Yellow Sapphire


Grandfather stared at Wen Le and blew out his beard, looking somewhat annoyed.

Wen Le hesitated for a moment and whispered, “Am I…am I not allowed?”

Grandfather stiffened his neck and didn’t say anything. It’s not that it isn’t allowed, but there is a sense of frustration like his precious cabbage has been snatched by a pig. It is hard for anyone to be happy about it.

After a while, Grandfather snorted and asked with a touch of pride, “What… is he like?”

Wen Le smiled, didn’t praise Zhou Kao much, just casually said, “He’s okay, we get along well.”

Such a plain, rational, and restrained answer seemed to convince the elders more. Perhaps no elder wanted to see their beloved child being led astray by another child.

Grandfather’s expression relaxed a bit at Wen Le’s words, not wanting to ask more, waved his hand. “Alright, go find your grandmother.”

Wen Le smiled and ran off to talk to her grandmother.

Turning around, Wen Bingqiu called Wen Tianqi to the study.

“Dad, you wanted to see me?”

Wen Bingqiu asked, “Lele has a boyfriend?”

Wen Tianqi was first surprised, then nodded, “Did Lele tell you?”

Wen Bingqiu snorted, sitting down on the sofa.

Wen Tianqi said, “In our situation, I actually still think it’s a burden…”

After the holidays, while Zhou Kao was not busy, Wen Le became busy. Zhou Kao called Wen Le, but she either answered the phone in a hurry or didn’t have time to pick it up.

Zhou Kao didn’t understand what Wen Le was doing. Wen Le said, “I’m improving my economic status.”


“You’ll see when school starts,” Wen Le said mysteriously, refusing to say more and abruptly changing the subject, “Was it your family that sent a New Year’s gift to ours the other day?”

Zhou Kao smiled and said, “You saw it.”

Wen Le laughed, “It wasn’t that I saw it, it’s mainly because of my dad…”

Thinking about the scene that day, Wen Le couldn’t help but laugh.

The butler brought the list of New Year’s gifts, Wen Tianqi took a look, suddenly furious, pointed to one item, and said, “Who allowed the Zhou family to send us a New Year’s gift?”

Wen Tianqi became angrier as he spoke, then threw the list directly onto the table.

Grandfather walked over from the side and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Wen Tianqi said, “The Zhou family sent us a New Year’s gift.”

The butler hesitated and asked, “Should we send one back?”

Wen Tianqi didn’t say anything.

Grandfather said, “If we send one back, it should be just a regular gift.”

Father Wen was angry, “The matter with the child hasn’t even begun, and you’re so proactive.”

Grandfather said, “Even if it’s not about the child, the two families have known each other for so many years. Sending a gift is not unreasonable. Besides, this year is different from previous years. In the past, not sending a New Year’s gift meant no contact. Now that you’re back in the capital, if they still don’t send one, it wouldn’t be appropriate.”

Wen Tianqi snorted coldly, “That’s just what it seems like. But I don’t know Zhou Chengyun yet, he’s full of tricks. He might be thinking about Lele.”

With a smirk, Wen Tianqi added, “It’s not so easy for the Zhou family’s child to enter our family.”

Wen Le was busy with her own affairs, busy and happy, occasionally taking a break to think about her boyfriend. Life was enjoyable. Zhou Kao often couldn’t reach Wen Le and had a lot of complaints, which Wen Le teased him about, turning him into a nagging husband.

After the New Year, during the early spring, Aunt Yu returned to the mountains to visit Grandpa and Grandma Wen. While chatting with Grandma Wen, she mentioned there was a private auction in Hong Kong recently, and Grandma Wen shared that she liked some of the jewelry items. She planned to have her agent bid for them.

However, Aunt Yu said, “There’s no need to find an agent this time. I happen to have something to do in Hong Kong, so I’ll go bid.”

After some thought, Grandma Wen said, “Then take Lele with you. Let her see if there’s anything she likes and let her bid for it herself. And while you’re in Hong Kong, let her have some fun. If there’s anything she needs, get it for her.”

So, the matter was settled.

Aunt Yu acted quickly. What she talked about in the morning was arranged by evening.

When Wen Le mentioned it to Zhou Kao during their phone call that night, Zhou Kao sighed and said, “It’s a good thing school is starting soon.”

Wen Le teased, “Missed me?”

Zhou Kao sighed, “I’m afraid if school doesn’t start soon, someone will forget what her boyfriend looks like.”

Wen Le couldn’t stop laughing. “Do you know you sound like a nagging husband right now?”

Zhou Kao justified himself, “Is it my fault? Don’t you think you should reflect on yourself?”

Wen Le felt guilty. “Is it my fault?”

Zhou Kao sneered, “Isn’t it?”

Wen Le chuckled, “Okay, okay, I promise to spend more time with you when school starts.”

A couple of days later, Wen Le flew to Hong Kong with Aunt Yu.

The Wen family had property in Hong Kong, so Aunt Yu lived in the main house to take care of Wen Le.

Aunt Yu’s family, spanning several generations, was all part of the Wen family, unlike the typical boss-employee relationship. They had deep affection for each other, like family. Additionally, Aunt Yu was unmarried, so she regarded Wen Le as her own daughter.

The highlight of this auction was a nearly forty-carat yellow sapphire necklace. Aunt Yu made several bids, but another buyer was determined and eventually won the bid at a price twenty percent higher than the market value.

Although Aunt Yu regretted not winning the beautiful yellow sapphire, Wen Le didn’t mind. She had her eye on another necklace called “Tear of the Goddess.”

This necklace was simple in design but extraordinarily beautiful. It was primarily made of a 192-carat tanzanite. The tanzanite, shaped like a teardrop, was three-dimensional, so there were no extensive diamond inlays. Instead, diamonds adorned the tip of the teardrop, fixed on a delicate silver chain. The chain was devoid of any other diamonds, emphasizing the beauty of the blue tanzanite.

Wen Le was satisfied with winning this necklace.

After the auction, there was a banquet where everyone dressed elegantly.

This was a private auction, not open to the public. Everyone in attendance was invited by the organisers.

Wen Le recognized many familiar faces at the auction. There were well-known actresses from the entertainment industry, rising stars, and a few B-list celebrities who came with their partners.

Wen Le wore a white evening gown and attended the banquet with Aunt Yu.

As they walked towards the banquet hall, Aunt Yu whispered to Wen Le about the necklace she had just won at the auction.

“Lele, you have rather good taste. That Tanzanite necklace is quite impressive, both in colour and purity. While the raw stone itself may not be worth the price, its craftsmanship and design add considerable value to it. And the fact that it was made by a master jeweler…”

Just as Aunt Yu was speaking, they were interrupted by someone calling out.

“Editor Chief Yu!”

Aunt Yu suddenly stopped walking, and Wen Le turned around to see the popular actress, Qu Manyu, standing behind them with a radiant smile. She was accompanied by two somewhat familiar individuals—one Wen Le recognized as Li Lexue, while the other seemed vaguely familiar, perhaps a newcomer signed by Qu Manyu’s studio.

Li Lexue and Qu Manyu belonged to the same company, which explained why Li Lexue was by Qu Manyu’s side.

Qu Manyu had been in the entertainment industry for many years and was still in her early thirties. Despite her age, she often caused a stir in the headlines. Over the years, she had tried to transition into the film industry, but without much success.

Aunt Yu recognized Qu Manyu and smiled, “Ah, it’s Manyu.”

Qu Manyu nodded with a smile and introduced the person next to her, “You know Lexue, and this is Yu Yan. We’ve recently collaborated with Director Wang…”

Aunt Yu offered some polite compliments, and Qu Manyu continued, “I’ve been wanting to thank you for a long time since our last collaboration. If it weren’t for your help during that unexpected incident, I would have been embarrassed.”

Aunt Yu smiled politely, “There’s no need for thanks, it was just a small gesture.”

“You’re too modest,” Qu Manyu said, looking at Wen Le beside Aunt Yu. She felt a flash of admiration at the sight of Wen Le’s face, but then her heart sank.

A face like Wen Le’s was highly sought after in the entertainment industry. If she could be signed to her studio… Unfortunately, she was snatched away by Yu Wangshu. But… she hadn’t heard that Yu Wangshu was bringing in new talent.

Li Lexue also recognized Wen Le. She remembered Wen Le not just because of her stunning beauty but also because of the incident where Wen Le outshone her. Since that incident, whenever her company sent press releases praising her beauty, there were always people mocking her inability to hide the fact that she had been outshone by a stranger.

Li Lexue felt aggrieved as well. Who wouldn’t feel wronged if they were overshadowed by a stranger for no reason? Therefore, Li Lexue harboured some hostility towards Wen Le.

Qu Manyu had noticed Wen Le earlier and said with a smile, “You have a great new talent.”

Aunt Yu’s smile faded slightly, “No, she’s my master’s young lady.”

Qu Manyu didn’t immediately understand what “my master’s young lady” meant.

At that moment, the film empress, Xi Ya’an, approached Aunt Yu and greeted her, “Wangshu.”

Aunt Yu turned to Xi Ya’an, her expression visibly warmer, “You’re here too.”

Xi Ya’an nodded, and the two seemed familiar, speaking more casually. “Just came to take a look, but unfortunately didn’t find anything I liked.”

Xi Ya’an then looked at Wen Le, her eyes flickering slightly. She glanced at the clothes Wen Le was wearing and was surprised, “Isn’t this the outfit I saw in your house last time, the one you made yourself? I remember asking you for it, but you refused. So, it was meant for this little beauty. Who is she?”

Wen Le smiled gracefully and extended her hand, “I’m Wen Le.”

Her confident demeanour and grace were no less than that of the famous actress.

Aunt Yu looked at Wen Le and said, “Most of Lele’s clothes are made by me.”

The actress was even more surprised at Aunt Yu’s explanation.

Aunt Yu continued, “Remember when you asked me about the difference between Lele’s Orchid series and other series? The biggest difference is that a vice president personally participates in the production line of the Orchid series.”

Xi Ya’an was somewhat taken aback. It was well known that Yu Wangshu was not only an internationally renowned designer with her own brand but also the chief editor of one of China’s top three fashion magazines. She also served as the vice president of a clothing brand under the Wen Group, as well as the vice chairman of Le Yin. Each vice chairman of Le Yin had a resume similar to Yu Wangshu’s. Such a person was involved in the production line of the Orchid series?

Xi Ya’an and the others couldn’t help but look at Wen Le. They all wondered: What is the background of this girl?

They didn’t stay outside for long and soon left the banquet hall.

When no one was paying attention, Aunt Yu whispered to Wen Le, “I noticed Li Lexue’s look towards you wasn’t quite right. Is there some grudge between you two?”

Wen Le then recounted the incident with the video to Aunt Yu.

Aunt Yu smiled and said, “She just happened to be the unlucky one. How about this, we’re not unreasonable people. Since she suffered because of you, let’s give her a resource as compensation. What do you think?”

Wen Le nodded in agreement, “You’re right.”

Although Aunt Yu didn’t say much about Wen Le’s identity, the people present could guess it more or less after the events. The treatment Wen Le received, such as being dressed by Yu Wangshu and having her own series in Le Yin, made her identity quite obvious. She was probably the young lady of the Wen family’s Tianyin Group.

Xi Ya’an and Aunt Yu chatted as they made their way to the banquet hall. “That yellow sapphire was really beautiful. I wonder who managed to win it…”

Throughout the banquet, many people approached Aunt Yu to chat.

Feeling a bit bored by Aunt Yu’s side, Wen Le excused herself to get some fresh air on the balcony. However, she was surprised when a familiar voice called out her name, “Wen Le.” 

She turned around in surprise. That familiar face…it’s clearly Zhou Kao!

Wen Le was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t help but raise her voice, “What are you doing here?”

Zhou Kao smiled and walked up to Wen Le, wrapping his arm around her waist. “To ease my heartache from missing you.”

Wen Le was overjoyed, her heart filled with happiness. She wanted to throw herself into Zhou Kao’s arms right then and there, but with so many people around, it wasn’t convenient.

As the saying goes, absence makes the heart fonder.

Reunited after a long separation, the two lovers’ eyes sparkled with electricity as they gazed at each other. It felt as if they were drawn to each other, unable to tear their eyes away.

Wen Le realized how much she missed Zhou Kao. At that moment, her love and longing surged within her, ready to burst out.

Zhou Kao led Wen Le to a secluded little garden, where they hid behind a tree and whispered sweet nothings to each other.

Pressing Wen Le against the tree, Zhou Kao buried his head in her neck, murmuring about how much he missed her.

Wen Le couldn’t resist Zhou Kao’s tender words. Her chest swelled with emotion, her blood boiling. With the rough and cold tree trunk behind her and the hot body of Zhou Kao in front of her, she felt torn between two dimensions—passion and restraint, heat and cold, reason and loss of control.

Like dry tinder meeting a fierce fire, the slightest touch ignited a blazing inferno.

Starting with gentle caresses on the ears, their breaths gradually became heavier. Then came licking, biting, sucking, as electric currents ran rampant through their bodies, igniting sparks of passion.

With her back against the tree trunk, Zhou Kao’s hand lifted her waist, pressing her closer. One of Wen Le’s legs was lifted and wrapped around Zhou Kao’s waist. Zhou Kao’s other hand was behind Wen Le’s head, bringing her even closer, allowing their fiery kisses to deepen.

Both of them were getting carried away with emotions. Wen Le melted into a puddle, completely at Zhou Kao’s mercy.

Behind the tree was an elegant evening banquet, and on the other side was a passionate kiss between the two, igniting a clandestine excitement that only fueled their desires, intensifying their emotions even more.

After embracing each other for who knows how long, the sound of footsteps behind the tree finally made them separate.

Wen Le’s legs were still a bit weak as she leaned on Zhou Kao, catching her breath for a moment.

At that moment, Wen Le’s phone vibrated in her evening bag. She thought Aunt Yu was probably looking for her since she had been away for so long. Indeed, when she checked her phone, it was a message from Aunt Yu.

Putting her phone back, Wen Le said to Zhou Kao, “I have to go back. Aunt Yu is looking for me.”

As Wen Le turned to leave, Zhou Kao grabbed her arm. Confused, Wen Le looked back, and Zhou Kao pointed to his lips.

Then it dawned on Wen Le what he meant. Blushing, she quickly took out her lipstick and mirror from her evening bag to touch up her lips. After applying the lipstick, Wen Le looked up at Zhou Kao and said, “Come here, let me wipe yours too.”

After they both tidied up, the two of them reluctantly left.

Wen Le made sure everything was in order before heading back to the banquet hall.

Aunt Yu was still talking to Xi Ya’an, and when she saw Wen Le approaching, she suddenly froze, pointing at Wen Le’s neck, “Lele, what’s that on your neck? How did it end up there?”

Wen Le was momentarily stunned, thinking Zhou Kao had left a mark again. But then she realised something was off. Zhou Kao hadn’t kissed her neck. So Wen Le subconsciously touched her neck, only then realising what Aunt Yu was referring to.

There was a yellow sapphire necklace on her neck, the one Aunt Yu failed to win at the auction.

It suddenly struck Wen Le that when they were kissing, Zhou Kao seemed to have done something to her neck. But she was too excited at the time and had forgotten about it.

Wen Le was also a bit confused.

Xi Ya’an looked at the sapphire necklace with regret and asked, “How did it end up with you?”

Aunt Yu frowned. Her first reaction was unexpectedly suspicious. She couldn’t help but feel her heart sink. She asked Wen Le in a deep voice, “Who gave it to you, Lele? You can’t just accept something like this randomly.”

Before Wen Le could answer, her phone vibrated again. She took out her phone and glanced at it. It was a WeChat message from Zhou Kao saying, “A New Year’s gift, it suits you well.”

Wen Le awkwardly put away her phone and looked at Aunt Yu, who was on the verge of calling the security guards. She grabbed Aunt Yu’s hand and whispered softly, “Auntie, don’t get upset. It’s… it’s from my boyfriend.”

Aunt Yu looked around and saw nothing but middle-aged balding and greasy men. Her expression darkened even more.

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