Terminating Contract

Su Shen had already made up her mind regarding her relationship with Xie Yan. Her dad’s birthday was on the 25th and it would be a good day to break it to them. However, if this matter was not resolved, her parents might directly have her retire from the entertainment industry.  

“At dad’s birthday this month, but please help me out a little at that time. You know mom, she…” 

Before she could finish her words, sounds of a child’s laughter came from the other end of the line. “Don’t worry. Mom is stubborn, but she’s soft-hearted. As long as you like him and he is not a person with bad morals, she definitely won’t break apart the pair of mandarin ducks. I very much support you in pursuing your career. No matter if it’s someone else’s money or family money, it’s not as comfortable as using your own money. No matter what, I will always support you.”  

Su Shen felt very moved. The biggest gain in this life was having a family who loved her, which cannot be exchanged for anything.   

“I know. I will find a way to resolve this matter,” said Su Shen earnestly. 

Knowing that she had her own thoughts, Su Ruan didn’t say much and just cautioned her before hanging up the call. 

In the early morning, a hint of the morning sun was already hanging in the sky. The golden rays of sunlight sprinkled on the earth as if to dispel the humidity of last night. The production crew was still as busy, and Ding Yan still didn’t come. Needless to say, it was impossible for her to get up so early, but it was too troublesome to change to another actress now. Moreover, it would also offend Ding Yan. The producer could do nothing but endure.  

Leaning against the wall of the corridor and looking at her phone in a daze, Su Shen actually had already thought of a way to explain everything. In this way, no matter what good resources she had in the future, no one would doubt her. But if she did so, she would undoubtedly let Liu jie down. 

After pondering for a while, she finally called Liu jie’s number. It rang for a long time before she answered the phone. Not long after, Liu jie’s voice came through, “The company has been trying to deal with the matter online, but the most troublesome thing is not the person who wants to ruin you. You’ve been doing well recently, which has threatened many people’s interests, and you have offended a lot of people. Now, they all want to step on you. This is the most difficult part.”

There were phone calls coming in from time to time from the other end. Clearly, Liu jie had already returned to the company. 

“I see. I’ll wait a bit more then.” Su Shen felt that she should trust Liu jie once more. 

At that, the other party responded before hanging up the call. 

The comments online didn’t damper Su Shen’s mood. Filming went pretty smoothly for today’s scenes. However, after a day of simmering, the comments online were getting more and more intense. Although the headline was taken down from Hot Search, the topic #Su Shen Stealing Roles# had over 80 million hits. All the major forums and threads were as long as skyscrapers, analyzing the resources and opportunities she had since her debut. The final conclusion was that she must’ve had a sugar daddy behind her. 

Netizen A: As soon as she debuted, she was the leading actress for a web drama, followed by a supporting female lead role in a big IP. She stepped on Fan Meng and boasted about how good her acting is, and even stole roles from Mu Yao and Yang Zhi. If a newcomer didn’t have a formidable background, how could she have these awesome opportunities?! 

Netizen B: My poor Tang Xuan, a Best Actress in Drama yet her role was actually snatched by a C-list starlet. The entertainment industry is too complicated. 

Netizen C: I thought Fan Meng was disgusting enough, but I didn’t expect this b***h to be even more disgusting. You guys can form a team of b***hes. [smiley face]

Netizen D: My Su Su’s family background is so good, so how could she need a sugar daddy? It’s just because my Su Su had blocked someone’s way. The truth will come out sooner or later!

Netizen E: Su Shen’s really the epitome of a white lotus. She looks innocent and pure on the surface. Before, she bound herself to Jiang Yin, but when she saw that it was more suitable to hype a CP with Xie Yan, she then threw him aside. I want to vomit at the sight of her now. [vomit]

Netizen F: Rumors are really based on just one’s mouth now. Stop talking nonsense, and show evidence if you have the ability to! 

Netizen G: Miss Su, you rock! No doubt about it! Taking down the headline on Hot Search as soon as it appeared. Can’t afford to offend you! 

Currently, there was a sudden downpour of antis flooding the comments on her Weibo, and some passersby were also beginning to turn into an anti. If it went on like this for long, it would not only affect her reputation but also affect her resources and endorsements. 

During the day, Xie Yan called her, but she didn’t have the time to answer it as she was still filming. Until at night, after hesitating for half an hour, she finally gave He Hua a call. 

The call connected after three rings, and He Hua’s leisurely voice instantly sounded, “I thought you would only believe in your Starlight.”

Standing in front of the French window and looking at the busy and bustling city outside, Su Shen went silent for a bit before saying insipidly, “What do you think I should do then?”

He Hua had been waiting for her to say that, and this was the only way to solve the problem as matters stand. As for Liu jie… 

“Do whatever you want, but you have to think it over. This is not what I’m forcing you to do. In fact, you should’ve done it a long time ago, or there wouldn’t be such a matter as today. In this industry, relationships are important, but the most important thing is one’s own interests.”

Hearing the words from the other end of the line, Su Shen paused before saying softly while looking out the window, “Then, you deal with it. I don’t want this to continue any longer.” 

At that, the person on the other end naturally laughed and said, “Do you really think I did nothing?”

Su Shen said nothing. The person on the other end said lightheartedly, “I know that your production crew will open up to allow the media to visit tomorrow. I’ve already spoken with the production crew. The director will speak out for you. As for your contract with Starlight, I’ll go discuss it with them personally. You can leave this to me. Don’t make any statements, I’ll make a statement when the time comes.” 

It was apparent that He Hua had planned it long before, but she had no choice. Starlight’s PR was indeed too bad. Su Shen had given Liu jie time, but up to now, the company hadn’t made any formidable counterattacks. She could wait, but if it went on like this, she didn’t know what her parents would think.  

After hanging up the call, Su Shen went to take a shower and go to bed. The next day, the production crew would open up for the media to visit, but it was in the afternoon. There was still filming in the morning, so she had to get there early in the morning to get styled. Just in time, Liu jie arrived. 

Noticing that the atmosphere was amiss, Xiao Zhou, the makeup artist, and Xue Zhixin all went out. When there were only the two of them left in the dressing room, Liu jie lit a cigarette and sat down on the sofa. “The company’s working on a solution. I think you should give the company another chance. This is not a small matter. I hope you understand.”

As long as she terminated her contract with Starlight and He Hua announcing that she had long joined Huayan Entertainment, it would not be strange for him to help her get a supporting female role in a big IP with his status in the industry. With this, it would explain how her resources and opportunities were so good before, and those rumors would be discredited. No matter how those people would libel her as a role snatcher, it would be useless. 

“I know what I’m doing. Even if I don’t terminate the contract right now, there will still be such a day when I get married to Xie Yan in the future. As terminating the contract now can help me solve this problem, I can only do it. I know that the company has been great to me, but at this time, I can’t joke about my reputation. I can tolerate it, but Xie Yan can’t, and neither can my family. I hope you can understand.” Su Shen said earnestly. 

Their eyes met. Liu jie said nothing. The woman in front of her was wearing a royal blue qipao, which showed off her already good figure to be even more exquisite and vivid. Among the entertainment industry full of beauties, that attractive and refined face of hers was at the forefront. She remembered that when they first met, she was still an heiress who was willful and reckless. Liu jie didn’t think she would have much development, because the entertainment industry never lacked beauties and EQ decided everything.  

Unknowingly, the willful and reckless heiress became more reserved and steady, and even her acting improved. Liu jie thought that she would bring forth an A-list actress, but it seemed that things had already been out of her control. 

Liu jie exhaled the smoke slowly. When it dispersed in the quiet dressing room, she suddenly said, “My words remain the same. I hope you can think it over. I can’t make a decision on this matter, Qin zong and the others won’t agree either. You’re violating the contract, there will be a lawsuit.” 

“If He Hua can’t even solve this, I don’t think he will pull me over so confidently,” said Su Shen with a laugh. 

Looking at the calm woman in front of her, Liu jie took another deep breath of smoke before standing up with a perplexed expression and sweeping a glance at her. “I’ll see what the company will say.”

As soon as her words fell, she quickly left on her high heels. When the dressing room was closed, Su Shen sighed again. She didn’t want to come to this. Everyone had feelings, and so did she and Liu jie. However, what He Hua said was right. Feelings were not worth more than one’s own interests. She was only human after all. 

Often, there were cases where artists would terminate their contracts with their former agency, followed by a nasty dispute in the entertainment industry. However, Su Shen believed that He Hua would solve it amicably.  

The comments online didn’t decrease but increased instead. It was not until the afternoon when the media came to visit that Su Shen had just finished a scene, and then several of the main cast and the director gathered together to accept an interview. 

The director stood in the middle, with Zheng Tong and Ding Yan beside him. Su Shen was at the far side. However, she still felt that those cameras were flashing toward her. After all, this was her first appearance after the scandal, and the media naturally hoped that she looked haggard. 

“I heard that this play will be very melodramatic. Director Li, will you be able to film the essence of the original work?” a female reporter asked. 

Facing the dozens of mics in front of him, the director laughed and said composedly, “The adaptation will definitely be different from the original work. The feeling I want should be a little different from the original work.”

The other staff on set were all busy, and the media visit was only for half an hour. After that, they had to resume filming. 

At that, a male reporter extended his mic and continued to ask, “What do you think of the rumor about Su Shen and the film online?”

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