”

After breakfast, Xie Shuo went to his study to work, and Ye An kept him company, leaning on his shoulder while playing on her phone.

The spring sunshine was lovely, and the warmth of the day seeped in through the window. Ye An casually glanced around and noticed something was missing.

“Where’s Yin Yin?” She asked, turning to Xie Shuo.

He looked up and replied, “She’s gone for an upgrade.”

“An upgrade?”

Hearing this, Ye An’s interest was piqued. “She can even be upgraded? Will she become smarter after the upgrade then?”

Xie Shuo placed his laptop on the nearby desk and said, “It depends on the final result.”

He turned to the side and embraced her before asking, “Shall I have someone move things back from the condo?”

Ye An was initially going to say “yes,” but upon seeing his cold and aloof expression, she swallowed the word.

Arching an eyebrow, she made things difficult for him and said, “It’s not a bad idea, but you should say something nice to sweet-talk me first.”

Looking at her spirited expression, Xie Shuo smiled. “What would you like to hear?”

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